How to choose a rotary mower.

Review of the best rotary mowers on MTZ. characteristics, manufacturers and price analysis

Mowers for MTZ are produced by the Belarusian tractor plant, as well as imported and domestic companies. Among different models, the rotary mower is considered the easiest to use and maintain. In this article we will discuss the most interesting models, consider the construction of a rotary mower for MTZ, positive and negative feedback from the owners of models KRN and KRR. The video and photo will help the reader to understand the models in detail.

The rotary mower allows MTZ tractor owners to perform a number of works: to make hay for animal feed, to remove grass before tillage or planting, to maintain order along highways and forest belts. You can find the mower in municipal services, forestry. But the main use is in agricultural farms and private households.

According to the method of aggregation with MTZ tractor, there are several types of rotary mowers:

According to the mowing method, rotary mowers can chop grass, mow and lay in flat swaths, cut in swaths (leave evenly across the field). For farmers who need to make hay to feed livestock, it is more advantageous to choose a model with grass stacking in swaths. In this way it is easier to collect it with a pitchfork and place it in haystacks.

If a mower for MTZ is needed to cut grass along roadsides or on fields before dressing, mulching models are optimal. The shredded grass does not need to be removed, it will be an additional source of fertilizer for cultivated plants and will make the soil lighter.

Rotary disc mowers for tractors MTZ 80/82 have a high capacity and are suitable for farmers with large lands. Grass cutting is carried out by discs, on which the knives are located. During the travel the discs start to turn and the knives on the movable joints spread out. Discs move in different directions and the grass is cut evenly.

The disc-shaped rotor mower is useful in uneven, marshy or clogged meadows. Metal casing protects the discs from the sides, making the mower safe to operate.

Which mower is better. a rotary mower or a segment mower? What are the differences in their objects of application and use, maintenance?

Mower for MTZ, LTZ tractors is a modern and effective way to tend your garden, mow grain crops or wild plants. Technological models are used in warm seasons and allow you to quickly clean up agricultural land. Cutting vegetation, making hay and keeping things in order takes a short time. Using the tractor attachment or its mini variant is much more convenient than using outdated tools.

When choosing a mower for a tractor, manufacturers recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • whether the mounted tool corresponds to the tractor’s engine power;
  • whether the rotation speed of the detachable device and the PTO shaft of your motor tractor match;
  • whether the weight of the equipment does not exceed the permissible norms, i.e. 30% of the tractor’s weight;
  • what type of attachment the farm implement has, and whether it is compatible with the construction of the farm machine.

Before you buy an attached tool on a tractor, it is important to study the basic parameters, dimensions of equipment and operational and technical characteristics of the unit itself. And if they are compatible, then you only have to. choose the appropriate model at the most suitable cost.

Any type of mower-cultivators. it is a significant relief of labor in agricultural work. To choose a particular device, you need to read the description of the models, which specify a list of the types of special equipment used and power. Factors that will affect the purchase: the type of vegetation to be mowed, the area and terrain of the site, the purpose of mowing and the cost of the equipment.

Modern haymowers come in several varieties, each with its own pros and cons. The choice between the rotary mower and the segment mower depends on the conditions in the field and the intended use. Both are productive, efficient and sturdy in quality, and also affect the reliability of the entire machine.

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Comparing differences in design and use

A rotary mower is a mowing frame that carries several mowing discs, usually 2 or 4. On either side are skids for sliding the unit over the ground. Grass is cut with discs and blades of grass that rotate while you move. They rotate in different directions so that the vegetation is cut evenly. The angle of the mower can be changed. Rotary cultivators are good for marshy, muddy or uneven ground.

On a tractor, the mower is attached to the front, side or rear of the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The mower’s cutting system is based on the use of several rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is mounted on. A rear-mounted design does not have its own running gear, but may have one or more wheels. The trailed unit, located ahead of the power tiller or tractor, has its own frame to which the cutting parts and controls are attached.

Segment mowers are suitable for both mini-tractors and their more powerful variants. The design of such a mower resembles a set of scissors that cut the grass. The use of mounted or trailed equipment speeds up the haymaking process several times.

The main components of a segmented machine are: the frame base on a wheel base, the cutter bar consisting of multiple knives, the drive and the boom. Height adjustment is done with the side skids. There are two types of cutting unit: a segmented finger cutting unit and a two-blade fingerless cutting unit.

