How to cut a chain larch correctly. How to cut a thick tree

Technology of sawing logs on a chainsaw boards

The chainsaw is a technically complex and dangerous tool, for this reason, working with a saw, you need to comply with certain rules. Sowerant users are often related to working with a chainsaw with less attention and violate the rules, this leads to injury to the operator or a tool breakdown.

In this article, we will consider how to properly prepare a chainsaw for work, what are the rules and methods of rolling and sawing trees, we will talk about how to cut a chainsaw, separately dwell on safety precautions.

Preparation for work

The first thing where work begins with a chainsaw is its assembly. The assembly scheme of various models is practically no different. A saw tire and circuit are installed on the saw, the chain is tending.

The chain can be considered properly stretched if it does not sag on the tire and easily scrolls through with his hands. If in order to crank the chain you have to make too much effort, then it is pulled and you should slightly loosen its tension.

Next, it is necessary to control the sharpening of the circuit, for this, the cutting edge of each working tooth is visually inspected. The edges should be even without dents and Zazubrin.

The next stage is the gas station refueling. The fuel mixture is prepared in a certain proportion, to find out which by reading the user’s guide supplied with a saw. Basically, the fuel mixture is diluted in a proportion of 1:50, that is, one liter of AI gasoline. 92 must add 20 grams of oil for two.stroke engines.

Important: When pouring fuel and oil for lubricating the chain into the tanks, you need to be extremely careful and not confuse. If you pour oil into a tank for the fuel mixture, then the chainsaw will not work. To restore performance, it will be necessary to rinse the fuel tank with gasoline, as well as clean the fuel highway and carburetor, which is quite difficult.

What is the complexity of manual sawing logs?

The main problem that often occurs with such work is an uneven surface of the board, which is obtained as a result. If you saw the log without using the recommended technology, the chainsaw bus goes aside and you are unlikely to get a board of the same thickness along the entire length.

A sawing skill is required for sawing, so it is better to practice on a less valuable material.

Technology of sawing logs on boards manual chainsaw

What is good this method: it allows you to cut the log onto the boards of the desired thickness, even if you need such non.standard, such as, for example, 10 or 15 cm. Such a powerful material will become the basis for a shelf in a bathhouse, for a shop or countertop.

Humplifting, which will remain after sawing, can also be applied to the case: it will be made out of excellent street benches. From it you can also make a seat and back.

Before starting work, a log, ready for the saw, you need to fix it firmly. This is very important, because if it begins to shift during operation, then the cut will turn out to be uneven.

Preparatory stage

Preparation of the saw itself is reduced to refueling with its fuel mixture and oil for lubricating the cutting tool, checking the tension of the chain. When pouring gasoline, it is important not to shed it past the tank, and if this happened, then you need to carefully wipe the surface with clean rags. The same applies to oil.

The tension of the chain is checked very simply: it should not sag below the arrow. Then her fingers need to be pulled up. in the well.stretched chain, the shanks of the links should leave the groove of the arrow at the stretch site. Must check the ease of the cutting element along the guide.

Before working with a chainsaw, you need to prepare and timber. It is better to use special goats for a file of firewood in which the sawn blanks are laid (you can use one of the sticks as a deck). When cutting out, reliable fixation of the tree trunk is important. As for the roll, they are determined with the side in which the tree will be laid, they clear the place for it. In general, it is more convenient to work with an assistant who will bring timber and keep them when cutting.

After preparatory work, you can proceed directly to the process of sawing. The launch of the chainsaw is carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Features of sawing

It is not difficult to cut the firewood of a chainsaw, especially if the goats are used, there is an assistant. Before touching the log by the chain, the engine must be dispersed as much as possible. If the space allows, then it is better to cut a tire section that is close to the engine as close as possible. Pressure should be controlled by the load load. In the process of work, place the chainsaw so that it is on the side, not ahead.

The cutting of the barrel lying on the ground is made in two approaches: they perform cuts half the thickness of the tree, turning it 180 degrees, and completely cut.

Puncture of the branches is made by the extreme section of the tire, especially this applies to branches on the fallen trees. This will exclude the likelihood of a cutting tool in the ground.

