How to choose an electric demolition hammer. Useful tips

Top 20 best demolition hammers: rating 2021-2022 models for concrete

A jackhammer is a professional construction tool, although it has only one function. chiseling. Because of such limited functionality, demolition hammers are rarely bought for home use, but on a construction site it is impossible to do without it.

When buying a demolition hammer first of all determine with the sphere of its application. In some cases, you can not buy an expensive model, because for chiseling not very hard materials are suitable and budgetary devices.

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To choose the appropriate power tool was easier, we have compiled a list of the main technical characteristics and the rating of the best demolition hammers according to the version 2021-2022.

Electric demolition hammers operate from the standard 220 V power supply, so they can be used at home and at work. They are relatively quiet and quite easy to use, which deserves wide popularity among users of various fields. These are the modifications that are most often purchased for home repairs or when it is necessary to buy a bumpstock for carrying out one-time construction and installation work. The mains models are represented by a rich selection, they are produced by almost all brands, and in different configurations. from very economical and light hammers to top heavy units.

Makita HM1203C

In terms of performance and impact energy Makita hammer refers to the medium level of percussion tools. The workmanship and the robustness of all the mechanical components are top-notch, making this hammer the best choice for tough daily use. The Makita hammer is also equipped with all the systems you need for comfortable operation. Constant electronics that keep the speed constant regardless of load and the soft start function that prevents jerky starting.

As it follows from the reviews, the optimal area of application of this model is dismantling of brick structures, opening of asphalt pavement and work with concrete of medium hardness. The hammer handles all these materials easily, the only thing it is not suitable for is high-strength concrete mixes. In this case, its 1.5 kW power will not be enough.

  • high output;
  • long working hours;
  • indicators of brush wear and cable integrity;
  • A long power cord. 5 m;
  • A sophisticated vibration damping system;
  • high-strength percussion mechanism.

Bosch GSH 501 Professional

The light Bosch electric hammer with SDS-max fastening type is a typical representative of the brand’s professional line, with all its characteristic advantages. Heavy-duty motor with extended service life is at the heart of the tool, enabling it to handle tough, demanding industrial work on a daily basis.

The bumper has a good impact force of 7.5 J, transmitted to the tooling through a specially designed for increased performance, extended barrel. To make the electric demolition hammer last much longer, its body is made of impact-resistant plastic that can even withstand falls from heights. And the tool itself is designed so that all switches are protected from damage when in contact with the surface. The reviews of the owners testify that this model has no objective disadvantages.

  • high quality components and parts;
  • sturdy housing;
  • Power cord with breakage protection;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • low weight.


Demolition breaker with good demolition power and has proven itself as a high performance tool that can handle almost any material. Can be used to widen doorways, open pavement, and remove brick and concrete fences or walls. The quality of craftsmanship and technical characteristics allow using it not only in everyday life, but also in professional conditions. Classic hammer design provides a firm grip and comfort during operation, both vertically and horizontally. But there are negative reactions with complaints about the big weight of the torch, which complicates the work on the weight.

  • high impact energy;
  • smooth start;
  • presence of a brush wear indicator;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • high power
  • ergonomic design.

Hitachi H41MB

The H41MB is equipped with an electric motor of only 930W, which has a positive effect on weight. it leaves behind not only analogous tools but also more powerful ones in terms of impact force value. 10 Joules. Combined with the highest quality workmanship and affordability, you can safely say that this demolition breaker is the best in its class. The manufacturer also took into account the specifics of this model. as lightweight torches are often used to work at height, its body is made of shockproof plastic. The handles, rubberized at the points of contact, will not let the tool slip out of his hands. Users also note the good equipment set of the popular hammer, which includes a solid, roomy carrying case and all the necessary accessories for work. As the negative points are called the lack of indicators of wear of brushes and the integrity of the power cord.

Sturm! RH2521P

The electric demolition hammer by the German brand Sturm is notable for its impressive striking power and high productivity. than two kW of electric motor power is enough to produce 60 Joules, it is the best index in the class of heavy demolition breakers. Such technical data allows the machine to be used for the most demanding demolition or disassembly of any object or structure, even of strong, monolithic concrete.

For longer life, the electric hammer is equipped with an improved ventilation system and a more reliable gearbox than its predecessors. And to facilitate the operator’s work, the manufacturer has provided a double system of vibration damping. Most of the reviews of the owners of this model are positive, mainly the tool is praised for the reliability of internal nodes and the highest power, but not without drawbacks. First of all, it is a fragile main handle, which often breaks due to shock loads, a short power cord and a large weight.