A comparison of mowing principles and applications

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and stack in even swaths or evenly across the field, which makes transporting hay much easier. Many models have a safety device that retracts the blades if they encounter an obstacle. Also certain mower versions have up to 45° of blade deflection for a cleaner cut.

Modifications of this device differ from each other by the number of cutting parts, method of mounting and working area. Many models can be used for forage harvesting, as they are equipped with a weed chopper. The implement is operated by the power take-off shaft of a tractor with a bevel gear, propshaft, or other gear. Rotary mowing devices are great for:

The rotary unit is maneuverable and easy to operate. Its width should be selected according to the amount of work and the size of the area to be mowed.

The cutting blade of a finger mower consists of two metal parts, a movable and a fixed part. Their operating principle is similar to scissors. Cutting parts look like sharp-edged triangles called segments or fingers. Grass is cut between the edges of the blades, is deposited in rows and is easy to collect. The double-blade fingerless mower has two moving parts that move in opposite directions. This implement cuts cleaner, doesn’t get clogged with debris. The main use for segment mowers:

Safety precautions must be taken when operating segment mowers. Segment mower easily copes with 10 mm thick plants and 3 mm thick wire.

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A comparison of service features

The need for frequent maintenance of a segment mower depends on the model. Large tractor-mounted implements may need it every shift and at the end of the season. The mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass, check the reliability of the attachment of the cutting plate blades. Periodic sharpening or replacing of the tool is required and lubrication is necessary. Segment mowers are more difficult to maintain because they are built more complex and laborious to mount.

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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages in general

Can be connected to the tractor

Attachment method

Here are the basic ways to attach any equipment to a single axle tractor:

Pinned attachment is used where you want the tool to be rigidly locked to the tiller frame.

After installing the attachment align the holes in the pin and hitch tube, then insert the metal pins and fix them with cotter pins. This type of mounting provides quick hitching and unhitching of any equipment both in front and behind the tractor.

The attachment to the frame is used when it is necessary to rigidly (in relation to the frame) fix the attachment in the most reliable way. In addition, this type of attachment is used if a single-axle tractor is not equipped with a pin.

To install the technique is screwed to the body of the self-propelled machine with bolts and nuts, but for this purpose, the holes on the body of the power tiller and attached equipment must fully coincide. A hitch or adaptor is used when both of the previous linkage methods are unsuitable for any reason. Depending on the configuration of the transfer mechanism, the attachment can be attached either rigidly or movably in relation to the engine frame.

Transmission of power from the engine to the attachment

The following types of drives are used for power transmission:

Belt drive is used to connect to power tillers equipped with a PTO (Power Take-Off Wheel). It consists of two pulleys (master, i.e. PTO and slave) and one or more belts.

The advantage of this drive is the ability to connect and disconnect the drive by changing the tension of the belt with a roller. The main disadvantage of this drive is the rapid wear and tear of the belts resulting from insufficient belt tension.

PTO drive is used for connection to self-propelled equipment equipped with a PTO (power take-off shaft).

The advantages of this drive are its considerably high reliability and minimal maintenance. it suffices to periodically clean the PTO and PTO shafts.

It is difficult to shut off the power transmission by force. That is why it is used only on power tillers that are already equipped with the PTO disconnecting function.

Weight and power

The weight of the attachment must match that of the power tiller, otherwise it would be very difficult to control it.

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After all, the mower will outweigh the self-propelled chassis, so when you turn it will be almost impossible to lift it above the ground, pushing on the handle of the motoblock, which means that during the turn or turn you will have to overcome the resistance of the grass.

power than you can use on a self-propelled unit means less cutting and more wear and tear on the engine.

Mower rotary mower KTM-2 for mini-tractor

It is a mowing and mulching machine, popular with gardeners and utility companies. Produced by Smorogon factory and can be aggregated with all minitractors “Belarus”, known as MTZ. Runs at high rpm without detriment to the engine, providing one meter of land to be cleared in one pass. Easy to maintain: All you need is to timely lubricate the gearbox and tension the chain.

Technical characteristics:

Rotary mower KRM-1

This agricultural equipment is designed for mowing grass on a small scale (parks, gardens, lawns). Not used in agriculture or industry, or only used on small or lightly contaminated plots.

