How To Connect A Screwdriver To The Network

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 3 basic methods
Reconstruct a screwdriver based on old, unnecessary parts. The article presents several ways to alter the device that will definitely interest you.

2. Choosing a power supply for a screwdriver

The task can be accomplished in several details. For example, with a laptop charger, this rework is considered simple and unassuming. Therefore, if an unnecessary network block from a laptop is left at home, you can use it. Second detail. Network block from a computer. This option implies a certain amount of knowledge and skills to work with a soldering iron. Another option is how to convert a screwdriver to a network one. Engage the desired inverter welding. In the next section, we will describe in detail how to implement our plans in all three ways.

how to connect a screwdriver to the network

Tip: Pay attention to the device parameters. For effective drilling, the rpm must be at least 1300. For example, Bosch GSR 1440-LI and Makita DF347DWE machines have this characteristic.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 3 basic methods

It is not surprising that almost every house or apartment has a screwdriver. Unfortunately, devices based on a wireless network source often run out of power and break down. Since it is expensive to buy a new battery, most owners convert their cordless screwdrivers to cordless ones. In this article we will tell you how to remake the device using the parts at hand. We will also touch on the topic of why this type of equipment breaks down most often. Read carefully!

1. Why convert a cordless screwdriver to a cordless one?

Battery-charged equipment periodically discharges if not used for a long time. This fact is a problem, since the main components deteriorate when the charge in the battery drops frequently. As a result, during the first signs of a breakdown, the battery holds less and less charge. In such a situation, complete breakdown of the part cannot be prevented, it is better to either replace it or change it to a new one. By the way, the cost of the first and second options will be the same.

Tip: If the user is going to work with hard surfaces, choose devices with rotation parameters of at least 20 Nm. This is the Sparky BR2 10.8li-C HD mechanism.

The second reason is to remake the device. Quality of work. Owners of such devices will easily confirm that the torque process is sometimes interrupted. It is also annoying that the power is not the best level. Again, the partial discharge is to blame. The situation is saved by connecting the device to the mains supply. Here are the benefits we get in the end:

  1. The recharging time will be reduced and you can start working at any time.
  2. Functioning without restrictions, confidence that the device does not sit down halfway to the job done.
  3. Financial benefit: no need to periodically change the battery.

Tip: High-quality equipment is protected from breakages, which is located near the nozzle. Such protection is available for Bosch PSR 1200, Bosch GSR 12V-15 devices.

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Block inside

The solution to the problem “is it possible to connect the screwdriver through the charger” can be an alternative option for powering the screwdriver. Installing the power supply into the empty case of the power supply unit of the tool.

Before starting the action, it is necessary to prevent overheating of the unit, for which holes are arranged in the case in advance, which will provide air movement, heat removal. It is advisable to reduce the time of continuous work with a screwdriver with such an improvement to 15 minutes.

A ready-made block is purchased, it is selected according to the size of the case, technical indicators. The most suitable for use is the pulse version of the module, it is small in size, lightweight. It is not recommended to use modules of domestic production since the last century. They have large volumes with low efficiency.

Unsuitable batteries are removed from the bed, and the power supply is placed in their place. The contacts are energized, the case is closed. The assembled hybrid gadget is ready to work from the network.

  • The wires can be extended for convenience.
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the assembly: the structure should not be able to touch the metal elements, otherwise the circuit cannot be avoided. It is best to leave some space between the transformer and the board, which will have a positive effect on cooling.
  • If any parts of the structure are very hot, it is possible to install modules that remove excess heat, or to arrange ventilation slots.

How to connect to the charging station

Before deciding whether it is possible to charge the battery of a screwdriver with a charger, you need to remember that the charging unit of the screwdriver supplies a low voltage, with a long wire length, the voltage is lost, so it would be rational to connect through a meter cord with a cross section of 2.5 mm2 or more.

  1. Wires are attached to the contacts of the charging unit of the screwdriver. Spoiled nutrients are removed from the nest.
  2. A groove is made in the case, a cable is passed through it. It is proposed to seal the entry point with elastic material so that there is no play and the wire is held securely in place.
  3. Since the nest has lost its weight after the removal of unusable elements, it is recommended to restore the balance by inserting some kind of load into the vacated space, otherwise the hand will become very tired during work, eventually harming the health of the joints and ligaments.
  4. The cable and previously attached wires are connected together, the body is assembled.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the issue “is it possible to connect a screwdriver to the charger”, you can stop at charging with a car AK-block. Modules with manually adjustable current and voltage are applicable. The connection is absolutely not complicated. It is enough to connect the input channels of the tool motor to the contacts of the car charger.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the issue “is it possible to connect a screwdriver to the charger”, you can stop at charging with a car AK-block. Modules with manually adjustable current and voltage are applicable. The connection is absolutely not complicated. It is enough to connect the input channels of the tool motor to the contacts of the car charger.

