How to cut a box in the port of Last Day. Last Day on Earth: Be careful with accounting

Hyde on Last Day on Earth

The first thing to note is. like many games on Android, Last Day on Earth requires a lot of time for progress, since everything is tied to energy. So keep in mind if you want to achieve success. you will have to enter the game every day.

Set the correct settings on the phone. If your smartphone does not differ in powerful iron, first of all it is worth lowering the quality of the textures. So the frequency of frames will increase, the number of lags will decrease and play will become more comfortable.

Weapons, armor and food are the most important resources. If you do not have enough space in your backpack, and you came across a chest where there are a lot of objects, give preference to weapons, armor and food. It is the hardest thing to get, especially in the early stages.

Check the card. It is very useful to look at the card periodically. So you can see a crowd of zombies, which is going to attack your base. It is marked with a red arrow.

Wash in time. In addition to the fact that over time your character begins to starve and experience thirst, he also becomes dirty. Because of this, it will be easier for enemies to discover. Therefore, our advice. try to take a shower as often as possible. Ideally, to build it on the basis.

Do not waste bullets. Especially at the beginning of the game. They will rarely come across you, so throwing them on ordinary enemies is a bad idea. Generally take for the habit of killing ordinary zombies by near.battle weapons. At first it may seem a difficult task, but after a couple of hours you will get used to.

Sewing table. One of the most useful objects that you can create in Endheim. It is with its help that you will have the opportunity to crawl the fabric necessary to create armor.

Do not chase a motorcycle. Useful advice for beginners. no matter how tempting the idea to ride a chopper around the world sounds, you should not spend all the resources on its creation. It is better to first make all the main machines and objects, this will be much easier to go through the game.

Do not add all resources in one box. It is better to create a separate box for each type of item. So it will be easier for you to find the desired aem.

How to go through day on earth

First of all, create an ax, pick and spear. The game has a lot of items that can be scraped, but these are the most basic, which will definitely come in handy at first. With the help of a spear, you can repel the attacks of enemies, and Kirka and an ax will help collect important resources.

Collect the whole loot at the starting location. The area on which you will appear is fraught with a lot of useful resources and materials that will be useful to you at the beginning of the game. Therefore, before going to the map of the world, first make sure that you have collected everything that is possible on the first location.

Create a backpack. The following that needs to be done after receiving basic tools. A backpack will help you endure more resources with you, which greatly simplifies life.

Set the base. On it you can store your materials and other things, as well as hide from enemies. At first, you do not need to build a huge palace, enough a small house for a couple of cells (in the future it can be expanded).

Create a garden. There you can grow food that is necessary for the character so that he does not die of hunger.

Build a fire. Another useful item that can be scattered. A fire is the main source of coal. one of the most useful resources in the game, so it is simply necessary to create it.

Create a wood processing machine and stove. With the help of the first, you can create boards from pieces of wood, and the second will melt the ore into ingot.

Spend energy on green zones. Energy is the most important resource in Last Day on Earth, so you need to spend it wisely. The best option for starting pumping will be green zones in which useful resources are given, as well as a large amount of experience that is necessary to increase the level of character.

After receiving level 18 and creating a sewing machine, it will be possible to create bandages and first.aid kits, which will greatly simplify the passage of complex stages of the game. For example, bunker.

Make skills correctly. All the skills that you get for increasing the level are divided into three types: purple, yellow and gray. Accordingly, violets are considered the best, and the gray are the weakest. However, this is not always true. each level of Broizer skills increases the number of health points by 20 units, which greatly simplifies the passage.

Of the other useful skills. an “additional ” that gives another quick access slit and “cracker” that allow you to open the workshops of the castles. We also advise you to take three levels of the fast student skill. Each of them increases the amount of experience by 15%.

Be sure to visit the “Destroyed convoy” event. By attending this event, you can bother the alpha bunker access card. At the same time, we do not recommend choosing a minigan that can be found almost at the very entrance to the location. Immediately after that, the zombie army attacks, which is very difficult to cope with.

Reite other people’s bases. As the lower part of your card progresses, three NPCs will appear, which will offer to reiterate the databases. This is not a den of real players, but asylum generated by a computer. Having cleaned them, you can get a precious loot, but it will have to give it to the raiders.

