How to Choose a Garden Gasoline Trimmer

How to choose a garden trimmer

A hedge can perform a variety of functions: it can serve as a decoration or shadow, separate property and protect from prying eyes or wind. However, whether your hedge serves as a decorative shrub or natural windbreak, it requires care, and if you want to do it more efficiently, quickly and with less effort, you need a special tool: a garden trimmer. But how to choose it?

What type of garden trimmer fits my needs?

Electric, battery or gas trimmer. Engine, which is preferable? That is the dilemma. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional gardener, the first thing you need to do is decide on the best solution for your needs. It is to evaluate the type of work that you usually do.

Also, think about the environment in which you work: do you cut hedges in your own garden? Do you cut dense and compact vegetation in the countryside, undergrowth, or forest? Or are you responsible for caring for public green spaces?

For every type of work and environment there is an ideal tool. If you limit yourself to taking care of small hedges, choose an electric or cordless hedge trimmer. If instead you have to deal with dense and dense vegetation, it is better to choose a professional gasoline. Model.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Ideal for decorative cutting or trimming of small diameter branches in home gardens. But an electric motor requires a nearby outlet. They are compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable. One example is the Oleo-Mac HC 605 E, which has an output power of 0.60 kW, a double blade of 57 cm and weighs only 3.6 kg.

How to Choose a Garden Gasoline Trimmer

Use it for low and dense plantations, medium hedges, on branches up to 15 mm thick: in terms of performance, electric units have their advantages over gasoline engine models with the same power, in addition to the fact that they have the advantage of a quiet start and much quieter in work. Therefore, they are ideal if your garden is located in a residential area.

During the formation of the hedge, do not forget to keep the power cord of your electric trimmer aside, throwing it over your shoulder.

Professional gasoline powered models

Many manufacturers produce professional models under the common name gas trimmer. It is a powerful tool suitable even for lengthy maintenance work on hard, thick plants in the garden, countryside or undergrowth. They are, of course, indispensable for professionals who care for city parks and public spaces.

The new model of the Oleo-Mac professional mototrimer is the HC 247 P, combining an output of 0.75 kW with a 75 cm double steel blade: just a few passes. That’s all you need to instantly achieve a neat green finish.

Cordless trimmer

With a cordless tool, you can work easily and freely even in large gardens, without having to have an electrical outlet nearby and without power wires, noise or exhaust fumes. In terms of cutting performance, they are a good compromise between the electric and gasoline models.

Among the battery-powered Ole-Mac models in the catalog, there is the new HCi 45 model, which comes complete with a 2.5 Ah battery and charger. It has an output power of 0.34 kW and 45 cm long, high-quality laser double blade, for a total weight of only 3.7 kg, including the battery.

With the supplied battery, you get 60 minutes of continuous working time, or 45 minutes in case of intensive work. Working autonomy is doubled with a 5 Ah battery, which gives you up to 2 hours of continuous use.