How To Choose A Petrol Grass Trimmer

Handle type

Filigree control of a rather heavy unit is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When choosing a trimmer, special attention should be paid to the configuration of the handle, on which the ease of use of the tool directly depends. There are several types of handles:

T. The shaped handle, which looks like a bicycle handlebar, allows for wide movements and is convenient for fairly long work, so it can often be seen on professional and semi-professional trimmers. All tool controls (start-up, speed control, etc.) are located directly on one of the handles, which greatly simplifies operation and increases safety.

How To Choose A Petrol Grass Trimmer

J. Shaped handle typical of lightweight, utility-grade trimmers. With its help, it is easier to control the tool, making fine maneuvers. All buttons necessary for the operator are located not on the handle, but on the shaft.

D. The handle, like the J-handle, is only fitted on light trimmers intended for home use as it is designed to hold the tool with one hand.

Before choosing a gasoline lawn mower, the future user should definitely hold it in his hands and assess the degree of convenience. It should be borne in mind that any type of handle can be moved along the rod, adjusting the tool to your height and other individual characteristics and thereby achieving maximum ergonomics. Gas trimmers with D and J. Shaped handles are convenient to work in confined conditions, narrow aisles, which are often found on personal plots.

Engine starting system

The engines of most petrol trimmers are started manually: by pulling the rope (starter cord) sharply, you thereby unwind the drum, which in turn drives the engine crankshaft.

Some modern trimmer models are equipped with the Flash Starter. Pulling out the cable, you charge a special spring in several stages, which, having accumulated energy, will transfer it to the crankshaft, which will become the impetus for starting the engine. The Flash Starter system makes the engine easier to start because the spring gives a faster cranking speed than can be done by hand. The operator now requires less physical effort, because he no longer needs to make sharp jerks of the cord, the cable can be pulled quite slowly and smoothly.

How the easy start of the benzotrimmer takes place, see:

To facilitate starting the engine on the power unit of the tool, as a rule, there is a special button, a few clicks on which before starting will provide the supply of the required amount of fuel to the carburetor.

Household gasoline trimmers

Household trimmers are designed for mowing low grass in a relatively small area, the area of ​​which does not exceed 10-15 acres. As a rule, we are talking about caring for the lawn next to the house. They are not capable of anything more: household trimmers cannot withstand long work, 1-1.5 hours a day is their limit. Due to the modest power (no more than 1-1.5 HP) and dimensions of the engine, such a tool is lightweight, which means that it can be used without special supporting belts.

Often household trimmers are equipped with a curved bar. The home trimmer’s curved bar increases maneuverability and makes it easy to trim grass in tight spaces such as around bushes. However, due to this design of the rod, a flexible shaft is installed inside, which negatively affects the reliability of the tool. A cord (special line) is usually used as a cutting element for a household trimmer, although some models sometimes include plastic knives as an addition.

Trimmer head

Almost all trimmers are equipped with a trimmer head. a reel designed to wind the cutting line. According to the method of feeding the line, all trimmer heads are divided into mechanical (you have to pull the ends of the line yourself manually), semi-automatic (the line is released by pressing a wide button on the lower plane) or automatic (lengthening of the protruding ends of the line occurs automatically when the engine speed decreases). Semi-automatic cord feeding is considered the most efficient, such heads are most popular with users.

In addition, trimmer heads can differ in the maximum allowable diameter of the mowing line that can be tucked into the reel. On household trimmers, a fishing line with a diameter of 2 to 2.4 mm is usually installed, on semi-professional. from 2.4 to 2.7 mm, on professional. from 2.7 to 3 mm.

When choosing a trimmer head, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the lower part is made. It is this part that is the most vulnerable, since it constantly strikes the ground, it is this part that is especially often the cause of the trimmer head failure.

For mowing especially thick grass, reeds, shrubs, young growth of trees, they use not fishing line, but special knives (cutters). On sale you can find a huge number of varieties of trimmer knives, differing in material (metal or plastic), shape, number of cutting blades. By the way, the cutters, unlike the fishing line, do not crumble the grass, which means they can be used for mowing for procurement purposes.