Choice Criteria of a demolition hammer

To choose the most suitable model of an electric hammer it is necessary to know what characteristics you should pay attention to when studying different models. This will determine not only the efficiency of performing work operations, but also the safety of the master.

Power of the hammer

In the electric versions of the tool power indicators are on average 500-2000 W. The power of the tool directly affects how thick the material it can break. For example, devices with a power of 500 to 1,100 W are ideal for interior finishing work. Brick and stone will be best handled by the models with power from 1200 to 1600 watts. If you need a tool for piercing asphalt and frozen ground, then we advise you to pay attention to models with a power of more than 1700 W.

Blow power and frequency

The impact force determines the amount of material that the demolition hammer can break in one work cycle. Most models have it in the range from 3 to 65 Joules. The higher is the power produced by the impact bump, the faster and more effectively it will be able to cope with the task. The power of the electric demolition hammer depends on the power and weight of the hammer.

An important characteristic is also the frequency of blows caused by the hammer. On average, this parameter has a value of 1000 to 3500 per minute. It is noteworthy that the heaviest devices have the minimum rate, and the lightest ones have the maximum rate. There are also such devices, in which insufficient power of blow is compensated by high frequency of reciprocating motion of the striker.

convenient in work are hammers, allowing you to change the frequency of blows depending on the task at hand. This can be done with a special button or regulator. In this case, the trigger frequency is determined by the amount of force needed to act on the trigger or by the switch position.

Some models of the electric strikers may be equipped with the start button lock. Thanks to this mechanism, the master can release the trigger during prolonged work, allowing him less fatigue and creating a more comfortable environment for work. For safer operation, demolition hammers may have a feature such as standby mode. Triggering of the responsible mechanism occurs when the hammer is accidentally started in idle running mode, as a result of which the percussive function of the tool is disabled.

Tool weight

When choosing an electric hammer it is necessary to pay attention to its weight. And it’s not even about its ergonomics. After all, according to this characteristic, you can find out what work the tool can do best. The lightest models that weigh not more than 5 kg are considered universal. They are perfect for breaking material in the horizontal plane. If you need to work of medium complexity, it would be better to buy an electric hammer of medium weight, not more than 5-10 kg.

With such a tool, you can effectively perform work operations at a slight angle to the base of the material. not only to destroy walls, but also to create holes and openings in them to install doors or build arches.

The heaviest units are those weighing from 10 to 30 kg. They are used primarily for breaking materials in an upright position. Among builders, they are known as “concrete breakers” because they can easily destroy concrete bases, foundations and asphalt. The rule applies to this tool, when the power directly depends on the weight of the device. The heavier the hammer, the more difficult tasks it can perform.

Hammer chucks

A characteristic such as the type of chucks used in a hammer can tell you about the class of professionalism of an electric hammer. There are four types of chucks in total:

  • Quick-clamp. They can be used to quickly replace the spade, thereby increasing the productivity of the tool. And you don’t even have to use an auxiliary wrench to perform such an operation.
  • SDS Plus. The type of chucks that come with lightweight models of demolition hammers. They are designed for small loads.
  • SDS Max. Chucks designed for medium and heavy jackhammers. Suitable for frequent and intensive use.
  • Hexagonal. A special wrench is used for their installation. Designed to work with the heaviest versions of electric breakers with a large diameter tool.

Types of chisels for a demolition hammer

As part of the jackhammer, the task of breaking up the material is entrusted to the peak. Manufacturers produce many different models of demolition hammers designed to work with different types of pikes. However, as in the case with the jackhammers, when choosing them, it is necessary to be guided by the tasks facing the craftsman:

  • Pick rammer. Used to fill deep joints and cracks, compact the ground when this work cannot be done any other way.
  • Spade chisel. Designed to remove large amounts of plaster residue from a wall, work the edge of an asphalt deck, and chisel ice.
  • Chisel Pick. Designed for the construction of recesses and holes in the wall, dismantling metal structures, cutting rebar.
  • Saw-toothed hammer. It is used for demolition of rocks, brickwork, foundations and concrete, as well as for ripping of frozen ground.

Although most chisel picks are standard size, they are available in custom sizes to meet the needs of customers. High-strength steel grades 65 G, 60S2A, U7, U8, 6HS, etc. are used for the production of pikes for demolition hammers. When choosing the alloy composition it is necessary to consider the function that will be assigned to a particular spade. The quality of the tool depends on how accurately the peak will be made.

