How To Cut A Brick At Home

How and what to cut a brick: tool overview

During the construction of brick walls, when arranging stoves, as well as during cladding work, building materials of non-standard shapes and dimensions are often required. Therefore, every worker who deals with such work must know exactly how to cut a brick and how to correctly carry out this operation. In this article we will talk about the devices that will help in this matter.

Cutting bricks with a petrol saw

Cutting bricks with a petrol saw

If you have a question about how to cut a brick without an angle grinder, you can use a gas cutter. This device is a special saw. The tool is quite inconvenient for cutting building materials, since it is bulky and heavy.

If a disc is used as a cutting element in a gas cutter, then it looks like an angle grinder, with the difference that it runs on gasoline. A chain can also be used as a cutting element. In this case, a gas cutter is a bit like a chainsaw. Cutting elements for a petrol saw are made using a special technology and coated with diamond grit.

This device is convenient to use when arranging window or door openings in brickwork. The main advantage of gas cutters is the presence of water supply to the working area of ​​the tool.

How to get a brick of non-standard size or irregular shape

Not so long ago, professional builders and amateurs did not even wonder how a brick can be sawn. They used a common pick and felling method, which is not very difficult.

The process of chopping bricks with a pick or combined trowel is as follows:

  • It is necessary to take a unit of building material in the left hand;
  • After that, you need to apply the split line with a tool on all edges of the product;
  • At the end, apply a sharp jerky blow to the edge of the product, while the pickaxe and the brick surface should form a right angle.

Manual cutting of bricks

This method has some disadvantages:

  • Low accuracy;
  • The surface of the formed edge is uneven, so it has to be hidden inside the masonry, and this is impossible in some cases;
  • You cannot split a brick at an angle other than straight.

But, time has passed, and now there are new building tools that can be used for these purposes. They make the process more convenient and accurate, plus significantly reduce time costs. In addition, the formed product edges are distinguished by a flat surface.

Now a completely fair question arises, how to cut silicate or fireclay bricks. Modern construction professionals use the following tools for this purpose:

  • Machine for processing bricks;
  • Special saw (gas cutter);
  • Angle Grinder.

Brick Cutting Machine Review

Brickworking machines are complex structures that can harm the operator’s health if mishandled. Therefore, work on the processing of building materials must be carried out taking into account all safety rules. The device is equipped with a power unit that operates from a network with an operating voltage of 380 volts, so it needs to be properly grounded. Only those discs that are approved by the manufacturer can be used as cutting elements. Also, the worker must use protective goggles, gloves and a respirator.

The device that is manufactured at the factory is quite expensive, so if the question arose of how to cut a brick at home, then it is better to use other settings. However, some home craftsmen try to assemble such a machine on their own. The parameters of the future device are determined by the capabilities of the designer and the upcoming volume of work.

Some people even decide to completely repeat the design of factory-made machines. Other home craftsmen use improvised tools to simulate machine tools. In most cases, we are talking about an angle grinder, which is mounted on a bed.

Working Principle of Brick Cutting Machine

From all of the above, it follows that the modern market offers a huge number of different devices for processing bricks. The choice of equipment falls on the shoulders of the master, and it must be done taking into account the following factors:

  • The scope of the proposed work;
  • Working environment;
  • Work budget.

Choosing a brick cutting machine

Despite the above advantages, it is not always advisable to use a brick processing unit. The fact is that it is quite expensive, so its purchase will be justified if significant amounts of work are involved. Also, such installations are recommended for specialists who are constantly engaged in such activities.

The processing of building materials with this equipment is very simple. Each model comes with an instruction manual. In most cases, processing workpieces on a machine includes the following steps:

  • Marking must be applied to the workpiece;
  • Then the brick is set at the desired angle;
  • The tool is brought to the working area;
  • The engine is switched on and the rotation speed is adjusted;
  • The movement of the cutting element is carried out and cutting occurs.

The main advantage in working with brick processing installations is the fact that the worker is in such a position that he can see the cutting process and, therefore, control it.

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What disc to cut a brick

It is also very important to choose the right disc for processing bricks. The cutting tools that are used for such operations are divided into two main groups:

  • Diamond;
  • Abrasive.