Which knife to choose for your trimmer? When solving this issue, first of all, one should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer, indicating the possibility of using one or another type of equipment on this model. Excessive independence in the choice of knives and cutters can lead to the failure of the trimmer.

2-stroke engine

Compared to four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines are lighter and operate in a higher speed range, which provides greater productivity. Of course, two-strokes “eat” more fuel and produce a lot of noise and exhaust, but at the same time they win over with their simplicity in work. Work with a trimmer equipped with a two-stroke engine will have to start every time with the preparation of a gasoline-oil mixture, but if such an engine suddenly fails, it will most likely not be difficult for you to revive it.

Determining the type of gasoline trimmer

All trimmers and lawn mowers available on the market today, depending on their capabilities and purpose, are divided into three classes: household, semi-professional and professional. What tool do you need? It depends primarily on the tasks that will be entrusted to him.

Semi-professional, or farm

Semi-professional trimmers are often called farm trimmers, and this fully reflects their purpose. It is a reliable assistant for a rural dweller, designed for regular increased loads. A similar tool is able to work for 3-4 hours a day, mowing grass on an area of ​​20-30 acres. Of course, such a trimmer needs a more powerful engine. 1.5-2.5 hp.

Semi-professional models, unlike household ones, are always equipped with a straight bar and a rigid shaft, which increases their reliability. The cutting part is represented not only by the trimmer head, but also by the knives. The latter will help to mow especially tall and dense grass, moreover, they are able to cope even with weeds and shrub branches.

Professional, or landscape gardening

The professional trimmer is a powerful tool for urban landscaping, landscaping and utilities. It is equipped with an engine with a power of more than 2.5 HP, has an increased service life and is ready for many hours of daily work. In addition to the trimmer head, such units can be equipped with metal knives that can cope with dense shrub growth and unnecessary tree shoots with a trunk thickness of up to 3 cm in diameter.

It is not hard to guess that professional trimmers have a reinforced bar and a spacious fuel tank. Since such tools are quite massive, they are necessarily equipped with special belts that ease the load on the operator’s hands, and a professional vibration damping system. It is clear that purchasing a professional lawn trimmer next to a private house is simply inappropriate.

Anti-vibration system

During the operation of the trimmer, vibrations occur, which is generally characteristic of any mechanism, the individual elements of which perform rapid reciprocating movements. Vibrations can cause significant discomfort to the operator during work, and with frequent use of the tool, he can develop health problems, the most predictable of which is premature wear of the elbow joints.

A special anti-vibration system will help to significantly reduce the vibration effect on the body of a person working with a trimmer. In the simplest and most common version, it is a set of polymer spacers located between different structural elements of the trimmer.

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Anti-vibration system for lawn mowers.

Such gaskets reduce the transmission of vibration and thus provide a normal working environment for the user with the tool. Often, manufacturers to damp vibrations additionally separate the engine from the boom with special shock absorbers. Almost all the world’s leading brands equip their products with anti-vibration systems.

Types of grass trimmers

The trimmer cutter assembly is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers fall into three categories.

Petrol trimmers

The principle of operation of this type is similar to electric, but the rotation here is provided by an internal combustion engine. To do this, an additional fuel tank is attached to the bar, due to which the device receives a large mass.

With such a tool, you can freely move around the territory and even work where there are no buildings and electricity. There is no need to constantly remember about the cord and be afraid to cut it. It is actively used for mowing grass on the side of the road, maintaining a beautiful condition of courtyards in multi-storey areas and on the territory of large enterprises.


  • Powerful models;
  • Replacement of knives;
  • No space restrictions;
  • High performance;
  • Reliable construction;
  • Wide range of commercial use.


  • Heavy;
  • Additional fuel costs;
  • noise;
  • Air emissions.

