How To Cut A Hole In A Stretch Ceiling

How to glue a hole in a stretch ceiling

If there is a small hole in the stretch ceiling, then you can simply glue it over with an identical material. To do this, take the pieces that remain after installing the canvases or cut off a part from another roll for applying a patch.

If the general design of a room, for example, a nursery, allows, and the child accidentally tore the stretch ceiling, then you can glue it with a bright applique. Usually choose stickers in the form of butterflies, geometric shapes, flowers, Venetian patterns or other images.

hole, stretch, ceiling

Color pattern sticker. a compromise solution for a suitable interior

When there is a slight damage around the ceiling lamp, for example, melting or a small hole, then you can seal the defect with a thermal insulation ring of large diameter.

How to seal a hole in a stretch ceiling near an edge using tension

When the hole in the stretch ceiling is no further than 15-20 cm from the edge of the wall, it can be hidden by heating and stretching the canvas. This method must be performed step by step, taking all precautions to avoid tearing the film:

  • The hole is fixed with tape or tape so that it does not crawl further.
  • The nearest skirting board is freed from the baguette with a spatula with rounded edges.
  • The fabric in the place where the hole was formed is released. To do this, take out the fixing wedges, which easily come out when pulled down.
  • A place with a hole is cut out of the vacated section of the canvas.
  • Thoroughly heat the edge of the material so that it becomes possible to pull it up to the baguette against the wall.
  • Fix the canvas with wedges, and tuck the edges into the baguette.
  • Reinstall the plinth.

In this way, you can close up large holes in the stretch ceiling, carefully heating and pulling the material, as in the video.

How to fix a hole in a stretch ceiling by decorating

A good and original way to seal a hole in a stretch ceiling is to decorate with stickers or appliques. To do this, the place of damage is fixed with a fabric or adhesive patch, and an artistic drawing is made on top of it to match the style of the room. This method will not only hide the defect, but also give the room an interesting look.

Artistic drawing helps to hide damage that is away from the baseboard

For effective fixation of the applique, only special glue is used to prevent the drawing from leaving

In order for the drawing to naturally fit into the interior of the room, you can make several identical stylized decorated stickers, one of which will hide a hole in the stretch ceiling.

Applique bright drawings can not only hide the hole, but also refresh the room.

How to repair a hole in a stretch ceiling with your own hands

It is not always possible to hide a hole in a stretch ceiling with your own hands by quickly gluing, applique or darning the coating. To eliminate complex defects, there are a number of methods that are more time consuming and sometimes require additional consumables.

What can be the consequences due to a hole in a stretch ceiling

If even minor damage appears in the ceiling covering, its integrity is violated, which leads to the following consequences:

  • when flooded, the canvas does not protect the room from moisture;
  • lack of aesthetic appearance of the entire room;
  • the likelihood of the hole enlarging under the influence of tension, which can cause the complete dismantling of the structure.

The last point is especially relevant for owners of vinyl ceilings, who are most prone to creep at the slightest cut. Textile surfaces are made from strong threads, which, after weaving into fabric, are covered with a special polyurethane compound, due to which the cut or puncture does not increase much when pulled. Therefore, if the PVC film coating is slightly damaged, it is better to immediately repair the stretch ceiling if it is torn.

Strong tearing of the PVC film of the stretch ceiling

How to remove a hole in a stretch ceiling using glue

With the help of glue, you can put in order stretch ceilings with holes as in the photo.

Small, even cut of vinyl

Hole up to 2 cm in the fabric ceiling

Small torn hole in the canvas

Small hole away from the frame

For gluing stretch ceilings, ordinary glue will not work, the use of the wrong drug can cause irreversible consequences. Because of this, experts recommend choosing a tool that will meet the following parameters:

  • quick-drying glue base. eliminates long waiting times for the result;
  • absolute transparency. prevents the appearance of stains that are difficult to remove from the surface;
  • no deformation effect on the canvas. will not destroy the film.

