How to Cook a Huter Trimmer Fuel Mixture

To trim the lawn in front of the house, to mow the grass in the garden. All these garden work is much easier to do with a tool such as a trimmer (lawn mower). This article will focus on the production technology of the Italian company Oleo-Mac, its varieties, pluses and minuses, as well as the intricacies of service.

If you take the type of food technology as a criterion, Oleo-Mac trimmers can be divided into 2 types: gasoline (lawn mowing) and electric (electric grass). Electric braids, in turn, are divided into wire and battery (stand-alone). Each species has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For lawn mowing, the main advantages are:

  • High power and performance;
  • Autonomy;
  • Small sizes;
  • Simplicity in management.

But these devices have disadvantages: they are very noisy, emit harmful exhausts during operation, the level of vibration is high.

In electric models, the following advantages can be distinguished:

  • Environmental friendliness and low noise level;
  • Unpretentiousness. Do not require special care, only proper storage;
  • Light weight and compactness.

The minuses traditionally include dependence on the power supply network and relatively low power (especially compared to lawn mowers).

Battery models have the same advantages as electric ones, plus autonomy, which in turn is limited by battery capacity.

Also, the disadvantages of all Oleo-Mac trimmers include the high cost of the products.

The tables below show the main technical specifications of the popular Oleo-Mac trimmer models.

Haircut Width, cm

Push-pull, 36 cm³

Push-pull, 24 cm³

Push-pull, 22 cm³

Push-pull, 40.2 cm³

Haircut Width, cm

Push-pull, 40 cm³

Push-pull, 25 cm³

Push-pull, 52 cm³

Push-pull, 44 cm³

Haircut Width, cm

Battery life, min

Battery Capacity, Ah

As can be seen from the above data, the lawn mowing power is almost an order of magnitude higher than that for electric trimmers. Cordless are very convenient for artistic trimming of the edges of the lawn. A limited time makes them unsuitable for mowing large areas of grassy areas.

How to Cook a Huter Trimmer Fuel Mixture

It is more expedient to purchase gasoline units for use in problem areas of a perceptible size with tall grass.

Carburetor Adjustment Grass Lawn Mowers

If your trimmer cannot be started or when it develops an incomplete number of revolutions, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection and identify the cause of the malfunctions. Most often, this is some kind of minor malfunction, such as a burnt out candle, which can be eliminated with your own hands without the help of professional repair masters. But sometimes the reason is much more serious, and it lies in the carburetor.

If you have definitely found out that it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the motor, do not rush to do it yourself, contact the customer service center. Adjusting the carburetor (especially foreign manufacturers, including Oleo-Mac) requires the use of high-precision professional equipment that you can hardly afford. It is quite expensive and does not pay off without constant use.

The whole procedure for adjusting the carburetor usually takes 2-3 days, in especially difficult cases, this period increases to 12 days.

How to cook gasoline for Italian lawn mowers?

Oleo-Mac Lawn Mowers require a special fuel: a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. To prepare the composition you will need:

  • High quality gasoline;
  • Oil for a two-stroke engine (Oleo-Mac oils specially designed for their own engines are best suited).

The percentage ratio is 1: 25 (one part oil to 25 parts gasoline). If you use “native” oil, the ratio can be changed to 1: 50.

It is necessary to mix the fuel in a clean canister, shake well after pouring both components to obtain a uniform emulsion, after which the fuel mixture must be poured into the tank.

An important clarification: motor oils are divided into summer, winter and universal by viscosity grade. Therefore, when choosing this component, always consider what season is on the street.

In conclusion, we can say that Italian-made Oleo-Mac trimmers are high-quality equipment, albeit quite expensive.

For an overview of the Oleo-Mac gas trimmer, see the next.