As for the roll of wood, here the scheme is this: from the side in which the barrel will fall, we make a quarter of thickness. over, it is done at an angle of 45 degrees. Then we go on the other side and just above the available drink, produce the second. the main (for the entire thickness). The cutting process needs to be controlled in order to notice the fall of the tree in time, time to pull the saw from the cut and move aside.

chain, correctly, thick, tree

Safety regulations

When working with cutting equipment, it is important to observe safety rules, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid even minimal injuries:

  • Near the workplace and on the workplace, strangers, especially children should not be present;
  • Working with a disk saw, it is important to put on a protective casing on it;
  • For your own protection, when cutting logs, special elements of uniforms should be worn. glasses and a mask;
  • There should be a first.aid kit at hand;
  • You can not pour gasoline into a hot tank of a chainsaw;
  • In no case should you turn on the chainsaw outside the workplace;
  • The processed logs should be installed only on the right side of the master;
  • When working with cutting equipment, it is strictly forbidden to influence it by force.

Additionally, you can watch detailed instructions in the video on sawing logs onto the boards.

We saw the chainsaw correctly and evenly? Tips for forest pounds of trees- Video review

If you decide to buy a chainsaw or it is already there, you will need to study all the specifics of working with this tool. With a successfully perfect purchase and work, working with a chainsaw will be safe and will bring you a pleasure.

Currently, on the market, all chainsaws can be divided into three main classes:

  • Ordinary household devices that are designed for simple work. The chainsaw data do not have high power, and they cope with their duties perfectly. With the help of chainsaw data, you can, without any difficulties, prepare firewood for a bath or cut an unnecessary tree. And the possibilities of such saws are easily compensated by low weight and convenient control.
  • Semi-professional chainsaws are designed for any work, from repair and construction measures, and ending with a roll of forest. But such saws have one drawback. They cannot be used eight hours a day. Because of this, they are called semi-professional. These devices, as a rule, are used by lumberjacks for pruning knots.
  • Professional chainsaws specialize in a logger. The duration of their work is from 10 to 16 hours a day and saw data can be used seven hours without stopping.

Safety precautions when working with a chainsaw

This question arises from everyone who recently bought this tool. And many do not read the instructions, relying on their theoretical experience and knowledge. And this is one of the critical errors that will lead to a breakdown of the mechanism or to a dangerous injury. Safety precautions must always be observed.

Preparatory work

Before working as a chainsaw, you need to verify the correct tension of the device circuit. Pull a little by the upper links of the saw, and you will see how the shank will come out a few millimeters from the groove of the tire. Make sure that the lower links of the chainsaw do not sag. Then pull the chain with your hand, and if the tension is too strong, then weaken the chain. Check that the inertial brake is in the correct position, t.e. His handle did not touch the handle. When you turn on the chainsaw with a displaced inertial brake, will lead to a clutch plant.

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After checking the tension of the circuit, you can start refueling the saw. Install the tool on the horizontal surface. Pour in fuel and oil lubrication and engine mechanism. A good option would be a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and adhesive oil.

For a motor and a circuit, select a special lubricant designed specifically for chainsaws. The components of this lubricant will guarantee the long life of all engine elements and cutting mechanism.

After completing all of the above procedures, run the chainsaw. The engine at this moment should be cold. Put on the ground on and make sure its good stability.

Turn off the brake and turn on the ignition. Holding the front handle with your left hand put your right leg on the back handle. Pull the starter to start the engine. Disconnect the inertial brake and press the gas several times to warm up the engine. Next, check whether the oil comes well to the chain. After making sure that everything is normal, you can start your work.

chain, correctly, thick, tree

How to cut trees with a chainsaw

Before you start working, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of important rules for using this device. Firstly, the chainsaw should be held with two hands, and the handle is tightly wrapped in fingers with your fingers. Place the thumb under the front handle of the unit. Secondly, you can not stand right behind the chainsaw. The standard position with the sawing is a little from the side of the mechanism itself.

chain, correctly, thick, tree

Always work with a straight back. For convenient position and balance, spread your legs widely. Put a chainsaw on the brake during your movement. Start to saw the edge of the tire. If you do not comply with these rules, then you can get a serious injury.

