How To Cut A Mirror With Your Own Hands

Diamond disc

Not the safest way to cut glass, requiring increased accuracy and mandatory compliance with safety rules. Can easily break glass and launch the shard in any direction. Otherwise, the method is quite effective and can cope with the task at hand. Cutting requires a special tool (angle grinder, drill or drill) with a diamond disc 0.1 mm thick.

The cutting process itself is quite simple, but requires a certain skill and a firm hand to guide the tool clearly along the mowing line. We put the piece of glass to be processed on an even place, then take the cutter and draw the line on the glass surface with the disk. The main thing is not to dive into the depths, but only to lightly touch, so that a small hollow forms, similar to a wide fishing line from a glass cutter. Then we just break the glass in the right place.

To reduce the likelihood of glass chipping and reduce the amount of glass dust during work, you can periodically water the cut with water.


Another way to cut glass at home without a glass cutter and expensive power tools. To work, you need a file and a little experience in handling glass. Please note that the file must have corners, so a round file will not work.

To cut the glass, it is enough to make several cuts on its surface with the corner of the file. You need to press on the file a little harder than average, so that there is enough force to form a clear groove, similar to a glass cutter cut. When the place of the chip is marked, we simply break the glass on the edge of the table or put a match under the place of the cut.

This method requires a certain skill, and if you are dealing with glass cutting for the first time, we strongly recommend that you practice on small, unnecessary fragments before moving on to the main material.

Pobeditovy drill

If you know firsthand what glass cutting is, then we suggest considering another way of how to cut glass without a glass cutter. With some experience, one drill with a victorious tip may be sufficient for this operation. The main thing is that the drill is more or less new, with sharp corners on the head.

The process of cutting glass with a drill itself is in many ways similar to a conventional roller glass cutter. Of the differences, a higher pressure force can be distinguished, but otherwise all actions are standard. We lay the glass on a flat surface, mark the cutting line, apply a bar, and lead the line from top to bottom along it. Before cutting, turn the tip so that the sharpest corner touches the glass. Having received a clear line, we break the glass along the mowing line of the cut.

The method of cutting glass with a victorious drill requires skill and practical experience in handling this material. Novice craftsmen have very little chance of making an accurate cut in this way, but with patience and straight hands, you can get the desired result.

Soldering iron

Having marked the line of the future cut on the glass, we take a file and make a small groove with it from the very edge. Having stepped back from it 1-2 mm, we heat the place with a soldering iron until a microcrack forms between it and the risk. Next, we retreat already from the crack itself at the same distance and gradually move towards the finish point. Thus, glass is cut for a long time, but any shape can be obtained. To slightly speed up the process, the glass can be periodically cooled by applying a damp cloth to it.

Scissors in the water

A simple method for directional splitting of glass. Allows you to easily cut round shapes, but will not work for straight lines. For such cutting, you will need ordinary scissors and a container of water, which will serve as a kind of lubricant. The maximum glass thickness should not exceed 4 mm.

The cutting process with this technique is extremely simple. We take a piece of processed glass, immerse it in water and cut off small pieces from the edges with scissors. Water will prevent the glass from cracking, allowing you to make controlled chipping. In this way, you can get oval and round shapes.

How to Cut Glass or Mirror

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

A special cutting tool is required to cut a fragile material such as glass. Of course, glass cutters greatly simplify the cutting process, but you can cope with their work with the help of other handy items. If you are faced with the need to cut glass, and there is no glass cutter at hand, we will show you how you can replace it.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

Before proceeding with a detailed description of glass cutting techniques, we want to remind you of safety. Always wear work gloves and safety goggles when working to avoid cuts and small debris getting into your eyes. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure to the glass.

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How to cut glass without a glass cutter

Glass cutting tools were not always as widespread as they are today. In the second half of the last century, people came up with their own ways to conquer this capricious material, without using a glass cutter. In fact, for cutting untempered glass with a thickness of up to 8 mm, you can use a lot of improvised objects, you just need to have a little dexterity.

