How to choose a hand -shaped gasoline. Basil for the house

How to choose a chainsaw for home: tips which is better to choose

Any owner of a country house must be faced with the need to carry out wood cuts. This is especially in demand during construction or repair work, which are usually always located in private household. If the house has a stove, then replenishment of fuel reserves is constantly required. Plus to everything. care for the adjacent site: regular trimming of trees or complete cut of old, unnecessary, trimming shrubs and hedges, etc.P. Even the organization of leisure often requires an appeal to a saw-when it is necessary to prepare fuel for a barbecue or summer stove-grille.

Use the “grandfather” approach using ordinary and two.handed saws, ax, a secateur. it is quite possible, but this takes a lot of time, which is usually not enough, and requires considerable physical efforts. It is good that in our time it is possible to purchase a modern mechanized tool that greatly simplifies the performance of labor.intensive operations. So, chainsaws are in great demand, due to the convenience of working with them and complete autonomy. independence from the presence of a power source. But in order for the tool to really justify the hopes of its owner, you should definitely understand how to choose a chainsaw correctly, what to pay special attention to when buying.

Experienced users who have long been using chainsaws in everyday work, probably know the main selection criteria. But for those who are just going to purchase this useful “assistant” for the first time, for starters, you should at least understand the device of the chainsaw. so that it becomes clear what will be discussed when evaluating the characteristics of the tool.

How a chain chainship is arranged

The range of chain chainsaws is very wide, as they are used in various fields.

  • This is an indispensable tool both in companies engaged in industrial woodwork and in forestry, carrying out regular work to clean arrays from ducklings or unnecessary shoots.
  • In the construction of the chainsaws are used in the preparation of wooden parts of the constructed structures, cutting window and doorways in logs of logs or timber, sample of the necessary grooves or spikes, and for many other operations.
  • The variety of household, economic use of the chainsaw was already mentioned above. it is an indispensable assistant to a good homeowner.
  • over, in the skillful hands of the master of chainsaws, it becomes an instrument for creating art works. logs or decks turn into unique garden wooden sculptures.

But, despite such a wide range of use, all chain chainships have approximately the same design and work according to a single principle.

The main external nodes and elements of the chainsaw

The entire main design of the saw is closed by a plastic or metal case (pos. one). The power unit (engine) is placed inside and ensuring its launch and operation of the nodes and mechanisms. In the upper part, the case has a removable cover (pos. 2), when removing which is opened to access to power and ignition systems.

Any saw has two working handles. Anterior. in the form of an arc, a housing encircling from above (pos. 3), and the back (pos. 4), with controls located on it.

A tire is installed in the front of the chainsaw (pos. 5), with a saw chain stretched on it (pos. 6).

A hand starter is used to launch a power unit, the handle of which is placed on the left side of the case (pos. 7). For preliminary pumping of fuel to the carburetor on most models there is a special button of the manual pump (pos. eight). Most often it is indicated by the indicator “PRIMER”.

Directly near the posterior handle, so that you can easily reach your finger, there is a toggle switch for turning on and off the engine ignition system (pos. 9).

From the left side of the case there are always two floods. for refueling a saw with fuel (pos. 10) and to fill the tank of the lubrication system of the chain and tire (pos. eleven). The neck is closed with sealed traffic jams. The location of the neck may differ from the example given in the figure, but there are always inscriptions or icons that clearly indicate the purpose of the refueling capacity.

and model line of chainsaw caliber

The engine speed is controlled by the throttle key. 12), located on the rear handle of the saw. On top of the handle there is always another key. stopping (pos. 13), without pressing which it is impossible to transmit the control exposure to the throttle. This is one of the borders of security in work.

A special safety shield is always placed in front of the front handle (pos. 14), which is kinematically associated with the emergency brake of the chain.

View from the side of the fastening mechanism of the saw headset

A metal or plastic casing is placed on the opposite side of the chainsaw (pos. 15) which closes the rotation node from the engine to the leading star of the saw chain. There is also a mechanism for adjusting the tension of the chain, its lubrication, as well as two fasteners (poses. 16) fixing the installed position of the tire.

The internal combustion engine used in the chainsaws is a single.cylinder, two.stroke. Its dimensions, respectively, the diameter of the cylinder and its volume, directly depend on the power and determine the purpose of the tool.

