How To Choose The Right Cordless Screwdriver For Home

How to choose a cordless drill for home

The selection of power tools for household work, even for minor repairs, requires an extremely balanced approach in assessing the capabilities and functions of the same electric drill or screwdriver. Despite a certain similarity of modern power tools for drilling and screwing fasteners, differences exist even within the model line of one manufacturer, not to mention the products of different companies. When deciding to buy a screwdriver, take with you an assistant who has practical experience with such a tool, who knows exactly how to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home. In any case, it is worth contacting the salon of the power tool, being already grounded in the characteristics and structure of a good screwdriver.

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The main points of the device of the cordless screwdriver

If the convenience and build quality of a particular model can still be assessed by seeing a cordless screwdriver with your own eyes, then the features of the tool will have to be painstakingly compared and studied according to the passport before you can choose the appropriate option.

Experienced users prefer to choose a tool by paying attention to the following details:

  • Features of the device of the chuck, ratchet gear and electric motor;
  • Battery characteristics, capacity and operating voltage;
  • Availability of additional functions.

It is clear that most of the craftsmen evaluate the tool by its reputation. For example, anyone who works with siding cladding and roofing applications prefers a screwdriver with a huge battery capacity, drop-resistance and high humidity. For home use, such models will be too expensive, the reliability of the gearbox and the ease of use of the cartridge are more important.

What options are there for cordless screwdrivers

Before choosing the model of the screwdriver you like, it is worth clarifying its purpose. Today, the once monolithic family of cordless screwdrivers consists of several specialized areas:

  • Universal screwdrivers. designed for home use. The most affordable and at the same time easy-to-use tools;
  • Professional and semi-professional screwdriver models. differing from household drill options with a huge work resource, high price and reliability;
  • Special purpose screwdrivers. These include cordless screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, as well as individual models designed to work with a specific type of material, for example, with drywall, PVC or polycarbonate.

The last category of screwdrivers is least suitable as a household tool; such machines should be chosen only for a specific type of professional activity. In addition to the fact that such models are more expensive than the universal series, the manufacturer has laid down several specific functions in them, for example, a self-tapping screw depth limiter, which are important for working with drywall, but are absolutely useless in a home workshop.

The situation is similar with cordless screwdrivers and wrenches. An exception may be screwdrivers, which have a drill function. In this case, the possibility of drilling will be a nice addition, although this does affect the cost of the tool.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver

You need to choose a specific model of a cordless screwdriver, guided by the following criteria:

How to choose the right motor and gearbox parameters

Today the most popular version of the cordless screwdriver is the 18V model. According to the manufacturers, this means that the DC motor is lighter and generates less heat when running under load. In practice, there are practically no significant differences between 12 and 18 volt versions, with the same battery capacity, the discharge current does not change, the power of the electric motor increases slightly. But advertising does its job, and buyers prefer to choose a screwdriver with increased operating voltage.

The operating speed of the electric motor is much more important. The cordless screwdriver for domestic use can range from 600 to 1200 rpm, professional versions and models with drill functions can range up to 1900 rpm. Some multi-speed models are capable of developing up to 3000 rpm. What does this affect? On the price and weight of the tool. Such a model will be 1.5 times lighter than a household model and 3 times more expensive. You can choose such a model if you have to work with wall and ceiling cladding of significant sizes, especially if you have to wrap the fasteners with outstretched hands.

Most often, a cordless screwdriver has two speeds for work, which is enough for screwing most types of fasteners. Another speed, the straight line at which the chuck rotates directly from the motor, is used for the drill mode.

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The second determining parameter is the shaft torque. Ordinary home screwdrivers give from 20 to 45 N ∙ m, professional models from 30 to 100 N ∙ m. To work with metal, 40-45 N ∙ m will be enough, but before choosing the maximum torque, it is worth remembering that only a physically strong person can use such a tool at the maximum.

Try to choose a tool with a self-tapping percussion screw function, which allows small blows of the chuck in the plane of rotation to tightly wrap the fasteners in metal or unscrew an old rusty screw, especially if the slot for a screwdriver is practically “lapped”.

How to choose a screwdriver cartridge and batteries

The vast majority of models use a self-clamping two-sleeve and single-sleeve chuck. You can choose the most convenient second option for quick installation, when the shaft is fixed against rotation by a reducer. If you need to work with thin drills or long attachments, then choose the first option. In this case, the locking ring and the movable part of the coupling have to be unscrewed with both hands. On the body behind the chuck there is a ratchet, or screwing force regulator. You can choose one of four positions or drilling mode. Maximum drill diameter 10 mm, in some cases up to 15 mm.