Adhesives based on cyanoacrylate are suitable for these basic requirements. There are several brands of glue that are suitable for working with ceiling sheets:

  • Types 500 and 500 L leave a tough film after application, which effectively adheres the material. 513 type forms an elastic layer during application.
  • This Turkish instant gel leaves a clear film after application.
  • Contact. Domestic glue, which, complete with the cleaner of the same name, makes the process of sealing the hole easy.
  • German adhesive that has been tested by many stretch ceiling installers.
  • Types 401 and 404 from this American manufacturer are specially designed for difficult to bond surfaces.

A hole in a stretch ceiling: how to glue, how to hide, if pierced, video

Stretch ceiling has become commonplace in many homes and apartments due to its affordable price, beauty and practical features. The tension web is capable of withstanding a load of up to 100 kg per 1 m 2. which is especially important when flooding from above. When the canvas breaks, all the pleasant qualities of the structure come to naught. To restore the appearance and practicality of the upper part of the room, you can repair a hole in the stretch ceiling, instead of replacing the entire covering.

A hole in a stretch ceiling can be repaired with your own hands without calling a specialist at home

We make a hole in the finished ceiling

If the ceiling is already stretched, and you decide to install additional lamps, change their location or replace them with others, you can do it yourself. If the installation of the stretch ceiling was installed by a professional company and it is still covered by the warranty, call an employee of the company to clarify the details. In some cases, creating holes in tensioning structures will void the warranty. If you did the installation yourself, such problems do not concern you.

The hole is made in different ways. Choose the one that suits your case. One of them is suitable for installing an additional chandelier or lamp. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • The canvas is removed from the ceiling and the rings are mounted. After that, the film is stretched again.
  • In those places where chandeliers or lamps are planned, plastic rings are glued. Glue is applied to them and gently pressed against the canvas.
  • After drying, a hole is cut out on the surface with a sharp knife.
  • Mount lamps.

If you plan to hook the chandelier, you don‘t need to remove the canvas. It is enough to glue the rings in the specified places and cut the holes after drying. The hook is fixed to the base ceiling with dowels. It is recommended to use a punch to create a hole for the fasteners.

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Cutting a hole in a ring

Attention! Remember that the maximum power of the luminaires that you have chosen for the stretch ceiling should not exceed 50 watts. If you omit this point, the structure is unlikely to last long, remaining aesthetic.

The second option is useful for those who plan to create a hole for water drainage. To do this, de-energize the wiring and carefully drain the water through the holes for the lamps using an ordinary hose. If there are no such holes, one of the corners of the web is released and the liquid is disposed of. After that, the film itself will take its original form.

Rings for creating holes for luminaires

We make holes before installing the ceiling itself

This method is considered a priority, so it will be possible to avoid many problems and difficulties. Each person faces the question of installing lamps when installing the ceiling. If you asked this question at the planning stage, you will be able to do everything sequentially and in stages.

Important! Remember that you cannot install the luminaire directly into the stretch ceiling itself. It will be necessary to mount rings that protect the structure from overheating or melting.

Pulling electrical wiring for fixtures

Do-it-yourself rings are cut out of plastic with a thickness of 5-10 mm. The ready-made version allows you to eliminate the waste of time on their creation. The rings are fixed to the ceiling with hangers. For a detailed understanding of the principle, watch the video. Remember that the rings must have the same diameter as the fixture. That is why it is preferable to purchase lamps in advance.

Further, the rings need to be adjusted so that they are located in the plane of the future stretch ceiling and wire to them. Make sure everything is done correctly. At this stage, you can correct the placement of the rings, the length of the wires.

The principle of operation is as follows:

Instructions for creating holes in a stretch ceiling for a self-tapping screw

Stretch structures are one of the most popular finishing options for the ceiling. They are easy to install and maintain. With their help, it is possible to create a real work of art indoors. The stretch ceiling has a number of other advantages that distinguish it favorably from other options.

One of the main features of the stretch fabric is its wide design possibilities. Tension structures allow you to realize almost everything that is conceived. Various lighting options complement the design idea. With their help, a special atmosphere is created in the room. In order to mount the luminaires, you need to make holes in the stretch ceiling. This can be done even when the structure is already stretched.