Two.stroke engines do not imply a selected lubricant system. For the normal operation of the mechanisms, the use of properly selected gasoline-oil mixture as fuel is enough. The gasoline component burns in the cylinder, and the oil. provides for the lubrication of friction nodes.

Engine cooling system. air. For greater efficiency of heat transfer, the nutrition of the external case of the cylinder is provided (pos. 1), and the engine flywheel has a peculiar configuration of a turbine with blades (poses. 5) that provide forced powerful air flow.

Ignition of the working fuel mixture in the cylinder is carried out by a candle (pos. 2). Fuel supply from the carburetor to the cylinder. through a special connecting pipe (pos. 3). There is a muffler (pos. 4), reducing the noise of the unit and directing the exhaust to the side.

No reducer with a change in the number of revolutions from the engine to the leading star is not provided-the speed of rotation is regulated only by a throttle. But there is a clutch system (pos. 5). the transfer of the rotational moment is carried out only when a certain level of revolutions reaches.

The principle of operation of the centrifugal clutch mechanism

This mechanism works on a centrifugal principle. Clutch blocks (their number may differ in different models) are pulled away to the center of the spring (pos. 2). The screed force is designed so that when working at idle, the pads do not contact with the inner surface of the drum (pos. 3), which is strictly connected with the leading star of the chain (pos. 4), and rotations of the engine shaft (pos. 1) Next is not transmitted.

The fundamental device of the transfer node of the rotational moment to the chain of the chainsaw

With an increase in the number of revolutions, massive pads, overcoming the resistance of the springs under the influence of centrifugal force, are pressed to the inner surface of the drum, and the torque is transmitted to the saw chain.

Which chainsaw is better to buy

One of the main technical characteristics of the chainsaw is engine power. The required indicator depends on the scope of the tool and affects its performance. For infrequent work in the personal plot, a model of about 2 kW will be enough, while intensive operation and solving professional problems will require values ​​already in 5-6 kW.

It is worth paying attention to the length of the tire. It determines the permissible thickness of the log, which can be cut into one entry:

  • Preparation of boards for private construction or country logging determines the need for no more than 35 cm long.
  • For a comfortable roll of trees on an industrial scale, we recommend that you purchase a chainsaw with a tire of 50 centimeters.

In conditions of prolonged operation, an important role is played by the volume of the fuel tank. It should be remembered that this parameter directly affects the dimensions and weight of the tool, the convenience of prolonged use of the operator tired. Therefore, the optimal value of the tank capacity is in the range from 0.2 to 0.5 liters.

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the chain step. The performance of the chainsaws largely depends on it. The required indicator depends on the specifics of the upcoming use of the tool. So, for small summer cottages, a model with a chain step is 0.375 inches, firewood blanks. 0.325 ″, large.scale logging. 0.404 ″.

To reduce the likelihood of injuries of various nature, we advise you to purchase models with noise level not higher than 100 dB, anti.vibration protection and emergency braking systems.

What can be sawing a chainsaw?

The chainsaw is designed for sawing wood materials.

Most often it is used to cut down trees, for transverse cutting of trunks and cutting off branches.

The maximum thickness of the log with which the tool is able to cope is directly dependent on the length of the guide tire used.

The secondary characteristics here is the engine power, however, the higher it is, the larger the saw works.

Standard tire size for household chainsaws. 30. 40 cm.

choose, hand, gasoline, house

Professional saws are equipped with tires length mainly up to 1 m, but there are models for 120 and even 150 cm for forestry.

In addition to wood and lumber, a chainsaw is used for ice work, in particular, with figure cutting of sculptures.

Also, this tool is sometimes used for sawing foam concrete and even plastic pipes.

Device, characteristics and principle of action

The gasoline chain saw consists of the main case with the handles, inside which is the engine, the working part of the tool is a guide tire with a chain with saw teeth.

The design provides an automatic adhesion mechanism, which works on a centrifugal principle.

So at the idle revolutions of the gasoline engine, the chain remains motionless.

After clicking on the accelerator, the chainsaw engine is spinning, passing the moment through the adhesion to the gearbox with the drive wheel, which in turn sets the chain.


The chain, tire and the leading chain wheel assembled a saw set. Each part of it should be from one manufacturer, since even the minimum deviations in the size will lead to a rapid breakdown of the saw, or to power loss and in general low.quality work.

The chainsaw has two different tanks, one for the fuel mixture on which the tool works, the other for machine oil, lubricating the main elements.

