How to correctly wind the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool

How to remove the grass trimmer spool; The grass trimmer’s mowing head

Before you begin to replace the fishing line, you should separate the mowing head of the brushcutter in which the spool for the fishing line is located. This element is attached to the end of the stick of your grass trimmer and is removed by unscrewing it in the direction where the arrow on the spool points.

After removing the mowing head with the spool, you need to open it. The first thing to do is to find the locking mechanism on the spool. It is part of the spool and is represented as 2 clips, pushing on which you can open the spool and get to the place where you want to wind the line.

Open the mowing head and pull out the line winding spool

the coil can be opened by hand or with a screwdriver or other tools which can be used to pry open the pawls.

What is needed to change the filament

With regular use of the grass trimmer for grass mowing discs blunt, but they can be sharpened and continue to operate. The fishing line tends to run out, so it is necessary to refill a new one, and to determine the type of mowing head and prepare the cord of necessary thickness and length.

So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body, which has a bobbin with a fishing line. Such a detail is present both on electric trimmers, and on gasoline mowers of any brand, whether Bosch, Makita, STIHL or other brand. There are three types of heads, depending on how the filament is threaded and fed.

  • the automatic mowing heads work like this: they feed the line by themselves when the mower reduces the engine speed. Such designs are convenient when working on large areas, but have the disadvantage of high cord consumption.
  • The heads of the semi-automatic group are easy to use. the automatic line feed is performed at maximum engine speed. To remove the cord lock, you need to gently tap the tool on the ground, after which the unlocked thread slides out of the spool. Trimming to the desired length with a knife attached to the blade guard.
  • Grass trimmers with a manual cord feed must be switched off beforehand, and then you must pull the line out by yourself.

Side note! The most convenient and best priced are semi-automatic cord reels.

Bobbins for electric and gasoline-driven power lines are available with one or two line filament spools. The former are used for trimming low grass growth, the latter for mowing tall grass and small shrubs.

How to Wind a Hairline onto a Grass Trimmer Bobbin. How to Learn

Good afternoon, dear user of garden tools. My name is Nikita Hlintsov, I am a Foresta gardening equipment specialist. Over the years I’ve regularly heard questions from friends and novice colleagues: “How do I tuck the line into the weed trimmer??I’ve been winding fishing line on the reel for the third time already, and it still falls down”, “I’ve been winding line on the reel for the third time already, and it still falls down. What to do?” and all that kind of stuff.

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This post will answer the question of how to properly replace the line in an electric mower or brushcutter (modern gardeners use the term “grass trimmer”).

The procedure is the same, regardless of the manufacturer of garden equipment. I say at once that we will speak only about threading the line for grass, and we will not consider vysotoroza, serrated and paddle knives. You can see examples of these trimmer sets here:

How to wind the line on the grass trimmer reel

The head is the main part of the grass trimmer. It is a base with a spool, on which the cord thread is wound. A total of 3 types of heads are distinguished:

  • Manual. Allows you to extend the cord (fishing line) manually after the engine has completely stopped.
  • Semi-automatic. The use of such a head is characterized by simplicity and convenience. It works on the following principle: having waited until the grass trimmer reaches maximum revolutions, the user lightly taps the head of the device on the ground, which removes the blockage of the fishing line. Thus, the cord extends due to centrifugal force, and the owner of the machine has only to cut it with a knife.
  • Automatic. The line is fed after the engine speed has decreased. Such a head is convenient in cases where it is necessary to carry out prolonged work. The disadvantage of the device, in turn, is the fast wear and tear of the cord.

Now, to find out how to tuck the grass trimmer spool, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of cord thread.

How to correctly wind the line for grass trimmer on the spool

weed trimmers are indispensable on both large and small garden plots. The convenience of their use is debatable, as it requires certain skills and physical preparation from the owner. the grass trimmer is hung on the shoulder with a special belt, and for a few hours of work, the hands can get pretty tired. But also in the process of preparing the machine for work, difficulties can arise. For example, winding lines onto a grass trimmer spool can be a real ordeal. We will tell you how to avoid this.

It often happens that it is much easier to find a fishing line than a ready-made spool of cord. And it’s cheaper to run a fishing line than a spool that’s ready to use. However, it is important to know a few basic rules for winding the line on the spool, which will help avoid problems in future use.

Open the spool and carefully inspect the bobbin. you should see an arrow, it will indicate the direction in which you need to wind the line.

Put both ends of a fishing line in different holes and pull it to the end, and then reel the line (both ends) in one direction.

Carefully insert the ends of the line into the spool, holding the filament as it winds up. Lower the bobbin into the spool and close.

