How to cut a large diameter pipe quickly.

Cutting pipes at an angle: Advantages and disadvantages of different methods example of work

Now in the arsenal of almost any home master there is a universal grinding machine. “Corner grinder”. How to work with her?

How to properly and safely cut metal with a corner grinder

This refers, of course, tubular blanks. If such work is performed often, it is enough to purchase a special corner corner grinding, otherwise it is better to get a support disk that can make support of the main in the process of angular cutting.

The disk rotates very quickly, which leads to the fact that hot sparks and chips fly apart at high speed. For safety, it is strongly recommended to protect your eyes, work in gloves, protective shoes and headphones.

Before you saw off the pipe with a corner grinder, select the disk that is most suitable for your task. Make sure that the maximum drive frequency is higher than the maximum speed of the tool; This will protect the disk from excessive tension and destruction, eliminate the risk of severe injury.

For cutting pipes use abrasive end circles. The raised and pressed central discs are ideal in order to get into narrow corners and protrusions, since they allow a different angle of entrance to the metal; These discs should not be driven too deeply, since the altered disk geometry can interfere and damage the equipment.

In short, we will consider the capabilities of the cutting discs that are installed on the corner grinder:

  • Cutting discs from aluminum dioxide. With oblique cuts, they are ineffective, therefore, they are used when cutting pipes up to ¾ ”.
  • Corundum abrasive discs, electric contributions or silicon carbide. Require the presence of a corner disk, with which they will cut the pipe under 450 easily, accurately and quickly.
  • Petal discs. Used for cutting pipes made of non.ferrous metals and alloys.
  • High.speed steel disks. The most universal type of equipment that practically has no restrictions on the number of spindle revolutions. The presence of an angular disk is mandatory.

Cutting technology

As a rule, the volumes and complexity of the work that are coming to the home master does not require the use of high.performance and expensive equipment of the production level. In the manufacture of the frame of the greenhouse, you can completely cut the pipes with a corner grinder or a traditional manual hacksaw.

Each type of cut has its own nuances, and some require special tricks.

At right angles

The accuracy of the cut is largely determined by a qualitatively made marking. Experienced craftsmen advise to marry the cutting lines not with a pencil, but with a painting tape, observing the following sequence of actions:

  • Set aside the required size and put a small mark with a marker or pencil.
  • Gently, applying to the mark, glue the part with masking tape in a circle. The edges of the paper must converge without a shift. This is a sign that the paper is sticking correctly. If the edges have not come down, the tape needs to be re.packed.
  • Reliably fix the workpiece to exclude its movements and ponds during work. To fix, use a vice, clamps.
  • A cut (smaller) piece of the workpiece should be left by weight so that it does not clamp a blade or disk.
  • The incision starts from the upper part.
  • Corner grinder disk (or hacksaw cloth) is carried out exactly along the edge of the painting tape, without deviating to the side.

This is allowed to cut off the required length.

If the diameter is large, then the marking is performed in the same way, but cut in parts, sectors of 30-60 °. After cutting the next fastening sector, weaken and turn the pipe. Then they fix again and continue to cut off from the place where the previous sector ended

To make it smooth, special attention should be paid to the beginning of the cut, avoiding steps and sickness

Oblique section under 45 °

Cut the end of the pipe at exactly 45 ° is possible without the use of complex devices. It is enough to apply locksmith. You will need to do the following:

  • Cut a paper sheet in the shape of a square.
  • Fold the diagonal. The rectangular isosceles triangle will learn.
  • Wrap the workpiece with a leaf so that the triangle has a perpendicular to the axis, and the hypotenuse forms an ascending spiral.
  • Fix the sheet with tape.
  • Fix the workpiece and cut off along the oblique edge of the sheet. It will turn out under 45 °.

There is another folk method. The end of the workpiece is immersed in a container with a liquid at the required angle. Cut off along the border of the dipped and dry sections.

This is a P-shaped template, in the side walls of which slots are already made at the given corners. The pipe is rested on the far from the master, the wall was stuck and pressed there with a hand or a manual clamp. The canvas of the hand saws are made in the appropriate grooves and saw. If necessary, cut off from a different angle, you can make additional cuts in the walls.

How to cut a steel pipe

For cutting steel pipes, one of the following tools is selected:

  • Pipe.cutting tool;
  • Electromechanical disk saw;
  • Gas cutting of pipes;
  • Plasma cutting of pipes;
  • Special pipeline machines;
  • Special abrasive-scale machines are also used;
  • Ribbon machines;
  • And pipe cutting machines.