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A computer module will work too

Another solution to the problem of powering a screwdriver. Mounting it to a computer power supply. This option is applicable to those modules that are equipped with a mechanical trigger. The positive aspect is that the unit is cooled by a cooler and is protected from exaggeration of the load by the built-in special system.

Such an assembly is arranged only with the use of power modules for 300-350 W and a current of 12 volts, at least 16 A. For instruments with a voltage of more than 14 volts, this power supply option does not work.

The user may want to hide an unaesthetic unit in a beautiful case, then it is recommended not to forget to arrange ventilation in it.

Is it possible to connect the screwdriver directly to the charger

The screwdriver is convenient for its ubiquity. Independence from limiting wires makes it possible to wade into hard-to-reach areas. A set of two power modules allows you to power one of them while working with the other. However, each battery pack has a finite number of charge / discharge periods, failing once they are used up. In inexpensive tools, blocks break faster, and the user gets a gadget with a working motor, but no power. Then the dilemma arises “is it possible to connect the screwdriver directly to the charger.”

You can feed such a screwdriver by connecting it to the network through a power supply unit, because its motor operates at 220 volts.

External power supply

The idea is not as absurd as it might seem. Even a large and heavy buck rectifier can just stand near the outlet.

You are equally tied to the power supply, and to the stuck mains plug. And the low-voltage cord can be made of any length.

Important! Ohm’s law says. With the same power, decreasing the voltage. We increase the current! Accordingly, the 12-19 volt supply cord should have a larger cross section than 220 volts.

Conversion of a screwdriver from battery to mains supply

  • Battery Disadvantages
  • There is a way out. Reworking the screwdriver in the network
  • External power supply
  • Battery case power supply
  • DIY screwdriver alteration
  • Using a power supply from a personal computer
  • Using a car battery charger
  • Making a homemade power supply
  • Ac adapter for screwdriver in battery housing
  • We build in a ready-made power supply
  • Homemade power scheme

Those who have used a cordless screwdriver have appreciated its convenience. At any time, without getting tangled in the wires, you can crawl into hard-to-reach niches. Until the battery runs out.

DIY screwdriver alteration

Consider the option with an external power supply.

Power supply requirements

Cordless screwdriver models are powered by a battery, therefore the voltage in the internal network of the device is very different from the standard indicator of a household power supply. If the outlet is 220 volts, then inside the instrument it is only 12 volts. Obviously, it is impossible to make it work without a transformer. Precisely, it is possible, but only for a very short moment of short circuit, after which the components of the electrical part will fail.

In addition, the batteries are only capable of supplying direct current. And in a conventional electrical network, the current is alternating. This means that you will also need to assemble a rectifier. Only after that you can think about making changes to the design of the screwdriver.

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However, it will still be necessary to provide a falling load characteristic. This is necessary so that, with a sharp increase in the load, the tool does not fail. In addition, it is desirable to use available and therefore easily subject to replacement if necessary elements. Then, instead of thinking about how to choose a cordless screwdriver, you can simply assemble your own tool from an existing battery model.

It should be noted that in the ideal case, the assembled power supply should also be reliable, as well as small in size and weight. This combination of features will allow you to take advantage of constant AC power while maintaining device mobility.

Block diagram

The system will be based on a transformer. You can take the affordable 60-watt models from Feron or Taschibra. Of course, other brands are acceptable. However, these samples are quite common and usually are of acceptable quality and affordable price.

A pair or four diodes are traditionally used to assemble the rectifier. Fewer amounts result in more efficient energy use. But this will require a tap from the midpoint of the transformer winding. Additional smoothing of possible high-frequency oscillations is performed by installing a pair of capacitors at the output: ceramic and electrolytic. They should be mounted in parallel. You also need to add some resistors to ensure that the job starts. If they are not installed, then the power supply of the screwdriver from the network will be useless: the transformer simply will not work, since it is intended to power the lamps. It is also recommended to include an LED in this section of the network, which will serve as an indicator of operation.

Reasons why you have to redo the screwdriver

It is very convenient to work with a screwdriver. Especially when you need to unscrew or tighten a significant number of screws. Removing hundreds or two of screws by hand can turn repairs into hell. And the power tool simplifies the process to the point of impossibility. Over, if it is powered by a rechargeable battery, which provides mobility and the ability to carry the screwdriver wherever you want.

Alas, there are also disadvantages. The most significant is the short operating time. Under heavy loads, the battery is discharged within half an hour or an hour, while charging takes a comparable or longer time. As a result, you have to wait most of the day for the instrument to be ready. In addition, battery power often limits the power of the device. As a result, the simplest actions require a lot of effort and time.

Also, a cordless screwdriver requires special care in case of long interruptions in use. The fact is that batteries are very demanding on storage conditions and subsequent bringing to working condition. As a result, you have to cook the tool for several hours to tighten a dozen screws in just five minutes.

Inserting the battery also increases the weight of the tool. It becomes more difficult to use it, especially on weight. All of this makes you wonder how to redesign a cordless screwdriver to improve its efficiency.