In addition, keep in mind that, starting a raid of other people’s bases, you are at risk and your. Therefore, make sure that the shelter is well protected and will be able to survive the attack.

Last Day on Earth: Walkthrough of the game

How to join the clan? To search and join the clan you need a 2nd level tower. Clans can be open, closed (you should receive an invitation), at the request (you need to send a request). Enter the name of the clan in the search bar to which you go to join, or select any of the available on the list.

Please note that you can enter another clan 24 hours after you left the previous one, and the application for joining the clan can be sent only one.

How to get out of the clan? To leave the clan, you need to open information about your clan, tab. members of the clan. Next to your name you will see the button to leave the clan.

I want to play with other users that you need? The seventh sector of the wall. This is a place where you can meet, chat with other survivors and unite with them against a common enemy. zombie. After repairing the lifting mechanism, you can open a powerful door 7 sectors where you will find a protective suit. They will be needed to study locations and save from radiation. You can go beyond the sector 7 and without an anti.radiation costume, but then be prepared for a painful death. Nothing to carry into the zone will not work, so you have to find the weapon already on the spot.

Grimila attacks me what to do? Thunder is the strongest zombie monster in the game, which usually appears in red and orange zones. With a very small chance, it may appear in green. He receives little damage, but applies a lot. Therefore, it is very difficult to kill him, but possible. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of resources on this, we recommend just avoiding it.

Can I change the server? At the moment, it is impossible to change the server, and most likely it will not be possible to come out of the game from beta testing.

What fate awaits cheaters? Any scam is contrary to the policy of an honest game, so the developers hinder deceivers with all their might. Owners of accounts in which the developers notice suspicious activity, additional resources outside of game transactions and traces of hacks will be mercilessly banned by them when detecting. Developers will not allow crackers to have an advantage over those who play honestly.

Why don’t I have a Humanitarian Himler plane? At the initial levels, the chance of falling the aircraft is increased so that it is easier for beginners to join the game. And in order to wait for humanitarian assistance and Hilery, you just need to spend some time in the game.

How to stop the Horde moving to my base? To avoid the invasion of the Horde, you can kill a witch living in an infected forest, and until a new inhabitant starts there, there will be no one to call on the Horde. This, however, does not hinder the Horde, which has already advanced to your base, get to the destination point. And you can install the same witch from the head near the house. And while the totem is on, a crowd of zombies will be afraid to step on your territory.

Why I don’t offer energy for viewing advertising? At the moment, the advertising award system is in test mode and does not always appear with the players.

I brought an infected box to the base where he was gone? As soon as you brought an infected box to the base, it should immediately be placed in an acid bath for cleansing. If this is not done, after a few hours the box will turn into a pile of scrap metal, and it will not be possible to get its valuable contents.

How to assemble a turret? Craft will require details from other turrets that you can destroy and disassemble for spare parts in the bunker and at the bases of other players.

Where to get coal? Coal can be obtained by burning wood or boards at the stake. To do this, you need to place materials in both slots. In the fuel slot and for ingredients.

It is not possible to install the generator on the observation tower. If you can’t put the generator on the tower, although you have it, then note that it should be initially completely assembled on your home location as a radio, a gunsmith table, chopper and other similar items that are collected in two stages. After you collect it, you need to pick it up and put it in the rear seat of Chopper, after you can take it to the observation tower and put it.

How to find out what you need to exchange a merchant? You can use the radio on the home base to contact the merchant. However, in the age of post-apocalypse, radio communications are unreliable and, possibly, to find out what should be taken with you for exchange, it will turn out not every time it will turn out.

Why does the turret not protect the base from the Horde? The turret shoots only at warm.blooded targets and does not respond to zombies, so it can be used to protect your home location from other survivors, but will not help stop the Horde.

What is a processing machine for? The processing machine will make it possible to disassemble into the components of all the trash, which takes place in your chests and boxes. Place unnecessary things in the machine slot to get useful resources, and sometimes rare details.

Pay attention to the changes in the recipes, now to create some items you will need unique materials that can only be obtained using this machine.