At home, you can use many different tools, for example, in almost every house you can find a hacksaw for metal, with which you can cut the pipe, while spending a bunch of time and time. The result of such a sawing will also be of poor quality, so we recommend using an electric tool, for example, a disk saw that will accelerate the cutting process, as well as improve the quality of the resulting result.

The best solution for sawing small pipes will be plasma or gas cutting. Small machines with a mechanical or manual drive will also make a high.precision incision with high.quality edges. Using a similar tool, you can make a cut of different thicknesses and at different angles, without losing accuracy.

The most perfect cut will help to achieve laser cutting, but it is impractical to use it for home sawing due to the high cost of equipment. Laser technology is used only in industries, where products are massively cut into blanks of the required length. In this way, you can cut pipes of various diameters, and not only in a piece.

Features of choosing a pipeline

As we said above, a home.made pipeline for steel pipes is a big problem, so it’s better to familiarize yourself with the features of choosing a finished tool.

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to its two main characteristics: the maximum and minimum cross section of the pipe, as well as the material that can be cut by this pipeline.

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Next, you should pay attention to the thickness of the walls of the pipe, which, by strength of the selected tool. There are three main groups in total:

Speaking in more detail, it is worth noting that the tool for heavy loads can only be electric. It is able to cut a pipe with a diameter of up to 300 mm, made of strong materials such as cast iron or steel, which is why it got its second name: a pipeline for steel pipes.

For thin.walled pipes, manual pipelines with a simplified design are usually produced. With the help of them you can cut pipes from brass, copper, metal.plastic and stainless steel.

Profile pipe: how to do it exactly?

All the above.above cutting options are suitable for cutting profile pipes. It is especially difficult to cut not round, but square profile pipes. The accuracy of marking is extremely important here. By doing it manually, you can make mistakes and cut off incorrectly. In this case, the elements of the future pipeline during assembly do not work.

To exclude possible errors in the work, the masters recommend creating a template from a piece of the same type of profile with a large section.

Manufacturing such a template is a simple process.

  • Gorlomer on the trim of the pipe measure the angle of forty.five degrees.
  • Make an incision of a corner grinding, then polish the edges of the pruning.
  • At the end of the grinding, insert a pipe from the profile with a smaller diameter into the prepared template.
  • According to the created gorlomer with a devil, create a full marking.
  • By this workpiece, cut the pipe with a corner grinder.
  • At the end of the work, carefully grind the edges so as not to get hurt about the burrs.

Metalloplasty pipes: how to cut?

The simplest equipment that you can cut a metal.plastic pipe are plumbing scissors. Cutting with such scissors can be easily controlled, and the process of work itself does not require much effort. This method allows you to correctly cut pipes along. Scissors are intended for cutting pipes with a diameter of not more than four centimeters.

Other tools are used to cut pipes with a large diameter. For example, masters often use a corner grinder.

When processing such pipes, some recommendations should be followed:

Time cutting techniques at an angle of round section

Round pipes of different diameters are cut at an angle when the direction of the pipeline changes, it should be borne in mind that a straight cut at the desired angle, unlike a rectangular section, will not lead to a dense connection of the edges. Therefore, special patterns are used in which the marked edge has a curved shape, which allows to obtain a high compound density.


One of the common ways to make a pattern for pipes with a round surface is a method for which a drawn sheet of paper, ruler and pencil will be needed. To obtain a paper pattern, they come in the following way:

  • Draw a circle with the diameter of the cut pipe on a paper sheet, break the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing large segments into two identical.
  • Measure the length of the circle, multiplying its diameter by the number of pi, equal to 3.14.Put this size on both sides of the circle axis in equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal size parts.
  • Ride from segments to straight vertical lines up and horizontal from the points set on the circle.
  • The places of their intersection are connected by a smooth line and as a result, a template applied to the paper is obtained, which is cut out and glued to a cut surface. For trimming, it is better to use a corner grinder with a small diameter disk. the surface will be curved and the error will grow when using a large disk.

The tools used

There are several ways to cut the pipe, for this they use a construction and industrial tool for processing metal. Of all types, only angular grinding grinding allows you to get curved surfaces without further processing with the closest location of the edges.

For individual use

The following tool is used to cut steel pipes in the household:

Hand pipelines. Allow you to cut round parts with the receipt of a flat right angle of cut due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several varieties of products of this type, consisting of single rollers or their series, fixed on the chain. In everyday life, such devices are quite rare and more suitable for professional work.

Corner grinder. It is a universal tool for cutting any metal parts with different angles, special metal disks are used for work, which during operation are quickly growing up. Thanks to this, you can definitely cut a curve fishing line for a trimmer for a small diameter disk.

