How to choose a grass trimmer for mowing

Karcher LTR 36-33 Battery Set

On the second position, the KARCHER LTR 36-33 Battery Set. This light and elegant model has a shoulder strap for extra convenience. With this strap, taking care of your garden is even easier and simpler, especially for the elderly. The belt will significantly reduce the strain on your hands and back and make using the device even more pleasant and productive. Curved boom, adjustable handle height offers extra comfort.

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The device features continuously variable speed. String diameter can also be adjusted, a total of 3 modes are available. A hinged bracket is provided so that you won’t accidentally hit or damage your desired plants. Battery charger and battery pack with 2 battery capacity are included with the trimmer.5 Ah. Charge level can be read off on indicator.

The KARCHER LTR 36-33 Battery Set has received high marks from customers. They love the quality of the model and the result it gives in lawn care. The device runs quietly and does not cause any complaints.

  • Adjustable handle length.
  • Belt.
  • Plant protection.
  • Variable speed.
  • Different line sizes.
  • Complete set.

RedVerg RD-GB233S

The next position is occupied by the Russian-made RedVerg RD-GB233S grass trimmer. Model with universal indicators, for grass mowing and young growth of bushes, for household use. The design feature of the device straight detachable rod, providing comfortable transportation and storage.

Power of the two-stroke engine of 1.8 l.с., With idle speed of 6,500 rpm, it is a medium-sized model. Allows you to effectively treat common and fairly large areas. Comfortable operation is facilitated by the relatively low weight of 7.5 kg, comfortable bicycle handle, belt on both shoulders. Both 25.5 cm three-blade blade and 2 mm line (semiautomatic bobbin) are used as cutting tools.

For the reliability of the motor part, a chrome cylinder is used, and a hardened steel shaft is installed inside the boom. Gear housing and handle mount are cast aluminum. Tank capacity is 0,95 l.

Users rate the RedVerg RD-GB233S as a good value option with easy start-up, efficient power. Note the stable operation of the model, ease of operation, the ability to choose a cutting tool.

  • Quality/price performance.
  • Optimum power.
  • Easy start.
  • Convenient transport and storage.
  • Knife and semi-automatic bobbin.

What type of cutting attachments should be on the tool

The work of trimmers is to move the cutting elements, which come in two types. flexible fishing line and steel knives. Each type of cutting system has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its uses. If you wonder which grass trimmer to buy. with a fishing line or a steel disc, then the following description will help you decide:

  • Cord or cord, for mowing grass on hilly terrain, and when there are various obstacles in the form of trees, fences, benches and other devices. When the line hits an obstacle, it comes off, but the gearbox and motor of the tool do not suffer. The disadvantage of cord is that it is not able to cope with dense vegetation, so in this case steel cutting blades are chosen
  • Steel cutting discs. used for mowing grass on a flat surface without existing obstacles. The steel disc ensures a smooth cut, and units with this type of cutting element are used for mowing grass in the field

If the tool you buy comes with a disk, it does not mean that it is not designed for cord work. To do this, you need to buy a separate line head, and if necessary, use a change of cutting elements.

Determine how to feed the line

There are three types of filament reels: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. All of them have a manual line feed, but feed during operation is different.

In manual trimmers turn off the grass trimmer, release the fixing screw on the spool and pull out the ends of the line of the required length by hand. This is very inconvenient, so this mechanism is only used in the most basic and inexpensive models.

The process is much easier in semi-automatic machines. During mowing, it is enough to lightly tap the spool on the ground to press the button and release the desired amount of filament. This variant is optimal and enjoys well-deserved popularity.

With automatic reels, you do not need to do anything at all: the line feeds itself when you reduce the engine speed. This mechanism is more complicated, less reliable, and significantly more expensive.

Fortunately, the coil is easy to change to another coil, regardless of the type of original. And most likely you will have to do it, if not immediately after the purchase, then some time later. After all, often the quality of the complete part leaves much to be desired.