Installing a chandelier on a stretch ceiling

We make a hole for the hood

In some cases, additional installation of a hole for an exhaust hood or for other communications is required. With them, you do not have to often climb over the plane of the ceiling. This work is not difficult, and everyone can do it with their own hands. To install the hood, plastic is purchased with a thickness of 3-5 mm.

A frame is cut out of the material, the size of which is selected individually for the hood. The resulting part is greased with glue on one side and placed in the right place. Most often over the window. After the structure dries out, carefully cut a hole in it using a sharp knife. The hood is installed in it. If you wish, watch the video on the Internet to understand the intricacies of the work.

The appearance of a leak from neighbors in a stretch ceiling

Useful Tips

Questions also arise about how to get rid of the hole if necessary. Sometimes it happens that a defect appears on the canvas after contact with a sharp object. Don’t worry about the ceiling being damaged and you will have to install a new one. In most cases, it is possible to hide the damage.

To do this, you will have to cut a patch from the same material as the ceiling. Therefore, experts do not advise throwing away the canvas that remains after installing the tensioning structure. The patch is cut in accordance with the required dimensions and glue is applied to it. After that, it is neatly fixed in place of damage. You should act with extreme concentration and slowly. Sharp and quick movements will cause the hole to enlarge or wrinkle the patch.

After you have glued a piece of canvas in the desired place, smooth it gently, getting rid of the slightest wrinkles and let it dry. As a result, you will get a stretch ceiling, which again pleases you with its appearance and ease of use.

Mount rings for spotlights

Now you know how to make a hole in a stretch ceiling. In general, this work is simple and within the power of every person. If you are planning changes in your own interior, you do not have to call the craftsmen. You can do it on your own if you act carefully and according to the instructions. Video will help in this matter.

First option

This option is usually used when people decide to start installing a lamp or chandelier:

  • At the very beginning, you need to remove the canvas from the ceiling, and then install the mortgages to the place where the products are attached. And only after that it will be necessary to carefully stretch the film again.
  • Plastic rings must be glued to the places in which the lighting fixtures will be installed. First of all, the glue must be applied to the plane of the ring.
  • After the product has thoroughly dried, you will need to cut a hole in the glued ring using a sharp knife. As you yourself could understand, it is in this place that the lighting device will be located. Do not forget about a sharp knife, it will help to do the job efficiently.
  • Be aware that the installation of the chandelier will be done in a slightly different way, unless of course you want to place it on a hook. In this version, it will not be necessary to remove the film.

First of all, the ring will need to be glued to the installation site. And after drying, it will already be possible to make a hole. Once this work is done, you can start attaching the hook to the base of the ceiling using the dowels.

But do not forget that you first need to make a hole using a puncher. As this work is done, you can continue the process, while observing accuracy and caution. Do not forget about this, because only in this way it will be possible to perform it efficiently.

The first way

The way we will start is quite simple, it consists in the fact that we will begin to produce a ring around the edge of the canvas. For this type of work, you have two options:

    The plastic itself is white, as you know. This method is usually used for white PVC seamless ceiling. At the very beginning, you need to fill the film throughout the installation room.

But at the same time it is important not to reach the pipe, about twenty centimeters on both sides. After that, you will need to cut the canvas in the center of the pipe, and carefully fasten the canvas to the baguette.

Now you just have to pry the ring through the pipe, after which we glue it to the plane.

Attention: In the event that the coating itself is not white, then you will need to cut off a little of the canvas without fail, thereby closing the rings with this material, and the edges must be tucked inward.

If you prefer this method, then be aware that you will be able to glue the ring more evenly. And even if the pipe is far from the wall or is at an angle, it will be difficult for you to make a mistake using this method.

Light hole

Starting to install a false ceiling, sometimes every person is faced with the issue of making a hole that is intended for a lamp.

On the Internet, immediately read an article on how to make lamps correctly.

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In the article presented to your attention, we will try to tell you in more detail how this can be done on the steel of the installation, and how this work is done with the finished ceiling.