Gas-burner. A quick and effective method of cutting metal surfaces with a hot flame with a stream of flame, the disadvantages include melted edges that complicate further welding. It is difficult to cut the product on a paper template with a gas burner, which will burn out, and if the fishing line is drawn for a trimmer, then in the flame stream it will practically not be visible.

Electric pipelines. To work with small diameters pipelines, compact electrical pipelines can be used, which, according to the principle of operation, resemble an angular grinder. The device is called the roller machine, during operation the part is installed on the bed and rotated on the roller guides, on top of its surface is cut out by an electric device. The main difference between the pipeline is in a metal disk, which has a special durable spraying for cutting metal.

For industrial use

In industry for transporting liquids and gases, large diameter pipelines are used, so units for cutting pipes have a large weight and overall dimensions. There are also manual pipelines of the rotary and clamp principle of action. In the first case, the cutting rollers are rotated on a round surface using a rearranged handle, in the second version, cutting is carried out with arched plates, which are gradually shifted during rotation.

How to cut a profile pipe at an angle

The marking of the profile pipe differs from the round. Its manual execution can lead to a significant error. The best way to solve the problem is to create a template for cutting from the same profile, but larger in diameter.

A small segment of the profile pipe will be required. On it using an angular, mark an angle of 45 degrees. Now, using a corner grinder, it is necessary to cut off the part of the workpiece along the marked line. The edges of the cut need to be polished, defects eliminate. It remains just to insert the pipe cutting at an angle to the original product. Then you need to mark the cutting line of a larger profile. And already a pipe itself is cut along it.

The text describes how to cut a pipe at an angle of 45 degrees. When the marking is already completed, it is recommended to use a corner grinder. With its help, you will be able to perform an even section. It can be replaced using a hacksaw for metal. It will also be welded to cut the product, but you need experience of handling the tool, otherwise there will be bumps. “How to cut off the pipe. tools and methods of cutting”.

Now in construction stores you can find special tools for cutting pipes. But easier and cheaper to make a template yourself.

Welding In Circles. 44″ diameter pipe.

How to cut off the pipe at an angle. marking options for a round and profile pipe

How to cut a profile pipe along. cutting technology

If the transverse cutting of the profile does not cause special difficulties, then the longitudinal incision that is necessary for some work in the household is more complicated by virtue of its length.

One of the problems when it is carried out is the accuracy of the marking, for its application in the center or at the other point of the cut edge, the marks are placed along the entire length at the same distance from the side wall and then connect them with a pencil, marker or damn, using as a guide a smooth corner, construction building rule, level, profile from drywall.

In order to cut the metal profile in the longitudinal direction, they lead an angle grinding machine along the line, gradually cutting out a through hole. the method is not too accurate, the tool has to be kept without support.

large, diameter, pipe, quickly

A more convenient way to cut the workpiece with a qualitatively longitudinal way. the use of auxiliary supports in the form of a metal corner or even straight plates. To do this, the corner is attached to the surface of the workpiece with the help of clamps and lead a corner grinder along its side edge, if the length of the template corner is small, it is unscrewed and rearranged further to a new place, after which the cutting is resumed.

The second method of obtaining a flat longitudinal cut line is a rigidly fixed corner grinder on a machine or a table in a lateral position. The cut.out workpiece is moved along the guides, leading to the rotating disk of an angle grinding machine (the principle of operation resembles an electric tile cut), the straightness of the resulting line is determined by the stiffness and length of the support elements.

To obtain the specified sizes and configurations of profile pipes in the household, circumcision is used using an angle grinding machine and inexpensive cutting corundum discs. To get a flat and accurate fishing line for a cutting trimmer, it is better to use support guides or home.made steel templates that set the desired angle.

How to cut a gas pipe correctly

Working with trimming gas pipes is dangerous and rather complicated, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. Before starting work, it is necessary to block the gas supply.

The next step involves the release of the pipe cavity from gas residues. To do this, you need to light gas burners on the stove, and wait for them to go out. Only after the listed manipulations should begin to mark and subsequent cutting of the metal.

High.quality cutting of metal pipes is a complex process. However, if you observe precautions, and listen to the advice of professionals, cut a metal of any density and thickness using a corner grinder. Corner grinder with a cut round disk is rightfully considered a universal tool in everyday life. The main rule is not to forget about security measures when working with a dangerous cutting tool.

Industrial equipment

In professional construction and when working with large engineering facilities, the question of how to cut a large diameter pipe smoothly, is solved using the use of special equipment. Quite often. these are stationary units with a certain set of qualities.

Among the most interesting and functional devices can be called the following:

  • Tokarny machine of various modifications. Using such a machine, you can smoothly cut off the profile pipe both for a conventional water supply and especially durable products through which liquids with an aggressive environment will pass.

