How to Convert Cordless Screwdriver to Electric

Cordless screwdriver is used everywhere, both in the household and in small industries. Mobility and autonomy allow you to perform work away from the electric network for a certain time. The battery has a certain number of charge cycles, after which it is not suitable for further use. There are several reasons, the battery is a very capricious element that fails even with improper storage and inactivity. The high price of a screwdriver prompts you to learn how to convert a cordless screwdriver into a network one.

How to Convert Cordless Screwdriver to Electric

Reasons for reworking a cordless screwdriver

The lack of a power source makes any volatile thing stupid. It’s almost impossible to redo the dead battery, the only way out is to remake the screwdriver in a network one. The high price of a new battery makes the purchase impractical, to save money, owners of unused tools are wondering how to convert a cordless screwdriver into a network one.

There are times when the used screwdriver is discontinued, then it is almost impossible to find a new battery. A cordless screwdriver is a completely useless thing that will collect dust on a garage shelf if nothing is done. The main advantages of the alteration:

  • The tool becomes working, it can very well replace a mini drill.
  • There is no need to control the battery level.
  • Tightening power does not depend on remaining battery power.

Cons can be noted only the presence of the wire, the dependence on the electrical network. After alteration, the device acquires an electric cable, which does not allow work in hard-to-reach places, far from the power source.

DIY screwdriver alteration

There are enough craftsmen in household use; there are many ways to remake a power screwdriver. It is enough to provide the required voltage for the electric drive of the device.

Disassembled cordless screwdriver

In some cases, for alteration, it is enough to use the charger from the kit, it is available, because Comes complete with a screwdriver. To remake such a design is quite simple, it is enough to disassemble a screwdriver, connect the output contacts on charging with the drive wires. The voltage generated by the charger after the alteration corresponds to the technical characteristics of the drive; you don’t worry about the safety of the electrical part. Also a plus is worth noting that there is no need to disassemble the device completely, because only the wires designated for use must be connected. A significant drawback is the size of the memory, constantly moving it during work is not convenient and causes discomfort.

Power supply from a screwdriver network can be achieved by several types of blocks. The housing accommodates some of them, the rest are outside.

There are many ways to rework a cordless screwdriver, all have pros and cons.

  1. In the case of the old battery, a place is organized for the finished PSU. Alteration is simple, intervention in the electrical circuit is not required, it is enough to accurately perform work, to achieve a perfect appearance. The disadvantages include the time spent searching for the unit with the appropriate voltage and size. Also, small devices usually heat up in closed spaces, it is necessary to provide the device with ventilation by making holes in the case.
  2. Installing a homemade energy source is a more complicated solution, it requires finding the necessary radio components and sorting out the circuit. The advantages of this alteration method are low financial costs, the absence of losses when using a cable with a low voltage, there is no change in the appearance of the device.
  3. External PSU can be used when working in one place, as the mobility of the device and compactness are lost. Also, the cost of finding a suitable voltage to the electric screwdriver.
  4. The most common external type of device used is a computer power supply. The advantages are that it is easy to find at a dismantling at an affordable price, there are no complicated conversion processes. However, the bulky design will not be to everyone’s taste.

Connecting a screwdriver to a charger

It must be understood that at low voltage there are losses in the cable, so it should be a cross-section of at least 2.5 mm and a length of not more than 1.5 meters. In order to figure out whether it is possible to connect a screwdriver to a charger, you need to perform a series of actions.

The sequence of alteration powered by memory:

  • Solder and remake the wires to the charger, usually the contacts are located in a prominent place, one is responsible for the plus, the second for the mass. When working, the memory must be disconnected from the network.
  • Then it is necessary to disassemble the unusable battery, dismantle the old elements;
  • A hole is drilled in the housing for the cable, for a tight connection, the cable is wrapped with electrical tape or the term is fixed with a shrink tape.
  • For a balanced weight, it is necessary to place a piece of solid wood or rubber on the remaining place, this will contribute to a competent weight distribution and the hand will not get tired during work.
  • The final step is to solder the wires to the power of the electric drive, assemble the body of the power tool after the alteration.