How to choose a petrol and electric grass trimmer. Expert advice

Lush vegetation between houses in a residential area or in the country can clutter paths and areas under fences. In contrast to a neat lawn, tall grass looks ugly. In factories, uncut areas of greenery create an unfavorable impression. Lawn mowers are used to remedy this situation. But due to their limited maneuverability and high cost, not everyone can afford to buy it, especially in the country or in the communal services. Now there are their lighter counterparts. grass trimmers that can do the same job, but are more compact and inexpensive. To correctly choose this garden tool, you need to know the main types of trimmers and what parameters they must correspond to in order to cope with the grass in a certain landscape.

Which grass trimmer to choose

To work on uneven terrain along the fence, you will need a device with 2.7 mm line. For productivity, a cutting width of 250 mm and a speed of 7500 rpm are sufficient. The device will be more convenient to operate with two equivalent handles. If the size of the territory allows you to use an extension cord, then it is better to purchase a model with an electric motor.

Utilities, which have a large area with paths and courtyards on their balance sheet, as well as road services, will need a petrol trimmer with a 1.5 liter tank, 12,000 rpm, 0.9-1.6 kW power, width coverage 300mm and line thickness 3.0mm.

For a large private area or enterprise with green areas, you need to buy a garden tool with an internal combustion engine of 1 kW, 10,000 rpm, an iron blade or a fishing line of 2.4 mm and a cut width of 420 mm.

In a small courtyard for a summer cottage, an electric model with a power of 0.25 kW, 6,500 rpm, a line thickness of 1.4-2.0 mm, and an area coverage of 250 mm along the cut width is enough. Mounting method will fit one under-engine belt.

To care for the territory of kindergartens, boarding schools and recreation centers, it is practical to buy battery versions that silently perform their functions over a vast territory. A model with a power of 0.7 kW, a battery capacity of 3 Ah, 7500 rpm and a line of 2.0 mm will do.

Line diameter

This indicator varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm and indicates the ability of the cutting element to cut a certain thickness of the stem and branches of the shrub.

For a summer cottage, 1.4-2 mm is enough, which will remove grass and maintain a neat appearance of lawns.

Workers who monitor the condition of the shoulder, where thick grass often grows, need to purchase 2.4-2.7 mm.

To improve the neglected area, a strong line of 3.0-3.3 mm is needed, capable of cutting through stiff stems and bushes.

Electric trimmers

This type of tool operates on a 220V household network. The electric motor rotates the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. To use the device, you must have a power outlet and a carrier nearby. This partially limits the maneuverability and scale of operation of the tool, but allows you to work silently.

Also, such a device does not have harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such models are well suited for summer cottages and private companies with a small area where you can do with one reel with a carrier.


  • Lungs;
  • They make little noise and do not disturb neighbors;
  • Inexpensive;
  • There are powerful models;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • Height adjustable handles;
  • Possibility of setting different knives.


  • Inconvenience from a wire that can be cut accidentally;
  • Limited space by carrying length.

Cordless trimmers

A less common type of garden tool is electric powered trimmers but battery powered. This allows you to cut the grass just as quietly, but not depend on the length of the carrier.

Due to the limited use of time, such models are bought for caring for country houses where there is no electricity or for improving the territory of kindergartens and similar institutions.


  • Silent;
  • Installation of different cutting systems;
  • No space restrictions;
  • Lungs;
  • The energy reserve is enough for 30-45 minutes;
  • Fast charging;
  • Powerful models available.


  • Battery life is limited;
  • expensive than electric.

Mounting type

To operate the device, it is hung on the operator’s body. One or two belts are provided for this.

The use of a single-belt trimmer is used for giving or beautifying a small company area.

In the case of a large area, a knapsack fastening is required, which evenly distributes the load and reduces vibration.

Cutting width

The cut width is influenced by the length of the knife and the possibility of maximum extension of the line. The last parameter is limited by the size of the protective casing. There are various models, the range of which can be from 200 to 420 mm.

For solid lawns over a large area, trimmers with a cutting width of 300-420 mm are suitable.

For a summer cottage and maintenance of high-rise buildings, 250-270 mm is enough.