The main advantage of an abrasive disc is its relatively low cost. However, it should be said that such products fail quickly enough, so they need to be changed frequently. In addition, abrasive discs are prone to deformation and cracking, and therefore are quite unsafe.

Diamond blades are best suited for this operation. They are made on the basis of durable steel. Such a product is distinguished by its reliability and long service life. They are also more secure. Diamond cutting elements are also divided into several groups:

Simple products with a solid edge. Such products provide a smooth surface of newly formed edges and are characterized by low cost. Among the disadvantages are fast wear and strong heating during processing.

Segmental. The main design feature of such products is the presence of cuts on their edges. This design provides high-quality waste disposal from the working area and slow heating. These blades are well suited for dry cutting.

Discs equipped with a scalloped edge. The main advantage of such products is a large margin of safety. They have a long service life and are suitable for wet and dry cutting.

angle grinder with diamond disc

To improve the quality of cutting building materials, experts recommend using a bed for an angle grinder. By means of this structure, the cutting tool and the workpiece can be rigidly fixed. The bed can be used to cut bricks lengthways or in half at different angles.

Using an angle grinder

Now let’s talk about how to properly cut a brick with an angle grinder. This operation is carried out when you need to make a small number of fragments of building material. Suitable for processing models that can be equipped with a circle with a diameter of 23 centimeters.

Smaller cutting elements can also be used, but in this case productivity and accuracy of work suffer, since the disc will not pass through the entire thickness of the product, so the workpiece will have to be turned over.

Brick Cutting Angle Grinder

How To Cut A Brick At Home

The power of the tool used must be at least 2000 watts. You should not use too powerful a tool for this purpose, since it will be unreasonably heavy and cumbersome.

Review of tools for cutting bricks. Cutting bricks with a special machine

A machine for processing such building materials consists of the following elements:

  • Reliable metal frame;
  • Diamond wheel;
  • Power unit;
  • Workpiece holding system;
  • Water supply system to the working area.

Brick Cutting Machine

The purchase of this equipment allows you to do the following:

  • Quickly process workpieces;
  • Carry out cutting of products with maximum precision, resulting in a flat surface, which is very convenient for further work;
  • Increase work safety as the water supply system ensures minimal dust generation.

How to prepare drawings?

If the smokehouse should become a functional element of the decor of a suburban area, then, undoubtedly, the drawings should be done by yourself. However, if there is no need for this, then it is better to use ready-made drawings. This is especially true for non-professionals, as this will help to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies. But even in this case, one should take into account the dimensions of the container, which it was decided to use for the main camera. Most likely, the scheme will still have to be slightly changed.

From a gas cylinder or fire extinguisher

The process of making a smokehouse from a gas cylinder is somewhat complicated, but it is quite suitable for those who have this completely unnecessary thing on the farm and want to find at least some use for it.

To begin with, it is worth, observing safety precautions, release the remaining gas from the cylinder, and then carefully saw off the release valve. The rest of the gasoline is also poured from the cylinder into any metal container and burned. Then the balloon is well washed, a door is cut out in its wall through which the products will be placed inside. Hinges are welded to the place of the cutout, on which the door will hold. Metal strips are cut from the bottom of the cylinder and half of the bottom is cut off to provide the future smokehouse with a firebox. Finally, the firebox itself is made of metal sheets and welded to the cylinder, after which the entire structure must be calcined on fire.


Despite the variety of items from which a smokehouse can be made, each design should have several indispensable components to make the smoking process convenient and technologically correct. In addition, during work, you should have some tools on hand. at least a welding machine and an angle grinder.

The main chamber of the smokehouse must have at least one grate. Products for smoking will be laid out on it. Such a grid can be made from thin reinforcement.

The smoking chamber itself must be sealed. This will ensure that the food is heated evenly and will also prevent smoke from escaping prematurely. In addition, if the size of the smokehouse allows, provide the chamber with several hooks for smoking.

Under the grate, there should be a tray for smoldering shavings and sawdust, and even lower. a box for ash. There may also be a heat source that provides smoldering sawdust. The third important element is the pan, onto which fats and juices will drain; it must be cleaned after each smoking session.

