How to choose a feed-through miter saw

Facing device

The miter saw consists of the following main parts:

Electric motor (22 in the figure). Installed either to the right of the working disc or behind.

Handle with power button (7, 8 in the figure).

Saw blade (21 in the figure). It is made of high quality and strength steel. Rotation is provided by means of a gear or belt drive through a gearbox attached to the motor.

Protective cover (6, 9 in the figure). Fully closes the working disc to the level of immersion in the target material.

Parallel stops for holding the workpiece (19 in the figure).

Bed (23 in the figure). The round part on which the blank is placed. The turntable (table) fixed on it moves to set the cutting angle and stop.

Scale for selecting the bevel angle with a lock (13, 15 in the figure).

Tilt angle adjustment unit (1, 2, 3 in the figure).

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Moving mechanism (20 in the figure). The broach is considered an auxiliary device that expands the capabilities of the saw (as mentioned earlier, sawing products of greater width becomes available).

The electric motor can be asynchronous, collector, brushless. The first provides quieter operation and a long service life, the second. high torque, but the need for periodic replacement of brushes, the third. the golden mean. If we talk about power, then the most demanded options for 1600-1800 W.

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In addition to the main parts, the trims are equipped with other auxiliary elements: electronics, a mechanism for maintaining the stability of revolutions, a laser, illumination of the working area, soft start systems, chip removal.

There may not be a gearbox for a saw blade, then there is a so-called direct connection. the cutting element is installed on the motor shaft, which, on the one hand, increases the load on the bearings, on the other hand, it helps to reduce noise, simplify maintenance and repair.

Miter saw device.

The device is not so complicated, but the quality of the cut and the price of the tool depend on the quality and material of the hinge and frame, clamps and clamps. In inexpensive models, these parts can be stamped from sheet metal, have backlash and distortion, which can lead to inaccurate cuts and noticeable gaps in the joint. Expensive models have parts made of stainless steel and aluminum alloys, moving parts in them move along well-defined trajectories, without backlash, wedges and distortions. In addition, expensive models boast additional features and equipment:

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What is a miter saw.

The purpose of the miter saw is clear already from its name. facing (in other words, transverse cutting) of long parts: platbands, plinths, fillets, moldings, etc. A master unfamiliar with a miter saw will probably be surprised. all of the listed parts are perfectly cut with a circular saw, and if you need to cut cleanly and at a certain angle, you can use a hacksaw and a miter box. So it is. it is the hacksaw and the miter box that is designed to replace the miter saw, for which it is sometimes called the “electric miter box”.

Anyone who has ever had to connect platbands and plinths “in a mustache” knows that this is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Without the proper skill, even with a miter box, making a perfect 45-degree cut is not easy. And if the part is not flat, but of a complex shape? If it is a wide outer platband or a decorative element and it simply does not fit into any miter box? And what if the joint angle is also not straight and you need to cut not at 45 degrees, but, say, at 57 degrees? And if you also need to cut at an angle to the vertical? Here, a hacksaw on a swivel bed will not help.

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Jet. Jet JSMS-10L

The best choice in terms of value for money. reliability and power, complemented by a laser guide, adjustable cutting depth and other useful features. Convenient design allows for grooving and trimming operations.

Advantages: versatility, ease of use, the ability to process wide workpieces.

choose, feed-through, miter

Disadvantages: sensitivity of the laser to mains voltage drops, complete with a disk suitable only for rough work, significant weight (18 kg).

Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M

The domestic manufacturer Caliber relies on an affordable and reliable tool. The interest of summer residents and homeowners in the products of this brand is constantly growing. Miter saw Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M is designed for straight and side cuts in wooden products. Engine power is sufficient to ensure high performance. The model is equipped with a dust collector, vertical clamp, two additional supports.

Users note the need for some refinement of the product, for example, fine-tuning of the sawing. But the lightness of the saw, its compact size and ease of use pleases. On the plus side, the brush assembly is available for easy maintenance.


The American development DeWALT DW713 is a powerful, durable, versatile tool. The saw is compact and light enough to be carried in a small workshop. The presence of 11 grooves allows you to fix the facing in any position. The cutting height reaches 89 mm with a width of 162 mm. The model is equipped with a motor braking system, a dust collector, a spindle lock. It is also possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Consumers note a good table, reasonable price, decent build quality. Of the shortcomings, the lack of a smooth ride is often mentioned. Abrupt start of the motor over time leads to accelerated wear of the gearbox.