Processing machine does not work. If the machine has stopped working, make sure that in the upper slot there is an object that can be disassembled, and the lower slots are not clogged with ready.made details.

Where to get plastic? You will need plastic to create some items. To get this material, look for such unnecessary items as a broken phone or camera and disassemble them to the components using a machine for processing.

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Why, when processing weapons on the machine, parts are so rarely falling out? The chance of getting depends on the strength of the weapon. If you disassemble a broken weapon, the probability of getting resources is extremely small.

Last Day on Earth: Passing Bunker Alpha

What is a bunker, why is it needed? Bunker. This is a game zone of increased complexity. To penetrate it, access card and password are needed. Inside you can find many obstacles in the form of zombies and traps, but find weapons, equipment, rare details and objects.

Where to find an access card in the bunker? The access card in the bunker can be found by searching for defeated opponents.

Why, after passing the bunker, I didn’t fall in minigan / fork / gas tank? The chance of falling out of these objects in the bunker is not 100%, there is no such thing that everyone without fail finds them. These are very rare objects and fall only from boxes for red coupons. If it was not possible to get the desired detail the first time, do not despair, next time you will be lucky!

How to kill a blind hunter? In the mode of increased complexity of the alpha bunker, a special mutated type of zombie is hidden. A blind hunter. It is not so easy to cope with him, but there is a chance to get a special item. We advise you to pay attention to his behavior and his environment, this will help you develop your own tactics and defeat the boss.

Why do I get damage from the cold at 4 levels, despite the fact that I am dressed in winter clothes? The fact is that in the freezers there is so low temperature that even fur clothing does not save. Therefore, we do not recommend lingering there for a long time!

How to find out a password from a hopper? Bunker password is updated every two days. It is broadcast on the radio, and it can also be recognized by checking the corpse of a dead military man who can be found in game locations.

I enter the password, but it doesn’t fit. Make sure this is the current password from the bunker you need.

I can not get to the bunker, writes that “little energy”, why? Alpha bunker is a demanding location for the resources of the device. Therefore, the developers limited access to it to devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements, the game on such devices would simply fly out inside the bunker. But do not be discouraged, every day developers are working on optimizing the game, and perhaps in one of the following updates the bunker will be available to you in full.

How to activate the protocol and what it will lead to? Having activated the protocol, you will launch a regime of increased complexity, as a result of which completely new and stronger opponents will appear on the floor of the bunker, as well as the opportunity to get special awards. We advise you to thoroughly prepare for the cleaning of the bunker and not go there with pickles, shovels and a destroyer. To access the new regime, you will need to find a military engineer.

We draw your attention: if you open access to the new mode, it will be impossible to return to the normal level of complexity before rebooting the hopper!

How to get into a watchman’s room? You can get into the watchman’s room with the help of an engineer, but first you will have to find and release him from the bowels of the alpha bunker.

Where to find a location on the coordinates obtained from the diskette in the room of the caretaker? For increasing the levels of reputation from an engineer, you will receive not only weapons, but also floppy disks that will allow you to find a special location with valuable loot on the world map.

We advise you to hurry, access to this location is limited in time, and the counting will begin from the date of loading data from the diskette to the terminal!

Why do you need personal belongings, a military notebook and tokens? To gain the trust of the engineer, you will have to get special items for him: personal belongings, military notebooks and tokens. As a reward for this, you will receive floppy disks with coordinates, or new weapons.

Why is weapon oil needed? Weapons oil. This is one of the components necessary for modifying weapons from an engineer. You can get weapon oil when you pass the hopper in a high complexity mode.

Why can’t I go down to the lower floors of the bravo bunker? Currently, the underground levels of Bunker Bravo are still under the rubble and therefore the survivors still cannot get access to them.

Small box

This is a basic item for stationary storage of things, after stripping locations. Makes it possible to accommodate 15 slots for objects. The player can scrap him at 2 level, having only 1 point of the “Mechanisms” skill in stock. Resources:

In a game aimed at survival in an aggressive world, it is impossible to survive without storing things. The chests will help in Last Day on Earth. Various types of backpacks are more suitable for expanding your own inventory.