Bosch GSH 5 E

For a long time, our young crew didn’t have a jackhammer. Saved the situation rental percussion tools, but, frankly, the cost of this service is quite high, given the fact that the constantly growing amount of dismantling work.

When the time of epiphany came, it was already clear what exactly we needed. The main work for which we needed a demolition hammer, was made when remodeling apartments. to make a hole in the wall, to break the brickwork. Even in new buildings you could have a lot of fun. Sometimes we have to knock down plaster, chop old screeds, choose niches for a safe or an electrical panel, make a large hole for various utilities.

For some time we have been engaged in the construction of cottages, where the scope of work has expanded. to make a hole in the ceiling, to balance the foundation, punch in the plate opening for stairs. So before choosing an electric hammer it was clear that we do not need a heavy or even a medium-sized jackhammer. for these works with a reserve could suffice the power of the light model. As a result, we bought a tool from Bosch.

The Bosch GSH 5 E knockout saw pleasantly surprised us with its impact force, which reached 12 Joules at a available frequency of 3000 blows per minute, which was unattainable for this class at the time. When working with such a tool, you can have a feeling of greatness, because it easily handles the destruction of concrete and other materials. As it turned out, you can also enjoy hard work. You do not always need the power that can make the walls in the neighboring apartment collapse, so the impact frequency regulator, made in the form of a small wheel on the housing is very useful.

The gearbox of an electric hammer does not overheat, because the metal housing handles the heat dissipation very well, so there is no need for pauses to cool down at all. The 1100 watt motor does it all with ease.

Once the machine has been plugged in and the start button pressed, its heart quite smoothly comes to life, and no overload is felt in the mains. But there’s no shock unless you give it a peak performance. The light indicator shows the standby mode. The start button is equipped with a catch so you don’t have to strain your fingers during continuous operation.

If the tool encounters hard materials, the hammer operates in a slightly different way, because a constant electronic feedback prevents the engine speed from dropping. Service display helps to monitor tool status.

Hammer breaker Bosch GSH 5 E is very convenient when working over the head, on the outstretched hands and in the horizontal plane, because it weighs only 5.5 kg, and its dimensions are 480×235 cm, which allows you to compare this unit with a drum peorator.

It also comes with an extra handy staple handle, which is angled so you can widen and narrow your grip, as well as rotate it 360 degrees.

The start button is made large, so you can feel it even with rough gloves. Switches are characterized by easy and clear operation.

Also admirable is the anti-vibration system. It is the best we have tested. Hard to imagine what efficiency has been achieved in more modern models (Vibration control).

The extension cord will not get in the way because the power cord is a pretty decent length. It is well insulated and fairly flexible. Bosch has yet another piece of know-how. the cable is connected to the stripper body by a swivel joint. The movable sphere prevents the cord from breaking, which is very useful when working in tight places.

The flat spade can be rotated into one of twelve positions to make it possible to comfortably and accurately chisel in tight spaces. In Bosch this system is called “Vario-Lock” and is used in all Bosch bumpers and gradients.

The SDS-max chuck is used in this model of chipper, because you need a large tool to transfer this type of impact energy.

The hammer is also equipped with a roomy, well-made carrying case.

Napaka Murang Jackhammer good quality Unboxing and review how to use.

The Bosch GSH 5 E demolition hammer has been in good working order for several years. We spent about 700 on it at the time, but it has fully recouped every cent invested in it. And it is not even going to retire just yet, but will keep on working as before.

Of course, this model is already out of production, but if necessary, we will take another similar model of the company Bosch weighing about five kilograms.

Features of some models of electric demolition hammers

When choosing electric demolition hammers, the purpose of their future use is important. The preferable characteristics of the tool are determined by the conditions of use and the area of application.


Makita is considered to be one of the most popular brands of electric demolition hammers in the construction market.

The Makita HR 4000 electric hammer has a powerful 1050 W electric motor and an innovative electropneumatic hammer mechanism for rapid demolition of concrete structures. It has all the features you need for efficient, comfortable operation.

The HM 1100 C is a powerful but lightweight vertically mounted hammer. Pick positioning in up to 16 different positions is possible. Additional handle available. The model is equipped with an electronic system for regulating the number and power of blows and self-shutoff carbon brushes.

The Makita HM-1304B combines high power with low noise and vibration levels. Ergonomic handle with rubber grip for comfortable operation.


Bosch electric demolition hammers are mainly professional models for basic and auxiliary construction work. Easy operation, electronic control systems, and self-shutoff brushes ensure a high level of reliability.

