How to choose an electric grass trimmer for grass


Another indicator of productivity is the speed of the cutting element per minute.

In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

professional models have an acceleration of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

For a summer cottage or a small business, 6000 rpm is enough.

Large volumes of work require 9000-12000 rpm.

Tank volume and battery capacity

In the case of autonomous fuel-fired trimmers, tank capacity plays an important role. It can be from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. Manufacturers calculate its volume based on the ability of the engine to run continuously for a certain amount of time.

With a minimum tank, it will be possible to mow for 20 minutes, after which you need to stop for a break to cool the motor and refuel.

With the maximum indicator, it is possible to work for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large areas.

For rechargeable models, the battery is measured in amperes / hours. 1 unit of A / h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging takes three times longer.

For cosmetic care of a small lawn away from the outlet, 2 A / h is enough.

To care for the territory of a kindergarten or a small company, 3-4 A / h is required.

Convenience of holding

The shape and number of handles are responsible for this, as well as the balancing of the apparatus.

The main and auxiliary handles are convenient for short-term use in the garden or small company. For all-day operation, it is best to purchase models with a cross frame and two equivalent handles.

Positioning the motor down above the cutting head increases the load on the back and is only suitable for mowing for a few hours. If the motor is mounted on the top of the boom, it makes the tool easier to operate and is suitable for professional use.


The power rating of the grass trimmer is indicated in kW and affects the performance. The higher this value, the faster the cutting element will rotate and the larger the area will be processed.

Garden tools can have a small figure from 0.25 kW and reach 1.8 kW.

For utilities to care for the local area in neighborhoods and along roads along the sides, where you have to work all day and mow large amounts of grass, it is advisable to purchase models of 0.9-1.8 kW.

For giving and caring for a small lawn, an engine with parameters of 0.25-0.7 kW is enough.

The principle of operation and the device of the grass trimmer for grass

choose, electric, grass, trimmer

The grass trimmer is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and not thick dead wood. Unlike lawnmowers, the machines are lightweight and are worn by the operator on belts rather than rolling on wheels on the ground. Low weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the work site and quickly move from site to site.

With the blade of the grass trimmer you can:

  • keep the grass on the lawn low;
  • mow it between houses and along paths;
  • remove deadwood thickets next to the roadway;
  • cut off vegetation directly under the fence;
  • to cultivate the green shores of water bodies.

Grass trimmers are inexpensive compared to lawn mowers, and their increased maneuverability makes them easier to use. Such an instrument is bought by both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises, in order to look after the existing territory.

The process of using a garden tool is to put the body on the operator’s body using special belts. The grass trimmer head is brought close to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. The torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the tube of the machine. The head contains a cutting element that cuts grass stalks at high speed.

To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out into the face, a protective cover is provided that covers 40% of the circle of the diameter of the cutting part of the tool.

Most modern trimmers have the following device:

fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine);

rigid shaft for transmission of rotation from the motor;

bobbin with a cutting element (fishing line or knife);

Mounting type

To operate the device, it is hung on the operator’s body. One or two belts are provided for this.

Using the single-belt grass trimmer is used for gardening or beautifying a small company area.

In the case of a large area, a knapsack fastening will be required, which evenly distributes the load and reduces vibration.

Grass Trimmer Selection Options for Grass

Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.

Electric grass trimmers

This type of tool is powered by a 220V household power supply. The electric motor rotates the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. To use the device, you must have a power outlet and a carrier nearby. This partially constrains the maneuverability and scale of operation of the tool, but allows you to work silently.

Also, such a device does not have harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such models are well suited for summer cottages and private companies with a small area where you can do with one reel with a carrier.

  • lungs;
  • make little noise and do not disturb neighbors;
  • inexpensive;
  • there are powerful models;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • height adjustment of the handles;
  • possibility of setting different knives.
  • inconvenience from a wire that can be cut accidentally;
  • limited space by carrying length.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for grass

If we talk about how to choose an electric grass trimmer, then first it is worth determining what is meant by this word. Not everyone knows what the capabilities of this device are. It is generally accepted that the grass trimmer is a scythe equipped with an electric motor. There is no significant error in this, there are only certain inaccuracies. The English word from which the Russian name “grass trimmer” comes from, translates as “trim”, “trim” or “trim”. From here it is easy to draw conclusions about the functions that this device performs.