Bunker Bravo Bunker

Bunker Bravo is one of the abandoned military bases that are scattered around the game world. It’s easy to go inside the bunker-for this you will need a special key-card (CAC Card B), which can be randomly found when examining various locations. We advise you to look in the forest. sometimes it falls out with a zombie.

As soon as you open the door, a whole crowd of living dead will attack you. This is mainly about ordinary zombies, but among them there may be high.level monsters, so your character should be well pumped and have a good weapon. However, there is one interesting way that will help you destroy the zombies without much difficulty.

Tip: After the door opening, immediately run from the hopper as far as possible and leave the zone. Then return to the location. the zombies should return to the base. Now it is worth slowly approaching the door and start pulling enemies in small groups of 2-3 zombies.

As for Luta, here you can find equipment for special forces (SWAT), an assault rifle M16 and a all kind of little thing in boxes. To pick up all things from here, 2-3 sorties can leave. Unfortunately, objects in the Bravo bunker are not revived, that is, after the opening, it becomes, in fact, useless.


Update 1.four.6: In this patch, the developers remoded a slightly bunker. Now you need another key-card to get into it. In addition, you will now not be able to lure the zombie by once, so it is better not to meddle without a powerful weapon into this location (we advise you to arm yourself with a M16 rifle). If we talk about luta, then it has not changed much.

Bunker Alpha (Bunker)

The developers have finally added the opportunity to get to the 1st lower level of this bunker. In it you can find many useful things, including Minigan and AK-47 automatic, as well as encounter new monsters. We told more information about him in a special guide. Here we only note that the pass (CAC Card a) can be found randomly in any box, dead zombie or character controlled by AL. Now lifting it from a corpse lying near the hopper is impossible.

Unlike Bunker Bravo, there are no monsters in the alpha, but only various useful things (we are talking about the upper level). Lut does not appear in this place, so you can not waste time returning to this base if you do not have the right password. But lower.level items are restored every 24 hours.

Monsters of the old farm

Above, we indicated which monsters you may encounter in this location. Now you will learn about their features and ways to deal with them. The most simple enemies are the zombies of farmers (150 life points), since you can kill them using a conventional machete. However, a crowd of such dead can quickly lower your strip to zero.

Frantic giants (250 points of life) look like ordinary ones and apply about 30-50 units of damage. We advise you to kill them with a shotgun. Infected bulls (300 points of life) beat very painfully, but they go extremely slowly. Use a pistol or onion to combat them.

The most dangerous enemy is the “ruin” (2000 points of life), which, although it hits weakly, is bullets in the hero with acid, which applies 40 units of damage and slowing down motion. It is better to use AK-47 against him. Sometimes raiders and red wolves will meet. The former are quickly killed by firearms.

Chests and secrets of the old farm

During stripping this location, you will certainly find a heavy chest. It will not be easy to drag it, and it is impossible to pull it outside the farm. You have to attribute it to the machine located in the same area to open.

When the corner grinder is working, she will make a loud noise, so new zombies may come out of the barn nearby. The probability of opening the doors of the barn is 50 percent. In it you can find a disassembled motorcycle, from which 5 parts and a gas tank will fall (with a slight chance).

In a heavy box you can find many useful consumables and equipment, as well as firearms and cold weapons. Be sure to visit the house in which there are three boxes with resources. Hiding places are hidden in the corrals under the boulders. In one of the corrals you can also find a puppy.

Types of zombies

Most of all on the farm of zombie farmers. Alone they have no danger, 150 HP and apply 6 damage. The same runners, but with greater armor.

Running past hay stacks, be afraid of zombies that may come out of them. They get out of three, 80 HP, but not dangerous.

Wild giant. a reduced copy of a violent giant from a hopper. Run faster, but beat weaker. 250 HP, increased armor and about 40 damage when hit. Not furious, of course, but it is better not to beat in open with cold weapons.

Infected bull. 300 HP. The most dangerous animal in the game if it is angry. In a military set of armor, it applies almost 100 damage. We do not advise you to anger them (three on the locations). And if he already paid attention to you, then it is better to shoot a firearm or go to the location.

Infected wolf. an animal of red locations in a heap with farmers may cause inconvenience. Applies 14 damage, fast, 100 hp.