At first glance, the work may seem quite difficult and impracticable, but if you adhere to the mandatory rules and recommendations, then you will certainly be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

Before installing the structure, experts advise you to immediately determine where you are going to place lighting devices. Then it will be much easier for you to do this job.

Immediately I would like to note the fact that the fixtures are attached to the mortgages, to which the fixture itself will later be attached. It is important to remember that a hole must be made in the canvas.

In the event that you do it incorrectly, then it will simply disperse, which means that in this way the entire structure will become unusable.

It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that you approach this issue seriously and responsibly, so that you can avoid such unpleasant situations and moments.

over, in order not to make mistakes, today all the conditions have been created that you will definitely have to use. And only then can you count on the desired result.

  • Any work must be done with the fact that to make the markings on the plane. And remember that this work must be done correctly right away, taking into account the power of the lighting fixtures.
  • First of all, you need to start installing the mortgages themselves, which will be fastened according to the markings that you make. It will not be difficult to acquire mortgages as they are available in retail today. In the event that you do not have the opportunity to purchase them, then you can make them yourself.

Next, what you will need to do without fail is to cut the rings out of plastic, the thickness of which will be about 5-10 mm. As soon as this stage of work is completed, you need to fix them to the ceilings using suspensions.

It is important to understand that the diameter of the ring will need to be made the same as that of the lighting fixture. This is an especially important point that should not be ignored, so we advise you to pay as much attention to it as possible.

In order for you to be able to do this work correctly and efficiently, we advise you to purchase all the lamps in advance.

  • Further, according to the bend of the suspension, it will be necessary to carefully adjust all the rings. Remember that they must necessarily be located according to the plane of your product.
  • And now you can bring wiring to all lighting fixtures, paying no less attention to this moment.
  • Attention: Always remember that it is at this stage that you need to carry out work related to lighting fixtures. This is because as long as you have a chance to correct the location, you can either lengthen or shrink the wires.

    There shouldn’t be any problems with this, because they do not have a high price, and thus can reduce the time for their production.

    • The surface of the ring must be carefully smeared with glue, after which you need to glue them on the places that you previously noted.
    • cut holes in the ring.
    • It is here that the wire is removed, after which the lamp is installed.

    Attention: As soon as you begin to cut products, use a sharp knife and nothing else. After all, if you cannot fulfill this condition with high quality, then in this way you will spoil the plane of the coating. And in the future it will be difficult to fix it.

    It is often necessary to make a hole in an already finished ceiling, and many people do not know how to do this work correctly. Know that it is possible to do it yourself if you put in a little effort and imagination, and then everything will definitely work out.

    Attention: Always keep an eye on one detail, if the warranty period for the installation of the ceiling has not yet expired, and you are going to do this work yourself, then remember that the product warranty may be lost.

    So it is best to first of all consult with the company that installed these products. But be sure to use this advice so that later you do not have to spend extra money if suddenly you cannot do the work yourself.

    Of course, if you did all the work on installing the false ceiling yourself, then the question instantly disappears by itself, and you can safely get down to work.

    But it is imperative to purchase or make a product, because otherwise the film may break, and the product itself may deteriorate.

    Stretch ceiling designs

    Pipe bypass holes

    It is customary to bypass the pipe during the installation of any stretch ceiling. On the Internet, you can read an article about the installation of stretch ceilings, so you can learn more about this process.

    There are many ways to do this work today, everything will depend on a particular situation. But you must be aware of the factors that can influence the performance of such a task:

    • The distance of the pipe from the wall must be taken into account.
    • The color of the canvas itself.
    • Pipe slope.

    Many people who begin to do this work begin to ignore this moment for some reason, which is wrong. These are important factors that must be taken into account.

    You can do all the work on your own, the main thing is to connect imagination, patience and a little strength. And then you will definitely succeed.

    • First of all, you will need to cut the ring, it is known to be able to prevent the canvas itself from creeping, thereby giving the edge of the hole an attractive elastic look.
    • For its manufacture, it is customary to use plastic with a thickness of 1-2 mm.