A special air filter is installed in the carburetor device, which in turn happens:

  • Spongy. when contaminating, which is easy to determine by eye, the filter is cleaned or subject to replacement. It is made more often from spongy polyurethane foam or rubber.
  • Felt. effectively cleans the air, therefore it is used in highly contaminated places.
  • Nylon. easily washed with a soft brush in soapy water and dries quickly.


In order to avoid engine breakdowns, it is forbidden to use damaged air filters.


The chainsaw engine with a carburetor and a gearbox is a single design closed on top with protective panels made of durable plastic.

The back handle with the accelerator key is also most often plastic, but the front, on which the entire load is in the process, is metal, not rarely rubberized or has a different anti.slip coating.

The tire of the chainsaw is made of high.quality steel with a groove under the chain around the perimeter.

The design of some models is two steel plates with grooves filled with polyamide, which allows you to significantly reduce weight.

Chain characteristics

The main working body of the chainsaw is a saw chain, which is the links connected by rivets.

Half of the distance between three sequential rivets is a chain step, which is one of the main characteristics of the saw part.

Depending on this parameter, the chain is divided into the following groups:

  • 6.35 mm, which corresponds to 14 ”. designed to work with single.legged saws, and therefore in the open spaces of the CIS are rare.
  • 8.25 and 9.3 mm, which corresponds to 0.325 “and 3/8”. low.profile chains, which are equipped with the vast majority of motorcycle. In the process of work, they are characterized by a low level of vibration and a small probability of a reverse blow. Both factors increase the safety of using a saw in principle.
  • 10.26 and 19.05 mm, which corresponds to 0.404 “and 3/4”. large links and increased performance. The chains with such a step are installed only on powerful gross saws, since due to the removal of a large layer of material in one pass, it has serious resistance.

The cutting teeth appear on the outer part of the chain of the chain, and the leading links, which are included in the leading wheel and move along the guide grooves of the tire.

They are called shanks, and their thickness is another characteristic of the chain measured by the caliper.

The following standard values ​​are distinguished:

  • 1.1 mm and 1.3 mm. for entry.level circuits intended for small volumes of work. It is installed on a semi.professional and household tools, most often has a step of 0.325 ”.
  • 1.5 mm. not suitable for professional sawing, nevertheless, the majority thickness has such a thickness of the shanks. Options with a step of 3/8 ”provide the safest job.
  • 1.6 mm and 2 mm. for difficult work. The material that is used in production is steel of special brands, which provides increased strength of the chain and its ability to tolerate increased loads.

Another characteristic of the chain is the height of the profile of the teeth between their upper edge and the limiters, which determines the depth of the cut.

  • Low.profile. 0.635 mm, installed on household and semi.professional saws.
  • Highly profile. 0.762 mm, is installed on semi.professional and professional units.

The low profile provides less vibration, and as a result, reduces the intensity of the wear of the saw headset, and the high, in turn, is, on the contrary, but it is characterized by an increased speed of sawing.

Among other things, the saw chain of chainsaws has a number of secondary characteristics, among which, for example, the geometry of cutting teeth, their number, type of sharpening.

We should not forget about the length of the entire chain and the total number of links (from 40 to 173), as well as the procedure for their following.

In the manufacture, high.legged chromium.nickel steel is used.


Merzed wood chains have carbide attacks.

The dimensions and weight of the chainsaw

Depending on the purpose of the saw, its weight can be from 2 to 11 kg, and the total length exceed 1.3 m.

At the same time, the length of the chainsaw without a tire on average is 50. 85 cm, and the width is 20. 36 cm.

As for the tires, their standard length is 300. 1050 mm, the groove width is occupied by a range of 1.1. 2 mm. The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is about 0.3. 1 l, and for the lubricant of the chain is half as much as.

What oil to use for lubrication of a chainsaw?

Oil in a chainsaw is used to dilute gasoline when refueling, to lubricate the chain and stars. The quality and duration of work largely depends on the quality of lubrication.

Which gasoline is better to use for saw

For chainsaws, the AI-92 brand is best suited: this is the octane number best for garden technology. Old saws (friendship, for example) can be seasoned with AI-80 gasoline: their engines are unpretentious to fuel quality. Contrary to widespread opinion, the expensive fuel of the AI-95 class and above will not benefit: when turning on, the piston is pushed into the anti-income and “burned”.