What to Buy

Manufacturers offer hundreds of trimmer models to choose from, varying in design, power, convenience and other characteristics. In general, all devices are divided into three categories:


Electric grass trimmer DAEWOO Electronics DATR 1200E

Description: Runs from a 220V household network, almost noiseless. An electric motor turns the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. Advantages:

  • lightness;
  • low noise level;
  • affordable cost;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • The possibility of adjusting the height of the handles;
  • you can put different blades;
  • There are models with a wide range of capacity.


Description: The rotation is provided by an internal combustion engine (ICE). For this purpose, the fuel tank is fixed to the boom, which makes the device heavier. Advantages:


Description: No dependence on carrying length. Advantages:

  • practically silent;
  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • different cutting systems;
  • A wide selection of models with different power;
  • Operating time on a single charge can reach 30-45 min.

What is the best machine for country houses?

In the cottage, in contrast to the house of permanent residence, you often have to use the trimmer electric grass for mowing tall or thick grass, so give preference to the most powerful and most complete models.

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If the electric mower under the brand distinguished by reliability in the maximum configuration is too expensive, then for dacha we advise to opt for the same model, but equipped only with a trimmer head, and the knife and disc dostupy separately, they can be taken under another brand.

General rules of use

General rules of use are sure to remind those who are thinking about how to clean grass with a trimmer for the first time and do not yet know how to use it. It is these basics that will help you start to clean your plot in a quality way.

Among dacha owners there is an increasing tendency to use exactly trimmers, because, unlike lawnmowers, they allow you to clean grass in hard-to-reach places, and professional models can even help to handle tree branches. Another plus of the grass trimmer is the ability to work at heights and cut branches, which can also help a lot in cleaning up your property.

Keep the grass clear of extraneous things. Make sure there are no rocks, ropes, steel or other hard materials in the grass before working. When hit, the cutting element can be damaged, so you will need to repair or replace it.

Another important point is safety. As brushcutters have a high rotational speed (they reach several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out with great speed and cause harm to the person working.

Check and inspect all parts of the grass trimmer before you start working. Make sure the grass trimmer works. Since they come in electric and gasoline, then you will need to organize their work depending on the type of equipment. You should plug in the electric one and charge it if it is not charged, and charge the gasoline one if you need it.

Let the trimmer “work in” the first time you start it. If you bought a new machine, you need to let him work for a few minutes without load in order to run the motor, blades, lines, rotating elements. This can be called a kind of warm-up for the equipment, in addition, it can help prevent some trouble before the direct work, because the assembly and quality of garden equipment can be different.

The grass trimmer motor should be run in beforehand. Start the gasoline trimmer on idle, but first at a low number of revolutions, and then increase their number.

The running-in of an electric trimmer involves several steps.

  • Start up and work with the trimmer for a short time, literally 5 minutes.
  • Then you can increase the working time up to 10 minutes, but you need to monitor the motor, so it does not overheat.
  • After a few trials of the electric grass trimmer, you can work with it on a permanent basis. Don’t forget the motor cooling system, which is available as an optional feature on some models.

If you don’t know what kind of mowing is best to start with, try mowing a low lawn with a fishing line. This will allow the motor to smoothly enter the work. You do not need to load it with a lot of work right away.

Top 5 manufacturers of trimmer line

The Swedish manufacturer has become famous not only for its reference garden equipment, but also for the consumables that it uses. Popular trimmer cord ranges differ in color.

  • Blue cord with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 mm is used together with low-powered electric and cordless trimmers for garden and country house work. The manufacturer’s thinnest.
  • Green with a diameter of 2 to 2.7 mm is versatile and suitable for garden maintenance.
  • Yellow with a diameter of 2.7 to 3 mm and red with a diameter of 3 mm are popular with utility professionals.

The manufacturer has two special lines of lines.

  • Whisper and Whisper X are extra strong and resistant to wear and tear, do not break when in contact with the curb or brick wall. Also, the cord of these lines practically does not noise when working. Husqvarna is quality that money can’t be spared for.

The brand comes from China. Compared to competitors not so long on the market, but has already become a true champion in winning the hearts of gardeners and landscapers. Valued for its low cost and decent quality. The manufacturer can afford not to overprice because of production in China. The trimmer cord ranges are divided into sections.

