How To Clean An Air Filter For Lawn Mowers

Malfunction of the carburetor

If all the actions described above did not lead to success, perhaps the reason for the inoperability of the chainsaw lies in a malfunction of the carburetor.

In this case, it is checked and adjusted. However, if you have no experience in performing such work, then you should find through friends or by an ad of a specialist who knows how to do this. Otherwise, you risk being left without a saw. A carburetor is a device consisting of many parts of a very small size, which, if not skillfully disassembled, can simply fall out and get lost.

A video on how to repair a Stihl MS 250 chainsaw carburetor is presented below
(press triangle to play):

Engine malfunctions

The following defects are most often observed in engine operation:

  • the engine does not start at all;
  • starts up, but immediately stalls;
  • does not develop the required power;
  • works unstable.

To find the cause of the problem, you need to analyze the possible causes in order using the elimination method. Let’s walk through this chain so that you know how to find a defect in a chainsaw if it appears.

How To Change a Lawn Mower Air Filter

Manual chain sharpening technology is presented in the following

The automatic chain sharpening system is discussed below:

Source: http: // kakpravilnosdelat. ru / kak-zatochit-benzopilu /

How to sharpen a chainsaw

Sooner or later, even the highest quality chainsaw will require sharpening. You can sharpen the tool chain yourself. The main thing is to determine in time that it is time to start sharpening.

Chainsaw ignition system malfunctions

Malfunctions in the ignition system are most often the cause of engine failure in gasoline powered tools. Therefore, you should start troubleshooting with it.

Examine the candle. To do this, carefully remove the high-voltage wire from the head, and then unscrew the candle from the socket using a special key.

If the plug is wet, then there is an excess of fuel. Most often, the supply of an excess amount of fuel is associated with an incorrect carburetor adjustment or problems in the ignition system.

The candle should be carefully wiped with a dry paper towel and dried. You also need to drain the cylinder, close the fuel supply and start the starter several times to remove excess fuel mixture.

After these steps, you need to install the plug in place, open the fuel supply and try again.

If a lot of black carbon is noticeable on the candle, this usually indicates a malfunction in the fuel supply. a violation of the gasoline / oil ratio, poor-quality oil or the need to adjust the carburetor.

In this case, the candle must be cleaned with a needle or a sharp awl from accumulated carbon deposits, cleaned with a zero sandpaper until a metallic sheen appears and screwed back into place. In this case, you need to pay attention to the tightness of the candle gasket.

If the chainsaw still won’t start, check for a spark in the spark plug. With the cap of the high-voltage wire on, we lean the candle skirt against the cylinder and pull the starter, as shown in the photo below:

If a blue spark jumps from a distance of 2-3 mm, then everything is in order. If the spark appears only at a distance of 0.5. 1 mm, it is most likely that there is a problem with the ignition system. If there is no spark, check the high-voltage cable with a probe. It may have a broken wire.

If all the actions taken did not lead to success, try changing the candle to a known good one and try again to start the chainsaw.

Also, the absence of a spark may be due to a violation of the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel magnetic circuit. The gap should be 0.2 mm. The required gap can be set using a 0.2 mm spacer, which is placed between the flywheel and the ignition module.

The video of the chainsaw ignition device and its malfunction is shown below (to play, press the triangle):

Chain brake

Failure of the chain brake can occur due to contamination of the under-cover space and brake band with sawdust or grease. The wear of the belt also leads to this. In the first case, you need to clean the lid space, in the second, replace the brake band.

If there is a lawn mower in the farm. use, maintenance and repair. to help you. over, you can make a lawn mower yourself from a chainsaw, thus unifying the tool.

Source: http: // bazila. net / stroyka-i-remont / samostoyatelnyj-remont-benzopily. html

Acceleration check

To check the engine for acceleration, gently press the accelerator and make sure that the engine quickly picks up speed from idle to maximum (from 2800 to 11500-15000 rpm. depending on the brand and model of the saw). If the engine picks up speed slowly, slowly unscrew the screw L counterclockwise (no more than 1/8 of a turn).

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Malfunction of the fuel supply system in the chainsaw

If everything is in order with the ignition system, then go ahead and check the fuel supply system of the chainsaw.

The failure of the fuel supply system, as a rule, is associated with one of the following reasons:

  • contamination of the fuel filter;
  • the hole in the tank lid is clogged;
  • insufficient amount of incoming fuel mixture.

Disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if fuel flows out of it or not. If the fuel flows in a free stream, then everything is in order. the cover and filter are working properly. If the fuel mixture does not flow at all or flows very weakly, then clean the cover hole (breather) with a needle.

