How to choose a hand-held circular saw

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Premium models

These include the most expensive, powerful and reputable professional brands.

Rotational speed stabilization system

This is an electronic system that, when loaded, increases the amperage supplied to the electric motor. And, conversely, it decreases when working with a low load or without it. As a result, the disc rotates at the same speed under any load.

Tip It should be remembered that the loads are not unlimited (a 1 kW motor cannot deliver a power of 2 kW).

With excessive loads, the speed will still drop or the engine will be shut off by the protective system, if any. However, the system allows for smooth operation of the saw in different modes, which makes it easier to work.

Electrodynamic brake

Without such a system, when the saw is turned off, the blade continues to rotate for some time by inertia. The electrodynamic brake, after turning off the rotation, creates a magnetic field in the motor, which slows down the rotation almost immediately. This improves safety and convenience during operation.

VORTEX DP-190/1800

  • Power: 1800 W.
  • Drank depth 68 mm at a right angle, 47 mm at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Rotation speed 5,500 rpm.
  • Disc diameter 190 mm, landing diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 4.7 kg.
  • Price for mid-2021 is about 5,200 rubles.

VORTEX DP-190/1800

Makita HS7601

One of the lightest and most comfortable hand saws for professionals and amateurs.

  • Power: 1200 W.
  • Sawing capacity 66 mm, at an angle of 45 degrees 46 mm.
  • Rotation speed 5,200 rpm.
  • Disc diameter 190 mm, landing diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 4 kg.
  • Price for mid-2021 from 8.5 thousand (at discounts) to 10 thousand rubles.

Makita HS7601

Stationary for table installation

Purely stationary circular saws do not belong to hand-held circular saws, they are sawing woodworking machines of a different class. We are talking about modifications of hand saws that can be installed on a bed with a table, saw blade up and used as a stationary machine.

Sometimes hand saws are placed on makeshift stands. It should be remembered that the hand-held cross-cut saw has a brush (collector) motor, which is not designed for long-term operation at increased loads. Namely, in this mode, the engine runs on stationary machines. Therefore, the tool will not last long with this use.

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How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

choose, hand-held, circular

Several manufacturers offer universal hand / stationary saws. The set includes a bed with a table and a hand saw, which can be used both on the machine and for manual work.

Such options have an increased service life, designed for stationary use. In any case, the stationary option can be useful for domestic use, when you need to cut small volumes from time to time.

Protection against accidental activation

Made in the form of a switch with two buttons. The first button unlocks the main power button. The system improves safety, but creates some inconvenience when turning on.

Pay attention to our selection tips, they will help you make the right choice.

Interskol DP-190 / 1600M

  • Power 1600 W.
  • Sawing capacity 63 mm at right angles.
  • Rotational speed 4 800 rpm.
  • Disc diameter 190 mm, landing diameter 20 mm.
  • Weight 5.6 kg.
  • Price for mid-2021 from 6000 rubles.

Interskol DP-190 / 1600M

For a saw with a large enough power, this is a low price.

What type of saw do I need for which job?

Ryobi RWSL 1801M

The cordless hand saw comes with a 150 m blade and makes a neat cut in wood. 45 mm for a straight angle and 32 mm for an acute angle. Equipped with protection against accidental start, the model provides a spindle lock. The saw handle is rubberized, so it is convenient to hold it.

You can buy a Ryobi circular saw for 5500 rubles

Bort BHK-185U

The circular saw with 185 mm disc handles wood and other materials up to 64 mm thick. Convenient to operate, has an ergonomic body with a rubberized handle. Maintains a maximum speed of 4500 and quickly makes a cut. The disadvantages include the weak fastening of the screw, which is responsible for adjusting the cutting depth.


Bosch GKS 190

The small circular saw with a 190 mm blade can handle dense wood with ease. The device is equipped with a 1.4 kW motor and has a high rotation speed of the nozzle. 5500 rpm. Can perform bevel cuts up to 56 °, equipped with a turbofan to clean the working area from shavings and sawdust.


The average for a hand-held circular saw is 1.2 kW. If you need to equip a home workshop, and increased requirements are imposed on productivity, you can choose a model for 1.6 kW and above.