The situation with the batteries is less clear. The metal hydride and nickel cadmium models are not even worth trying. The high self-discharge and the memory effect turn the cordless screwdriver into rubbish within a year. They are 30-40% cheaper than lithium-ion models, but even the most economical and tight-fisted craftsmen try not to choose old models. According to the passport, they can work up to three years, but in practice they die much faster due to the high self-discharge. up to 20% per month and the rapid loss of charge.

The only advantage: nickel-cadmium models can be stored for a long time and work at low temperatures. If you need to constantly work at subzero temperatures, then you will have to choose NK. a cordless screwdriver, since the lithium battery, even with a short-term stay at low temperatures, irrevocably breaks down. If you wish, you can choose new generation Bosch lithium-ion batteries, which cost twice as much, but can work at minus fifteen degrees of frost.

The lithium battery is fully charged in a maximum of an hour, the nickel-cadmium battery in three hours. The standard capacity of the battery pack for a household screwdriver is 2 Ah. This is enough for unhurried work on installing fasteners for 5 hours, screwing 70 self-tapping screws or mixing 2 buckets of plaster. Some manufacturers produce household tools with a capacity of up to 4 Ah. Professional cordless screwdrivers are equipped with blocks of 2.5-4 Ah. In addition, professional models come with an additional battery as standard.

Choosing a screwdriver is not difficult if you pay attention to the details of the structure. A good quality tool body always fits perfectly, without gaps and bursts. Instrument information and markings on the body are applied only by ink, by printing. If the plate is pasted, it is definitely a fake. Sometimes, when you turn on the machine, a smell of plastic or heated grease may appear, this should also not be. And most importantly. the power tool should be equally smooth, without vibrations, work in any mode.

Choosing a screwdriver: for home and for work

The difference between home and work screwdrivers is power and functionality. Accordingly, their tasks are different.

  • With the help of household models, you can change the lock, hang a mirror or assemble furniture. They are designed for tightening bolts, screws and self-tapping screws. Designed for short-term operation.
  • Professional screwdrivers, in addition to screwing, are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces. They are tough: able to work non-stop for eight hours, five days a week.

Choose screwdrivers for two parameters.

How to choose a screwdriver

Screwdriver power

The capacity of cordless models depends on the operating voltage of the battery. It ranges from 1.2 to 36 V.

  • For simple work, 3-6 V (Volts) is enough.
  • For screwing into wooden beams, plastic and drywall, optimal 10-15 V.
  • For drilling hard materials. 18 V minimum.

The more power, the more functionality the screwdriver has. Powerful models are heavier than their “brothers”.

Tool performance is directly related to the work of torque (force). The more powerful it is, the more tighten the screw or drill the hole deeper.

For household chores, screwdrivers of three powers are chosen.

  • Stronger: torque 30-40 Nm (Newton meters) and above. Professional models are equipped with torques up to 130 Nm. In addition to screwing, they are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces.
  • Normal: with a force up to 20 Nm. It is easy for them to unscrew / tighten the bolts and screws on drywall and plastic.
  • If only twisted. this is a cordless screwdriver. Its torque is about 10 Newton meters. Suitable for working with small fasteners: repair children’s toys or tighten loosely clamped furniture bolts.
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In most screwdrivers, the maximum torque is adjusted using a limiter. a ring with digital divisions located behind the chuck. You will be able to set the optimum torque to tighten the screw. The more graduations the limiter has, the more accurately you can meter the torque element.

Sparky BUR2 10.8Li-C HD: 20 torque steps drilling

To determine the drilling coverage, a separate division is provided. Therefore, the rotational speed in screwdrivers is indicated in two ranges:

  • unscrew the screws on a low one. It ranges from 400 to 800 rpm.
  • high drilled. For professional models, the rotation speed reaches 1300 rpm.

Battery type

The battery determines how quickly the instrument is discharged. And if the question has become an edge: “How to choose a cordless screwdriver?”. it is worth dealing with the types of batteries.

  • Li-Ion (lithium-ion). they have the highest power and, in comparison with other batteries, the largest number of charges. up to three thousand times. They are lightweight, charge fast and have no memory effect. To extend the life of the battery, do not fully charge / discharge it, keep it half charged. There is only one drawback:
  • works intermittently in the cold.
  • Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium). resistant to voltage surges, they have good internal resistance. It works like a clock, even in freezing temperatures. 15 ° C. The number of charge cycles is up to 1500. There are not many “minuses”, but they are fat:
  • the battery discharges quickly and takes a long time to charge. up to 7 hours. Professional tools (Sparky, Hitachi, Makita) live faster. from 30 to 60 minutes;
  • has a charge memory effect, if you do not discharge the battery to the end, its capacity will decrease. For a longer charging time, keep it discharged.
  • Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hybrid). Discharges more slowly than other batteries. It is better to store such a battery charged, and after a long period of inactivity, discharge and charge it completely. The number of charge cycles. up to five hundred.
  • How to choose a cordless screwdriver

    Let’s start with how to choose a cordless screwdriver for home.

