How to cut a large tree in parts

How to cut a tree correctly. practical tips

First you need to clearly learn the process of cutting down trees, and then apply it in practice. Of course, the more experience you have, the better and faster the whole work will be.

For safety reasons do not deviate from the work plan and follow the sequence of actions, do not rush.

  • Outline for yourself the approximate place where the felled tree will fall. Such an area is called a danger zone. There should be no houses, people or animals here. The area will presumably be twice as high as the wood itself.
  • After determining the desired direction of fall of the tree, plan the side from which you will start sawing, it may be better to start with the top, removing sprawling branches, other parts. You can pull a rope from the trunk to another object or plant for fall orientation. Sometimes you can ask a helper to pull the rope yourself, while still being in the safe zone.
  • Safety begins with you. You should prepare protective clothing in advance. A safety helmet is usually worn on your head, shoes should be sturdy so you can stand firmly on your feet, and leather gloves should be purchased for your hands to prevent the tool from slipping out of your hands.
  • Favorable weather conditions for cutting down trees. is the absence of any wind or rain.
  • If you are new to the job, your sawing equipment is a bow saw or a specialty wood hacksaw. A chainsaw is preferable only to professionals.
  • Then make what’s called a notch by sawing a piece in the shape of a blade.
  • Make the final felling notch on the other side of the first notch, leaving the fiber in the center.
  • If the tree does not fall immediately, stand back and ask a helper to pull the rope.

Don’t forget that not all seasons are suitable for cutting down trees, you can find more about that at here.

How to correctly cut a tree on a plot? On the Nedvio website

If you have trees on your property, that’s fine. Tree hedges can serve as great decoration and a natural fence from prying eyes, creating the right shade in the garden.

But sometimes there are too many of these trees and they prevent the sun from penetrating the shrubs growing in the countryside, preventing us from enjoying the sun’s rays. Roots of large trees interfere with the growth of beds, uprooting plantings. Often old trees just disfigure the landscape, not to mention the fact that tree branches can grow in very awkward places. for example, near the house, disfiguring the roof or its facade finish.

One way or another, some trees have to be cut down, especially if they are large and bulky. Keep in mind that if the tree grows on your property, then here you are the masters, but if such a tree has grown in the common area, then to cut down need the consent and agreement of the neighbors. Of course, it is worth soberly weighing up and evaluating everything to make a decision about disposing of a tree. But if it is accepted, then the question arises. how to get rid of the tree on the dacha?

How to cut down an unwanted tree on your own property without a fine

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Unfortunately, there is no unified document controlling the cutting of trees on one’s own backyard (as, by the way, there is no clear definition of the term “forest” and belonging of trees on one’s plot to it). The Forest Code, the CAO, the Environmental Protection Act and other regulations mainly regulate the felling and cutting of forest plantations, as well as trees that adorn public areas. With regard to trees growing on private plots of citizens, then everything is not so straightforward. In some communities, trees of non-valuable species can be cut down or felled without the permission of the authorities. But more often than not, it is still required.

For example, in Moscow Oblast, St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, as well as in some other regions, permission to cut down a tree on your property is called a felling permit. In the Russian capital you have to apply to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection for this document, for example, if you want to remove a tree that has become unusable, or if you want to crown trees near your home in order to improve the lighting conditions. In the northern capital this is the responsibility of the Committee on Public Works of St. Petersburg.

Together with a written application for a logging ticket, you must also submit some documents to the responsible organization. They must include a plan of your property and an act of survey of the landscaping area. The latter, by the way, is not in itself a permit to cut down trees. Note that, depending on the reason for which you are going to cut down a tree, the list of documents may vary, and its composition is better to clarify the place of presentation.

It is customary to cut down or cut down dead trees during the “season” of deadwood removal. May through September.If you have difficulty knowing where to get permission to cut down a tree on your property and what documents are required, contact the administrative body to which your property belongs.