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You can install the smokehouse on a fire, on gas and even, if the size allows, on an electric stove.

The smoke generator is an important design detail. Of course, small smokehouses operating on the principle of hot smoking have it directly in the smoking chamber: the production of smoke is provided by sawdust, which covers the bottom of the chamber. For cold smoked smokehouses, artificial conditions for the formation of smoke will have to be created, because its total temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, often for such smoke generators, an electric heating element is used with a built-in thermostat and temperature sensors.

To improve the quality of smoking (in the case of a hot-type smokehouse), it is possible to install an additional fan or compressor in the structure. They will provide additional more powerful pumping of smoke, due to which smoked products will warm up and cook faster.

Sometimes a lid with a water seal is added to the smokehouse: it is a small depression located around the perimeter of the smoking chamber into which water is poured. This device creates a barrier that prevents air from entering the chamber and does not release smoke from the chamber.

From the old refrigerator

Many summer residents prefer not to get rid of old non-working equipment, but to take it to the country. If you save the non-working refrigerator from the electrical filling and other “insides”, then the remaining box can be turned into a comfortable and spacious smokehouse.

A small hole must be made in the roof for the future chimney. Inside the box, at different levels, six corners should be installed in pairs, on which the grates for the pallet and products and hooks for smoking, as well as a pallet for fat flowing from the products, will subsequently be located. In addition to a pan for fat, you will also need a pallet for sawdust or shavings; it is installed at the very bottom of the structure.

Simplest polyethylene film construction

To make such a cold-smoked smokehouse, you will need two meters of very dense film, which is sewn in the form of a bag. A dense film used by summer residents for greenhouses and greenhouses is best suited.

Next, you need to find a flat area about one square meter on the site. The platform is upholstered with high wooden stakes for a film size of about two meters in height, and the stakes themselves are interconnected with thin transverse beams to give the structure stability. Then the opposite stakes will need to be connected with diagonal bulkheads in approximately 2-3 rows. After that, the products prepared for smoking are hung on the rods so that they do not come into contact with each other, and a prepared plastic bag is pulled onto the structure. not to the ground itself, a small space is left.

Burning coals are poured under the structure and covered with grass, after which the film is pulled to the ground and carefully clamped on all sides to make the entire structure tight.

From the barrel

The most traditional and simplest option is to make a home smokehouse from a wooden or metal barrel. The principle of its manufacture is the same as in the case of a bucket smokehouse; the main difference lies in its significantly large dimensions, which allow equipping the barrel not only with grates, but also with hooks for smoking.

The barrel can produce both types of smokehouse, which can be very convenient. In the first case, the heat source, the hearth, should be located directly under the barrel. For cold smoking, the barrel is installed in a pit, to which a chimney (approximately two meters long) is drawn from the hearth.

You can make a more complex version of the smokehouse, for which you will need not one, but two barrels.

The most convenient option would be to use two identical barrels with a volume of approximately 200 liters. They need to be welded together in a “T” shape. The lower barrel will serve as a container for the future firebox, an opening is cut out on the side and a door is installed. The shutter at the bottom of the furnace will allow you to adjust the intensity of combustion. The upper barrel will serve as a future smoking chamber: it is necessary to firmly and firmly fix a strong grate in it, on which smoked products will subsequently be laid out, and besides, it will be possible to cook barbecue on it. Plus, it can be used as an oven, placing baking dishes or simply wrapped food in foil on the wire rack.

For smoking, it will be necessary to arrange a brazier for sawdust in the lower firebox, and an open fire is kindled under it. Sometimes sawdust is poured directly into the firewood, but this is a more laborious method that requires constant monitoring and attention. Otherwise, the food may burn and lose the necessary taste.

Of brick and stone

Such a smokehouse is easy to manufacture, but rather complex in design. When building, you do not need to use an angle grinder and a welding machine, however, the slightest mistake in the location of the chimney can make the finished smokehouse unusable. The advantage of this smokehouse is that it can be adapted for both cold and hot smoking methods: a similar two-mode design turns out to be very convenient and multifunctional.