It is better to start listing items suitable for working with glass by identifying the types of exposure to this material. The main methods are thermal, when glass is heated in a certain place, and physical, when it is cut by brute force. The industry uses water-jet cutting, when glass is processed on expensive equipment under strong water pressure.

To cut glass by the thermal method, a small piece of twine and a flammable liquid such as alcohol or acetone are enough, a soldering iron and a burning apparatus can also be used as a cutter. For cutting glass by physical impact, you can use a file, a victory drill, a nail, a thin diamond disc, and even ordinary tailor’s scissors. Of course, some of the listed items are difficult to get a good cleavage, but with the proper skill, quite a good result can come out. Now, knowing how you can cut glass without a glass cutter, you can proceed to the process itself.

What do you need


  • – mirror or set of mirrors;
  • – 2.5 m square nail (10 x 10 mm);
  • – assembly glue;
  • – material on which the mirror will be mounted.

From electrical components:

  • – LEDs. preferably half the size of the nail. I used 20 pieces with a blue glow. Depending on the design of your mirror or your preference, you can take more or less;
  • – the wires are not thick, which can withstand a voltage of 20 V. Usually, wires for connecting the speaker system are suitable for these purposes;
  • – Power Supply. I used a 4.5V adapter with 400mAh;
  • – solder.
  • – pay;
  • – transistor;
  • – photoresistor.

If you want the mirror illumination to shine a little when you turn off the main lighting, then you need a resistor. Before I found an option that would work, I had to try a lot of resistors. I am not very well versed in the components of power grids, so I tried everything in a simple way until I got the desired result.

How to make a backlit mirror

This is my first master class, and I am very proud of it. I would like to share something really interesting. This project is quite flexible, and if you have extra time for it, you can always do something neat or better.
Note: In my version, the illumination is turned on when the general light in the room is turned on, and not vice versa. For example, I don’t like a lot of light when I’m going to sleep, so it automatically fades out.

And it is not necessary to include a dimmer in the electrical circuit, you can simply configure it to turn it on and off. It all depends on your preference. Assembly time takes approximately 5-6 hours.

We start manufacturing

First, we cut the dowel into 10 separate sections. My mirrors are about 30 cm in size, so I cut 15 cm each.

I have worked with 4 mirrors. The top had two side elements made of dowel and one top. The two mirrors below had only two side mirrors, because the light would not be visible if it was directed upwards at the adjacent mirror. And the bottom mirror will have two side elements and one bottom.

Ideally, you need to mark the place of cutting, and at what angle you will do the sawing.

mirror, hands

If there is time, then the dowel should be cut off at an angle of 45 degrees so that they are perfectly adjacent to each other.


Such products are lightweight and durable. The frames can be installed in rooms with high humidity. If the color of the product suits you, just repaint it. Models made of polyurethane molding are suitable for round and oval mirrors. The baguette frame is easy to manufacture, the material is easy to cut and behaves obediently during operation.


Homemade mirror frames have their own characteristics and advantages.

Among the majority, the following are worth noting:

  • You can choose the material yourself. So, you can create an environmentally friendly frame. Manufacturers often treat products with chemicals that can harm you. In the case of self-production, such a property is excluded.
  • The budget of the product. Making a frame will require less financial costs than buying it.
  • Uniqueness. You are free in your imagination and you can create a unique product. Additional decor can be very diverse, from ribbons to wood carvings. This point is especially important for those who like original solutions.

Made of wood

A homemade wooden frame will decorate any mirror. For manufacturing, you will need the following:

Material selection

If you decide to make a frame yourself, then get ready for creative dilemmas. When choosing a material, rely on your own preferences and the general style of the apartment. The mirror frame can even be made from paper tubes or cardboard. By the way, the smallest family members can be involved in making such a frame. Consider the most interesting materials.

– Paper

You can decorate the frame with paper blanks. It can be both colored elements and different forms of papier-mâché.

How to make?

You can make a frame for a mirror from any material that you like. Making a product from improvised means does not require special expenses and can become a real family entertainment. Want to make a quick decor for an oval or round mirror?