This model is attached to MTZ motor-block thanks to gearbox shank located in the rear part. Moves the gearbox with the belt tension, which gives a deflection of not more than 2 cm. Has three blades between the rotating discs. To remove or install the blades you will need to open the support, twist the bolts, remove the bottom disc. It is not difficult to do, but the first time you will need to follow exactly the instructions for use that came with the purchase.

KPM-1 is known for its quality performance and durability, provided that the mower will be used as intended in small areas, otherwise there is a high probability of failure of the construction or individual elements. All components of the rotary mower need to be checked during the season.

Mower can be moved sideways, which makes the work even more convenient and efficient (it can also be seen on video)


After connection to a power tiller, the first gear stopped engaging. Could not figure out what was wrong for a long time. When I turned the steering tube the rod was not adjusted, although the manufacturer says that everything is tuned at the factory. Spent a lot of time to find out.

All in all, I am satisfied with my purchase. The claimed characteristics correspond to reality. I would have liked it to be faster, but it works just as well. Good working width. It is easy to attach to the tiller.[/collapse]

Popular models of mounted rotary mowers

KPM 2-00.000. Model is designed to work with “Belarus-09H” power tillers on areas with difficult terrain. Mowing width up to 740 mm, cutting height 10-40 mm. Powerful enough for cutting and mowing undulating grass, improving abandoned areas. This kind of mounted mowers is used for large areas. The product is shipped in a complete set, disassembled.

KPM-2. The equipment has a capacity of up to 2000 m2/h, so it is widely used in urban areas and homesteads. Mowers efficiently mow grass from the wild and the spring, cutting stem heights up to 40 mm. Designed for linkage with “Belarus” motor-block, works on PTO.

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KPM-1. 30 kg lighter than second series models. Cutting height 3-5 cm, working width 60 cm. Lightweight, compact and maneuverable, it is ideal for all garden maintenance tasks, mowing lawns by the side of the house, roadsides and small grassy areas. Linkage of the mower with “Belarus”, “Agros” power tillers via gearbox.

WM 1000. Lightweight implement that can be easily carried around the yard. It is perfectly suited for haymaking in small amounts, for preparation of vegetable garden for planting works. Cutting height up to 70 mm, travel speed 4 km/h versus 2.5 km/h with the more robust devices.

CS: GO-F-2 mower features.1

It works on smooth and clean areas. Stones and other hard debris should not be allowed to get into the mechanism and cause damage to the cutting segments.

These mowers have many positive qualities:

The CS: GO-F-2 segment mower.1

  • High efficiency, large working width
  • possibility of operating on a compact tractor due to the low weight of the device;
  • low energy costs, allowing to keep the cost of production at the same level with small volumes of workpieces;
  • easy operation. One tractor driver is enough for it, without additional helpers;
  • high quality of mowing work and long service life. At the end of the field season it is simply necessary to replace the cutting blade on the device.

This brand of mowers works successfully on the vast fields of collective farms and farmers. High demand is due to a variety of modifications, including:

CS: GO-2 mower cutter bar.1 Schumacher

  • fingerless;
  • with a cutterbar called “Schumacher”, made in Germany;
  • With the presence of a hydraulic cylinder in the lifting mechanism;
  • other designs.

The most popular is the B4 model, which features a more robust frame, cutter bar and reliable safety device. It’s easier to make the necessary inclination of the cutting deck.

A similar model of the class B is lighter, it has a mechanized lifting by means of a hydraulic cylinder, but it needs a more powerful tractor.


The frame of the mower has a number of fixed segments. There is a sliding shield above them, on which the second row of segments is installed. The moving part of the mower performs a reciprocating movement during operation, when the stalks of plants caught in the gap between the construction elements are cut. The segments are equipped with safety guards.

These devices are good for cutting high grass. They are used for haymaking. the low cut of the plants allows to increase the volume of the harvested material. Lawn cuttings are easier to dry in a swath.


A haymaker is a machine for mowing grass to remove weeds and make hay. Can be used as an attachment.

How to run a rotary cutter featuring the Land Pride RCR1872

Lawn mowers are for tending lawns on flatter ground, and hay mowers are for working meadows and fields.

They make manual labor on the ground easier by replacing the scythe.

The self-propelled unit functions as an independent unit, while the mounted unit is used in conjunction with a power tiller, tractor and mini-tractor.