The weight of the device affects the ease of use and operator fatigue. Tool weight varies from 1.5 to 9 kg. Of course, it is logical to take lighter models for long-term employment, but often this is associated with remote work from the mains, which requires gasoline models that are the heaviest.

If you can connect to the mains, you should buy electrical devices weighing 3-5 kg.

An option of 2.5 kg is suitable for giving.

If it is not possible to connect to the mains, you should buy petrol trimmers with a weight of 7-9 kg.

Trimmer instruction manual

Work begins with the assembly of the trimmer structure. Usually, at this stage, the unit is assembled from the main boom, a protective cap, a block with a motor, working attachments and auxiliary elements, for example, a grass catcher. Next, you should make sure that the energy source is ready for its function. In particular, the cable is securely connected to the outlet, the petrol tank is filled with fuel, the battery is fully charged. After that, you can use the grass trimmer for the intended purpose.

The instruction recommends maintaining a distance of at least 30 cm from the tool head to the body, moving the working part from side to side slowly and without jerking, and also carefully approach the processing of difficult areas. After mowing is completed, the operator must stop the engine, holding the machine in a suspended position for 15-20 seconds. This time interval is required to completely stop the engine and rotate the line.

Maintenance instructions

During the maintenance process, attention is paid to several parts of the tool. First of all, an audit of the docking points, attachment points and the general physical condition of the structure is carried out. Then you can proceed to inspect the functional components. Especially in this regard, it is important to assess the condition of the line reel. If there are signs of wear, then a new cutting material is filled with suitable characteristics.

The battery-powered grass trimmer has its own specific maintenance, as the battery pack can be sensitive to external influences. Manufacturers recommend that during long-term storage, remove the battery and leave it in a dry room in which the temperature range is from 10 to 30 ° C.

It is also important to note the technological advantages that distinguish the German grass trimmer. Reviews, in particular, point to a double system of bobbins for different types of grass, the presence of a folding protective bracket and an ergonomic telescopic bar with adjustable length.

The milling cutter allows you to cope with the lawn, and in some cases with shrubs and branches. One of the main questions for those who choose gasoline technology is fuel consumption. The fact is that liquid-fuel grass trimmers, depending on the power, can be overly voracious. And this is not always beneficial on small private estates. But in the case of the development of 128 R, fuel consumption is within the permissible range, amounting to about 500 g / kWh.

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Tool varieties

Three versions of garden trimmers are available for sale. electric, battery and gasoline. Network models that plug into an outlet are less common, since they have minimal opportunities for autonomous operation due to being tied to the mains. Plus, in terms of economy, it’s not the best trimmer for cutting grass. The electrical unit can only justify itself in work in the areas adjacent to the house, if there is a possibility of connecting extension cords to connect the cable.

Gasoline modifications have always been considered a direct competitor to electric models. They provide high power, virtually no movement restriction, and even tackle brush cutting. But, the petrol grass trimmer is also characterized by heavy weight, noisy operation, strong vibration, exhaust gas emission and high cost. Battery versions are also not tied to an energy source, but they lose to gasoline trimmers in terms of power.

For garden work in large areas, specialized equipment of sufficiently high power is usually used. Mowing grass, for example, is done with lawn mowers. But this option may not always be justified. For example, when it comes to correcting green spaces in hard-to-reach places or the formation of special-shaped grasslands.

The same applies to small summer cottages, where the use of powerful technology is completely impractical. In such cases, grass trimmers are commonly used, which are flexible, economical and user-friendly.

The choice of a specific model of a garden trimmer should be done after a clear analysis of the tasks that will face it. If we are talking about a large area with the presence of shrubs and trees, then gasoline powerful units should be preferred. Electric or cordless mowing trimmers work well in small areas.

Also, the choice in favor of a compact autonomous unit should be made if it is not so much the mowing of the grass as such that is important, but the need to form a dotted figured appearance from green spaces. For such work, it is better to purchase lightweight rechargeable versions if there is no way to directly connect the cable to the outlet. As for the cost of such units, it averages 3-8 thousand rubles. In this range, you can find quality trimmers of any type and for a variety of household tasks.