It is not recommended to fill in a fuel that has long been in a plastic canister: due to evaporation, useful properties are lost, which can lead to problems when starting and rapidly drop in power.

Which oil to choose for gas station refueling

The oil is selected depending on the type of engine: for 2-stroke and 4-stroke models. Most chainsaws have a two-stroke engine: if air cooling is used, any oil with a 2t marking is suitable, if liquid-TC-W3 standard.

Quality is of great importance: low.quality lubricant forms a cargo settling on piston rings and cylinders. This leads to jamming and overheating.

When choosing, you should take into account seasonality: mineral oil hardens in the cold, it can only be used in warmth. At the beginning of frosts, you can use semi.synthetic oil, when working in winter. exclusively synthetic. Also, biodegradable lubricants are presented on the market. a great option for those who care about ecology. If there is little to begin to thicken, it can be diluted with kerosene in relation to 1: 4.

Which oil to choose for the chain of the chainsaw

For lubrication of the chain, the oil should have high adhesion for maximum adhesion to the bus surface. It is resistant to various weather and temperature conditions. Often chain oils are made by the manufacturers of chainsaws themselves. When working, the saw canvas develops high speed, so the low.adhesive lubricant will “fly” from the upper part, not reaching the lower: the friction will increase, the chain and the tire will have to be changed. Car oil does not have the necessary adhesiveness, so it is better not to use it. Poured into an oil tank, which should never be empty. Stihl (Forestplus and Synthplus), Husqvarna Bio Advanced and Champion oils are considered reference.

note! If you decide to “save” using low.quality or worked out oil, when damage, the case will be considered not a warranty.

Which oil to choose for the gas station stars

The driven and leading stars are lubricated to reduce friction of the needle bearing. Thick lubricants are suitable for this purpose: not only expensive original, but also ordinary lithium-for example, lititol-24. They are applied with a syringe or presser on a special hole. The larger the load on the “nasal” part, the more often you need to lubricate the stars.

Pragiles of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

Recommended fuel mixture proportions are indicated in the technical passport of the saw. Most often, European and manufacturers advise observing the proportion of oil and fuel 1:40 or 1:50 (1 l of gasoline = 25-20 ml of grease). A large amount of oil can cause the formation of soot.

With Chinese chainsaws, the situation is different: the increased distance between the piston and the cylinder requires more oil, in the ratio of 1:25 (about 40 ml per liter of hot).

Chainsaw with a quick launch system

Hyundai x380. Quick launch will launch the saw without effort due to a decrease in the resistance of the starter. The representative of the new generation of chainsaws. with electronic ignition and the Easy Start system (the starter resistance on the cable is reduced by 30%). The weight of the saw is 4.6 kg. Power. 2.3 liters.With. It is equipped with an anti.vibration system and a circuit brake (in case of return). Tire length. 40 cm, tank capacity. 0.39 liters.

Many well.known brands (like STIHL, Husqvarna, Bosch) are often faked or copied by other manufacturers to the degree of mixing. Carefully study the documentation, the manufacturer and the correspondence of the brand and model of real copies.

Tips for launching, running in and caring for a chainsaw

Before starting the chainsaw, be sure to study the operating instructions. Self.respecting company will readily provide it in Russian. It is forbidden to launch a saw without the installed saw set. its absence will cause damage to the clutch. In general, the process of the first launch of the saw looks like this:

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Like any such device, the chainsaw needs to be running. This is a mandatory event that includes “cold” work. First you should use a full fuel tank, smoothly changing the speed from minimal to maximum, as well as with the inclusion of idle.

The speed of the cut depends on the state of the moving parts, and on their size

When working with chainsaws at low temperatures (below 0 ° C), it is necessary to pre.warm the carburetor in order to avoid the viscosity of gasoline. In addition, the saw itself should be designed for operation in conditions of negative temperatures.

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For high-quality care of the chainsaw, you need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. The main rule is the concern for the air filter: its weekly cleaning, lubrication, if necessary. replacement. Before starting, the strength of the tightening of nuts and bolts should be checked. In general, regular lubrication and cleaning of bearings, candles and other elements of the chainsaw should be your good habit. Lubricate the chain exclusively with machine oil.

Which chainsaw to choose

Having learned key selection criteria, you can distinguish several specific recommendations for a specific type of work:

A chainsaw for cutting branches in the garden, harvesting firewood, small works, will require tires of 30-35 cm, power 1.5 kW, volume of power unit 40 cm. cube., groove widths 1.1 mm, with a step of cutting element 0.325 inch. It will be convenient to handle up to 3 kg weighing.