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It is important to check if the tree you intend to cut is a valuable tree. The list of valuable trees can vary, depending on where you live. so you need to check this information as well. For example, this list may include Karelian birch, cherry or cherry, pear, oak, common spruce, white maple, linden, alder, walnut, common pine, gray poplar, apple, ash and many others. Sawing down a plant with valuable wood can carry a heavy fine, and destroying several such trees can even lead to criminal liability.

How to cut a large tree?

It is often necessary to find an answer to how to cut down a tree, in this case the solution is very simple. The correct course of action during the work must be planned and the proportionality of the cuts must be respected. In addition, in park areas you often have to work with tall plants. So another question arises, how do you cut a tall tree?? In these cases, you can help rent a truck-mounted tower for an hour http://gsrlift.from the company “Gorspetsremont”.

  • To cut a tall or large tree you have to aim the guide bar at a 60 degree angle. This is done from the side on which the tree is planned to fall. The trunk is sawn to a quarter of the diameter.
  • The second cut is made lower. A triangular layer is cut out.
  • Then a transition is made to the other side and a small horizontal kerf is made.
  • After the work is done, a wedge is placed in the butt, an expander for felling. A few blows on it with an axe or a sledgehammer and the tree should fall down.

How to cut a tree

It’s not easy to remove an old tree from an area. You need to know how to cut a large tree, what tools to use and what safety precautions to follow.

Ways of felling

There are several ways to fell a tall tree. These include the following techniques for removing an old plant from a residential area:

  • A safe method of removing a tree that is in an emergency condition. This includes the removal of all sawdust that will be formed in the process of sawing.
  • Felling a whole tree at its natural growth angle. Work is only done on the ground. On the tree itself a wedge is made first. He saws exactly the side where the plant will fall. After the wedge is made, the base is undercut and the tree is pushed to the side of its fall.
  • Felling the entire tree with a pulling force. First of all, the master, whose profession is called an arborist, climbs to the top of the tree and there fixes the pullback. Then all the work is carried out exactly as in the previous method. Only the angle of incidence is set artificially. A pre-tied pull cord helps to do this.
  • Eliminating the tree in parts. This method affects the separate removal of branches. Then the trunk itself is cut down in pieces. The pieces fall only with the support of the brace in the right direction.
  • Eliminating the tree in parts using heavy equipment (truck hoist, truck crane).
  • Felling a tree and hanging the individual pieces. Then they are carefully lowered to the ground.

To choose the necessary method, you need to know the conditions of work. There are different answers to the question of how to cut down a tree near the house, on the cottage, on the property. Space does not always permit the use of a technique in the work. The whole feller can be used if it is a question of how to cut down a tree on your property. However, there are limitations, too. The area must be large enough in area. Nearby residential buildings must not be erected.

If there is difficulty in choosing the right way to remove the old tree, it is better to use the opinion of an expert. An appraiser should be called in first. It helps to decide how to cut a high tree in parts or as a whole, what to use, and how to do the work more economically. Only then is the work crew invited and the work begins.

What tools are needed for the work?

Once it has been decided how to cut the tree, you need to prepare all the proper tools. Each worker involved in the project must have these tools.

  • work uniform;
  • gloves;
  • reinforced boots;
  • Helmet, which is equipped with a protective shield;
  • earphones;
  • chainsaw;
  • A cord or string to pull or cut branches with;
  • A plastic or wooden wedge.

Safety rules

Deciding how to cut down a tree in the yard is not enough, you need to have all the safety rules for such work.

  • Never operate a chainsaw with one hand. Always hold it firmly with both hands. And always keep the thumb of your main hand under the handle of the tool.
  • Do not cut wood with the end of the cutter blade. This causes strong vibrations and increases the risk of serious injury.
  • Smoking while operating the tool is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not leave the chainsaw where there are animals or children nearby.