Trimmers based on vacuum cleaners are made according to a similar principle. The motors are mounted on rods, and then either knives or discs for inserting a fishing line are attached to the motor shafts. An even easier way is to use a drill, but you have to make a knife in advance from a sharpened steel plate. Some farmers prepare their own chainsaw trimmer. In this case, the device turns out to be very heavy, so you will have to make a cart. It is boiled from steel corners measuring 2.5×2.5 cm. The dimensions of the frame itself are 0.5×0.6 m, the wheels are fastened at the corners. Trolley handles are made from water pipes.

Carts must not block the starter. The installation of a gasoline engine is carried out in such a way that the gearbox turns 90 degrees, and the shaft is at the bottom. The knives are riveted to the disc. This solution allows you to insure the shaft and gearbox against deformation when the cutting part collides with stones or dry branches. Rivets must be made of metal.

In the professional segment, trimmers, as it is easy to understand, are equipped only with gasoline engines (with rare exceptions). But recently there has appeared such a kind of technique as a hybrid trimmer. These devices are powered by both mains and battery power. They can be used to mow a large area or cope with powerful thickets of grass.


The petrol cordless trimmers are completely independent of the mains supply. In order for the internal combustion engine to work normally, a fuel tank is mounted. Therefore, for the same power, a petrol trimmer is heavier than an electric one. But it allows you to easily move throughout the cleaned area and even operate away from electrical outlets. And the absence of the risk of cutting the network wire deserves attention.

The increased power of a number of gasoline models allows you to safely use them even in the courtyards of apartment buildings, on the territory of large industrial enterprises. The working knives can be replaced without any problems. Experts also note the excellent performance of trimmers with internal combustion engines. Their design is quite reliable so that even in the most stressful conditions, they do not cause any harm. However, gasoline-powered mowing equipment is bulky and heavy, and makes a lot of noise. It is almost impossible to use it inside greenhouses, in greenhouses, in other closed rooms. And even just where toxic exhaust fumes can accumulate.


The electric device receives energy directly from the household electrical network with a voltage of 220V. The working motor gives an impulse to the shaft, and the cutting parts receive it from the shaft. A prerequisite for the operation of such a tool is the presence of an outlet and carrying it nearby. Therefore, the device’s maneuverability is limited, but it works completely silently.

In addition, electrified trimmers do not emit toxic emissions into the air. They are recommended to be used for summer cottages and small adjoining territories. An electric trimmer is usually lightweight and will not interfere with people. Its handles are easy and convenient to adjust. Different knives can always be fitted.


The Grass Trimmer is a modern garden tool that allows you to cut soft green plants. It can also be useful for removing dead wood that is not too thick. The cutting part of the tool is suitable for the following tasks:

  • Mowing the lawn and maintaining a suitable grass height on it;
  • Mowing between houses and paths, near fences and stone walls;
  • Put things in order along the roadway;
  • Improve the appearance of plant-covered waterways.

The trimmer can be mowed after the body is secured to the operator’s body using special straps. The head part starts working immediately after starting the motor. The torque impulse is transmitted by means of a rigid shaft hidden in the tube. The head includes a cutting unit, the high-speed movements of which are used for mowing vegetation. Since the danger of hitting solid objects and scattering of solid particles is very high, the working part is always protected by a casing.

Over 90% of the grass trimmers used today have the following main parts:

  • Power point;
  • Fuel capacity (when powered by internal combustion engines);
  • Barbell;
  • One or two handles;
  • Rigid drive shaft;
  • A bobbin ending with a line or knife;
  • Insulating casing;
  • Belt mount.

It is customary to divide all trimmers, first of all, into 3 main groups.

Manufacturer rating

Only those companies that have established the production of worthy models of other tools deservedly fall into the top. If you do not delve into the technical nuances, then the products of the following companies can be considered optimal:

  • Bosch;
  • Makita;
  • Stihl;
  • Triton;
  • Echo.

