How to clear snow with a snow plow with a blade

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Variants of modifications of machinery

The “mounted snow blower” modification will come in handy for anyone who lives in their home. With its help, you can turn eternally idle single-axle tractor in winter into a functional machinery by attaching a blade for snow removal. The variability of the nozzle is amazing. you can use special brushes to clean the aisles of snow, attach a rotary nozzle, which will collect sediment in a special reservoir. It is worth watching the following video to facilitate the process of creating the attachment:

Peculiarities of making the mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands, step by step

The moldboard can be made in different ways from various materials. Let’s take a look at 2 of the most popular:

Dimensional Drawings

  • Shovel
  • Left knife
  • Middle knife
  • Bolt
  • Washer 16.65Г.019 STATE STANDARD 6402-70
  • M16-6H nut.5.019 (S24) GOST 15523-70
  • Bolt
  • Knife right
  • Washer 20.65Г.019 GOST 6402-70
  • Nut M20-6H.8.019 (S30) GOST 15523-70

HOW TO add skid shoes to 3 point Back Blade

Barrel blade

Let’s break down step by step how to make a shovel for a single axle tractor using a metal barrel:

  • Take an old 200 liter barrel and cut the lid and bottom with an angle grinder.
  • Mark up the barrel to make 3 equal sectors of 120g. After that cut it with an angle grinder.
  • Connect two segments overlapping by 3 cm with a welding machine. Next, you need to reinforce the construction. To do this, cut the remainder of the barrel with an angle grinder into strips. Attach one strip on each side of the shovel, and distribute the rest evenly along the entire length of the working tool. You can also use a profile tube.
  • To protect the working surface of the blade in its lower part install a blade. You will need a metal strip length equal to the grip of the shovel, width 100 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. Using the electric drill make holes with diameter of 5-6 mm at intervals of 100-120 mm for mounting the rubber band in the blade.
  • Install the rubber strip on the blade. It is better to make the width of the protruding part from 3 to 10 cm. The belt must be removable so that the blade can be used to work with loose materials.
  • Next, we make the attachment of the shovel to the tiller. From sheet iron make U-shaped piece (you can take a suitable channel).
  • In the resulting U-shaped piece make a few holes to set the required angles of rotation of the shovel. Also make holes for fastening the metal square.
  • Weld the part in the center of the working canvas.
  • Now you need to make an adapter. Take another piece of square tube and make an L-shaped piece. The short side of this adapter is attached to the U-shaped piece and the other end of the tube is bolted to the frame of the power tiller.
  • To adjust the height of the blade, weld two eyelets to the lower profile (which is connected to the swivel sector) and a metal plate to the upper one (which is fixed to the arm of the tiller). Make a bolt hole in the plate. Take a piece of pipe, and drill a hole. One end of this pipe will be connected to the lower pipe with a bolt connection, and on the other end weld a bolt or threaded rod. Put the bolt through the hole in the metal plate, and make the handle.
  • Shovel on a single-axle tractor for snow removal with their own hands is ready.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the barrel walls is small. Such a shovel is better for cleaning recently fallen snow that has not yet had time to caked and not covered with an ice crust.

Blade from a gas bottle

Using a cylinder, the snowplow motor cultivator is made in the same way as from a barrel with a few differences. Order of assemblage:

  • Release excess pressure from the cylinder.
  • Cut off the lids from the ends of the cylinder so that the width of the resulting pipe was equal to 1 m.
  • Cut this pipe lengthwise into two identical parts.
  • Using a welding weld the 2 parts so that the height of the moldboard turned out about 700 mm.
  • Make a hitch.

Since the walls of the cylinder are strong enough (thick), then their additional strengthening is not required. With such a moldboard single-axle tractor will be able to work with rammed snow, level the surface, move sand and gravel without fear of damaging the working surface of the shovel.

Classification of shovels for power tillers

As simple as this attachment may seem at first glance, however, there is diversity here as well.

  • According to the form (design);
  • According to the method of attachment to the tiller;
  • According to the location of the working body relative to the motoblock;
  • By the shape of the hitch;
  • by type of hoist.
clear, snow, plow, blade


Owners of power tillers, who use their equipment actively in summer, can also use this equipment in winter.

There are several options for shoveling snow with a snow blower.

Photo of devices for clearing snow with a power tiller.

Use a snowthrower brush is desirable when you want to remove not caked, loose snow, whose thickness is less than a few centimeters. Such snow removal, when it is necessary to take maximum care of the surface on which the snow cover lies. For example, for cleaning paving tiles or asphalt. You can also use the brush as a final tool after cleaning with another tool.

Snow blower for power tiller

To perform its function, the snow blower has an attachment, represented by an intake chute with a rotating auger and a powerful fan. Thanks to the steel blades of the auger it is possible to clean and shred even compacted and frozen snow. Through a special box (deflector) the fan blows the snow at a distance of up to 15 meters in the direction set by the operator. The dimensions of the fence chute allow for one pass to clear a strip of snow approximately 50 cm wide and 50 cm thick. (depending on type).

A single-axle tractor with similar attachments looks like a small tractor that can clear a layer of snow. The bottom of the shovel is equipped with a band of rubber, this is necessary to protect the track and the machine itself from breakage. The outboard snow shovel is attached to the traction unit, and the front part of the multifunction clutch helps in this. This bulldozer is able to clear one meter of area in width. Snow can be raked into a pile at your convenience.