  • 1.3 to 4 mm diameter round line in yellow Round.
  • With 1.6 to 3 mm star-shaped section in yellow Star, and 1.3 to 2 mm diameter in red Star Pro. This fishing line is tear resistant.
  • With square section twisted line in 1.6 to 4.8 mm diameter, red Twisted Square.
  • Square Twist DUO with 2 to 3 mm diameter twisted line in red.
  • With cross section twisted monofilament in 2 to 3 mm diameter Special Pro.
  • With 2.4 to 3 mm squared section in black or brown Nylplus Square. It has sharp corners and a two-layer structure: the outer shell is wear-resistant, the core is tear-resistant.
  • With a square cross-section and two-layer structure, twisted line with a diameter of 2.4 to 3 mm Magic.

Reinforced fishing line available.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of gardening equipment and supplies. Four cord cross-sections: circle, square, twisted square and star. To make it easier to choose a line, the manufacturer divided it by the type of grass it can handle. Coloured depending on application.

Blue line with a diameter of 2.4 to 4 mm is suitable for gardeners to care for the garden. Inexpensive and of good quality.

Yellow cord with circular cross-section from 1.3 to 4 mm in diameter, resistant to sintering. The benchmark for the brand and the most popular cord in the assortment.

Yellow line with star-shaped cross section. good for finishing trimming. It cuts, not rips, the stems and prevents the grass from turning yellow. And also reduces the load on the engine the grass trimmer will last longer.

choose, grass, trimmer, mowing

Biotrim in beige, 1.6 to 3 mm, round-cutting line with a cutting capacity of 1.6 to 3 mm. Oregon’s patented biodegradable cord with special mineral additives, capable of decomposing in the soil within 5 to 10 years under the influence of UV and thermal energy.

Duoline gray 2.4 to 3 mm line is flexible, strong and resistant to sintering. Two-part line: high-strength carbon polymer underneath.

Dark gray line Nylium with a star shape and a model diameter of 1.3 to 3.3 mm belongs to the professional line. It contains aluminum chips, making it highly resistant to fracture at the hole.

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Techni 280 brown cord with 2.5 to 3 mm diameter, suitable for continuous use: up to 30% stronger than comparable lines and does not melt in temperatures up to 280°C. Another patented innovation.

Grey Flexiblade line with an aerodynamic improved profile and a diameter of 2.5 to 4 mm is made of a reinforced composite material. Designed for professional applications.

Techni-blade comes in green up to 5mm diameter, in yellow up to 6mm, and in red up to 7mm. Has sharp, reinforced teeth that handle the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dark gray Nylium with a 2.4 to 4 mm core diameter is 27% more powerful than round line due to its increased weight. Contains aluminum grit.

choose, grass, trimmer, mowing

Russian brand belongs to the company One of the best in terms of value for money.

The manufacturer manufactures two cord ranges depending on the manufacturing material: fluorescent and reinforced. Both are available in round to star cross-section and 1.6 to 3 mm diameter. Made of polyamide 6 material, which guarantees strength, stiffness and flexibility. Therefore, the main advantages of cord are wear resistance and excellent visibility in dense grass and in the dark.

The bright orange brushcutter is on display all summer in backyards, parks and alleys. Many gardeners also prefer to work with tools of the brand, because they do not let you down. Branded line, according to user reviews, is high quality despite its low price. Depending on the type of cross-section the line has different colors. The first three cord types can be 1.6 to 3 mm in diameter and are used with any trimmer.

  • Yellow round-cross-section line is suitable for young lawns and lawn care.
  • Orange with a twisted square section for cutting dead wood and thick-stemmed plants.
  • Green with a star-shaped section is ideal for clean cutting grass on the lawn.
  • The black, 2 to 3 mm twisted square or sawtooth fishing line is for professional use with high-performance gasoline-powered trimmers.

Top 10 Electric Trimmer Models by Value for Money

To create the rating we used reviews:

  • owners on thematic forums;
  • buyers on review sites;
  • machine owners on the model pages of Yandex Market and other popular sites;
  • customers on the model pages of the most popular online stores, including 220 Volt.

