How to choose a vibration pile for crushing. Sand and crushed stone seal

With the same weight and sizes of the stove, the gasoline model has a much more powerful engine and a greater vibration force. At the same time, it can work in those places where there is no way to connect to electricity.

For notebooks, vibration stations with a centrifugal force of 130 KN are represented on the market, which can easily replace the semiton asphalt rink. At the same time, the unit itself has two support plates, weighs more than a ton and is controlled remotely.

Operational characteristics

In addition to the optimal engine power and the depth of the tamping, the vibration plate should also be convenient to use.

Its maneuverability is a very important indicator, because the use of vibration pins is supposed in precisely inaccessible and inconvenient places for large technology. Sometimes it is very important and the possibility of rapid movement of the vibration plate from one construction site to another. Autonomous gasoline vibration stations from this point of view are much more convenient than electrical. We have already said that an electric stove can only work where there is a constant power supply. But, in addition, its maneuverability is also limited by the length of the power cord, so for remote places you will have to use an extension cord. By the way, most electrical devices are designed for 380 V, and if the house does not have a rosette with such a voltage, you also need a converter.

As for noisiness, the electric vibration pages work much quieter than gasoline. Noise level in gasoline slabs up to 105 dB [1]. With prolonged work, this can have a negative effect on ear, therefore, it is recommended to put on headphones or use Berushi to work with vibration pins.

The area of ​​the processed surface or the productivity of the vibro.plate depends not only on the engine power, but also on the weight of the unit and the size of the sole. The heavier the equipment and the larger its sole, the more square meters it will process per unit of time. Since most electrical vibration fuels are light, and their workplane is relatively small, quite a lot of time will take large in the area of ​​the sites. With a serious volume of trafficuffs, this is unacceptable.

Electric vibration stations are more unpretentious in maintenance than gasoline and do not need to be prepared before commissioning. Nevertheless, they leave the market, and gasoline slabs are increasingly popular, especially among professionals, since they are considered more economical, reliable and convenient to work.

Choice criterion: Working space

The specificity of the workspace is another important criterion that is worth paying attention to when choosing sealing equipment.

The sizes of the contact plate of the selected equipment must correspond to the features of the task. For example, when tamping soil around reinforced concrete piles, either vibrotrams or a small vibration plate is suitable.

The presence of a reverse (reverse) in the vibrating plate makes it more maneuverable, which is extremely important when soil compaction in trenches and ditches.

And when arranging wells, the only suitable tools is vibrotrack.

Ease of use of vibration stations

An important criterion is the convenience of the vibration plate, and the convenience, as using and transportation and maintenance.

We list some features of the vibration fuels that affect the comfort of working with them:

The safety of using vibration stations

Not all manufacturers of sealing equipment pay sufficient attention to the safety issues with their tool. That in no way reduces the importance of this aspect, Vibration fuels (especially heavy class) belong to the class of equipment of increased injury hazard.

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Here are a few aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing a vibration plate:

Center of gravity. A vibration plate with a high center of gravity is unstable in work and is prone to overturning, which is unsafe for the machine operator. The availability of adjustment adjustment. If the vibration plate does not have a smooth adjustment of the speed of movement, then this is a danger during the launch of the tool. Remote control. On some models of heavy vibration fuels, a distance control unit is installed. Its presence significantly increases the safeness of work, especially if they are carried out in a constrained space.

Here are the 4 main criteria that must be remembered when choosing sealing equipment.


Vibroophytus. a special type of construction equipment designed to compact soil, asphalt, bulk materials (sand, gravel, etc.) or bases for the foundation, in addition, are often used for tight laying of paving slabs.

The vibration plate is also used in the course of preparing the construction site for the main work, for example, to fill the foundation or laying asphalt, as well as at the final stages: when the power of large stones, tile pressing, etc.

The need for such processing is due to the fact that the vibro.plate provides an ideal compaction, preventing further sketching of the structure.


First of all, the vibration stations differ in mass. Obviously, the larger the mass, the greater the depth of the seal. In general, the vibration plate can compact the soil to a depth of 15 cm to 40 cm, but not all tasks are necessary for the maximum depth.

So, for example, for sealing sand or gravel 15-20cm thick, a vibrating plate weighing up to 80 kg is suitable; If necessary, a seal of up to 25 cm, you need a vibro.plate weighing 90 kg; If you have to lay tiles, then the vibrating plate should not weigh more than 140 kg, since too much the weight and intensity of the seal of the plate can lead to the destruction of the tile itself. However, the depth and the quality of the seal depends not only on the mass, but also on the dimensions of the sole.

The dimensions of the working surface

Depending on the necessary depth of the seal and the area of ​​the upcoming processing, the sole of the vibro.plate can be narrow or wide. The exact dimensions of the sole of each manufacturer are its own, but for soil compaction, for example, in trenches or to create narrow paths, it is necessary to use a stove with a narrow sole, and it is more advisable to use plates with a larger width of the working surface to process large areas.