The engine of a snow thrower used in wintertime needs to be filled with oil at the proper temperature. It happens that those who used the technique in summer, do not take this fact into account.

How to sweep the snow with a snow blower

Snow removal with a power tiller with your own hands is quite feasible. You only need to know what attachments for power tillers to use, and when. We will tell you about clearing snow using the snow blade, brush and auger rotor.

Municipal brush and dozer blade, suitable for a low layer of snow, which has recently fallen. If the snow is not crushed, and its layer is 2-5 cm high, you can safely use a brush.

Thanks to the stiff nap and decent speed, the brush can easily do the job. Many brushes are equipped with a turn function, that is, you can adjust the direction of the swept snow. Just, the brush is used for finishing cleaning when you want to achieve an ideal surface.

With a layer of snow from 5-10 cm, you should use the municipal blade. The dozer blade can help pile up loose snow where necessary. We think it will be useful material on How to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands.

The snow blade is usually used before you use the brush, it allows you to clean an area quickly, and due to the swivel function, there are more options for maneuvering.

Cleaning with an auger rotor Snegokorotor, it is very convenient for clearing the snow, the layer of which is more than 10-15 cm. Thanks to the high-speed rotating blades, the snow is easily removed.

The advantage of the auger rotor is the adjustable snow nozzle, through which the snow is thrown to the place you need it. With the nozzle, you can adjust not only the distance of the snow thrown, and it incidentally can be up to 5-7 meters, but the direction of the throwing. It is easy to adjust the throwing direction with a knob on the central steering column.

As an additional help in the fight against snowfall, it is not superfluous to use special anti-slip chains. The chains are attached to the wheels, providing good grip.

As a rule, all the listed attachments are sold separately, which means that you will have to spend. But, it is worth noting that it is worth it, especially not necessarily buy everything, but only what will solve the problem, in each case.

How the snowblower works

The basis of the construction is a toothed auger. The sweeper is equipped with a nozzle, to which the snow mass is fed from both sides during the rotation of the auger. The trajectory of its ejection can be adjusted by turning the screen of the device. The greater the slope of the canopy and the faster the speed of the engine “Oka”, the farther the snow will be thrown from the operator of the motor-block.

You can adjust the height of the thrown layer with the help of special skids, located on the side bottom parts of the equipment.

latter model years’ models have a new, reinforced auger. it is made by means of laser metal processing.

The grip adjustment handle is located on the handlebar of the device, making it even safer to work with the snow blower.

The distinctive features of the new snow throwers for “Oka” also include:

  • the chain, located outside the working area, is covered by a metal cover and is easy to replace if necessary;
  • more accurate and distant ejection due to the new exhaust design;
  • mode of alignment of the pulleys (prevents the rapid abrasion of the belts);
  • lightweight body.

This attachment equipment is supplied for sale with a manual, according to which you need to adjust and regulate the work of the snow thrower.

Design and principle of operation

The left and right sections of the spiral rotor (auger) capture the snow and deliver it to the center section, under the ejection tube. There is another rotating element. the impeller, which throws snow over long distances. A similar principle is used on combine harvester pickups and bulk material handlers.

The pipe through which the snow is ejected has rotating shrouds. They make it possible to steer the ejected snow stream in the right direction.

The auger and impeller are powered by the engine of the power tiller through pulleys and a belt. Inside the mechanism itself there may be chain gears or an angular gearbox which distribute the torque to the rotor and impeller.

The picture shows the snow thrower on a snowmobile in a real-life situation. In this case, it is the SMB Neva with a motor cultivator of the same brand:

On the edges of the cowl are skids. They have an up-and-down adjustment stroke that can be used to change the depth of the catch. If you raise the skids all the way up, the rotor will go down and pick up snow from the bottom. If there is a risk of damaging the tiles or catching lumps of earth, the rotor is lifted up.

To remove the snow, the torque is transmitted to the wheels and rotor of the machine. So the single-axle tractor moves itself with the rotating rotor.

Harvesting can be carried out on rubber wheels with agricultural tread “herringbone”. If such wheels slip, there are two options: winding and fixing chains on rubber or using metal “grousers” wheels.

Snow removal with a power tiller: which method is more effective?

Such a tool as a snow plow, which is hitched to a power tiller, is designed for clearing snow, trash, transferring soil from one end of the plot to the other, etc. п.

Such a tool can be used in different directions and places. For example, for the needs on a personal plot, in the field, for any economic activity.

Such a shovel greatly simplifies the process of cleaning something due to the large working surface.

A complete system looks as follows:

Such designs have a variety of modifications, which also have common features. Basically, it is both the principle of operation and design of the device itself. Today, the purchase of such a device is not some luxury. This is a common everyday technique of dacha owners for personal needs. With their help you can easily clean up the countryside, remove trash and snow, level the site, etc. п.

Snow removal with a power tiller, snow brush, and auger hoe

Depending on the complexity of the work, the thickness and density of the snow cover you choose one or another tool for clearing. This will help to avoid unnecessary labor costs. All models of power tillers on the market, such as Neva, Oka, Kentavr, Sich, have the ability to install such additional equipment and all can be used as snowplows.