The Bosch GSH 11 E model is equipped with a service display and is characterized by low vibration during operation and at idle speed. The Bosch GSH 11 E electric demolition hammer is capable of 1890 blows per minute at maximum load without great effort.

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The GSH 5 CE Professional demolition hammer is a powerful model with reduced vibration thanks to the innovative vibration damping system. The robust metal housing ensures the hammer’s long life, even in the toughest conditions.


Interskol has long been one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment. The Interskol electric demolition breakers have proven successful in practice and are very popular with professional builders and novices alike. Electric demolition hammers of this brand are durable and easy to use.

The Interskol M-30/2000 B is a heavy-duty model designed for demolishing concrete and brick structures and asphalt pavement.

Model M-18/1500EV designed for large-scale demolition work. The hammer delivers powerful blows with a frequency of up to 1900 per minute. The power of the tool is 1500 watts, and the relative lightness of the product allows you to work both horizontally and vertically.

The Interskol M-25 model is distinguished by its high productivity. This hammer is a heavy class hammer that requires the appropriate force to be applied. With an impact energy of 25 Joules and a high impact transmission ratio, this hammer is capable of 1,400 blows per minute. Distinctive feature of this model is the use of hammerless scheme. impact is made through the barrel with a blind end.


The Hitachi brand is also well represented on the market for construction tools. The manufacturer offers both domestic and professional demolition hammers, which differ in technical characteristics. Hitachi electric demolition breakers are durable, rugged, and highly functional.

Hitachi H45 MRY model is characterized by the highest performance in its segment. The tool is equipped with active vibration damping and has an ergonomically designed handle. Lightweight housing made of durable aluminum alloy provides comfortable operation and long service life of the product.

Hitachi H65SB2 is the most powerful demolition hammer with power consumption of 1350 W, capable of 42 Joules of impact energy. At full load, the tool develops up to 1400 strokes per minute. Anti-vibration handle provides comfortable operation of the operator.


Metal demolition hammers of Metabo brand, which can be used both at home and on the production level, are also leading in the market of power tools.

The compact Metabo MHE 56 offers high productivity and operating comfort.Main handle is rubber coated, additional handle. The tool is equipped with a vibration-damping system and an electronic impact energy regulation system. An important advantage is that this model has a long six-meter cable, which eliminates the need to work directly near the power source.

MHE 96. A powerful demolition hammer with a metal chisel as the working tool. The tool is equipped with an anti-vibration handle, the angle of which can be changed, as well as an additional handle that can be set in three positions. Soft-start system and electronic speed control are available.

Whichever model of electric demolition hammer you choose, it is worth remembering the basic safety rules when working with power tools:

15 полезных советов по демонтажным работам. Начало ремонта. Новый проект.# 1

Types of chipping hammers

In the construction industry, the rules are simple: the more powerful the tool, the faster the work gets done. However, if we consider a demolition hammer, its choice is based not only on the device mass and impact force, but also on the mechanics and power source features. The tool is divided into three basic categories by weight.

  • Lightweight, with the mass of 5-6 kg. Recommended for applications where freedom of action is needed (in confined spaces, at an angle, at points of convergence of walls, etc.). A light demolition hammer is used when working at height.
  • Mid-range tool (5-10 kg) shows the greatest efficiency when working in vertical, horizontal direction.
  • Heavy demolition hammer (up to 30 kg) is great for working with soil, foundations.

Regardless of the class, the tool comes with a standard set of spades. The nozzle can have different sizes. The set includes a pick-breaker for ripping or breaking, a spatula for chipping and edge leveling, a chisel for chipping or chopping material. Depending on the existing conditions at the construction site, you can choose the type of tool that will show the greatest level of convenience, quality results and safety.


The electric hammer shows the best results in finishing work and removing old coatings. However, this tool has disadvantages as well:

  • Can not be used in rooms with a high level of fire and explosion hazard due to the sparking of the contact brushes of the rotor;
  • may malfunction or show motor malfunctions in high humidity.

An electric tool is always dependent on a power source. Therefore, it makes no sense to choose a demolition hammer of this class for construction work in buildings without 220 or 380 V mains.

Cordless electric-picker is useful where there is no mains power. However, devices of this class can not provide optimum working time, are characterized by a reduced impact energy. In addition, the battery power greatly increases the weight of the tool. The use of a cordless demolition hammer is only rational for one-time, emergency work.

Gasoline engine

This type of tool works on an internal combustion engine. This makes a gasoline demolition hammer:

  • has a slightly heavier weight than the electric;
  • Is not tied to any power distribution points, is completely self-contained
  • Can display a significant level of impact energy, especially with the use of reducers.