We remove the fuel filter through the filler hole, with a hook (you can bend it out of the wire), together with the suction hose. You must first empty the fuel tank. Disconnect the filter and clean or replace with a new one.

It is recommended to renew the fuel filter every 3 months. As for the insufficient amount of the fuel mixture coming from the carburetor to the cylinder, the reason here may lie in a violation of the ratio of fuel and air mixed in the carburetor. The main reasons: clogging of the air filter, clogging of the channels of the carburetor or filter mesh.

Of course, when repairing chainsaws, you need to clean the air filter, since it gets dirty pretty quickly. This reduces the amount of air entering the carburetor. In this case, the fuel mixture at the outlet turns out to be excessively enriched.

The dirty filter must be removed very carefully so that the accumulated dirt does not fall off and get into the carburetor. The filter must be cleaned or washed in water and detergent. Then we dry and set back.

Chain brake malfunction

Another reason for saw failure can be chain brake malfunctions. The reason may be a clogged space under the cover or wear of the brake band. In the first case, you should clear the blockages, in the second, replace the tape.

Chainsaw parts in the process of work receive varying degrees of wear. In order for it to always be in working order, you need to timely replace parts that wear out faster. the drive sprocket, tire, chain, parts of the anti-vibration unit and a number of others. Keep an eye on your tool, carrying out preventive maintenance in time, and it will always be in working order.

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Chain lubrication system malfunctions

Each instruction manual indicates the need to monitor the condition of the chain lubrication system. Typically, system malfunctions occur due to clogged channels through which the lubricant is supplied. If there is a slight oil leak, you can continue to operate. But if the oil leaks are large enough, then you need to check the tightness of the connection of the pipes to the pump fittings. You can eliminate the leak with a sealant or replacing the tubes. You should also pay attention to the condition of the oil pump. If there are cracks in its housing, replacement is required. The video of the oil pump repair is shown below:

Correct use of your chainsaw!

In our article, we will talk about what a person should know when using a chainsaw. In addition, we will tell you why he should know this.

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool and must be used with extreme care. Read the operating instructions carefully before starting up for the first time.

How to sharpen a saw chain?

In the event that you are going to sharpen the chain indoors, then clamp the bar in a vice (this will not damage the tire). If you don’t have a vise, you can purchase a clamp.

If the number of links on the chain is not divisible by 4, then it is better to start sharpening the chain with two links in a row, otherwise you will have to count the sharpened teeth).

Choose a tooth that is bent away from you. The holder must be installed at right angles to the bar. Risk 30 ° should be parallel to the tire. Make two or three movements from yourself with a file. In this way, sharpen through one cutting tooth, then turn the saw over and sharpen the second part. For even wear of the file, do not forget to rotate it periodically and clean it of chips. The holder indicates the chain pitch and the diameter of the suitable file. Do not forget to make sure that the file notch does not run into the fasteners, otherwise it will simply grind them.

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Chainsaw muffler malfunction

It often happens that during prolonged operation, the walls of the exhaust pipe become covered with carbon deposits, which prevents the free exit of exhaust gases. In this case, remove the muffler (if possible) and wash it with detergents, then dry thoroughly with a hairdryer. ATTENTION! Carbon deposits contain carcinogens. During dry brushing, it can enter the lungs and pose a threat to your health. Carbon deposits are usually caused by an incorrect gasoline-oil ratio or the use of low-quality and incompatible oil.

Carefully read the instruction manual for your chainsaw to prevent this from happening in the future.

Indicators of engine malfunction

An engine malfunction can be judged by the following arising problems:

  • it is impossible to start the engine;
  • the engine starts, but then immediately stalls;
  • the engine is unstable;
  • at idle it works in normal mode, and under load it loses power or stalls.

All these problems can indicate malfunctions in the ignition system.

Chainsaw troubleshooting

Unfortunately, chainsaws, like other units, can fail. Having a little idea of ​​how the saw works, you can fix most of the faults yourself. The complexity of the repair is not so much in the work itself, but in the correct determination of the cause of the breakdown.

For example, if the saw will not start, there may be several reasons, so you should not immediately start disassembling it. First, analyze the reasons for the breakdown, which are divided into 2 groups:

Lawn Mower Repair : How to Clean a Lawn Mower Air Filter

  • Problems with engine components, ignition system, fuel supply or exhaust. This also includes malfunctions of the cylinder. piston group.
  • Malfunctions in the lubrication system unit, chain brake, clutch or tire, as well as a number of other malfunctions.