Now, thinking about how to choose an electric grass trimmer, we can say that this device cuts the grass using fast rotating special circular knives made of metal or plastic, or with the help of lines. The more powerful the device, the more dense the grass is subject to it, while its performance is quite high.

electric grass trimmer: how to choose

This type of devices is produced in two versions: with a lower or upper engine location. The former are lightweight, but their power is quite modest. They can be recommended for mowing soft varieties of lawn grass in a certain mode: 10-15 minutes of work, followed by a break of about the same length, and so on. It is not recommended to work with wet plants.

Several manufacturers offer grass trimmers with split heads to make it easier to attach the attachments to them. The consumer has a multi-tool in his hands, which, if desired, can become a brush cutter, cultivator, delimber or snow blower.

When buying, it is important to check the design for ergonomics, and it is also worth making sure that the device is simple to operate, otherwise your lawn care will become backbreaking work. The quality of mowing also depends on how your tool can maintain balance, as well as the comfort of the handle and handlebars. Shoulder straps allow to reduce the load on the hands, and the detachable bar is able to increase the coverage area.

To maximize efficiency, the grass trimmer must have a fast acceleration and a lot of power. The weight of the device relative to its power should be minimal.

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So now you know how to choose an electric grass trimmer. Good luck!

How to choose an electric grass trimmer. Which electric grass trimmer is best to choose. grass and electric trimmer what is the difference.

First of all, we draw your attention to the difference between two different types of power tools for mowing grass. electric cutter. electric grass trimmer.

The electric trimmer is more powerful and is designed to perform a large amount of work on mowing. The electric trimmer for grass is intended for processing small areas of your site (flower beds, flower beds, greenhouses).

By reading our articles, you may already have learned how to choose an electric brace. Today we will try to help you choose a garden grass trimmer. If you buy an electric grass trimmer, we guarantee that mowing with the trimmer will be easier, more comfortable, more efficient and safer.

How To Choose The Right String Trimmer | Buying Guide

What power sources are. One type of power source is the battery. This way you get the best electric grass trimmer for areas where power is not available. The battery will give you the opportunity to work for a while, and then you have to put it on charge. Garden grass trimmers with an external power source are more common these days. You only need a carrier to get started. Connect the tool to the network and put things in order on your site. Because the battery does not take up space, a larger electric motor can fit in the grass trimmer. That is, such an electric grass trimmer will be more powerful than a cordless one, but its weight will be the same.

With which handle to take the electric grass trimmer. Very often, a D-handle is placed on the electric grass trimmer. Some models use a material that reduces the final vibration transmitted to the handle. Working with an electric trimmer with such a handle will significantly increase the comfort when working. Grass trimmers are also fitted with so-called “Bicycle handles”. They are T-shaped. an electric grass trimmer with such a handle will help you to work for a long time, but at the same time almost never get tired.

Electric trimmer power. The most common grass trimmer power ranges from 200 W to 1 kW. In most cases, an electric grass trimmer with a power of 600-800 W is ideal. With this tool, you can both trim the lawn after the lawn mower, and mow thin weeds. True, if you are a happy owner of a site constantly overgrown with “jungle”, the best solution for you would be an electric trimmer with a capacity of 800 W. 1.4 kW. If you clearly know that you only need a tool of this kind for adjustments after a lawn mower, then power should not be a priority parameter for you, because most low-power, inexpensive electric trimmers will cope with this task. It is also worth noting that it is also worth paying attention to the speed of the electric trimmer.

I mow grass with a trimmer or types of cutting elements. Fishing line is often used, this type of cutting element is perfect for small vegetation. But using a knife, you get a versatile grass trimmer. The price of an electric trimmer with a knife is higher, but with it you can cut even large woody weeds. Knives are also different. The reliable Vitals electric trimmers are equipped with both three-blade and four-blade knives. You will not feel a huge difference, so when choosing an electric trimmer, you should not prioritize the type of knife.

How does an electric trimmer differ from an electric trimmer and which electric trimmer to choose. The electric trimmer device differs from the electric trimmer device in only one way. In the electric trimmer, the engine is located on top of the rod, and in the electric trimmer. from the bottom. When choosing an electric trimmer for a summer cottage or plot, we advise you to determine the type and amount of work.

We hope that our article helped you decide which is the best electric grass trimmer.

Petrol models

Gas trimmers are equipped with an internal combustion engine. In addition to their boom, a tank is attached, which significantly increases the overall weight. But there are no wires here, which provides complete mobility.

With this trimmer, you can move freely throughout the area. And even take it with you when working in places where there is no access to electricity. Most often, such models are used in large enterprises and utilities. Although they are also found among summer residents.