To cut only soft wood (pine, poplar, linden, alder), you will need a tool with a tire of 40 cm, a power of 2 kW, a chain step 0.325 inch, a groove width of 1.3 mm and a weight of 3-4 kg.

For active use at the construction site of baths, houses, arbors, you need a chainsaw with a 50 cm bus, a tank of 0.3 l, a motor with cylinders up to 40 cm. cube., with a power of 4 kW and a chain step 0.375 inch, weighing 5 kg and width of the slot for a leg 1.5 mm.

On a professional roll of forest, units with a tire of 60 cm, with a capacity of 6 kW, engine volume 100-120 cm are involved. cube., With a groove width 1.6 mm. The chain step should be 0.404 inches, and the mass is between 6-8 kg. Mandatory protection against reverse strike and tank by 0.55 liters.

How much a chainsaw costs

Knowing the specific requirements for the tool, it is not very difficult to calculate its cost:

Daches for a summer residence can be bought for 5000-7000

universal amateur models for soft wood will cost 9000-15000

th place. Hammer BPL3814C: characteristics and price

The Hammer BPL3814C model takes the twenty-fourth position due to the simplified start of the engine, the economical consumption of gasoline, as well as a small vibration. In addition, it is worth noting the presence of a convenient protective shield.

engine’s type petrol
Power 2 l. With.
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 3/8 inches
Tire length 25 cm
Engine volume 38 cubic meters. cm
The weight 5 kg
Price 6 690 ₽

Hammer BPL3814C: Advantages and disadvantages

Suitable for harvesting firewood and sawing building materials;

Withstands heavy loads;

Simplified engine start;

Economical fuel consumption;

Equipment as a plus; anti.vibration system;

The presence of a protective shield;

Slight vibration in the process of work;

Detailed instructions in Russian;

rd place-Huter BS-40: characteristics and price

Twenty-third place of the rating departs of the Huter BS-40 chainsaw. This chainsaw can boast of low vibration, a tempting price, as well as an economical consumption of gasoline.

engine’s type petrol
Power 1500 watts
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 3/8 inches
Tire length 40 cm
Engine volume 40 cubic meter. cm
The weight 6 kg
Price 6 366 ₽

Huter BS-40: Advantages and disadvantages

Fast start;

choose, hand, gasoline, house

Copes with its main task;

Ease of operation with compact sizes;

Value for money;

Economical fuel consumption;

The convenience of the grip is as a significant plus;

A system of extinguishing vibration;

High.quality engine;

Equipment as a big plus;

Long tire;

7th place. Patriot Pt 5220 Imperial

The choice of the best budget chainsaw for the home can be stopped on a productive and practical model from Patriot. PT 5220 is designed for use at a construction site, for sawing wood, cutting branches and knots, as well as for use in garden areas. The handle in the saw, for reliable fixation in the palm of your hand, is equipped with rubberized inserts.

The engine power is 2.5 kW, which corresponds to 3.4 l. C, volume. 52 cubic Easy Start light launching system reduces an effort to a starter by 60%. Main characteristics: tire length. 50 cm, chain step. 0.325 inches, number of links. 76 pieces, groove size. 1.5 mm. PT 5220 is equipped with a circuit auto.fitting system. Oil tank capacity. 260 ml, for fuel. 550 ml. As fuel, AI-92 gasoline is used, butter. Patriot G-Motion. For safe operation, the chainsaw is equipped with a zeeper and a circuit brake, the fuse of the start button and a protective shield. Starter covers and quapi brakes are made of magnesium alloy.

An effective antivibration system and a balanced design guarantee comfort and accurate cut. Convenient access to the filter and light of the ignition make it possible to independently carry out maintenance. The degree of noise during the work of a small one cannot be called. 114 dB, total weight. 7.55 kg. In the configuration, there are a tank for a mixture of gasoline and oil, as well as a special protective casing.

  • Simplified engine start;
  • Multi.level protection;
  • Oil autopods function;
  • Side tension of the chain;
  • Quick access to candle and airfilter.
  • Effective antivibration system;
  • Side tensioner of the chain;
  • Productive engine;
  • Ease of care;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Economical consumption of gasoline (the tank is enough for 3 hours of functioning);
  • Nice design.