Miter saw device with broach

Such a device has three main elements: a disc, a motor and a switching mechanism. In terms of configuration, the models may vary slightly. Some of them are equipped with a collector motor, and others with an asynchronous motor. The first type of motors works better, but wears out quickly. An asynchronous motor lasts a long time, but it has a lower performance and is more expensive than a collector motor.

Attach the base of the saw on wood with a broach to the table. To increase productivity, you can fix on two planks in parallel. The latter mounting method provides a more free operation of the disc. The set for the saw comes with a frame. a round base, which is movable, but it is made of aluminum compounds.

How to choose a feed-through miter saw?

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of construction tools, so it is difficult to answer the question of which broach miter saw to choose. A number of parameters must be taken into account:

  • Safety. It is important that the equipment is equipped with a blocking function that protects against unwanted start-up.
  • Weight and size. For convenient work, it is better to give preference to small models that are comfortable to hold in your hands. Especially if the work is done at a high altitude.
  • Cutting depth of products. For high-quality work, miter saws with a disc diameter of 20 cm or more are suitable.
  • Power. For domestic purposes, saws with a capacity of 1.6 kW are suitable. To perform professional work, choose equipment with a capacity of at least 1.8 kW.

Do-it-yourself miter saw with a broach

Buying a quality tool will hurt your budget. A miter saw with a broach for metal and wood can be made by hand. This will require the use of a hand-held circular saw. Complete algorithm of actions:

  • The unit body is made of plywood or iron. It consists of a vertical stand and a horizontal base.
  • A pendulum-type device is made from the board and bolted to the base.
  • A metal corner is installed on top of the pendulum so that the end of the latter sticks out slightly.
  • They take a metal spring and attach it with one end to the upright post, and the other to the rear shelf of the corner.
  • The tension force of the spring is selected empirically, so that the hand saw is kept suspended.
  • The handle is removed from the tool and fixed in the pendulum mechanism in the previously made hole.
  • Electric wires are connected to the installation and connected to a power source.

A miter saw with a broach. what is it, a device, what is it for, how to choose?

Carpentry work involves cutting various workpieces. In this case, all actions must be carried out with accuracy, observing a certain angle of inclination. A miter saw with a broach allows you to cope with this task.

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What is a Feed Through Miter Saw?

The device is not universal as it is designed for corner cuts. The broach miter saw is also called a pendulum miter saw. The main feature of the mechanism is the presence of a rotary module. It makes cutting material easier and more accurate. Stationary models can process boards, bars and slats with high precision. Less commonly, the tool is used when working with slabs, laminate and fiberboard.

What is a broach miter saw for??

The main task of the tool is to make an accurate straight or angular cut. The possibilities of using a miter saw with a broach are not limited, but it is more often used for finishing, furniture production and installing interior doors. Popular jobs that require the use of a carpentry saw with a broach:

  • laying skirting boards and baguettes;
  • the use of wooden blocks;
  • use of lining.

Which is the best miter saw with or without feed?

It all depends on the purpose for which the technique is used. The combination miter saw with broach is the optimum technique for industrial work. It is preferable to install it in enterprises and private workshops where work is carried out with a large number of thick sheets. The broach miter saw cuts through workpieces better than a conventional miter saw. It is easier to handle materials containing synthetic components.

For a novice master for household needs, it is better to choose a conventional miter saw. With its help, you can cut small workpieces with high quality. A standard tool does not require special fixtures. All you need is a carpentry table. The technique takes up less space in the workshop and is much cheaper than the one with trimming.

Hyundai M 2500-255S

This equipment is convenient to use, it does not jerk when starting. The circle is large, its diameter is 5.5 cm. The head can be tilted at different angles. The only drawback of the device is that the soft start is triggered with a slight delay.

Makita LS1216

This budget model is one of the highest quality and most popular. It is well-equipped and has a high level of security. The saw provides independent adjustment of the cutting width. Also, the device can perform combined and bevel cutting at an angle up to 45. The motor power is small. 1 kW. The equipment is designed for cutting workpieces up to 3.63 cm wide and up to 10.7 cm deep.

The disadvantages of the device include the lack of backlight and laser pointer (they must be purchased additionally). In addition, the design does not have the ability to set the number of revolutions.