To work with a chainsaw, buy yourself special protective clothes that will consist of a helmet and a mask, a bright jacket and pants. This form will protect you from saw cuts.

How to cut a felled tree with a chainsaw

This issue arises for beginners. Below we will describe in detail how to correctly cut wood.

The cut of the tree is performed on full gas with the tire, which is closest to the body body. And for each material it is necessary to use your specific cut method.

If you want to cut the branches from the tree, then you need to get to the left of the trunk and start sawing below. Perform all movements slowly. Cutting goes using the bow of the tire, namely the upper and lower clips of the chain.

Thick and difficult to process the branch cut into several suits. Start sawing a chainsaw from the end to the base of the tree trunk. It should also be noted that without a certain support, the barrel may roll, and before the start of the work process, make sure that the tree lies reliably and stable.

After pruning from the trunk of all branches, you can proceed to the next stage. the wood cut into several parts. Be very careful, The barrel due to intense rolleries of the chainsaw can roll on you.

If the saw canvas stuck in a tree, do not pull it. Turn off the saw engine and tilt the barrel slightly.

If you decide to cut large trees with a chainsaw, then you just can’t cope with one. You will need at least one assistant who will help you in the case of an emergency situation. Before starting the cut, conduct a visual examination of the tree trunk for dry and rotten branches, They can fall on you.

It is also worth paying attention to neighboring trees so that they do not interfere with work. Then stand to the right of the tree, and keep the tool on the side. This will significantly reduce the load on the hands and spine. The whole process is divided into cut and the main file. Start to saw at an angle at forty.five degrees per fourth of the depths of the tree trunk. With such actions, the tree will fall in the direction you need. When the tree falls, try to quickly remove the chainsaw.

Care for a chainsaw

Before starting to work carefully, inspect all the teeth and clean them of accumulated chips, dried oil and dust. If the chain is weakened, be sure to tighten it. After completing the work and cleaning the tool, be sure to check the condition of the chain oil and lubrication. It is also worth paying attention to the air filter. If it has a chip, just remove it. Sometimes it is necessary and rinse the filter.

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Sawing into chocks

Working with an already lying trunk and sawing firewood with a powerful chainsaw is much easier than blaming a tree. However, here you can encounter problems. the tire can get stuck in the trunk, and in order to pull it out, you will have to use a jack.

It is better to saw the barrel from the crown, gradually moving towards the root. The task of the lumberjack in this case is to cut the barrel into several large logs that can be rolled. The cut can be both upper and lower. The upper cut is performed until the barrel begins to fall and squeeze the tire. After that, if possible, it is necessary to finish the barrel from below. If it does not work out from below, then a few more is done next to the first upper ree, until the work brings the result. The sawing itself on the chocks of individual parts of the barrel is also carried out from above, that is, the upper rez.

The launch of the chainsaw

Before the starting procedure, the fuel mixture and grease for the metal circuit should first be poured into the corresponding compartments. Check the tension of the circuit, if necessary, tighten it. After that, you need to put the chainsaw on an even, stable surface, at a certain distance from the dressing site (for fire safety purposes). Then you should take the front handle with the left hand, and put the right leg on the back.

Then you need to press the ignition button, put forward a throttle and twine several times by the starter handle. When the chainsaw motor gives out a flash, the throttle is pushed back, and the starter handle, on the contrary, is pulled out to the maximum. This movement must be repeated until the engine starts.

The next step: you need to turn off the chain brake and press the gas several times so that the chainsaw is warming up. Also, the master should check the supply of lubrication to the chain. To do this, the saw must be brought to a clean paper sheet. The appearance of an oil spot on the sheet will mean that everything is in order and lubrication is enough.

If the chainsaw has already worked for a certain time and was simply drowned out, then its launch is carried out according to a simplified algorithm. that is, only the starter handle is used, and you do not need to touch the throttle.

The methods of cutting logs

Before sawing the whole forest, longitudinal cuts on the sides of the log are made, rarely from absolutely all the edges. The released material is used for the purpose of making a double.circuit beam, as well as a non.cut plank.