    In cordless tools, the power source is a battery that is charged from an electrical outlet. A big plus of cordless tools is their mobility. You will not need to move your workplace closer to the outlet or through an electrical extension cord to “pull energy” to the desired place.

    You often ask how to choose the right cordless screwdriver and with which battery to choose a cordless screwdriver. It’s very simple, because one of the most important parameters in cordless screwdrivers is the battery capacity.

    For example, the YATO YT-82788 two-speed cordless impact driver has a 2 Ah battery capacity (very good in its class). over, this screwdriver is charged in just 60 minutes. It is also worth noting that such a cordless screwdriver performs as many as three functions: drilling, hammer drilling and, of course, screwing.

    Therefore, if you are still in doubt about choosing a screwdriver or impact drill, then this one tool can fulfill the functions of these two tools.

    Types of screwdrivers

    Firstly, all screwdrivers are divided according to the power supply method into:

    It’s very simple: the rechargeable battery weighs a little, charges quickly and does not “tie” you to an outlet.

    In addition to cordless screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers are no less popular. And then the question immediately arises, which network screwdriver is better to choose.

    The mains powered tool is powered directly from the mains. Among the advantages of network tools, one can single out the fact that they will work as long as you need without recharging.

    For example, customers often ask how to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home. We will answer this question in the next paragraph.

    Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless

    The principle of operation, like the screwdriver itself, has not changed for many years. But, not so long ago, brushless models of screwdrivers appeared.

    Best Cordless Screwdriver Reviews 2021 | Best Budget Cordless Screwdriver (Buying Guide)

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    How to choose the right screwdriver

    The screwdriver is one of the indispensable tools during any construction professional and household work. And before choosing a screwdriver, you need to think carefully about all the details of the purchase and weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the key features of future tasks.

    In this article:

    • Types of screwdrivers
    • How to choose a screwdriver for home
    • How to choose a screwdriver for the job
    • Which screwdriver to choose
    • How to choose a cordless screwdriver
    • How to choose a network screwdriver
    • Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless
    • What power to choose a screwdriver
  • Which firm screwdriver to choose
  • Which screwdriver to choose

    After you have read all the technical characteristics, the question arises, which screwdriver to choose.

    Another rather interesting area where screwdrivers are used is fishing.

    Often, winter fishing enthusiasts use a screwdriver to drill holes, which will significantly speed up the ice drilling process.

    But which screwdriver for an ice screw to choose? Definitely, for an environment where there is no access to electrical outlets, you need to take a cordless tool.

    It is also important to have a spare unit with you and that both batteries are kept warm when fishing, for example, under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity.

    How to choose a screwdriver for the job

    So, let’s start with what criteria to choose a screwdriver. Firstly, every craftsman wants to have a tool with which he will be comfortable working. As for screwdrivers, here one of the most important criteria that affect comfortable work is the weight of the tool. Since with a light screwdriver in your hand you get much less tired, therefore, this allows you to do a lot more work.

    How to choose a good screwdriver and what parameters to pay attention to:

    • torque. Remember a very important thing, the higher the torque of the screwdriver, the more difficult work it can perform.
    • battery power. Power tools with a powerful battery are much more durable and last longer.
    • additional functions. No less important qualities of screwdrivers are the presence of additional functions that will give your screwdriver other roles. Additional functions often include: strike function, reverse function, quick-release chuck, illumination and others.
    • dimensions and ergonomics of the tool. Before choosing a screwdriver, you need to hold the tool in your hands and try on its dimensions and weight for your hand.
    • equipment. It is very good when a second battery, charger, bag or case for storing and carrying it is included with the tool.

    How to choose a network screwdriver

    Compared to cordless tools, the cordless screwdriver is renowned for its much higher performance, as well as the fact that it can work without interruption.

    But still, before choosing a good network screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with all its technical indicators.

    If you are faced with a choice of which inexpensive cordless screwdriver is better to choose, then it is recommended to purchase a tool with at least average power and ergonomics.

    How to choose a screwdriver for home

    So, which screwdriver to choose for the home, or rather, how to choose the right screwdriver for the home.

    It should be noted that for domestic use of a screwdriver, some technical parameters are important, and for a professional one. more powerful and expensive.

    At the same time, you do not need to choose the cheapest and weakest model for the house, since any intensive work for several hours can lead to burnout of electronics in versions with weak power. Therefore, it is difficult to answer which budget screwdriver to choose.

    For example, how to choose a screwdriver for assembling furniture, so that it is easy to use even for a beginner. Firstly, it is important that the screwdriver is comfortable for you to hold in your hand and weighs a little.

    In another case, how to choose a screwdriver for building a house. This requires a professional approach and a more powerful tool.

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