How To Choose An Electric Jackhammer

How to choose a jackhammer: 6 tips Which jackhammer should you choose? Features of pneumatic and electrical models. What to look for when buying a bump stop? Read on MOYO.Ua!

How to choose a jackhammer: 6 tips

2need a powerful and productive tool to smash walls, floors, and even asphalt? There is one called a jackhammer. Neither monolithic concrete, nor frozen impenetrable soils, nor brickwork, nor even the strongest stone can resist it. No obstacles on the way! With such a device, you can in a matter of moments remove the old tile from the wall, make a niche, remove the worn out road surface and much more.

how to choose an electric jackhammer

The thing is useful, but not everyone knows how to choose it correctly and which jackhammer is better. The secrets of a successful purchase are revealed by professionals. And for a “snack”. A rating of 6 top bumpers of different types.

Impact attachments

The device allows you to change the nozzle for specific work. As a rule, attachments are included, but you can purchase them separately. Most popular tips:

  • Pick-crowbar. It is with this sharpened detail that the bump stop is most familiar to see. Such a nozzle is used for dismantling concrete, brick, stone, destruction of asphalt. It can also be used in non-standard situations, for example, to loosen the soil for its subsequent processing.
  • Scapula. Suitable for removing tiles from walls or floors, removing old plaster from the surface. The nozzle really looks like a small shovel, at the end it has a significant extension with a straight cut. The edge is sharpened and very sharp.
  • Chisel. This building element is needed to cut the reinforcement, destroy the frozen ground, make a hole or a niche in the wall. It is also used when working with metal structures during their dismantling.

The ramming attachment is also suitable for the hammer. Its mission is clear from the name. To compact the soil (it is also possible with stones), to close up faults in hard-to-reach places, and more.

How does the fender look and work?

The impact force here is formed by a special mechanism located under the case cover. It is he who creates the necessary shock waves, which are transferred to the bumper cutter and further, to the material, destroying it. It all works like an earthquake.
The bump stop is quite heavy, makes noise and vibrates very much in the process. True, manufacturers are trying to minimize the effect of vibration, but still, with frequent and intensive use of the hammer, it negatively affects human health.

Concrete breakers are also suitable for home use, but more often they are found on large-scale construction sites or road works. If there is a need to purchase such a tool, you need to know how to choose a jackhammer: take an electric or pneumatic one, is the design important, what performance characteristics should you take into account? A competent choice will save you from inconvenience during the work process and greatly facilitate the life of the builder.

How to choose a jackhammer

Jackhammer. This is perhaps one of the most essential tools for serious construction work. This tool simply cannot be replaced when arranging openings and niches in particularly durable building materials, such as, for example, brick and concrete. It will also be useful for parsing concrete brick and monolithic structures. Also, a jackhammer is needed when destroying frozen soil, as well as when removing asphalt pavement and even when cutting metal.

Jackhammer. Is a mechanical hand impact tool with high impact energy.

Impact energy

The main technical indicators of a jackhammer are the impact energy reproduced by the tool per unit of time, as well as the number of strikes reproduced per the same unit of time.

Demolition hammer design

The design of this tool is not particularly complex. The drive sets the firing pin in motion, which is inside the body, which sends a series of mechanical impulses to the hammer working body. A lance that destroys the material being processed with sufficiently fast reciprocating movements (from 1000 to 1500 beats per minute).

Peak types

For various types of work, a variety of peak types are used. There is a pike-crowbar, a pike-blade, a chisel, a rammer. The pike-crowbar is used for loosening soil, removing asphalt pavement, for dismantling concrete and brick objects, as well as for breaking rocks. Tip. Blade is used for leveling the asphalt edge and chipping ice, chisel. For chopping any materials.

Hammer weight

Jackhammers are conventionally divided into classes, according to the type of work for which they are widely used. There are light jackhammers, medium and heavy. Before choosing one or another model of a jackhammer, you need to decide what type of work you are going to do.