Raisher. local boss. If you think about it, it is completely non.hazard, but it is better for beginners to be careful with him. 2000 hp, strikes 15 damage. Walks slowly, but when the distance is broken, it accelerates. Spitting green slurry, which inflicts 40 damage and blows a whole armor for 3 hits.

Raider. ordinary people, 100 HP, can be both with cold weapons and firearms.

Passage options

The farm is held in two ways: in secretly mode and ahead. Everything is clear with the latter, we take the firearm and take out all, or collect the crowd and explode with a grenade launcher. The first option is economical. For him you will need a quick cold weapon by the type of iron pipe or a machete. You can do without a firearm, but one gun should take with you, in case of meeting with raiders. Let us consider in more detail this method.

Immediately behind the crossing are two farmers, carefully approach so that only one of them ran to us. Having killed him, crouching, we creep up to the second and hit with a sledgehammer or destroyer to inflict a cholelite. The gate at the entrance to the farm is guards a wild giant, kill a firearm or agrim, run in a circle and become behind the fence, as in the picture.

The zombie’s blow has to be in the wall, and on the swing you will have time to hit in response and hide back. Thus, you can kill all wild giants on locations. We pass further, deal with several farmers and carefully (crouching) pass by the wild giant in the center of the road and go to deal with the ruin. We are waiting at the intersection in front of the barn and the farm house.

When the boss arrives, we get 3-4 strokes, after which the ruin begins to spit, evade the defeat zone, running behind the zombie’s back. Depending on the speed of the weapon, you can have time to inflict from 2 to 4 beats, if you are not sure that you will have time to dodge the next spit, deliver one blow and immediately run behind your back. In this way, you can kill the ruin with fists, but it will take more time.

Further, the main task is to destroy fast zombies. If all the zombies in the sector reacted to the blow, it is better to run behind the wall, as with a giant.

Having killed fast zombies, we take out a blue box. To do this, agrim of wild giants in the same sector and we take to the far point of the card. Since the character is faster, he will have time to return much faster than giants. Grab the box and take it as much as possible from its position, when we see the approaching giants we throw a box and leave the location. Giants do not react to you anymore, and the box is where it was abandoned.

Cheapest Way To Clear Sewer Base At Port Location ! Last Day On Earth Survival

We carry a box along the route, as in the picture, to the machine.

When the machine starts to make noise, all the zombies that were on the map will run to the noise. It is better not to stand near the machine at the time of opening the box. Run away, for example, into the house. After about 30 seconds, we run towards the machine and Agrim all who gathered near it. There will be a couple of runners and many giants. We break the distance with giants and kill the runners.

Having gathered giants in a heap, we run away to the entrance, waiting for them to run to the machine, we take everything from there and run away. If the barn open, then you will have to run with giants a couple of times.

Farmer chest

The main prize of the old farm at Last Day on Earth Survival is a farm chest. It contains the most valuable parts for the motorcycle. For example, there is a chance of finding a gas tank for a chopper there. He hides in one of the farm zones. It is impossible to take it outside the location.

The chest must be cut on the machine located the same machine. Attention! The machine makes a loud sound that several more monsters can run to (except bulls).

At the end of the quest on the old farm, do not forget to visit the house in which there are 3 boxes with resources. And you can find caches with a bonus in the corrals under large stones. Well, also, when passing the farm, you can get a new puppy.

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How to repaint

The color of the bike is not particularly impressive, but now your transport can be repainted in different colors. Here at your discretion. During the wandering in the alpha bunker, in search of precious gas tank, forks and wheels, pay attention to drawings (patterns) for painting. They indicate how many spray can of paint and what color is required to repaint the chopper. The repainting function is in the motorcycle menu.

Motorcycle refueling

Like any transport, your chopper will not move without fuel. The menu has a special slot where you can place a canister or bottle of gasoline and press the button. In the same way, gasoline can be drained, only in the cell you need to put an empty container and click on the button. At first, a shortage of fuel will be the number one problem. Feel free, borrow from neighbors or other players.

The usual chopper has only four cells in the trunk. Much of the cargo does not fit there, the backpack still will have to drag with you.