A special place on this list is the portable Zip Trim. A nice green device has a complete set weighing no more than 0.465 kg. The cutting part is made in the form of a fishing line. This solution is perfect for mowing small areas of grass. Power is supplied by three AA batteries, which are not included in the basic package.

As for other models included in the rating of the best, it must be said right away that they were not chosen for one belonging to the leading brands. Even the most advanced brands often supply frankly weak models of equipment. But the Huter GGT-2500T is a happy exception against this background. This device seems to be called upon to confirm by its existence the timeless thesis of solid German quality.

The trimmer power is 3.3 liters. C. It is easy to hold in your hands thanks to the clever T-handle with rubber pads. For convenience, its position can be changed. There are markings directly on the handle describing the basic safety requirements. 1.2 L of petrol in the tank is enough for intensive mowing for 2 hours.

The trimmer can be equipped with both a line and a knife. The cutting speed is up to 9500 rpm. The width of the cut strip is 0.255 m. To lengthen the line, which is very good, you do not need to disassemble the reel. You just need to accelerate the device to high revs and lightly hit the ground. The motor located on top will not overheat and will not be clogged with mowed vegetation.

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Interskol KB-25 / 52V can be considered a good budget alternative. This is a relatively inexpensive ICE trimmer that cuts grass in strips of 0.43 m. The cutting element has a working speed of 7500 rpm. The fuel tank holds 1 liter of gasoline, which is enough for 1 hour of continuous operation. The scope of delivery includes a knife, belt and fishing line. Changing a work item is easy. The device starts up without unnecessary problems and is considered suitable for cutting small branches. However, it weighs a lot, and the build quality of different copies in the series can be very different.

Another decent machine with 0.255 m wide knives is the Fubag FPT 43. The trimmer of this model has a special option that guarantees a faster start of the motor. Its capacity is 1.75 liters. C. This is enough to cut even tall grass in Eco mode. The folding handle helps to facilitate transportation. The metal enclosure mounts provide increased reliability. Since the trimmer is adjusted using the adjusting screw, there is no need to use additional tools.

As for the Hammer MTK25B, this device was originally designed for mowing in particularly difficult places. It will be able to remove grass very close to a wall, stairs, tree and so on. The fuel pump of this trimmer is designed to start smoothly even after long periods of inactivity. The cover guarantees reliable protection of the motor from flying pieces of grass.

The line is designed to work on rocky, uneven surfaces. If you touch a hard object, it will not fail. Hammer MTK25B weighs only 5.6 kg. Thanks to the bending bar, the device can be positioned in different angles and easily removed from the most difficult to access areas.

The next model in the ranking is the Patriot PT 4555 ES. The device has a capacity of 2.5 liters. C. Users note its good packaging. The force generated is sufficient for swathing even on difficult terrain. The designers have provided protection against vibration, and the assembly is very soundly. The expandable bar makes it easy to transport the trimmer even in a car or motorcycle sidecar. Weakness can only be considered a small gas tank capacity.

If you need to choose a mower for working with grass of almost any hardness, you need to pay attention to the Champion T523. In the most intensive mode, the consumption of the combustible mixture per hour will be 0.62 liters. The fishing line is fed semi-automatically, but the trimmer head sometimes fails, and the mass of the device is not the smallest among such devices.


It’s worth taking a closer look at the cordless trimmers. Yes, their power is unlikely to be sufficient for tall, powerful grass. However, this eliminates the characteristic problem of other electrical devices. a rigid dependence on the mains. You just need to remember that battery technology cannot work for a long time. Still, mowing grass entails significant energy consumption. And so you have to put up with the limited duration of work sessions. A variety of cutting mechanisms can be installed on battery technology, and among them there are relatively powerful modifications.

How to choose?

Suppose you decide to finally use the trimmer rather than the lawn mower or lawn mower. But the choice of a suitable solution does not end there. The power of a particular device is of great importance. The higher it is, the faster the rotation of the cutting part will occur and the larger the area can be cleaned in the same time. But the consumption of energy or fuel is unlikely to please people, as well as excessive noise.