A few secrets of winding the line for the grass trimmer on the spool

To keep the line from tearing while working, reel in less than the capacity of the reel itself. For example, if the capacity of the reel is 15 meters, you should reel 10 meters (i.e. two ends of 5 meters respectively).

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When using a curved line, remember that the diameter should be at least 0.3 mm less than the “working” diameter of the grass trimmer. This is so the serrations of the shaped line chafe less and the line does not tear so fast.

Wind both lines simultaneously (both ends), avoiding overlaps. You’ll have to try and learn how to hold the line tension correctly: over-tighten. the line will catch, under-tighten. it will twist. And curly line should be coiled only with gloves, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

Do not leave too long ends, that’s why the line twists most often when cutting grass.

correctly, wind, fishing, line, grass

When mowing grass near obstacles (a tree, fence, bush, fence, concrete), remember that the line consumption will go much faster because the cord will cling to that obstacle. Get a bigger spool.

If it’s difficult to reel it in alone, ask someone else to help Practice shows that four-handed reeling can be much more efficient.

How to wind the line correctly on a grass trimmer reel?

The grass trimmer, bought in a store, is already ready to work. a standard kapron fishing line is tucked into it. It cuts grass, but it doesn’t do the job well. it fails quickly and only mows young, thin plants. Old grass and weeds with hardened stems cannot be cut at all or are difficult to cut, wearing out quickly. It will stop for a short time, after which you need to replace the line in the trimmer.

It is not recommended to use fishing line, it is better to take a special string with a core of fiberglass. It is sold in construction stores. Choose one with a square or triangular cross section, their sharp edges work like knives.

Consumption of fishing line for grass trimmer when using faceted and reinforced consumable material will be reduced by 2-3 times, the same amount of time will increase productivity compared to the round section fishing line and the line, not reinforced with fiberglass.

Get the material in a diameter no smaller than the diameter recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not know the diameter, look at the size of the holes in the outer casing of the mowing head: the diameter of the working thread should be slightly smaller than the hole to fit through it freely.

Buy enough stock of cutting line (for 2-3 changes), try to buy different versions to compare which one will work best.

Once you know how much material you need for one winding, be guided in the length of the fishing line for the next purchases, so that no pieces are left too short for winding.

To replace the fishing line on the mechanical mower with your own hands, you need to disassemble the mowing head and take out the spool, on which the working thread is wound.

How to wind the line correctly on a grass trimmer reel

Many people, having used up the factory line on a recently purchased trimmer, try to wind up a new one, but they can’t, because they don’t know how to wind up the line on the reel (bobbin) of the trimmer for grass. They seem to have the instructions, but still can’t do it. In this article we will try to solve this question.

So, to wind the fishing line, you need, first of all, to remove the spool from the grass trimmer so it will be more convenient. The method of taking off will depend on the type of grass trimmer.

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The device in the mower

In a trimmer, the element on which the string is stretched is very simple. It is called a “spool.”. It usually consists of an upper and a lower part (grooves) between which there is a partition with a recess. It is on these grooves and it is necessary to wind the line. However, first it is pulled through the groove.

Before pulling out the reel, you should unscrew the special button located directly on the body of the mower. Before changing the line, you need to remove the spool from the mower.

It is not difficult to do, but there are peculiarities depending on the configuration of the grass trimmer and the reel itself.

On small electronic mowers, the motor and the spool are at the bottom, and there are buttons on each side of the spool. If you press them, you get the top groove of the spool and the part where you need to wind the line.

In lawnmowers with a curved boom that does not have a blade, the reels have special two-horned nuts. These tools need to hold the bobbin so it does not move, and turn the nut in a nonclockwise direction. It is she who holds the entire reel, which after that is easy to remove.

As the wind line onto the trimmer head

Mowers with a straight bobbin that can be fitted with a knife have a hole just below the bobbin. To remove the spool, a screwdriver is inserted into this hole, and the bobbin is fixed at the same time. Then you need to turn the spool clockwise and remove it from the machine.

Sometimes there may be latches on the reel in the form of clips. They need to be pressed to disconnect the parts of the reel. It is also possible when the top and bottom of the bobbin are connected by thread. In this case it is sufficient to take hold of the top and bottom with your hands and then twist in different directions until they are twisted.

What can be put instead of fishing line on the brushcutter and gasoline trimmer

If it turns out that a special line for grass trimmer is not at hand, you can use the most ordinary fishing line. Usually take a line with a diameter of 2 mm, but you can try to put a line thicker.

The only thing you have to deal with is the difficulty of winding the line. Fishing line is too soft, so here it depends a lot on the device of the spool. If the line has to be reeled in, it should be done in a small piece.

It is much easier to install fishing line on the weed trimmer, in the case when its spool is without winding (you just pass the desired piece of line or rope through the hole, and then snap the spool).