6th place. Daewoo Power Products Dacs 4500

Among the best models of chainsaws in the ranking, a reliable chainsaw from Daewoo with good functionality and excellent technical specifications stands out in the ranking. The engine housing in the DACS 4500 is made of metal and has high impact resistance, thermal resistance and stiffness of the structure. The saw is intended to solve various household problems, for example, for sawing wood in the country, harvesting firewood and other things.

The device is equipped with a fairly productive engine for 3.2 l. C, which corresponds to 2.3 kW of power consumed. The volume of the motor. 45.5 cubic meter. cm. The guide tire has a standard length of 40 cm, tire.width. one.5 mm. There are 66 links in the chain, step. eight.25 mm. The chain is equipped with an instrumental tension mechanism, lubrication occurs in abstract. DACS 4500 operates on gasoline, the fuel tank contains 550 ml, for oil. 310 ml. The chain is able to rotate at a speed of 10800 about./min.

The design provides for special elements that reduce the vibration of the device during operation. To instantly stop the cutting element, it is possible to braking the motor. Additional safety when working with DACS 4500 is provided by a random launch blocking key. The configuration also includes a protective casing and a set of keys.

  • Quick launch;
  • Pleasant design;
  • High power;
  • Reliable chain;
  • High.quality assemblies;
  • Convenient cover;
  • Multi.level protection;
  • Oil autopods function;
  • Effective antivibration system;
  • Simplicity of care.

The most reliable tools.

  • Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W;
  • STIHL MS 230 1900 W/2.5 l.With;
  • Echo CS-353ES-14 1590 W/2.16 l.With;
  • Zubble PBC-560 45DP 2400 W/3.3 l.With;
  • Makita EA3203S-40 1350 W/1.81 l.With;
  • Fubag FPS 56 2500 W;
  • Daewoo Power Products DACS 5218XT 2600 W/3.5 l.With;
  • Champion 251-18 2300 W/3.13 l.With.

1st place Best saw Price/Quality: Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 watts

  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 38 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 9678618-36
  • Weight 4.7 kg

Good compact chainsaw for the home from the oldest manufacturer of technology for logging Husqvarna. With a power of 1.6 kW and tire length 40 cm, it is suitable for harvesting firewood, irregular rolls and sawing small trees, will allow lumber in small volumes, for example, a rough timber. Differs in reduced fuel and exhaust consumption, and investigatingly, less pollutes the atmosphere and needs more rarely maintenance. Combined ignition control switch, carburetor, throttle.

  • aluminum cover of the inertial brake;
  • combined control lever;
  • The primer will facilitate the launch;
  • centrifugal air purification;
  • Anti.vibration elements.

2nd place the best chainsaw in general: Stihl MS 230 1900 W/2.5 l.With

The legendary saw, which has proven itself on the construction site, during the cutting and opening of the decks among sculptors. Able to blame and saw on a beam/boards trees up to 65 cm thick. Suitable for work in winter due to the heating of the carburetor with warm air. Automatic inertial brake with a reverse strike for a split second stops the chain. The chain lubrication system saves up to 50% oil. For convenience, the chain tensioner is transferred to the side of the case.

  • economical chain lubrication;
  • one.legged management;
  • vibration damping system;
  • instant stopping of the chain;
  • engine heating for work in the cold.

3rd place Echo CS-353ES-14 1590 W/2.16 l.With

  • Tire length 35 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 34 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Weight 4 kg

Compact model for home, cottage and construction on a personal site. Suitable for beginners as the first saw thanks to the lightweight start of Easy Start and Primer. The damper for supplying warm air masses to the carburetor makes it possible to operate on frosty days. Comfortable handles with fine notch lie well in the hand even in gloves. The coating of the handles absorbs vibration emanating from the motor. Plugs of fuel and oil tanks are unscrewed without tools.

  • side tensioner of the saw headset;
  • excellent balancing;
  • Metal gears of the oil pump;
  • Cleaning air filter;
  • two.year warranty with the ability to extend to 5 years.

4th place of the bison PBC-560 45DP 2400 W/3.3 l.With

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 95233
  • Weight 7.8 kg

Domestic development with a guarantee of 5 years is an ideal choice for subsidiary plots and people who have not previously worked with chainsaws. Equipped with light starting systems. a Japanese carburetor with a primer. and the extinguishing of vibrations. The safety of operation is guaranteed by a double chain brake, metal emphasis and the zealor. With a 45 cm bus, you can harvest slabs, a board and a beam in small quantities. The chain is lubricated only at load, the oil supply intensity depends on its value.

