How to choose the right trimmer for gasoline grass. D- and J-shaped handles

Model Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S

Grass trimmer on straight boom. Equipped with a 1 liter two-stroke engine.с. Weight is just over 5.5 kg. Fuel tank capacity 750 ml. Comes with line for trimmer.

  • Easy assembly for fast setup. Lawn trimmer is completed with a set of tools required for its assembly and adjustment.
  • Thoughtful design makes it easy to use right out of the box. The grass trimmer easily cuts grass even in hard-to-reach places, such as along fences.
  • Vibration-free mowing makes grass easier. Working with this brushcutter is not tiring and increases productivity, i.e. the amount of grass mowed in one interval.
  • Compactness determines the ease of storage and transportation.
  • Low noise level makes the use of the grass trimmer comfortable for others.
  • Relatively high weight. Of course, this parameter is perceived by each owner individually, but in general you can specify this characteristic as a disadvantage, since the market offers models with the same characteristics, but weighing about 1.5 times less.
  • Not very comfortable handle. This disadvantage is affected during prolonged operation. The hand gradually begins to weaken, and the movement becomes imprecise.
  • Poor repairability. This is the reason for the high cost of repair. Although the manufacturer claims that his products are trouble-free, but in practice they sometimes break. Repair of this grass trimmer is connected with the difficulty of dismantling some nodes, which complicates the recovery process.
  • No grass catcher box.

Conclusion. This model is suitable for mowing lawns planted on fairly clean soil and for processing rolled lawns on sports and other grounds. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S grass trimmer is preferably used for short work.

Model Echo SRM-2305SI

Standard top mounted grass trimmer with D-handle. Two-stroke engine with 0.8 L displacement.с. Weight 5.8 kg. Petrol consumption 0.5 l/h. Equipped with i-Start system for easy starting.

  • Easy start-up. Easy to start, it relieves the burden on the starter motor and indirectly extends the life of the machine.
  • Easy putting fuel in the grass trimmer and low fuel consumption.
  • Rather high noise level limits use of the grass trimmer in some areas, such as hospitals, schools, etc.д.
  • Not very clearly written instruction makes it difficult to prepare the equipment for the first use.
  • Difficulty in finding and buying spare parts worsens maintainability.
  • Fewer speeds reduce mowing speed and overall output is low.
  • Unsuccessful design of the filament drum. from time to time it gets clogged with grass and has to be cleaned manually.

Conclusion. The model performs well in heavy-duty applications. Using the Echo SRM-2305SI grass trimmer is appropriate for low grass lawns. Not recommended for stony ground.

Hitachi CG22EAS model

Inexpensive Japanese-made grass trimmer with a 0.85 liter two-stroke motor.с. Weight of the machine is 4,7 kg. Features a handy handle on a bicycle handlebar bracket.

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  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy change of cutting head.
  • Height-adjustable handle for easy use and allows wearers to quickly become accustomed to using the brushcutter. You can literally customize the device and experience true comfort when mowing the grass.
  • Robust trimmer line with extra tensile strength for easy cutting of any kind of grass, even tough fibrous grass with thick stems. Steel blade for tough grass and young brush cuttings is included.
  • Low weight allows for easy trimmer manipulation during lawn care. Due to the lightness of the mower it is possible to make a wider swath and mow many grass in a single operation.

Echo SRM-2305SI

Lawn mower is suitable for garden-park and agricultural works, but the reasonable price allows to use Echo SRM-2305SI in everyday households.

  • Forged crankshaft for increased reliability.
  • Equipped with primer, a fuel pump that makes it easy to pump the mixture to the carburetor.
  • High-quality construction: in case of careful use, it will last 10 years and more.
  • The engine is easy to start.
  • Works efficiently with a fishing line and metal blade.


The German-made STIHL FS 250 combines power and low weight. 2-cylinder engine.2 л.с. It mows shrubs, thistles and weeds more powerfully than any other mower.

  • Low weight will interest mowers who choose which mower to buy for tough continuous mowing.
  • Easy start technology for a quick start of the mower.
  • High engine power.
  • Robust design.
  • Suitable for both lawn and undergrowth cutting.

Echo SRM-2655SI

Universal long lawn mower with high efficiency in all commonly used cutting tools. Echo SRM-2655SI is a good tool for commercial work in any conditions.

  • Looking for the best gasoline grass trimmer for soft grass and dry grass. take a closer look at this model. It productively mows with a blade, knife and toothed disc.
  • The Gasoline Trimmer is made in Japan.
  • Reliability.
  • Power.

Husqvarna 143R-II

As with other top-of-the-line gasoline trimmers, the Husqvarna 143R-II has plenty of power. This allows it to be used in heavily overgrown areas. The Swedish brushcutter is difficult to handle at home because of its heavy weight.

  • Rigid drive shaft.
  • Belt that spreads the weight of the machine.
  • Power reserve.
  • Support for various cutting elements.
  • Relatively low fuel consumption.
  • Low vibration level.

Echo SRM-330ES

This lawnmower is designed for heavy use. Echo SRM-330ES has an easy start system and rubberized handles that protect the operator from negative vibrations.

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  • One starter pull to start the engine.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Low noise level during operation.
  • Vibration damping system in the handles.
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How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Echo SRM-350ES

The “older brother” of the previous model, surpassing it in power and motor volume. If you don’t know which gasoline grass trimmer is better of these two, the price of Echo SRM-350ES is higher by a little less than 2 thousand.

  • Quality construction of the lawnmower. Country of production. Japan.
  • Engine power.
  • Low-noise.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Capacious fuel tank.
  • Gasoline consumption.
  • Complete carrying case for easy, continuous operation.

Black Decker ST1823-QW

18 V domestic cordless grass trimmer is designed for maintenance and grass cutting in small household plots and in the garden. The tool is equipped with a 1.5 Ah Li-Ion battery. E-Drive system increases speed up to 9000 rpm. Comfortable two-handed design.

Equipped with telescopic aluminum boom for height adjustment, automatic line feed, as well as ergonomically shaped handle that provides not only comfort, but also safety. Weight. 3.1 kg.

Comparison chart

If you have not yet decided which gasoline trimmer for grass is better to choose from our rating 2020-2021, we advise you to read the table of technical specifications, in which we compared the main parameters of each model.

Model Engine displacement, cc.Engine speed Fuel tank capacity, l Noise level, dB Weight, kg Average price,
Huter GGT-2500T 52 7500 1.2 96 7 6200
Interskol KB-25/52B 7000 1 101 8 4600
Fubag FPT 43 43 6300 1.1 92 8.5 8000
Hammer MTK25B 25 8600 0.68 112 5.6 8100
PATRIOT PT 555 52 6500 1.2 103 7.7 8900
Champion T523 6800 0.95 102 8.3 7500
Makita EM2500U 25 8800 0.5 107 4.5 12000
Husqvarna 128R 28 8000 0.4 114 5 14800
Echo SRM-22GES 21 6500 0.44 91 4.8 15100
STIHL FS 55 27 7000 0.33 90 5 15490