Changing the focus of the saw by relations to annual rings in the log it is possible to purchase timber with a unique pattern.

The property of such boards will vary. This period is provided for the combination of the cutting scheme of logs.

There are some varieties of sawing:

  • Radial. Sawing is performed vertically to the drawing of the rings. The cross section is valued that the plank with a homogeneous structure, as well as a color palette, comes out. It has high stability to moisture, as well as the vocabulary. This kind of material is high.quality.
  • Accelerating. The sawing of the log is performed in parallel, or along the tangent line of the relatively annual rings. The acquisition of the board differs in low quality, however, fascinating images have. The materials are susceptible to high moisture, their use is recommended in dry circumstances.
  • Rustic. The section is carried out at different angles transversely logs. The plank includes a variety of shortcomings in the version of knots and sapwood. Stands out by mediocre signs of academia, as well as swelling from moisture.
  • Diametrical. The section is performed in the middle of the logs across the fibers. The board has an image in the version of the cut of annual rings. It is highlighted in low quality.

In order to purchase the maximum number of materials with the lowest costs, it is possible to use special projects, or a drawing cut of logs in a strip saw.

Work organization

At the beginning of activity, it is recommended to sort the trees, as their direction depends on this. Clean them from dirt, remove branches, as well as cloves.

The distribution is carried out according to the following aspects:

  • Control the property of fasteners, as well as combinations of elements.
  • Control the presence of electricity.
  • Make lubrication of planes, subject to wiping.
  • Control the accuracy of the saw designs.
  • Control the movement of the tape in idle, as well as the opposite process.
  • With the need to change the sawmill of the pilram, moving the video from the left.sided edge by 5. 10 cm.

Ways to cut logs

Before cutting the workpiece, it is important to reflect on how to achieve a high.quality finished product with a minimum waste. The tree is unequal in quality, the lower region of the rod gives a more expensive timber.

When sawing from a log, you can get such varieties of timber:

  • Broke. raw materials, the dimensions of which are more than ten centimeters. The most popular look is a four.dancing beam, in a section of a square. It is used as building materials in the manufacture of furniture headset;
  • Board. raw materials, up to ten centimeters thick and width, which exceeds the thickness by 2 times. Boards are made from logs or bars and used in the construction and production of furniture.

Owning the theory of basics and practice, it is possible to make boards and bars yourself.

Advantages of sawing logs of a chainsaw

File and ax, like woodworking inventory, are now gradually gone the past, losing with a sufficiently powerful benzo- and electric pills.

A manual chain saw functions thanks to a two.stroke motor on gasoline, the main component is a sharpened chain.

  • Excellent efficiency that greatly simplifies human labor;
  • Mobility, it can easily be rearranged in other locations, put in a car, it does not work on an electric network;
  • Can be used with an increased level of moisture and even during precipitation;
  • The possibility of involving a variety of nozzles for the performance of many tasks;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Acceptable cost in comparison with special woodworking machines.

Therefore, not only experts with many years of experience prefer this product, but the owners of summer cottages are happy to operate a chainsaw to solve daily problems in the garden and construction.

Final work

After the end of the roll, the plant must be treated and taken to a separate place specially designed for this. To dispose of it entirely cannot. You need to saw off the branches, and cut the log into separate parts.

It is better to perform these works using a chainsaw. this will be faster and more efficient. Branches should be cut down from the bottom of the barrel in the direction upward.

  • It is also necessary to divide the barrel into segments using a certain technology that will prevent the pinch of saws in wood.
  • The essence of the technique is to saw the logs and the use of the wedge in the resulting cut, which relieves the tension between fragments of the tree.
  • This will protect from the jamming of the tool between parts of the log and allow it to work without effort.

How to get rid of a stump

The manual roll of trees is associated with many difficulties and requires a responsible attitude. Before starting work, it is worth soberly evaluating your capabilities and consequences that may arise in the event of an unsuccessful development of events.

It makes sense to weigh all the pros and cons and make a deliberate decision. To grow a tree you need for decades, and you can cut it in only 1 hour.