    After that, it will be necessary to cut out of it. a rectangular hole, which, in turn, should be larger than the diameter of the pipe by 0.5-1 cm.As for the distance from the edge of the canvas, then it must be chosen in the same way.

    Have you damaged the stretch ceiling? How to repair a stretch ceiling with your own hands

  • After that, it will be necessary to measure the diameter of the pipe, and it remains to make a circle on the plastic, the diameter of which should exceed the diameter of the pipe by six millimeters. Immediately look at the photos on the Internet on this topic so that you can have an idea of ​​what you are doing.
  • After this work is done, you need to draw out the outer part of the ring, while the edge must be in the form of a semicircle.
  • You should draw a line through the center of the radius, it should be located closer to the edge.

  • As you probably already guessed, now all that remains is to cut off the product you have drawn. Thus, you get a finished ring, but such work must be carried out with special care and care. After that, there is nothing left how to start working with the material.
    • Pipe bypass holes
    • The first way
    • Second way
  • Light hole
  • First option
  • Second option
  • Third option
  • The main thing, according to experts, is to do this work correctly. Today there are many types of holes, so I want to talk about how to correctly perform them. As for photos and training videos, you will find them on the Internet, but we will now describe the step-by-step instructions ourselves, in this article.

    Second option

    This option is ideal for the moment when you need to make a hole in the stretch ceiling, designed to drain the water. Often, people doing this work on their own face a problem when neighbors from above flood you.

    And if this happens, and you have lighting devices available, then you will not have to make additional holes.

      At the very beginning, you need to disconnect the wiring by draining the water through the holes, a hose will help you with this. In the event that there are no such holes, then you just need to free the corner of the film from under the baguette, thereby draining the water.
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    Remember that after such work, the film instantly begins to stretch itself, thereby taking on its original form.

    Attention: In the event that the neighbors from above flooded you with water over 65 degrees, then the canvas will have to be changed completely. This is due to the fact that the canvas at such a temperature instantly becomes unusable.

    How to make a hole in a stretch ceiling with your own hands: photo and video instructions

    As soon as the owner of his home begins to think about installing a stretch ceiling structure, then, of course, he is interested in a large number of questions on this topic.

    But one of the main questions is how to properly make a hole in a stretch ceiling? Answering this question, first of all, what I want to say is that if you know how to perform this process correctly, then the work is not difficult.

    Second way

    Often people doing this work on their own are faced with the fact that it is necessary to install the ring from the inside of the ceiling plane. This option is great for this method.

    • Before the canvas is tucked into the baguette, it is necessary to carefully warm up the side of the film in which the pipe is located.
    • Now you need to pull the heated side in the direction of the pipe with your hands. For this, experts advise using a harpoon. And you just have to mark the center of the pipe.
    • In the place of gluing, you need to put something even and rigid, after which you need to carefully apply the glue. The cut should be aligned with the mark on the harpoon. And it remains to glue the ring, and then release the harpoon.
    • The ring must be tightly pressed, and in this form, the structure must be maintained for ten seconds.
    • Using a sharp knife, you should cut the rings along the mowing line. As soon as holes for the pipe are formed, then we cut it in the form of a cross.
    • As a result, you get triangles that can be bent inward, and then glue.
    • When all the stages of work are completed, you need a canvas with a ring that you glued to put on the pipe. A “lock” should be cut out of the plastic, after which the fastening takes place on the back of the ring. At the same time, it is customary to glue the harpoon with a piece of cloth.
    • it remains to stretch the ceiling. And this will need to be done from the nearest corner to the pipe. This is an important point that you should take responsibly, as for some reason many people decide to ignore it. And remember that you should only apply this version of the hole to PVC. film.

    Attention: In the event that there are two pipes nearby, which often happens, then you will need to make one ring for both pipes.

    As soon as you watch videos on this topic, then you can more clearly understand how this situation is produced. Of course, so far nothing may be clear to you, but you can definitely understand this situation, the main thing is the right approach and desire.