However, when choosing, it is also worth taking into account the fact that the greatest quality of soil compaction will have a vibration plate in which the great weight will be combined with the smallest area of ​​the sole.

This is the main question that is facing the developers: how to combine these 2 indicators. A vibration plate with a large mass and the minimum possible size of the working surface is especially in demand in areas where the maximum soil compaction is required, for example, when preparing the base for the foundation. After all, the quality of the work done will depend on how much the house will go in in the future and whether the design as a whole will suffer. The heavier the vibro.plate and at the same time is less the area of ​​its sole, the greater its price and performance.


Such an indicator as productivity depends on the size of the sole of the vibro.plate and its mass. Productivity is measured in m2/hour and can vary from 100 to 900 square meters.

Vibropopet of the Masalta MSR90 and Euro Shatal RS-1614-50 have approximately the same size of the sole (500×530 and 500×550. This difference is explained by the fact that the euro sital stove has more mass.

Direct stroke or reversing

The vibration plate can be direct stroke or reversing.

A direct stroke vibration can only move forward, has one vibration engine, which drives the equipment in motion.

Reversible vibro.plate can move both forward and backward. Its composition contains a return device (reverse) and two vibration exciters: one is responsible for moving forward; another. for movement in the opposite direction. Most often, a slab with a reverse is made with a mass of equipment. from 150 kg, since without such a mechanism to turn around a heavy stove on the construction site is quite problematic.

Electric or gasoline (diesel)

By the type of energy consumption, the vibrating plate can be:

choose, vibration, pile, sand, stone, seal

Electric vibration stations have a slight power and weighing up to 75 kg. However, these characteristics are enough to perform work on the sealing of sand or gravel to a depth of 15-20 cm, for vibration processing of soil for small paths, creating landscape compositions, etc. In addition, an electric vibrating plate can be used in closed rooms, where the use of fuel plates is impossible due to the abundance of exhaust gases.

Diesel and gasoline vibration stations, of course the most powerful and universal. In general, the power of the plate can be distributed as follows:

Given the fact that most often the vibration fuel is used to work in open areas and often for road construction, where there is not a direct access to the electric network, the gasoline vibration plate is most common and most effective.

Additional opportunities

In addition to the main parameters of the choice, there are some features necessary for certain construction tasks. These include:

The irrigation system is necessary for vibration fuels intended for laying asphalt or for compaction of viscous mixtures.

It moistens the working surface of the stove, thereby preventing the sticking of the material on the sole. The irrigation system consists of a tank with a pipe for supplying water to the base of the stove. In some models, tanks are included in the complete set, while others need to purchase separately.

The rug is necessary if you plan to lay paving slabs or decorative cobblestones.

Rubber or polyurethane rugs reduce vibration and protect the material from damage.

Polyurethane rugs are most popular, as they have improved performance of wear resistance, which means they last longer.

The semicircular kantik of the sole. There are plates with a flat jacket of the sole, but there is a semicircular.

The purpose of the vibration fuel

Vibroophytus. a simple in design and in maintenance a mechanism that can perform work in a limited space:

prepares the basis for the foundation of small buildings;

carries out work on the repair of asphalt coverage, railway embankment;

compacts children’s and sports grounds, the surface of which is covered with sand, loose soil;

evens out the landscape of personal plots;

compacts bulk material for laying ceramic tiles or paving paving stones.

Strongly shock. vibrational actions on a sealing layer are carried out by a heavy weight of the base of the sealing mechanism. sole.

Design, principle of operation

The principle of operation of the sealing vibro.plate. vibrations, periodic shocks on the contact surface. The effect of the pressure frequency is enhanced due to the mass.


the base that directly presses on the soil. the sole or bottom;

vibrationer with one or two debalan shafts inside the cylinder;

a frame with an engine mounted on a stove with a shock absorber;

The rotation from the coupling is transmitted to the vibrator shaft using a wedge.rephid transmission; a centrifugal force is created, due to which the base of the vibration plate begins to vibrate;

The frame is fixed with the control unit;

Some models are equipped with water capacity. The irrigation tank is used for rallying asphalt or concrete coating. Water prevents the adhesion of the processed material to the bottom.

Electric models are powered from the network, this reduces maneuverability. Use equipment near the house, when compaction of the soil inside the erected building, in tunnels. The advantages of technology are a slight level of noise, the lack of harmful emissions, unpretentious electric motors that do not require regular service, low price. Power characteristics do not allow solving complex problems.

VibroMash Wu-11-75

It works from a household power supply 220V, copes well with the sealing of sand, bulk mixtures, asphalt concrete. The platform is made of sheet steel, balanced, has an elongated rectangular shape. With a slight power of the electric motor, it is characterized by professional indicators of the depth of the seal.

The handles are made of anti.slip material, which copes with the extinguishing of vibration. The frame with control handles is connected through insulators that reduce the load. The switch is conveniently located on the handle. Double debans allow you to regulate the force of exposure. The Vibration Libromash electric vibro.plate is equipped with an enlarged resource vibrator.