Hitachi C10FCH2

Unlike other models, such machines have a high accuracy of cutting parts at an angle of up to 47 degrees. The tool is well suited for the installation of skirting boards, wood and plastic trims, for the production of window frames. The main advantage of the modification is that it is capable of simultaneously sawing and facing edges. The manufacturer produces saws with an electronic saw control system and a laser pointer.

During operation, it is possible to carry out not only an angular, oblique, but also a combined cut. Since the disc in this type of saws tilts only to the left, then during the cut you can turn the table in both directions. Despite good technical performance and reasonable cost, this manufacturer’s detachable saws are not suitable for working with metal.

What it is?

The miter saw with a broach is a highly specialized type of equipment designed for corner cutting. This device is often called a pendulum saw. The main feature of the tool is the presence of a rotary module in the design, thanks to which the work is simplified. Such stationary machines are capable of sawing timber, boards and slats with pinpoint accuracy at different angles. Sometimes they are also used to treat Fibreboard, laminate, artificial boards and hardboard. The device has also found wide application in cutting profile plastic, decorative stucco molding, profiled aluminum.

The main advantages of end plates include:

  • high cutting speed;
  • precision of workpieces processing;
  • ease of use.
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As for the disadvantages, it is forbidden to put abrasive and diamond wheels on such tools.

The devices are available in various modifications that differ in technical parameters. So, small-sized machines can cut workpieces up to 60 mm thick, medium-sized ones. from 70 to 80 mm, and professional ones. more than 100 mm. Regardless of the type, all end plates do an excellent job with the tasks set, as they have high productivity. They are equipped with a depth stop that allows you to select the desired grooves and cut a certain thickness.

In addition, the equipment is provided with an additional mechanism, due to which the disc has the ability to tilt in both directions at a selected angle to the horizontal plane.

Bosch GCM 8SJL

For large-scale work, it is better to choose this saw. It belongs to the professional series. Compared to household modifications, it easily copes with cutting not only wood, but also metal and plastic. Manufacturers have added many customizations to it, which simplifies the workflow. In addition, the tool is equipped with a powerful 1.6 kW motor. The only negative is that there is no speed control.

Design features

The miter saw is characterized by a simple structure, which consists of a solid base, including a mechanism, a working disc and an electric motor. In some models, the motors are collector, and in others. asynchronous. The first type is more high-speed, it only requires timely replacement of brushes. The second is durable, works quietly, but costs more.

The saw base is mounted on a special table with a thickness of 305 to 400 mm. Its disk is driven by a belt or gear drive. In this case, the supply of rotations through the belt is considered the best, since the machine is less noisy, slippage on the pulleys is excluded.

If it is necessary to expand the functionality of the tool when processing blanks, the working unit is fixed on two strips placed in parallel with each other. This makes the disc move free.

Additionally, the tool set also includes a bed. It looks like a movable round base made of magnesium or aluminum compounds. In the process of cutting, the bed has the ability to move, for this, the angle and stop are preset.

An equally important element of the saw is the protective cover, which minimizes the risk of injury while working. For safe sawing, manufacturers also equip the machine with an electrodynamic brake, when the power supply is cut off, it smoothly stops the engine. Semi-professional and professional models are equipped with a soft starter mechanism. Each type of saw has a body protection against power interruptions. Since the miter saw is usually small in size, it is compact and easy to place. A wardrobe for her can be made with your own hands from improvised material, or purchased ready-made.

Bosch PCM7

These miter saws are available with a frame and a special disc. Their design provides the ability to adjust the cutting angle. Due to the fact that the wheels are made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, the tool has a small weight and size, and is easy to use. This model is well suited for inexperienced craftsmen. The motor power is 1.1 kW.

“Interskol” PTK-216

This saw features a user-friendly design, which consists of a sharp blade, base, motor and handle, where the start button is located. To cut at an angle, either the base or the disc must be rotated. In this case, the disc has the function of turning in different directions. Such equipment is characterized by an affordable price and is suitable for processing parts from any material. Since the diameter of the saw blade is 216 mm, the tool can be used to make complex cuts in both directions at angles of up to 45 degrees.

The maximum cutting width does not exceed 133 mm, the depth is 58 mm. Since the equipment has a powerful motor (1.1 kW), and the disc speed reaches 5000 rpm, this device can create a smooth cut. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a braking system, which increases safety during operation.