Fuel supply system repair

Fuel may not enter the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • Dirty fuel filter. Remove the fuel hose and check how the fuel flows. If the jet is weak, the filter may need to be cleaned. It is taken out through the filler hole of the fuel tank and cleaned; in case of severe contamination, it is replaced with a new one. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter every three months.
  • Clogged breather (holes in the fuel tank cap). Check also by disconnecting the hose, in case of blockage, clean with a needle.
  • Lack or insufficient fuel. There may be several reasons for the malfunction. The first reason is a clogged air filter. Air ceases to flow into the carburetor in the right amount, in this regard, due to a too rich fuel mixture, the engine’s operation is disrupted. The contaminated filter is carefully removed, cleaned and washed in water, then dried and reinstalled.

Another reason is improper adjustment of the carburetor. Adjustment is made with three screws.

Timely replacement of the fuel filter ensures full fuel supply

The fuel hose and choke actuator must fit snugly against the fittings

The throttle cable must be in place

During work, you must use the instructions, otherwise you can only make it worse.

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And the last reason is a violation of the integrity of the membrane or clogging of the carburetor channels.

To repair the carburetor yourself, you need to get acquainted with all its parts.

All parts must be clean, dry and in good condition.

How to clean an air filter?

Many car owners are interested in whether it is possible to clean the air filter from contamination and how to do it. This issue does not have a high priority, because consumables of this type are inexpensive, and therefore everyone can afford to replace them. Nevertheless, there are those people who want to squeeze every last thing out of a consumable using various methods of extending its service life. Also, those who operate the car in difficult conditions are interested in this issue, which accelerates the clogging of the filter. Let’s consider if the paper air filter of a car can be washed and what are the ways to clean it. But it should be noted right away that all cleaning methods lead to a temporary effect, and therefore you should not abuse this, since the consequences of dirty air in the combustion chambers can lead to disastrous consequences.

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How to clean an air filter

In fact, there are no manufacturers’ recommendations on how to repair a car air filter. All of them as one insist on the need to replace the air filter when it gets dirty. However, many are not deterred and dry clean using a compressor or a regular vacuum cleaner. For this, the consumable is removed from the compartment in the engine compartment. It is necessary to turn the filter over and knock it on a hard surface so that large lumps of dirt fall out. Next, let’s look at how to clean a car air filter with a vacuum cleaner or compressor.

In the first case, the efficiency will be lower, because the vacuum cleaner cannot fully clean the paper surface due to the low power of the generated air flow. Can I clean my air filter more efficiently with a compressor? Yes, it is more practical, because it creates a high pressure of the air flow, which allows you to remove a large amount of dirt from the surface of the paper. In both cases, do not touch the surface of the paper to avoid damaging it. If the filter element is accidentally damaged, it will not be able to fully perform its function. This procedure can be performed every week, and in some cases even necessary, because such cleaning is not as effective as we would like. Therefore, many are interested in whether it is possible to wash the engine air filter so that it will last for a longer period.

How to flush a car air filter

Despite the fact that manufacturers do not recommend restoring such parts, many will find out if the car air filter can be washed and try to return it to its previous state in this way. This is due to the fact that the effect of dry cleaning is temporary, because little dirt is blown off the surface of the paper by air flow. Let’s consider how to wash the air filter using special chemicals and common household detergents. Only flushing should be started with air cleaning by means of a vacuum cleaner or compressor. Otherwise, the dust will not be absorbed into the product, but will be converted into dirt. We discussed above how to clean the air filter by blowing.

Special cosmetics are applied to the surface of the paper and washed off after 10-15 minutes. During this time, the composition of the product will absorb impurities, which will be washed off along with it. Washing the air filter with household detergents takes longer. After dissolving dishwashing detergent or washing powder in water, place an air filter there for 30-40 minutes. After such a procedure, it must be washed well. Regardless of which product is chosen, it is recommended to let the washed paper dry naturally. Using a hair dryer can damage the surface that is not designed for thermal exposure. Finally, it is worth answering those who are interested in whether the air filter can be washed. This cannot be done because the paper will be damaged. Only gentle rinsing is possible without using a brush.

How to soak an air filter

To partially restore the functionality of such a product, it is not enough to rinse the air filter and dry it. It must be water-repellent so that water on the surface of the paper cannot affect its performance. For this, special impregnations in aerosol cans are offered on the market. It is enough to treat the peeled paper with such a tool, and it will acquire moisture resistance.

Now that we’ve looked at ways to clean your air filter, you should wonder if it’s worth it? The specialists of our Oiler car services recommend abandoning restoration work and replacing this consumable with a new one. You can order such a service in one of our car services on the company’s website or by phone.