Low-cost home appliances can be 0.25–1.8 kW. This is quite enough to put things in order in the garden or on the lawn near the house, to cope with the vegetation near the fence or stone wall. Sometimes you can even limit yourself to a power of no more than 0.7 kW. But the mower for utilities and large areas should be more powerful, at least 0.9 kW.

The next significant parameter is the width of the cut grass strip. For mowing large lawns over a large area, trimmers that remove grass 0.3–0.42 m wide are useful. For a regular summer cottage and for janitorial work, it is quite enough to be able to cut 0.25–0.7 m in one pass. A light trimmer is better suited ( in principle) for long work. But when cleaning a large area from grass, you sometimes have to work away from the mains. Therefore, you have to choose the most heavy gasoline models. there are simply no alternatives. Electric trimmers weigh 3 to 5 kg. Summer residents need to choose devices no heavier than 2.5 kg.

The next important point is the number of revolutions. Low-power trimmers don’t even advertise it, because a figure of less than 7000 turns per minute is not solid enough. In more serious versions, this figure ranges from 7500 to 12000 rpm. The diameter of the line can be from 0.14 to 0.2 cm (this is enough to keep the lawn in order). The 0.24–0.27 cm fishing line will keep the road shoulders in good condition, on which thick grass grows. But in the most neglected areas, it is recommended to use trimmers with a fishing line not thinner than 0.3 cm.Only it allows you to cope with strong stems and low bushes. But on level open places where strong dense grass grows, metal knives are better suited. They allow you to make even cuts. The result is a more pleasant appearance.

However, in addition to the type of attachment, it is also necessary to take into account the method of attaching the trimmer to the operator. You can clean up a small area using a device with one belt. For larger areas, knapsack-mounted products are preferred. It is also necessary to pay attention to the handles (their shape, quantity are very important).

Important! Placing the motor at the bottom of the trimmer is impractical. This is permissible only if you plan to work no more than 2-3 hours a day, otherwise the load on the back grows too much.

Autonomous trimmers are chosen primarily according to the capacity of the tank or the charge of the built-in battery. Most petrol models have a capacity of 0.3–1.5 liters of gasoline in the tank. If the tank capacity is small, you can mow for a maximum of 20 minutes. Then you will have to take a break so that the engine cools down and the fuel supply is replenished. With the highest capacity, you can expect to work for 1 hour or more, which is very convenient for the commercial sector or large summer cottages.

1 amp hour (in the case of a cordless trimmer) allows for approximately ¼ hour of operation. It will take up to 45 minutes for the battery to be charged. To care for a modest lawn or lawn, use models with a 2 A / h battery. And options 3-4 A / h will already allow you to put things in order around a kindergarten or school, an office building, a cinema, a clinic, a supermarket and around the perimeter of an apartment building.

Pros and cons

There is one more point to be dealt with. the positive and negative aspects of trimmers in comparison with alternative mowing devices. Compared to lawn mowers, trimmers have such advantages as:

  • Ease;
  • Take up less space during work and storage;
  • They do not consume much energy;
  • Performs well on uneven terrain.

However, with a trimmer it is unlikely that large areas can be processed. In theory, this is possible, but holding the mower in your hands for a long time is very uncomfortable. Long-term use of the trimmers can overheat, sometimes the drums even melt slightly. It is necessary to pay attention to one more point. the trimmer is not suitable for smooth mowing and the formation of beautiful lawns.

But we must also compare trimmers with lawn mowers. the lawn mower is able to cope with the vegetation, in front of which the light technique “fails”. The difference is clearly revealed in power, in the duration of continuous work and in the size of the area being cleaned. But the lawn mower is heavier (at least 7 kg), so only strong, physically developed men can normally use it.

Grass trimmers: types, ratings and choices

Plants bring joy and pleasure. But not if they grow anywhere, creating a lot of problems. Grass trimmers help to solve these problems. therefore it is important to know how to choose this type of technique.