Makita SP6000

The functional circular saw has increased productivity, it is capable of 5800 revolutions at a power of 1.3 kW. The canvas of the device is of medium size, 165 mm, the model weighs 4.4 kg. Equipped with a soft start and speed control system, equipped with a special tire to improve cutting accuracy.

Saw with a smooth start Makita is estimated at 17,000 rubles

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Protection against accidental start

Certain models of circular saws are equipped with an additional button to prevent accidental start-up. To start the tool, you first need to press this key, and then. the normal start, which is quite difficult to do by accident.

Spindle lock

When changing a blade on a circular saw, the spindle must be locked. This can be done either with the help of special keys, or by means of a button on the body of the device. Hand saws with a button help you to change the accessory very quickly and easily.

Recommendations for choosing a model depending on engine power

Quite often, in the process of carrying out repairs or construction work, a hand circular saw is needed. After reading this article, you will decide which one to choose. The consumer should also take into account the fact that the tool can have a motor of different power. With higher motor parameters, the equipment will be able to cut material and high-density products in a short time. The operator will have no difficulty in cutting. A powerful engine is not afraid of even knots in the wood. But low-power circulars have a significant advantage, which is expressed in low weight. Thanks to this, the tool can be carried from place to place. Thus, models with a capacity of 2000 watts or less will weigh about 7 kilograms. If the saw is characterized by a power of 1200 watts, then the weight will be reduced to 4 kilograms. Do you need a hand circular saw for household tasks? Which one to choose? Price. an important factor when buying. For private use, models with a power of 1000 to 1200 watts are excellent. If the tool is not used professionally, then the power reserve will remain unclaimed. The cost of the product will also depend on this parameter, the difference in price can reach 100 percent or more.

Battery Saw Performance Overview

If you prefer autonomy, then it is best to choose a battery model, but you should be prepared for less performance. Among other things, the rotational speed will also be significantly lower than in electric circulars. Such models perfectly cope with wood of small thickness and low density. As practice shows, the battery charge may be enough for 30-50 minutes of operation, after which the battery will need to be charged. This can cause some inconvenience, since charging sometimes takes up to 4 hours.

Choosing a professional model: Makita 5103R

Quite often, a hand-held circular saw is required during construction work. We recommend that you read the selection tips before making a purchase. The above model is a powerful saw that can be used to cut large pieces of wood and other materials. The model is designed for active operation, is highly durable and is characterized by a wide range of functions that ensure safety during operation. How to choose a hand-held circular saw? The parameters are the decisive criterion. Below we will talk about them in more detail.

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An example of using household and professional tools

If you are looking for a handheld circular saw, which one to choose, you can decide by reading the guidelines below. If you use a professional model, then in 1.5 hours of continuous work you will be able to saw such a number of workpieces from a chipboard, which will be enough to assemble 4 cabinets. If you use a conventional household model, then the same work will take 2 times longer. The quality will remain at its best, but the cost of a professional tool will be 2 times higher.

Choosing a household saw: Einhell RT-CS 190/1

The main features are the ergonomic handle, due to which even a beginner can handle the tool. This is also why the saw is most convenient to use when solving household tasks. The master can easily change the saw blade thanks to the key and the spindle lock. There is no need to purchase a key additionally, as it is included in the kit. It will be possible to work with the equipment at home, as it has a low noise and vibration level.

choose, hand-held, circular

This reliable and inexpensive circular saw has a dust extraction device with a special adapter that connects to the vacuum cleaner. With this functionality, you can keep your workplace clean. The gears of the reducer are made of a material of increased hardness and strength, which is distinguished by wear resistance and a long service life.

The manufacturer has made sure that the work is made easy, this is also possible thanks to the practical cable clamp. Among other things, it prevents damage and cable coiling. The size of the disc is 190×30 millimeters, the number of teeth is 24. At an angle of 90 degrees, the operator will be able to penetrate 66 millimeters into the material, as for 45 degrees, the cutting depth will be equivalent to 48 millimeters.

According to users, this good hand-held circular saw is versatile as it can be used to cut different wood densities. Safety is especially appreciated by users, as it reduces the risk of injury. The operator can change the range from 0 to 50 degrees during operation. Users emphasize that when using the equipment, they get an excellent view of the mowing line of the cut, as the design is ergonomic.