How To Choose A Pneumatic Impact Wrench For A Garage

How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench? Before buying a pneumatic impact wrench, you should pay attention to the following parameters: torque, landing square.

How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench?

The pneumatic impact wrench is the most effective tool for loosening nuts. Loosening takes place using compressed air. Compressed air is supplied through the nipple to the pneumatic impact wrench and rotates the rotor of the tool, which drives the spindle. The compressed air, respectively, comes from the compressor or the pneumatic mower line.

Pneumatic impact wrenches are divided into:

Direct. Made in the form of a pistol.

how to choose a pneumatic impact wrench for a garage

Corner. Allows you to unscrew problem, very dirty nuts. It is very convenient to use in limited conditions.

By type, nutrunners are divided into:

Drums. The nut is loosened with frequent tangential blows. The maximum force occurs at the end of the tightening, for maximum tightening. Usually, it is used for loosening rusted or hard-to-loosen nuts. Use only impact sockets for impact wrenches. Others may break.

Unstressed. Designed for easy loosening of fasteners.

Types of impact mechanisms in a pneumatic wrench

Twin Hummer. Provides instant balanced hit (2 hits per 1 revolution). Used in harsh conditions.

Ricking Dog. Has great impact power. Easy to operate.

Single Ratching. At the heart of the ratchet mechanism. Smoothed out moment at the start stage.

Torque. Determines the tightening or loosening force of the nut. Measured in Nm (Newton / meters). Important! With a very high tightening torque, a strong stress arises in the thread, which, with prolonged exposure, will reduce the life of the nut and its destruction. A too weak tightening torque will loosen the thread. The popular range is 30-3000 Nm. When used in tire fitting, as a rule, pneumatic impact wrenches from 100 Nm are used.

Landing square. The more torque, the larger the landing square. For car nuts, fit ½ ”is used.

Air consumption. For maximum performance of the impact wrench, check its compatibility with the compressor in terms of technical parameters (air flow, working pressure).

Weight. A parameter that directly affects work efficiency. It’s simple, if the wrench is heavy, then the hand will quickly get tired. The best option is a medium weight wrench. For those who constantly use the impact wrench, it is advisable to use a composite pneumatic impact wrench (a composite material of metal and plastic). This composite material is ideal for vibration damping. The weight of such impact wrenches is no more than 2 kilograms.

Helpful hints:

  • The right compressor is the key to maximum performance and long life of the wrench.
  • Too little or too much oil can damage the pneumatic impact wrench.
  • From time to time, it is worth blowing out dust from the instrument.
  • Disconnect the wrench during breaks or after finishing work.


Advantages of hydraulic impact wrenches

The scope of application of hydraulic types of impact wrenches is quite wide. This explains a wide range of these devices. In tire shops, a wheel wrench is used, in which the following principle is applied: through a ratchet element, the translational movement from a hydraulic cylinder located inside the body is transmitted to the working mechanism.

Wrenches for the car industry service stations and not only

Considering that in any car there are a lot of nut-bolt connections, then at car assembly plants, as well as in service centers, you cannot do without a nut wrench, sometimes not of one or even different types. But which one to give preference depends on several factors.

In this case, electric wrenches are used extremely rarely, primarily for fire safety purposes, since due to special conditions with an increased concentration of flammable substances, sometimes moisture and dust, if a spark occurs accidentally, a fire may occur.

Irreplaceable driver assistant

Its important advantage is its independent mechanical principle of operation, compactness and portability. Such a tool in the arsenal, for example, of a trucker, is a guarantee of safety on the road and timely arrival at the destination. These wrenches are distinguished by both increased reliability and trouble-free operation. The manufacturers took into account the fact that their main purpose is to remove and twist the wheels of trucks, that is, rather heavy equipment, therefore, exclusively alloy steel that has undergone special hardening is used for their manufacture.

But it is likely that such a tool will be used in the household of a country house or summer cottage, at a construction site, for performing some operations, etc.

Impact wrenches rating: 9 best pneumatic models for garage and car service

The pneumatic impact wrench is an indispensable item in your home garage or car service. He will quickly unscrew the nuts and bolts from the wheels. Mechanically it is time consuming and with this tool it takes a few seconds. This article provides a rating of pneumatic impact wrenches.

Eco AIW-600

  • Lots of attachments
  • Convenient case
  • Robust case

The Eco AIW-600 pneumatic impact wrench with the chuck type. External square. A good choice for any garage or small auto repair shop. Comes with a carrying case that is easy to carry. It accommodates the entire set of heads, oiler, fitting, extension. The torque is average. 569 Nm, but it can handle most nuts. The metal body can withstand drops even on concrete.

Patriot PN 312

  • 4 power modes
  • Reverse function
  • Low price
  • The air is running out quickly
  • Non-rubberized handle

The PATRIOT PN 312 pneumatic impact wrench is suitable for garage work. It does a good job of loosening car wheel nuts. True, the air supply is only enough for 2-3 nuts. The power can be adjusted with a switch, which is set to one of 4 modes. The impact wrench has a metal body without a rubber-coated handle. This is the main drawback. You may need electrical tape for better usability.