Useful tips

How to cut a tree in your yard, you can learn from special literature. But in practice, the theory often does not work. Only experienced craftsmen can tell you the secrets of how to cut wood with a saw in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of effort and time.

Tie up the trunk with ropes

To be on the safe side, tie the top of the tree with strong ropes. During the procedure, assistants must pull them up by holding the tree.

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Even if you are sawing a small tree it is advisable to secure it with a rope

The ropes must be at least twice the height of the tree in order to be safe.

Felling technology

In the case of small trees you carry out the work with a common hatchet. This is a simple process which becomes much more difficult if you have to cut down a big tree in the middle of the forest or close to buildings.

In general it is preferable to fell trees in the direction in which they are growing. But this is not always possible because of the interference. They can be other trees, the already mentioned buildings or uneven terrain. In this case, before felling, the difficult tree is prepared to fall in the opposite direction. This may also be required if the forest is growing on boggy soil, and the roots may not be able to withstand the load during the work. According to the technology of felling, additional tools, such as a bugle or a system of curtains may be used to ensure safety.

How To Cut Down A Large Tree In Sections Safely Without Damaging Surrounding? in 4K UHD

Tree cutting and felling on the site: technology, safety, legal framework for tree removal

Despite current legislation on tree preservation, there are sometimes situations, in both urban and rural areas, that force you to cut down trees and overgrown shrubs. But, even in certain circumstances you need to know exactly how to carry out the cutting of trees in each particular case.

Machines and tools

Various tools can be used to cut the tree, from the classic hand saw to modern models of chain saws. Since the latter option is more relevant and helps to save a lot of time and labor costs, we will dwell on it in more detail.

In addition to equipment you will need wedges to expand the saw’s undercut. The wedges must be made of plastic or wood (metal wedges are not allowed, because they can damage the chainsaw). Also prepare a sledgehammer, a rope, and quality protection: plastic goggles, a helmet, construction headphones, and gloves. For especially large and old trees a chain may be needed. it is used to secure the trunk from premature splitting.

Tree felling techniques may vary depending on the size of the tree, its distance to buildings or other plantings, and the shape and degree of the trunk’s decay.

Working with a chainsaw

Trees used to be felled with a common axe or hand saw, but these tools are long a thing of the past and are only good for chopping firewood and filing thin branches. A chainsaw should be in the household, even if you do not have any trees to cut. It can be used to quickly cut branches and prepare kindling material.

To prevent a falling object from damaging neighboring plantings or structures during emergency tree felling, it is necessary to determine the location of its fall and calculate the trajectory in advance. To do this examine the shape of the tree, how dry it is and the number of large branches. If there are many large branches and boughs they need to be cut down beforehand. Otherwise they can affect the fall path of the trunk.

The fall area of a tree must be twice the size of the tree crown and have an escape route unobstructed. If there are other trees nearby, make sure you cut the trunk so it doesn’t get caught in the branches of other trees. It is already becoming clear that an uninitiated person will not always be able to cope with such work on their own. Tree cutting services are relatively inexpensive, but will help avoid accidents in particularly difficult situations (too big, bifurcated or dry tree).

Sawing technique

You can cut down trees at certain times of the year. The time depends on what you are going to use the wood for. If it is to be felled for firewood, for example, it is better to cut the tree down in about mid-autumn, when the sap has “calmed down” inside. If you cut such a tree in the spring, when nature is waking up, the wood will be saturated with moisture and not suitable for firewood. But if it is an emergency situation, the time of year does not matter.

Helpful hint: To prevent the guide bar from jamming inside the trunk, insert a wooden or plastic wedge into the felling limb before the tree falls. Keep the saw at its maximum speed and watch where the trunk is lurching as you work. You have time to take action if you see the tree not falling in the right direction.

Experts recommend cutting the tree in the direction where there are the most branches and limbs, and if the trunk is flattened and straight. in the direction where it has a smaller diameter. We have prepared two videos about cutting down trees, which show in detail all the specifics of the work.