  • high performance;
  • reliable construction;
  • versatility (suitable for domestic and commercial use);
  • mobility.
  • permanent item of fuel costs;
  • air pollution;
  • noisiness;
  • heavy weight.

Determining the technical characteristics of the grass trimmer

Having decided on the type of tool and its cutting part, we proceed to the next step. the selection of the model that is optimal in terms of technical parameters. This needs to be approached as carefully as possible, because what tasks it can perform directly depends on the characteristics of the tool.

Tool type

This tool can be equipped with a different type of engine:

  • gasoline;
  • rechargeable;
  • electric.

In total, there are 3 main types, each of which is radically different from the others. Therefore, the first thing to do before choosing a grass trimmer for grass is to decide which one you will take.

Choosing a grass trimmer for cutting grass: 2 key points

While the grass trimmer is simple in design, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to choose. In fact, there are a lot of parameters to take into account, since the efficiency of the garden tool, functionality, ease of use, additional costs, etc., depend on them.

We will try to make this task easier for you and will analyze step by step what and in what order you need to do it. And first, let’s look at the most important criteria for choosing a grass trimmer for grass.

Cordless grass trimmers

The cordless grass trimmers are also equipped with an electric motor. But they no longer work from the mains, but from the battery. Thus, their main advantages (lightness and noiselessness) are preserved and the key disadvantage (limited mobility) is eliminated.

  • silent work;
  • no restrictions on mobility;
  • a light weight;
  • fast charging;
  • a large spread in power (there are productive models);
  • environmental friendliness (no harmful emissions).
  • short operating time. up to 45 minutes (depending on battery capacity);
  • the need for constant recharging;
  • average performance (compared to gas trimmers);
  • high price (higher than that of electric models).

Despite their advantages, battery models have received very limited distribution. Due to the high price, they are usually taken only for the maintenance of the backyard area, where there is no access to electricity. Or for the improvement of areas around kindergartens, schools and other similar institutions (so as not to pollute the air with harmful emissions and not make much noise).

How to choose the right grass trimmer for your grass

It is not necessary to use a lawn mower to mow the grass in the country, to care for the garden or park. The grass trimmer does this job well. Lightweight, compact, easy to operate. it is considered an excellent solution for mowing grass and weeds. Due to its availability, the grass trimmer has become even more widespread (it is actively used by both summer residents and utility workers).

What is this tool? How is it better than a lawn mower? How to choose the right grass trimmer for your grass? We will consider all this in this article.

Line selection

The line is great for working on uneven terrain as it does not get damaged when it comes into contact with rocks and other obstacles. But she only copes with small grass. Dense vegetation, thick weeds and shrubs are too tough for her.

If you stop at the line, keep in mind that it differs in the shape of the section:

  • Round. It cuts grass and small dry shrubs like burdock well. Considered a versatile option.
  • Square. Cuts only thick grass.
  • Star-shaped. It is the softest. Used for mowing the lawn when you need the grass to recover quickly.

Thus, a star line tool is suitable for lawn maintenance. For mowing thick grass. with a square one. If you need a versatile model. choose a grass trimmer for grass with a round line.

Which is the best electric grass trimmer?

Electric Grass Trimmer. Power tool for cutting grass in open and hard-to-reach areas: around shrubs, trees, along paths, fences or curbs.

Electric trimmer models differ in technical characteristics, cost and scope. How to choose a specific model of electric grass trimmer. read in this article. We have collected all the information and expert advice for you.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for cutting grass?

When choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Cutting system type. There are two different cutting systems. line and knife. Fishing line. The line system consists of a head, inside which there is a spool with a wound nylon line. The ends of the line protrude from the spool at a certain distance, and when the head rotates, they mow the grass. The line easily handles small weeds and tall grass. In some cases, she can even mow a small bush.

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Over time, the line wears out and needs to be replaced. It changes automatically or semi-automatically, depending on the grass trimmer model. Automatic change is carried out directly when the grass trimmer is turned on, semi-automatic. when the grass trimmer head hits the ground.

Knife. The knife cutting system is installed on models with a powerful motor. The knife can be equipped with two, three or four blades. It is convenient for him to mow dense bushes and tree shoots. A knife is not enough for mowing small trees: in such cases, a metal disc with teeth like a circular saw is used.

Engine location. Trim tabs have the engine at the top or bottom. The top location is more convenient for the following reasons:

  • the engine is protected from moisture,
  • the grass trimmer can be used for cutting wet grass,
  • the grass trimmer is well balanced and fits comfortably in the hand,
  • at the top there is a powerful motor that can work with a line and a knife.