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First, you need to prepare the foundation for the future smokehouse. Due to the fact that brick and stone are heavy, it is impossible to mount such a structure directly on the ground: the earth may settle and the structure will be destroyed. It will not be superfluous to strengthen the foundation using a lattice of reinforcement.

Then, when the foundation is ready, you can start laying the lower belt of the walls, and after that. carrying out the tunnel chimney. Its length is approximately two meters, and the pipe itself is well insulated to provide the possibility of both cold and hot smoking. Any mineral insulation that can withstand high temperatures can be an insulating material. Suitable, for example, glass wool.

The structure of the future smokehouse itself must remain hollow. This can be taken into account and in the future to use empty niches for storing stocks of sawdust, firewood, etc. The highest temperatures will be observed directly in the firebox and in the furnace, so they will need to be made of refractory bricks. The rest of the parts of the smokehouse can be laid out with any other types of bricks, even decorative.

Finally, you can start building the second brick belt. It will need to be separated from the first with a flat concrete screed or a concrete slab. Just as in the case of the foundation, it would be better to strengthen the layer with a steel reinforcing grid. Two chambers are distinguished, one of which will serve as a smoking chamber, and the second will become the basis for a Russian oven.

After that, the oven itself is built on top. Since there will always be high temperatures, then, as mentioned above, it must be built from refractory bricks. The advantage of this design is its versatility: it will not only serve as source of heat for the smokehouse, but will allow you to bake food and even cook barbecue.

After the construction of the stove, a smoking chamber is built next to the chimney: it can do without any additional finishing. The only thing will need to be provided with a tight sealed door, preferably a wooden one made of deciduous trees; cherry or apple tree are ideal.

Then, when the smoking chamber is built up, a pipe is attached to it at the top, which provides smoke extraction. Adjusting the draft in the pipe will allow the owner to produce both cold and hot smoking in the same smokehouse. everything will depend on the intensity of sawdust burning in the firebox. At low heat and a wide diameter of the pipe, the smoke will have enough time to cool down in order to provide cold smoking; if you limit the draft in the pipe and increase the intensity of combustion, then hot smoking will be performed.

Out of the bucket

To make a similar model of a smokehouse, you will need an old bucket. One or two stainless steel gratings are placed inside it. If there are two grates, then the first, smaller one is set about 10 cm from the bottom of the bucket, and the second is slightly higher. Then the bottom of the bucket is abundantly sprinkled with wood shavings or sawdust.

What can you build from?

To make a smokehouse with your own hands, you can use a lot of improvised means. household items that have served their time will do, which are brought to the country in large quantities in the hope that someday they will be used.

A wooden barrel is suitable for a smokehouse chamber, and the larger it is, the better, but for a small home production, a capacity of 50-100 liters is enough. However, it is important to remember that in no case should you choose resinous and tar-producing tree species. Spruce, pine, maple and birch are definitely not suitable. The best options would be trees such as cherry and apple, oak or alder.

In addition to the barrel, you can use any large metal box: an old refrigerator will also do (this will allow you to combine a smoke generator and a dryer in one block). You can make a camera, for example, from a gas stove. In the end, a container for a portable smokehouse can serve as an ordinary metal bucket, an old pan, flasks, a medical box or even an old fire extinguisher: two grates are inserted inside, between which there will be meat or fish, and the bottom is covered with a thin layer of sawdust.

However, using metal elements in the manufacture of a smokehouse, you should give preference to items made of “stainless steel”. Of course, this is a rather fragile and more brittle material that is more difficult to process, however, it has a number of undoubted advantages: firstly, it is resistant to chemical components that smoke carries in itself, and secondly, it does not oxidize at high temperatures and does not rusts, thirdly, it is easy to clean it from soot, soot and traces of grease.

If a smokehouse for the owner is a necessary attribute of a suburban area, then you can build a solid brick smokehouse. Its dimensions will correspond to the wishes of the owner, the main thing will be to ensure the correct flow of smoke into the smoking chamber. For a heating source in such smokehouses, stove stoves are usually used, connected to the chamber by a pipe.