    Possible errors, the consequences of which should be warned immediately

    A person who has no idea about the properties of PVC stretch film may decide: to make a hole in the ceiling, you just need to cut a hole with a sharp object. Believe me, the result would not please you. The surface will burst and disperse in a large crack, which is not only difficult to glue and mask, but sometimes impossible. Therefore, if you do not want unnecessary problems and spending on a new ceiling, follow the instructions below. professional craftsmen also cut holes in this way. But their services are not cheap, and the work is simple and takes no more than half an hour. So why pay for something that can be done for free?

    Required materials and tools:

    • A sheet of elastic plastic of the required size, 3-5 mm thick;
    • Scissors and compasses, or a drill with a nozzle for cutting holes;
    • Stationery knife;
    • High quality construction adhesive;
    • Ladder.

    How to make a hole in a stretch ceiling

    It so happens that after the completion of the repair work, it becomes necessary to redo something. But if we are talking about such a delicate structure as a stretch ceiling, the owners have justified fears: what if the interference will negatively affect its appearance? Only a professional can carry out some work with high quality. but everyone can make a hole in the stretch ceiling, it’s not difficult.

    Step-by-step instruction

    • Cut a ring out of plastic so that its inner diameter is slightly larger than the hole in the stretch ceiling that needs to be made. You can use a drill with a special attachment for this, but ordinary strong scissors will also work. Use a compass if necessary.
    • Densely smear the ring with glue on one side (try not to leave dry places) and attach it to the ceiling surface in the right place.
    • Excess glue should be carefully wiped off with a clean cotton swab, then wait a couple of minutes. and proceed directly to creating a hole.
    • Use a clerical knife: it is sharp enough to cut the PVC film strictly along the inner diameter of the ring without any “rags” around the edges. If the ring is well glued, the work will be completely safe.

    We also recommend reading an interesting article about the shelf life of stretch ceilings.

    Under the hood

    You need to take a sharp clerical knife and make a cut along the inner edge of the tread ring. The device is placed in it and fixed to a previously prepared platform.

    How to cut a hole in a stretch ceiling?

    The fabric is laid out on a smooth surface. Mark and make a hole of a suitable size and type. Use scissors or a construction knife.

    Tools and materials

    Stretch ceiling is a synthetic fabric that is impregnated with a protective solution or is represented by a polyvinyl chloride film. Structures are divided into several types:

    • PVC. The material is not durable and tears even from the smallest notch. Near the instruments, the canvas becomes thinner and loses its functionality. Therefore, before installing additional devices, this place is thickened.
    • Fabric cloth. It is distinguished by its durability, it is impossible to accidentally cause serious damage, additional sealing is not needed. Fabric properties do not allow to disperse when punching the canvas.

    Make a gap using a stationery knife with a sharp blade, thermal insulation strip, high quality glue.

    Is it possible to make a hole in a stretch ceiling?

    The answer is unequivocal. you can. Lighting fixtures, curtain panel are installed on the finished structure. Their fixation may differ, but the hole is still necessary.

    Pipe installation is exactly the case when a hole is made before the ceiling is pulled.

    For chandelier

    To mount volumetric lighting in the center of the room, you will need special rings with a diameter of 300 mm or more. They will protect the fabric from high temperatures when the appliance is turned on. Cut a circle 6-7 cm in size. Sometimes the parameters are different. A ring is attached to the marked place, then a hole is made with a knife.

    For self-tapping screw

    You will need small pieces of material and cyanoacrylate glue. A hole is cut out in the planned place, carefully lubricated and glued to the ceiling. After the glue sets, you get a strong layer for fasteners.

    Remains of materials are replaced with reinforced tape. Just stick a small piece to the canvas and make an entrance for the self-tapping screw.

    For lamps

    A plastic ring is needed to protect against the high temperature of the devices. It is glued to the ceiling and a hole is made. Then the concrete floor is drilled and the plastic pipe is cut off. A chandelier is installed through it. These manipulations will make it more stable.

    For pipe

    The finished plastic rim is glued to the fabric until tensioned. The thickening should reach the edge of the ceiling. Then a star-shaped hole is made, the edges are folded and the incision is made to the end. This is needed to attach the ring to the pipe.