Huter GET-1700B

This model came out in the first place due to the combination:

Those who bought this model, note that the device is made well, nothing dangles and does not require redoing.

Some owners are not happy with the protective cover of not too strong plastic, but if you use the machine only for mowing, the cover copes with its task completely.

The unique design allows you to place your hands both perpendicular to the shaft, on the bike handle, and parallel, using one of the handles of the handle and the handle on the motor housing. A split rod with a rigid shaft inside effectively transmits torque to the gearbox, and also significantly reduces the space required for winter storage of the electric trimmer.

Some owners of this unit note that for normal and continuous operation of the gearbox and shaft, they need to lubricate several times a season, because the factory-provided lubricant is not long enough.

Standard equipment includes a three-blade blade and semi-automatic trimmer head for line thickness of 2 mm. No suspension system, instead there is the usual shoulder strap. Motor power of this model is 1.7 kW, weight of the unit is 5.7 kg.


This electric trimmer for grass took the second place in the rating thanks to the moderate cost (6.7 thousand) and high estimates of buyers. On Yandex Marketer it earned a score of 4.5 points and has collected over a hundred reviews, most of which are positive.

Buyers appreciated the low weight of the tool (4.8 kg), which makes it suitable even for people who do not have great physical strength, such as women or the elderly. A straight, collapsible boom with a rigid shaft inside efficiently transmits torque to the gearbox and requires minimal storage space.

Manufacturer positions its products as a domestic low-power tool, so the device is designed for mowing grass in small areas with the strict observance of the mode of operation.

That is, it works for 5-15 minutes, and then rests for at least the same amount of time, such a mode protects the machine from overheating while cutting the grass. For more serious work, such as cutting shrubs, it is not designed at all.

The overwhelming majority of the negative feedback is due to the fact that the customer wanted to get almost an analogue of a shrub shear for a small amount of money, but the device does not meet his expectations.

Loop-shaped handle supports only the location of the hands along the boom, but given the small mass of the machine, it does not cause discomfort. Standard equipment includes a semi-automatic spool under the line diameter of 1.6 mm and a three-blade blade, and instead of the suspension system is supplied not very convenient shoulder strap.

Huter GET-1000S ZMD

This unit got the third place in the ranking due to the hundred and fifty reviews published on Yandex Marketer, but the total score is only 4.1.

Most likely, this is due to the low price (4 thousand) and not too successful configuration trimmer for grass.

Because the low engine power (1 kW) weighs 5.2 kg, which makes the device suitable for mowing only low and thin vegetation.

Curved boom with a flexible cord instead of a shaft provides more comfortable cutting, allowing you to cut the grass close to your feet, but the ability to disassemble it reduces the space needed to store the tool.

Hinged handle and handle on the housing allow you to place your hands only along the bar. Only has semi-automatic trimmer head with 2 mm max. line diameter and standard shoulder strap.


This machine takes fourth place because the manufacturer sells a compatible wheel base for BLACKDECKER CM100 trimmers, which turns it into a lawn mower but if you buy it without a wheelbase, it will cost you 5.5 thousand.

This trimmer has the motor installed on the bottom, so it is not suitable for mowing wet or even dew-covered grass, but it weighs only 2.5 kg (with the wheelbase 4.5 kg), that is, it can be used without problems, even by elderly people or teenagers.

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The hinged handle and the additional handle on the body allow you to place your palms only along the bar.

This model is designed to work only with trimmer head, and standard cutting tool is designed only for a line of 1.6 mm, this is due to the small power of the motor (550 W).

No hanger or shoulder strap included, but the boom is adjustable in length so that each operator can adjust it to his or her height. This tool is not designed to mow tall or dense grass, so the vast majority of negative reviews (of which there are far fewer positive ones) are due to inflated expectations and improper use.

Denzel TE-1400

This machine, despite the overall score put by buyers of Yandex Market in 4.6, as well as 250 reviews on this site, is only the fifth place because of the high price (12 thousand) and a large weight (7 kg).