The maximum cross section of the processed pipe will vary depending on the distance between the supporting heads and the diameter of the holes in the spindle. These units can be called universal, because they can cut, remove the chamfer, and also carry out a number of other actions, often in automatic mode.

  • Tape.type cutting machines. Such units are used to cut pipes of water or sewer highways, previously laid in trenches or spent in the building.

Tape ribbon machine can process pipes, even exposed to rather strong deformation. Additionally, such a cut can remove the chamfer of the required shape.

  • Cutting machines with disk knives. Equipment of this type is capable of cutting pipes from any metals, including non.ferrous. In addition, they have no restrictions on the shape of the product. they can be both round and profiled, with a rather large section.

As a rule, such units are installed on conveyor belts and additionally equipped with a machine, which after cutting collects and packs the specified number of pipe segments, which will then be sent to customers.

  • Curvat with hand.type disks. They are used mainly in cases where cutting a large number of pipes is required directly in the places of their laying. There are a special clamp on such machines, which tightly covers the pipe during cutting, preventing its displacement and deformation. Thanks to this quality, such equipment can be successfully applied to both metal.plastic and copper or steel pipes.

A number of disk.type cutal vehicles have orbital welding and rotation system, which allow one mechanism to cut and subsequent docking of parts. Such a device can be very useful if it is necessary to perform a very large amount of work on cutting, welding or docking of pipes, without stationary equipment.

Nevertheless, in such a multifunctional device there is no need if you have a small amount of work that do not require complex mathematical calculations and compliance with standards.

Often, you can cut off the pipes with the help of simple improvised tools that every owner will find.

Direct cut

You can make an even cut at an angle of 90º only after applying the marking. Use a sheet of paper or painting tape. The latter is preferable, because it is attached directly to the surface and does not shift.

The sequence of actions looks like this:

  • A section of the desired length is measured with a tape measure, they note this place with a dash marker.
  • Further, tape is glued along the resulting label around the circumference of the pipe. The more even you glue the sticky tape, the better. optimal that the wide edges come together as precisely as possible. This will allow you to make an accurate cut of the pipe on the mark.
  • The next step, the pipe is fixed in a vise or pressed to a flat plane so that it does not shift during operation, and a smooth seam turned out. Note that one end of the pipe must be left in a free position, so that during cutting the disk is not clamped by the walls. Cutting start from top to bottom.
  • The last thing to follow. how to saw off the pipe with a corner grinder. To do this, you need to lead the disk as accurately as possible along the edge of the sticky sticky tape.
large, diameter, pipe, quickly

In cases where pipe products with large sections are cut, the work must be performed in small sectors. To do this, the pipe will have to constantly turn around the axis at the end of the next incision.

When working with cast.iron pipes, the action scheme will be slightly different. First, a continuous incision is performed throughout the diameter of the product, then with the help of a chisel and the hammer the resulting gutter is gradually drunk, as a result of which the pipe should split strictly along the cut line.

Cut the pipe at an angle of 45 degrees

Most often this has to be done when installing a water supply and heating and assembly of frame structures. You can cut the pipe under 45 degrees with a corner grinder according to the marking, which is made either by a sheet of paper of the same A4 format or use a regular school (drawing) isosceles square.

We use a sheet of paper or cardboard

A few operations will have to be done with the sheet to get the right angle. If you do not want to get confused in the bends, just make it square and fold it diagonally. you get the right angle. In the same way, you can do it with any sheet, if only its sides are equal to each other. The method is convenient in that it can be applied to a pipe with a large diameter and to [profile pipes of square and rectangular cross.section].

Marking a square

If there is a square at hand, then you must first determine the exact fishing line for the trimmer of the pipe end, including the profile. By applying the tool and smoothly shifting it on the surface, we get a fishing line for a cutting cut of 45 degrees. The same technique is used with a 30 degree square.

How to cut pipes from different metal pipes correctly

The exact cut and trimming of the pipes depends not only on the well.performed marking. The material is also of great importance. the metal of different thicknesses and hardness is cut with different efforts and side effects. To correctly cut off the cast.iron pipe, it should not be sawed through the full depth through. Cast iron is a fragile metal, so several tiles are usually done, and then the specialist beats a piece with one precise blow of the chisel on them.

To work with thin pipes, you will have to very accurately verify the position of the corner grinder. In this case, the master should choose the right [disks for cutting metal with corner grinders]. In industrial conditions, special pipelines, gas cutting and welding machines can be used to perform the same tasks.

Safety when pruning the gas pipe

When working with gas pipes connected to the highway, it is important to observe safety measures. First block the gas supply valve, then make sure that there is nothing in the pipe. To do this, it is enough to open the burners of the stove and light the gas. when it ends, the flame will go out.