At the bottom of the grass trimmer there are usually simple, low power motors. Their capabilities are only enough for working with fishing line.

Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the grass trimmer. Household models with power up to 500 W are used for mowing small lawns and cosmetic work after using the lawn mower. 500-1000 W models are more practical. With their help, you can mow lawns, grass in parks and take care of personal plots. Models over 1000 W are the most versatile. They can work with a knife and a fishing line, they are distinguished by a long service life, quality and reliability. Their purpose is to mow lawns, destroy thickets of weeds, cut young trees.

Type of drive. In trimmers, the transmission of torque is carried out using a cable or shaft. Drive shaft models are more reliable. Due to their rigid design, they can work with both a line and a knife. Models with a cable can only work with a fishing line, and therefore this type of drive is used in low-power household brushcutters.

Rod design and material. Electric trimmers have straight and curved barbells. In the curved rod, the torque is transmitted by means of a steel cable. In a straight line. with the help of a gearbox and a shaft. The straight bar is more reliable and is therefore used in heavy duty trimmers. The curved bar is unreliable, therefore it is used only on low-power household brushcutters.

Top engine trimmers have a collapsible and one-piece boom design. Telescopic boom on bottom engine models. The telescopic boom is more comfortable: it can be adjusted to the height of the operator, and it is also easier to carry, store and transport. The bar is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic is a lightweight and fragile material. The metal is more durable but heavier. Aluminum is the most successful material. It combines the light weight of plastic and the strength of metal.

Handle shape. The grass trimmer handle is available in D, J and T-style. D and J-shaped handles give the trimmer agility. They are best used for tricky areas. For work on large and level areas, the T-handle is used, as it can be held with both hands. Equal load distribution helps to reduce hand fatigue and allow the operator to work longer without rest.

Carrying strap. Facilitates work with a brushcutter, transfers the load from hands to shoulders. For light trimmers, one shoulder strap is sufficient; for heavy models, a backpack-type strap is required.

Mowing width. Depends on the type of cutting system, affects the performance of the grass trimmer. Line mowing width reaches 440 mm, disc mowing width. usually up to 250 mm.

We recommend the EGT07-300 Electric Grass Trimmer for gardening and gardening. It is distinguished by its high power, sufficient bevel width and low weight. And thanks to the included additional handle, the grass trimmer is comfortable to grip throughout the working day.

Line feed

The electric grass trimmer is equipped with a manual, semi-automatic, automatic line feed. Hand-fed models are more budgetary, but more laborious in the process of use. Semi-automatic feed assumes that you do not need to turn off the line feed tool. Just touch the spool on a flat, hard surface to release a piece of line. Automatic feed occurs when the engine speed is lowered. This model is one of the most convenient, but also the most expensive. Line consumption during automatic feeding increases significantly.

Engine power

An electric grass trimmer with a power of 250-700 W is suitable for caring for a small lawn next to a country house. To solve complex problems, care for a large area lawn, you will have to choose a motorized scythe with an engine power of 1000-1800 W.

Electric trimmer weight and cutting width

For mowing grass in a summer cottage, a device with a bevel width of 250-270 mm is suitable. To care for large areas, you will need a device with a bevel width of 300-420mm. The standard weight of the appliance is 3.5 to 4 kg. The weight of the grass scythe has a certain pattern: powerful devices weigh more, and simple household devices weigh less.

Motor location

To care for the summer cottage, an electric trimmer, operating from the electrical network, is sufficient. The location of the engine can be top or bottom. The lower location indicates the low power of the device, which is lightweight. A grass braid is used to cut vegetation:

  • in flower beds;
  • along fences;
  • in hard-to-reach places;
  • on difficult uneven terrain.

The under-motor unit must not be used immediately after rain or damp weather. Moisture negatively affects the engine, disabling it.

Overhead power tool: powerful, productive, easy to mow not only grass, but also small shrubs.

Type of food

On sale are offered electric trimmers operating from the electrical network and on rechargeable batteries. Battery models are mobile, they can be used to process the area without being tied to an electrical outlet. Devices:

  • not noisy;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • easy to maintain.

Electric devices are limited in the mowing range. The devices operate from 15 minutes to several hours. The duration depends on the capacity of the battery charge (measured in amperes / hours). To maintain a small lawn around your home, you will need a grass trimmer with a 2 Ah battery. To care for a large area, you will have to purchase a device with a battery with a capacity:

  • 3 Ah,
  • 4 Ah,
  • 6 Ah,
  • 8 Ah.