Loop handle and grip on the body lets you place your palms both along and across the collapsible shaft, which greatly improves the convenience and versatility of this piece of equipment.

Grass trimmer is equipped with a three-blade blade and a semi-automatic line reel with a maximum diameter of 2.4 mm. Motor power (1.4 kW) is enough to mow normal and tall or not too dense vegetation, as well as grassy dead wood.

In reviews, owners note the high quality of construction and convenience of this unit, but because of the high price and the large weight of the trimmer is difficult to compete with other models.

Oleo-Mac TR111E

This model takes the sixth place because of its high price (13 thousand) and limited functions due to the curved non-dismountable shaft, where the role of the shaft is played by a flexible cable.

For this reason, the unit scored only four points on Yandex Marketer, collecting just over sixty reviews.

The grass trimmer is extremely well built and the overheat protection makes it more reliable than most competitors, even in the higher price range.

Due to its relatively low weight (4.5 kg), the device is suitable even for people with low physical strength.

This electric mower is equipped with a semi-automatic trimmer head (spool), work with a disc or knife is not provided, because the flexible shaft-tether is not designed to transmit such torque.

At the same time, the engine power (1,1 kW) is enough to mow even relatively tall grass, and the curved bar ensures mowing even close to your feet.

The hinge-shaped handle is only suitable for longitudinal palms, and the shoulder strap makes it easier to work, saving the operator from having to expend effort to hold the machine in his hands.


This device is a direct competitor to the previous model, because it is in the same price range (13 thousand) and is also equipped with a permanent curved shaft with a cable inside.

Motor power is a bit less (1 kW), but in addition to protecting the motor from overheating it has a continuously variable motor speed. The machine is a little heavier (4.7 kg), but that only makes it seventh in the ranking.

The protective cover is equipped with a wheel (edger), which allows you to cut the grass close to the lawn, and if you flip the wheel down, even trim the edges of the lawn.

The sharp blade only cuts the line as long as necessary, so even if you hit the reel hard on the ground and let a longer line run out, it won’t reduce mowing performance or damage the machine.

The loop handle is designed so that only the palms of the hands can be turned lengthways. The standard delivery includes only the trimmer head, the belt is not provided, so it, as well as the PolyCut 6-3 mowing head with plastic blades, will have to be bought separately.

EFCO 8110 E

This electric grass trimmer is another representative of the top price range (12 thousand), but the eighth line ranking device got only because of the reputation of the manufacturer.

Even Chinese EFCO brand products are close to the benchmark in quality and reliability, if used properly.

Otherwise, the machine is pretty mediocre, because low engine power (1.1 kW) and curved boom with a torque transfer via rope makes it suitable only for mowing low and thin grass.

String Trimmer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

The standard delivery set includes only semi-automatic head for 2 mm line, no blade or disc and belt. Weight of the device is 4.5 kg.

Makita UR3501

This unit is similar to the previous model, but it costs noticeably cheaper (8.4 thousand), and the trimmer for grass can be called “a solid medium,” the only advantage of which is that it comes with a shoulder strap.

Do not stand out anything special, as well as having a pretty mediocre characteristics:

Makita UR3501 gathered over a hundred reviews and earned a score of 4.3, that is, buyers recognized its useful and effective. Therefore, an electric trimmer for grass takes ninth place in the ranking.

Huter GET-400

This unit was included in the rating due to high sales, only on Yandex Market for 2 months it was bought 27 times.

In addition, the model has collected more than three hundred reviews and received a rating of 4.3, which confirmed the high evaluation of buyers.

Electric trimmer for grass is very cheap (1.4 thousand), because the manufacturer has saved much on materials, but for its price category is surprisingly good, although it can not compete in reliability with other models from the rating.

The engine of the electric trimmer is on the bottom and the length of the shaft is short, so some tall customers are not happy with the short length of the machine.

The tool is equipped with a trimmer head for 1.2 mm line (some owners use a suitable diameter fishing line) and comes without a belt, which is not surprising, given the weight of the grass trimmer (1.8 kg). 400 watts motor power is only powerful enough for cutting small grass.