How to Connect the Drill Button Correctly

How to Connect the Drill Button Correctly

Often in the home, an electric drill is necessary for many tasks. But few people know her device, of which nodes it consists of and how to carry out its minor repairs. But since the drill is used with heavy loads and with a large degree of pollution and dust, such repairs can occur not so rarely. The power button is especially subject to wear, so you need to know how it works Drill button connection diagram, and how to use it to correctly replace and enable a new element.

Common causes of malfunction

If for some reason the drill stops functioning, you need to figure out what is the reason. The first step is to check if there is voltage in the extension cord and outlet. You can do this with a single-pole indicator, it will only show the phase, but if the breakage occurred on the neutral wire, then it will be useless. The easiest way is to plug another appliance into the same extension cord and the same outlet and thereby check their working condition.

Note! Check all electrical appliances must be carried out according to the scheme.

It is best to check the drill button with an ohmmeter or tester according to its scheme. We connect the device to the contacts on the plug, the device does not respond, because the start button is not in the working position. After you press it, the device will show or with a sound signal will inform you about the whole circuit or damaged. If the reason is in the button, then consider the device of the drill button and its repair.

Drill button connection diagram and check its performance

A tester is not always enough to test a button. This is due to the fact that most buttons have a smooth adjustment of the rotation speed, so a simple tester does not check them correctly. For proper verification, you will have to use a special scheme. Often in a drill, one wire connects to one terminal. Therefore, with the simultaneous pressing of a button, the dialing of all terminals is made. If at the same time the light comes on, then the button is all right, if not, then the easiest way to fix the malfunction is to replace it.

Important! For the engine to work with reverse, it is necessary to swap the inclusion of wires to the brushes.

When making a replacement, it is necessary to take into account that the circuit is ordinary and with a reverse. In this regard, the replacement of the drill button should be carried out purely according to the scheme. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it must be suitable in size, which goes without saying, and also correspond to the power of the drill. Calculating the required power is quite simple: for example, the power of the tool is 650 W, we use the formula P = UI and we get I = 650/220 = 2.94 A. Therefore, we need a 2.95 A button for our drill.

Switch Repair

Repairing a drill button is a rather complicated process; it requires certain skills. You must understand that when you open the case, many details will simply fall out of it. To avoid this, gently lift the cover and note the location of all parts. The button is disassembled and repaired in the following order:

  • The latches of the protective casing are picked up, and it is pulled together;
  • All blackened terminals with alcohol or fine sandpaper are cleaned of carbon deposits;
  • Then everything is collected again, and if the work is not restored, then a replacement occurs;
  • The speed controller is completely filled with the compound, therefore, if it fails, it only needs to be changed;
  • Another frequent breakdown is the erasing of the working layer under the slider of the rheostat. It does not make sense to repair it, so it’s easier to replace the entire button.

In order to know how to connect the drill button, it is necessary to carry out work according to the scheme, which should be available for the tool. If one is not available, then you need to find it on the Internet. Only with its help you can repair and connect quickly and correctly. Advice! The speed controller and reverse control are in different buildings, so they need to be checked separately.