Zhenu ZVPE-5 g

Light model for working in limited space. Designed for tamping soil, sand, asphalt. The platform has small sizes, made of carbon steel, has an enlarged resource. The handle is adjustable in length, rubberized handles reduce the vibration effect. The electric motor is protected from mechanical exposure to a metal frame. The motor is unpretentious, works from the 220V network.

The manufacturer managed to choose the optimal centrifugal force, this positively affects the quality of rash materials compaction. The shape of the plate provides good maneuverability in the absence of wheels and reverse. Shock absorbers have an increased resource, effectively reduce the load on the operator.

They are equipped with powerful diesel engines. Have a large weight, are used in the implementation of large.scale projects. Diesel reversible vibration stations are used in the construction of roads, laying tram tracks, laying paving stones in city squares. The technique is economical, but needs regular maintenance.

Weber MT CR-6 100535309

The reversible vibrors made in Germany is equipped with a powerful economical engine, which provides high centrifugal power indicators. Heavy cast iron slab copes with a tamping of the base of any type. The steel sheet case closes all important nodes, provides protection against dirt or gravel.

The platform has a rectangular shape, and rounded edges simplify work in trenches. The machine is heavy, equipped with a strong protective frame with an emphasis for which the equipment is moved by the crane. You can control the sealing effect using a lever on the handle that controls the throttle of the power unit. The cable shift mechanism is reliably protected from mechanical exposure.

  • Smoothly working hydraulic reverse;
  • Automatic belt stretch;
  • Electric starter;
  • High speed;
  • The ability to install a control system for compaction.

Crush Piler. Augering (Fuchi Pte Ltd)

TSC WP90TL 207195

One of the smallest diesel models is recommended to buy for tamping at small construction sites. It has a large power for its class, the depth of seal reaches 30 cm due to weight, centrifugal effort. Despite the lack of reverse, it is highly performance, maneuverability. The shape of the stove allows you to work in trenches.

Control by adjusting the throttle damper, which is located on the handle. The base of the platform is open, which contributes to effective The casing protects all nodes from sand and dirt, shock absorbers reduce vibration. A strong frame helps to prevent random damage to the engine, on which there is a special emphasis for moving the technique with a crane.

How to choose a vibrorstopkin

Manufacturers offer equipment that can solve a variety of problems. For this reason, when choosing, you need to take into account the scope of application and the type of the established power unit, power and frequency of vibration of the sole. A careful comparison of these characteristics will help to buy a technique that will provide the necessary level of tamping and last several seasons.


Vibrogram is used in open construction sites, when arranging roads, in rooms. On the street you can work with equipment that has an internal combustion engine. If the main purpose is to compact bulk materials in closed rooms, then you need to make a choice in favor of a model with an electric motor.

When compiling in conditions of a deficiency of useful space. the advantages of technology with small dimensions and weight. This will improve maneuverability. When working at large facilities, the most deep tamping is required. This can provide a technique with a large mass and high power of the blow. With intensive use, you need to choose a model with an increased frequency of vibrations.

engine’s type

The electric motor provides a lack of harmful emissions, comfortable work with a low noise level. The disadvantage of the vibro.traffic with this power unit is low mobility: the operator depends on the presence of three.phase power supply on the site, and the cable interferes with complex maneuvers.

The internal combustion engine provides a high level of mobility, but harmful exhausts do not allow the use of equipment in closed rooms. When choosing, you need to take into account the conditions in which the equipment will have to be used. If the seal is carried out at negative temperatures, then the advantage of the gasoline engine. With intensive work throughout the day, the need for tamping to greater depth is better to choose a model with a diesel engine.


This parameter affects labor productivity. The higher the power indicators, the less passages will be required to achieve the required level of compaction. The back of the increase in this parameter is the increase in weight. Heavy equipment is better to crush the soil, sand, but it becomes more difficult to control the equipment. If there is no task to increase the depth of seal, then it is better to choose a less powerful model.

The frequency of vibrations

Productivity depends on the number of blows per minute. Good indicators for professional equipment are 600-650 reciprocating movements for this unit of time. An increase in the parameter will process a section of a larger area per hour, but for such equipment, the requirements for the depreciation and anti.vibration system will increase. The poor quality of elastic gaskets will make the work complex, increase the level of discomfort, which will negatively affect performance.

Human Vibration Piling

Which vibrram is better

Most builders prefer to buy gasoline vibrors, but it is impossible to work with it in a closed room. For this reason, you cannot find a universal model. Team Vyborexperta.RU offers to take into account the scope of application and recommends the following brands:

  • GROST TR-80HC-for the arrangement of a personal plot and private construction;
  • TSS HCD90V. for sealing inside buildings;
  • Husqvarna (Atlas Copco) LT 8005. Choice of professional construction teams.
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All models presented in the review are worthy of the attention of users, but only the most functional and reliable received the status of the best tampings in their classes.