However, gasoline-powered machines also have a fairly significant list of disadvantages.

  • Fumes and exhaust fumes make it impossible to work in confined spaces.
  • Danger of fuel spillage and fire all the time.
  • High noise level.

It is convenient to work outdoors with a gasoline-powered hammer. Such a tool is a good and economical choice if you need to break up asphalt, punch through sleepers, make landings for pile foundations.


Pneumatic hammer, depending on the power, there are two types:

  • With the transfer of momentum by expanding the air inside the piston chamber;
  • operating on volumetric expansion, by feeding air into a diaphragm chamber with a rod.

Regardless of how it works, pneumatic tools have a key feature: They require additional equipment to operate. Minimum set. an air compressor. It can be supplemented with strapping elements, which increase the time of continuous operation and give other advantages. Compressor tool has the following advantages:

  • Has the lowest weight compared to other types of demolition hammers;
  • pneumatic tools are completely fire and explosion proof;
  • In some cases, you can save a lot of money by using a homemade receiver and other elements of the compressor piping;
  • Operating noise is kept to a minimum, as the blower is usually at a distance.

The main disadvantage of pneumatic tools is the need in a compressor as source of energy for it. However, with the large-scale use of demolition hammers of this type, this disadvantage is compensated by convenience. By organizing the air central to which several units of the tool are attached, it is easy to organize the comfortable work of a group of operators with one unit.

For your information! The hydraulic demolition hammer has similar features. However, the disadvantage of such a device is the working body (usually oil) due to the possibility of leaks, due to a breach of sealing or damage to the hose. And this is an additional source of fire hazard.

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Types of picks for demolition hammers

It is important not only to choose the right hammer for your task, but also the pick. They have tips of different shapes, can be of different lengths, weights, made of different materials. Very briefly, it is:

To work with the toughest and toughest materials, saws with conical tips are used. Here, the smaller the surface contact area, the higher the impact force.

Spade-tipped saw is suitable for work with soft and pliable materials.

The chisel point is used for reinforced concrete, because it can cut through rebar. Both in the flat shape and in the form of a semicircle for grooving.

Spikes are made from different grades of tool steel of varying hardness. It should be understood that too soft or too hard a chisel is equally bad. The point is that if the spade is harder than the striker, it is the second one that will fail. Simply put, in a jackhammer, the part that will break is the one made of the least hard steel. And on this basis, you can refuse warranty service and replacement of the broken parts.

You need to understand that the peak is an expendable material, sooner or later it will fail. So, on the one hand, soft is bad. they are not durable, but also to chase too much hardness is not necessary. Specific recommendations should look in the instruction manual, and this point is important enough. Of course if you take a hard saw it doesn’t mean that your demolition hammer (striker or its other part) will fail, but it’s better not to risk.

That is the end of our article, where we took apart in detail all the nuances of choosing a demolition hammer. Yes, the topic itself is much broader, there are certain points related to the operation of this tool, work with different materials, but you can learn all this in the instruction manual, or on specialized forums. And for those who prefer to make a choice based on the opinions of real buyers and reviews, we have compiled a rating of the best demolition hammers from leading manufacturers of power tools.

Makita HK0500

The Makita HK0500 is the cheapest and lightest demolition hammer in our rating. Therefore, it is worth noting that it is designed for a very limited range of works: removal of plaster, tile, mortar. It is not suitable for breaking down brick walls and even more so concrete structures. Its main characteristics:

The Makita HK0500 has electronic speed control and the tooling can be set in 12 different positions, allowing you to work in hard-to-reach places. This is a very lightweight demolition hammer that is comfortable to work with. Included in the set are a case and a broad chisel. The chuck is protected from dust and the carbon brushes are shut off when completely worn out.

The customer reviews are generally positive, they praise the build quality, reliability and value for money. Some people are dissatisfied with its power and impact force, but you should think about this before buying and look at the parameters, choosing the optimal ones for your tasks. The Makita HK0500 is a highly specialized model, which appeared on the market quite some time ago, but nevertheless it is one of the best in this class.

What company to choose?

Choosing a demolition hammer, you should focus not only on its technical characteristics, but also on the manufacturer of the device.

Since this tool belongs to the professional ones, you should give preference to the products of reliable and trusted brands.

In 2021-2022 professional builders highly evaluated demolition hammers by STAVR, Bosch, TZK, Makita, PATRIOT, Metabo, Fubag, STANLEY, Kalibr and ONNESWAY brands.