Tips for choosing the right electric grass trimmer

electric grass trimmer. a motorized grass scythe designed for cutting lawn grass. Structurally, the tool consists of a motor, a rod and a cutting part. Unlike traditional trolley lawnmowers, which only cut level lawns, the electric grass trimmer is used on uneven terrain or to cut tall grass.

Cutting tool

Most models are equipped with a special line. For more powerful devices, the cutting tool is a metal knife in the shape of a disk or an asterisk. The line is suitable for cutting soft lawn grass. The thicker the fishing line, the denser and thicker stems it can mow. Typically, the line range is between 1.4mm and 3.5mm. The star-shaped line handles thick grass and weeds. The rounded cut is used for cutting soft grass.

The knife copes with dense undergrowth and small bushes. The model equipped with a metal knife can only be used safely if there are no sticks, stones or logs in the grass. Rotating shock may break the grass scythe due to damage to the gearbox. Knives are not universal. The tool should be chosen for the task at hand. There are models available for cutting reeds, hay and reeds.

Electric trimmer safety

When purchasing a mechanized scythe, one should not forget about safety equipment, which include protective plastic glasses and gloves. In the process of mowing the grass, you need to work in long tight trousers, closed shoes.

Iron Angel ETR 1400

The Dutch electric grass trimmer Iron Angel ETR 1400 is designed for quick and thorough clearing of the garden and suburban area from vegetation. The manufacturer of the machine from the Netherlands offers two attachments to choose from: a knife for mowing grass with a diameter of 25.5 cm and a line for vegetation no more than 38 cm. The motor power is 1400 W, the total weight is 7 kg. The motor starts smoothly, without creating unnecessary noise and vibrations. Depending on the nozzle, the electric scythe makes from 4800 to 6300 rpm. A metal shaft acts as a drive. In addition, the electric grass trimmer features a D-shaped handle, a shoulder strap, a straight steel collapsible bar. As for the motor, it is on top. This arrangement protects it from accidental bumps against a root or hard object, which increases the lifespan of the grass scythe. The Iron Angel ETR 1400 electric grass trimmer not only benefits from the power of the motor, but also the fact that the motor is equipped with a thermal protection function that protects the device from overloading and overheating. In addition, the device has an additional handle, which makes it more convenient to use. Leading units are lubricated automatically.

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Advice on buying a grass trimmer and edger

  • Robust construction and wear-resistant, stainless material of the body and drive shaft ensure long-term use of the tool without any repairs;
  • Ease of use and comfortable grip handle make the tool lightweight and trouble-free in work;
  • Engine power of 1.4 kW in combination with a steel shaft makes it possible not only to mow with a fishing line, but also to cut off hard growth with a sharp knife;
  • Equipped with an air flow cooling system protects the equipment from overheating in case of prolonged operation;
  • Efficiency is noted, which consists in prolonged operation of the engine while consuming a small amount of energy.

AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

If you need to clear an area of ​​overgrowth where a regular grass scythe won’t fit, the AL-KO GTE 550 Premium grass trimmer will do the job with ease. The unit of this type is designed to destroy vegetation between trees, under a bench, along fences and walls. This type of equipment is very easy to use. The presence of a rotary handle and a bar allows you to adjust the scythe so that it is easy to hold it during operation. So that the trees are not damaged during mowing, especially for young seedlings, a special bracket and a wheel that moves in different directions are mounted in the grass trimmer. The unit is equipped with a powerful motor that operates at a load of 550 kW. In one go, the grass scythe cuts up to 30 cm of grass, which allows you to clear a large amount of area in a short time. A semi-automatic cutting head with double nylon line is responsible for the cutting, main part. The head can be adjusted so that the electric grass trimmer reaches out to places where a normal scythe will not reach. This trimmer on the electric motor has many advantages. Its motor, unlike other similar devices, is located on top. This provides it with protection from impacts during the operation of the unit, which affects the rock and its duration. Another important advantage is affordable cost and convenient transportation.

  • The uniqueness of the design, which lies in the ability of the grass scythe to work in narrow and hard-to-reach places;
  • The proprietary electric motor from AL-KO has a continuous operation with minimal electricity consumption;
  • It is possible to clean large areas in a short time due to the double line head;
  • Low weight of 3 kg provides ease of use and reduces stress on the user’s hands.