  • 5-year warranty;
  • inconvenient location of the ignition button;
  • durable chrome cylinder;
  • effective reduction of vibration;
  • Electronic ignition.

5th place Makita EA3203S-40 1350 W/1.81 l.With

  • Tire length 40 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 32 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Weight 4.1 kg

A reliable Japanese tool in a case with anti.suggestion plastic, which has a fast tension and replacement of a saw set. 400-gram fuel tank is enough for work for 2-3 hours, depending on the load. The intensity of the lubrication of the chain and tire is regulated by the screw to adapt the supply of lubrication to the conditions of sawing. Ergonomic handles are covered with anti.slip and anti.vibration coating. Innovative primer will facilitate the start of the engine. The chain produced in the United States for a long time holds sharpening and geometry. Peculiarities:

  • instrumental access to candle and air filter;
  • adjustable supply of lubricants;
  • three.position switch;
  • Four shock absorbers absorbing vibration.

6th place Fubag FPS 56 2500 watts

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 56 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 38707
  • Weight 6.6 kg

The rating of inexpensive chainsaws included models:

  • Huter BS-45M 2300 W;
  • Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With;
  • Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With;
  • Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With.

Tool for rare and careful operation with a limited budget. Needs careful maintenance, often in repair. Inexpensive chainsaws are used usually three to five seasons depending on the activity of operation.

1st place Huter BS-45M 2300 W

  • Tire length 40 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 45 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 70/6/4
  • Weight 7 kg

The rating of budget models is opened by German development with a powerful engine placed in a compact building. His traction force will be enough to bite logs up to 65 cm thick. Unlike analogues, a single.cylinder engine needs an oil bosinzin mixture in a ratio of 1 to 40. The star assumes part of the load, facilitating the operation of the engine. For uniform wear of the tire, it is rotated through the same time intervals. Air filter cover is fixed with lamb.

  • reliable grip;
  • random launch blocking;
  • The zeeper will protect the operator in the event of a rupture of the saw headset;
  • complex, as a beginner, tire installation;
  • The end tensioner of the chain.

2 place Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With

  • Tire length 25 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • The engine volume is 25.4 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Weight 3.2 kg

Very small and light chainsaw for household and country needs. Engine power and revolutions are designed for the processing of wood of any density and structure. The length of the bus is selected so that it is convenient to hold the chainsaw above the head while ennoble the garden. High-quality metal and heat treatment for a long time retain the geometry of the saw-like headset. The blocker will prevent unintentional launch of the chain. The saw is also perfect for trips to nature with the family, it will not take up much space in the trunk. With its help, you can easily saw firewood from a foller, make a Roman candle and much more. This tank is 230 grams of fuel mixture.

They also praise the saw when arranging a rafter system of a cottage or a country house.

3 place Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With

  • Tire length 50 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 220105575

A powerful saw with a two.stroke engine with an enlarged motor. It is launched from slight effort thanks to the Easy Start system. Lids of inertial brakes and starter poured out of a magnesium alloy. The anti.vibration system reduces the load on the hands, prolonging the work session. The security of the operator is increased by the chain capture, an inertial brake, a fuse from a random start and a shield. Filter and candle are served without tools. Peculiarities:

  • lightweight launch of the motor;
  • multi.level operator protection;
  • automatic oil supply;
  • side tension of the chain;
  • Nimble access to candle and air filter.

4th place Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: Anti.Vibration
  • Modification 01.004.00041
  • Weight 5.06 kg

A tool with a long tire for periodic cutting logs with a diameter of up to 75 cm. Owners advise doing this more often with an eye on the price. Equipped with advanced security mechanisms: engine brake in the case of a reverse impact, launching lock. Rubbed handles provide a reliable grip with frozen hands and prevent the transfer of vibrations from the motor to the operator. Fuel pump facilitates the engine starting.

  • long tire for sawing large trees;
  • instrumental chain tension;
  • work at low temperatures;
  • Complex in the back of the cover.

For the garden and sawing firewood for barbecue, the cheapest chainsaw is enough. The harvesting of firewood, lumber, construction, regular sawing and manufacture of garden sculptures requires a powerful tool from an eminent manufacturer.