How to choose a self -propelled gas station with mulching.

TOP-15 of the best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers: rating 2021-2022 at a price/quality

Gasoline lawn mowers are an excellent solution for herbal tonsure in areas. To simplify the search for the desired device, we analyzed the models presented in online stores, studied their functionality and features, got acquainted with the technical characteristics and reviews of the owners. Below is a rating of the best, high-quality and reliable lawn mowers for 2021-2022, grouped in the most popular categories of requests.

Place name price description
The best gasoline lawn mowers in price/quality for 2021-2022
one Patriot Pt 42BS Find out the price The best gasoline lawn mower by price/quality
2 Hyundai L 5300S Find out the price One of the best gasoline lawn mowers for 2022
3 Husqvarna LC140SP Find out the price High.quality gasoline lawn mower
The best self.propelled gasoline lawn mowers
one Huter GLM-5.0S Find out the price Best self.propelled gasoline lawn
2 Patriot Pt 42 LS Find out the price Good self.propelled gasoline lawn
3 Hyundai L 4600S Find out the price Reliable self.propelled gasoline lawn
The best wheelbakes
one Huter GLM-3.5l Find out the price Popular wheeled gasoline lawn mower according to customer reviews
2 Champion LM5127 Find out the price The best gasoline lawn mower in quality and reliability
3 DDE LM 46-60 Find out the price Nice wheel gasoline
The best gasoline lawn mowers for an uneven site
one Champion LM5347BS Find out the price The best gasoline lawn mower for an uneven site
2 Patriot Pt 47 BS Find out the price Good gasoline lawn mower for an uneven site
The best gasoline lawn macro with mulching
one Huter GLM-6.0st Find out the price One of the best gasoline lawn mowers with mulching
2 Champion LM4627 Find out the price Reliable gasoline lawn mower with mulching
The best inexpensive gasoline gasoline
one Zubyr GKB-400p Find out the price The best budget lawn mower
2 Patriot Pt 400 Find out the price A good inexpensive lawn mower

How to choose a gasoline self.propelled lawn mower?

The more powerful the engine, the more the lawn mowers capture and knives.

Grassing and mulching

The simplest budget models are thrown out to be cut to the side, to turn into hay and fertilizer or manual cleaning. Most models are equipped with containers for collecting grass. grass collectors. The more voluminous, the less often it needs devastation, but makes the device heavier and lowers maneuverability. Containers are:

  • Fabric. light, compact, but clogged with chopped grass, you need to shake it out, carefully clean, not always moisture.permeable;
  • plastic ones. simple in devastation and cleaning, peerations can be clogged with grass;
  • combined. a plastic frame with a fabric base for grass.

Filling indication. a pleasant bonus for the operator.

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Mulching. the process of grinding grass and uniform scattering in a beveled area for its fertilizer and covering soil in drought. Activating the function during dew and cutting long grass is not recommended. it will have a noticeable load on the motor and mechanical parts.

Wheels, handle and body

It’s easier to ride thick grass with wide and large wheels and overcome minor obstacles. For sites with many barriers in the form of flower beds, trees and buildings, it is advisable to take a three.wheeled model. it is more maneuverable. Wheels on bearings will live many times longer than on bushings, especially plastic.

The pen should change position and height. Preferably soft anti.vibration coating or at least rubber.

The cases are made of plastic and metal (steel, aluminum). Polymer material is quickly covered with scratches, fades in the sun. Steel. durable, durable, but with the appearance of scratches, they can rust. Aluminum. scratches shine in the sun, they are almost not visible, corrosion is not subject to corrosion.

Which is better electric or gasoline?

Electric motors, with the same dimensions, less powerful, compared to gasoline, need stable voltage and extension cords. reduce maneuverability, limit the processing zone. It is not advisable to run them during high humidity (fog), dew, and it is strictly contraindicated in the rain.

When choosing a lawn mower with a gasoline engine, first of all, consider the processed area and its features: the curvature of the surface, the width of the passage, for example, in the aisles of flowers or bushes. Experts recommend the following ratios between the power of the motor and the area of ​​the lawn:

  • up to 4 acres. up to 3 l.With. (2.2 kW). suitable for small sites near the house;
  • 4-12 acres-3-5 liters.With for a summer residence, lawns in the backyard, garden;
  • For large lawns with an area of ​​12 acres, you need a tool with an engine of 5-6 liters.With. and more depending on the size of the lawn or garden.

Consider the density, type and stiffness of vegetation: when combating old thick grass in the middle of summer, the load on the lawn mowing mechanics will be greater than when the young spring stems are spent.

The width of the mowing of most models is in the range of 36-56 cm. Models with a wide capture are relevant for the refinement of even areas of large area, like golf lawns, stadiums with a natural coating. Miniature models are used for small areas, territories with many barriers (trees, structures), narrow aisles.

Lawners are non.self.propelled and self.propelled. The former are miniature and light models for refinement to several hundredths with complex geometry. Move through human muscle strength. Self.propelled. heavy units, the engine of which through the gearbox transfers torque to wheeled. They only need to be sent.

Depending on the type of lawn and the preferences of the owner, the grass is mowed to a different height. Someone is enough 3-4 cm by a stalk above the ground, and someone leaves 7-8 cm so that the vegetation is restored faster. Height adjustment is important for areas with uneven relief. The height of the mowing changes by changing the position of the wheels relative to the deck located on their axis lever or screw.

Wheels rotate on bushings. they wear out quickly, play back. in bearings. durable. Differ in diameter and width: the more, the easier it is to move to the device, especially by uneven relief. Three.wheeled models are relevant on lawns with a complex shape. they are more maneuverable. For comfortable operation, the position and height of the handle must be adjusted.

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The convenience of using the lawn mower depends on the method of discharge of cut grass. Budget models drop it behind themselves or to the side, which are more expensive. collect in a special grass collector. They are hard (plastic), soft. fabric and combined.

There are models of lawn mowers with mulching function: the grass is crushed and thrown back to the lawn. Such a mass covers the soil, becomes a fertilizer for Otava, delays and condenses moisture at the surface of the earth.

Our rating of lawn mowers includes a wide variety of devices. everyone will choose a model to solve their own problems of problems.

Among the dozens of manufacturers in the market, lawnmands have proven themselves:

  • Gardena. expensive and reliable devices with advanced solutions in the field.
  • Husqvarna. produces a variety of models with a number of branded technologies and adjustments, products differ in high cost.
  • Toro. represents medium.water and top devices used both in the country and when ennoble huge lawns for sports events.

Among the Midnetan Category, one cannot fail to mention models of brands such as Makita, Stihl, Hyundai, Bosch, Al-Co.

Economic niche is occupied by devices from Elitech, Carver, Interskol.