Lightweight demolition hammer (5-6 kg) is used for repair and finishing work and in cases where work is carried out at a height.

Medium Demolition Hammer(5-10 kg.) Is used when working in a horizontal plane.

Weight heavy jackhammer can reach up to 30 kg. The area of ​​its use is foundation and ground work.

Also, jackhammers differ in the type of energy: electric, gasoline, pneumatic.

Electric jackhammer

The principle of operation of the electric jackhammer: the electric motor drives the rotor, which forces the firing pin to work, sending mechanical impulses to the peak. Hammer executive tool.

This type of jackhammers is not recommended for use in high fire conditions. Hazard, because its electric motor can spark. Another disadvantage is its dependence on permanent power supplies.

Gasoline Breaker

This tool has one main advantage over an electric jackhammer, it does not require binding to power sources. However, it also has its drawbacks, for example, high fuel consumption (gasoline), toxic exhaust, increased noise level during operation.

Pneumatic Breaker

It is considered a particularly viable option for small repairs. There are two types of pneumatic motors for this type of jackhammer. Turbine and volumetric. The main advantages of this tool are that it does not spark, is absolutely not afraid of moisture and does not depend on constant energy sources, does not need fuel.

All of the above types of jackhammers have certain advantages and disadvantages, before choosing a jackhammer, you must definitely pay attention to them.

Vibration effect

One of the negative factors of some types of jackhammers is their vibration. With the regular use of such a tool, a person significantly increases the risk of developing pathologies of the cardiovascular, nervous or muscular systems, disorders of the musculoskeletal system. That is why, before buying a jackhammer, make sure that the offered model has built-in vibration protection, which helps to significantly reduce the negative impact of the device on the working organism.


In principle, hydraulic hammers are similar to pneumatic ones, only instead of compressed air they use a liquid, most often oil. Accordingly, such a tool requires special expensive equipment that will supply this liquid. This is the least common variant of bumpers, which is not found in everyday life.

Choosing an electric jackhammer

Quality standards

The motor of each Dnipro-M breaker is made in accordance with the internal quality standards:

  • The copper winding of the motor from the Japanese manufacturer can withstand up to 200 ° C.
  • Three coats of varnish that cover the engine extend engine life by 50% and remove heat dissipation.
  • The optimum hardness of the steel from which the gearbox is made (HRC 61-63) increases the life of this part.
  • Thanks to the use of dustproof rubber bearings, the tool is not afraid of even the most intensive work.
  • Reinforced pins for fixing the rig. They are made with the addition of molybdenum.

Types of electric hammers

How the hammer works

Electric hammer for driving

In our country, this tool is not in great demand.

Large construction and industrial companies use electric hammers to save time on the construction of various objects.

The demand for electric hammers has contributed to the creation of a huge number of models designed to work on a particular type of building material.

In the building materials market, you can even choose such models of electric hammers that are designed exclusively for working on a particular type of tree.

You can purchase tools for professional or amateur (home) use.

The electric nail hammer is easy to use. To hammer in a nail with an electric hammer, a person does not need to exert much effort.

For hammering, it is enough to present the electric hammer to the nail, and then press the special trigger. The piston, powered by the energy of gunpowder, electrically, gas or compressed air, drives the nail into the required place.

After hammering in a nail, the piston returns to its original position, and the next nail automatically comes from the drum compartment. This process continues until the drum is completely empty.

This type of electric hammer is used for furniture assembly, renovation and construction work. Convenient for mounting stretch ceilings and building the floor of the room.

Pneumatic Electric Hammer

This type of electric hammer is the most popular in the modern construction tool market.

The maximum length of nails that the tool can hammer in is 22 centimeters.

The operation of the tool is provided by a compressor connected to an elastic hose.

The characteristics of the compressor are indicated in the instructions attached to the tool upon purchase.

Even an inexperienced master can do construction or other similar work. In addition, the tool has good technical characteristics and is lightweight.