How to Convert Cordless Screwdriver to Electric

Installation of the finished power supply in the housing of the old battery

If you managed to get a PSU on the market with the appropriate indicators, installation and alteration is carried out in a few simple steps:

  • Dismantle the old battery case, remove the used elements.
  • Install a new power supply in such a way that it fits tightly in the housing; if necessary, you can glue it, connect high-voltage wires (output from the 220-volt outlet).
  • Connect the low voltage terminals to the power supply of the wrench electric motor, in the absence of contacts, the wires will have to be re-soldered.
  • Assemble the housing after alteration and install the unit on the screwdriver.

Installation of the finished power supply in the housing of the old battery

It must be remembered that compact power supplies are heated in an enclosed space, so it is necessary to drill several holes on different sides of the housing for ventilation.

Homemade power supply

When working with a soldering iron, it is necessary to check the connection of the battery elements and the home-made unit to the network, if there is a connection, all power supplies must be disconnected for safe operation.

The alteration is carried out step by step, to get the result you need a little experience when soldering and installing boards:

  • Dismantling and dismantling of the housing of the old battery;
  • In accordance with the scheme, install the elements on the circuit board, solder the contacts and connections.
  • After soldering, check the output voltage with a multimeter.
  • Assemble the board on the battery case.
  • Connect the appropriate wires to the low voltage outputs of the instrument.
  • Check operation by connecting the converted device to the network.

Connection to an external power supply

An external battery is used when compact cells are not available or when the tool needs continuous operation.

Cordless screwdriver connected to an external power supply

It is worth remembering the actions when disassembling or taking pictures, since the intervention and alteration of the electric circuit of the screwdriver is carried out, the assembly will need to be carried out exactly in the reverse order.

Connection to the power supply from a computer

A screwdriver connected to a computer power supply

These PSUs are distinguished by the presence of their own cooling system, protection against voltage surges. Only two output wires are used for connection, yellow. 12 volts “plus”, black mass.

The disadvantage of this option is that the power supplies must be worn during work and installed in a well-ventilated place.

It is possible to attach a handle for mobility. It is important to understand that cordless screwdrivers with the required voltage of more than 14.4 volts will not work from this method of power supply.

How to power a screwdriver while maintaining its autonomy

There are situations when you have to work in the absence of electricity. To power a screwdriver without a 220 network is possible in several available ways. In such cases, if the device’s battery is defective, and alteration from the network is impossible, there are several ways to put the wrench in action:

  • Replace the battery cells inside the battery with new ones purchased in radio components.
  • Using an external battery pack such as a UPS battery.
  • Connect and powered by car battery.

It is important to remember that any alteration requires technical skills and safety precautions.

Replacing old items

When acquiring new battery cells in the radio components, it is necessary to check their capacity and voltage on site.

If stored incorrectly, the batteries lose their capacity and do not meet the declared characteristics.

  • Remove the screws that secure the case, remove the cover and old battery cells.
  • Place new elements soldered to each other in the battery case.
  • Assemble in the reverse order; after alteration, test the work.

When soldering, it is necessary to act quickly, otherwise overheating of the battery may cause an unusable condition due to temperature changes.

Connect to car battery

Connecting to a car battery will make it possible to work autonomously without an electrical outlet. The parameters of a screwdriver can be from 10.8 to 14.4 volts, a charged car battery is capable of producing an average of 12.5 volts of voltage. For use, it is necessary to attach two power wires with crocodiles to the screwdriver.

Connect to car battery

Alteration is carried out after the disassembly operation, then connecting the power wires to the wires of the electric screwdriver. In the absence of a soldering iron, it is possible to simply twist it, but this does not guarantee reliable contact. After connecting the contacts, insulate the wires and test the tool during operation by connecting to the battery.

Connection to an external battery

An external battery source can be of increased capacity, it is necessary to choose a suitable voltage element. The main battery used is an uninterruptible power supply. Alteration is not difficult, does not require large financial costs.

For alteration, you need a wire with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm, up to 2 meters long. It is necessary to disassemble the tool, remove the old battery cells, connect the wire to the terminals. Make a neat hole for the power wire, assemble the converted screwdriver and test it during operation.

Precautionary measures

After reworking the cordless screwdriver, you need to follow simple rules during operation. The work is done intermittently, after every 15 minutes of continuous operation with a power tool, it is necessary to give 2-3 minutes of rest. The wire and unit are fixed in an accessible and comfortable place for work. The converted tool is not used for high-altitude work; the wire must not be extended to the network.