AL-KO BC 1200 E

AL-KO models in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and a very meager% of hits on the service. This German electric trimmer can be safely called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average service life is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all characteristics testify to premium quality: 2 cutting speeds, motor overload protection, soft start function, light and durable aluminum bar. As practice shows, the engine power is 1.2 kW. the most optimal for grass trimmer. This motor handles most vegetation without overloading. At the same time, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. It is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But for those who value a reliable manufacturer, this grass trimmer is for them.

  • The lowest percentage of users’ calls to service centers;
  • Proven as the most reliable grass trimmer for grass;
  • Two-speed;
  • High-quality copper-wound electric motor;
  • Drive from engine to gearbox. forged steel shaft;
  • Weed cutter included.

Hyundai GC 1400

  • Heavy duty motor for demanding tasks;
  • Bicycle handle. design like a brushcutter;
  • Due to the upper location of the motor, dust and moisture do not enter the engine through the air grilles;
  • Collapsible design;
  • Smooth start;
  • Large cutting width in one pass.

These are the most reliable grass trimmers ever and they are the best sellers by right. We have selected for you the TOP-ten of the best models. the most sold trimmers in 2019.

TOP 10: rating of the best electric trimmers

  • They serve for a long time and do not break;
  • They have good power combined with a low price;
  • They have an optimal set of functions.

Vitals Master EZT 144vrs

The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric scythe is designed for cleaning lawns, as well as mowing grass where a regular grass scythe does not go: around trees, flower beds, between fences, on lawns with an uneven surface. The grass scythe has an electric motor with a power of 1400 watts. This electric tool is very comfortable to start. It is equipped with a soft start function, with which the unit turns on without jerking. The engine runs on a belt drive, which does not make unnecessary noise during the operation of the scythe for grass and does not create strong vibrations. The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric grass trimmer has many advantages, including the fact that the rotor and stator of the electric motor are wrapped in copper, which provides the device with durability and durability. In the complete set you will find a belt with which the grass scythe is put on the shoulder and a knife with three teeth for mowing vegetation. The line spool must be purchased separately. Depending on the hardness and size of the vegetation, choose either a three-toothed knife (mows 255 mm) or a spool with line (designed for mowing plants with a diameter of 420 mm). The shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit your height and can be detached separately from the grass braid. After adjustment, the belt is very easy and quick to attach to the mowing device.

  • High-quality material for manufacturing the rotor and stator windings, as well as the housing, rod and handle as a whole. it is a guarantee of a long service life;
  • Smooth, jerk-free start-up prolongs the operation of the unit and simplifies the load on a person’s hands;
  • Powerful motor makes it possible to change nozzles and use a knife for cutting weeds;
  • Bicycle handles provide a firm grip and comfortable control, designed for cutting vegetation of different sizes;
  • During operation, the tool is convenient and simple, does not create unnecessary noise and vibrations.

Hyundai GC 550

If you need to trim areas for an even and smooth cut, then the Hyundai GC 550 Electric Grass Trimmer is just the thing. This model is equipped with a powerful, advanced motor that doubles the speed of the rotating block compared to other models, thus improving productivity. The engine power is 700 W, at which it makes up to 1000 rpm. The electric grass trimmer Hyundai GC 550 also has advantages in heat dissipation, since a special system is built into the device, which is responsible for cooling the engine in case of overheating. There is also an automatic thermal protection that turns off the unit in case of overload. The cutting element is a head with a semi-automatic line feed. The length of the line is 6 meters, the diameter is 1.6 mm, which allows it to mow 300 mm of grass in one fell swoop without damaging the stems of the plants. The handle of the grass scythe is adjustable, which makes it possible to lengthen the handle and thus reach hard-to-reach places. To make it comfortable to hold the braid while working, there are pads for the handles, made of durable, wear-resistant rubber. The unit also features a push button injury protection that protects the engine from accidental starting. Also, using the adjusting device, you can adjust the rotation of the head in any direction. The D-shaped handle, which makes it easier and more comfortable to use, helps to adjust the swing width and angle of rotation of the grass trimmer head. The built-in wheel helps to deliver the tool to the place of work, which can also be used as additional support.

  • High productivity thanks to the 700 W motor and high-tech cutting head;
  • The manufacturer Hyundai used high quality materials, which provide the unit with strength and durability;
  • Due to its low weight, which is 2.9 kg, the scythe is easy to carry, and the transport wheel allows you to transport it around the site;
  • Smooth start lightens the load on the hands and protects against a jerk at the start;
  • The adjusting head of the grass trimmer penetrates into hard-to-reach areas, allowing you to clean the entire area.