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Try this option:

  • Use a marker and ruler to make a pattern around the circle.
  • Stick a film or tape on the mirror that does not leave marks. Step outside the mirror to make it easier to remove the film later.
  • Armed with a special knife that does not scratch mirrors, cut through the film of the mowing line according to the picture.
  • Take a can of paint and spray the entire surface of the mirror.
  • After completely dry, remove the film and enjoy the result.

For mirrors of this shape, you can make a frame from 7-8 toilet paper rolls. Use thick plywood for the base. Paint the blank black, after drying, glue the mirror. Paint the bushings in the same color, and after drying, cut them into circles of 1 cm, give the shape of leaves.

Then follow the instructions:

  • Glue the leaves 5 pieces at a time: attach 4 leaves with corners, and glue the last one on top. So, the workpiece is like a man with legs, arms and head. We also glue all the leaves.
  • Use hot glue to attach the blanks to the base of the mirror. Here you can show your imagination and group the blanks at your own discretion.
  • Next, you need a mirror mount. For a thick and heavy product, you will need 2 fasteners, and for a light one, one is enough. Pass a rope or wire through them, make a loop.

A massive, heavy frame can be made for a large floor mirror. A regular, no surplus, wooden frame and decor from small vases, in which you can put flowers or useful things, are well suited. Such a mirror will be both beautiful and functional. For rectangular and square mirrors, make a frame from wood or ceiling plinth.


The key material can be anything. A simple wooden frame can be made from twigs or saw cut, even driftwood can be used. The main thing is that the material is dry, otherwise deformation or decay cannot be avoided. Carved frames are made of natural walnut, cedar or wenge. Carving requires special skills, so sketches may be needed, but it will be extremely difficult for beginners to do such work. You can also use MDF and similar materials.

What materials can be used

Do-it-yourself decor of any interior item is a game of fantasy and imagination. But in this matter it is very easy to “overdo it” and overdo it, being carried away by creativity. It is better to use one type of material for finishing and decorating mirrors. For example, if you decide to make a frame from the remnants of ceiling plinths. you do not need to add parts from a different material to the design. They may be structurally incompatible and difficult to connect and the structure may be heavy.

The frame for the mirror can be of a familiar design, or it can be made in the form of stucco molding from any available materials, in the form of a mosaic directly on the surface of the mirror itself. There are a lot of design options for this item, and the most important thing is to choose one of the ways.

The frame of the mirror is covered with a bright variegated fabric

A great idea for an eco-style interior. a frame of plant twigs

Round frame for a mirror, trimmed with beads and sequins

DIY mirror frame (48 photos): a unique finish with minimal investment

Original rope rope mirror frame

We live in the era of the formation and popularization of the author’s design of premises of any type. Standard finishes of apartments and household items are no longer fashionable. The presence of hand-made objects in the room. pots is considered real chic. vases, lamps and chandeliers. Well, the mirror in a beautiful frame, which was created by the owner of the house, is a real masterpiece.!

DIY designer frame for a mirror. the advantages of such a mirror design are obvious. you can choose the size of the frame and its design in accordance with the general style of the interior, and the mirror in the frame will not resonate with the surrounding environment, will become its integral part.

A mirror in a hand-made frame brings extra comfort to the room

Creative idea. the frame is faced with small round mirrors

Mosaic frame

Mosaic making is an amazingly fascinating kind of handicraft and art. And the mosaic frame for the mirror is sophistication, uniqueness and practicality in one bottle. The advantages of such a mirror design are the simplicity of work, the low cost of materials, because you can create a mosaic even from fragments of broken dishes. Shards of dishes, and fragments of tiles, jewelry, colored glass are also suitable for work.

The mirror is attached to the base, it can be a sheet of plywood or chipboard. The base should be larger than the plane of the mirror. Mosaic elements will be attached to the protruding part of the wooden base with glue and a glue gun.

Mirror Mosaic Frame Making Process

In addition to a special pistol, you will need pliers to form parts of the mosaic, and a special grout, which will fill the gaps between the fragments. You will also need a spatula for applying grout, a soft sponge to remove its marks from the surface of the frame, and, of course, imagination and a little patience.

The frame for the mirror is tiled with mosaics. elegant and stylish

The mosaic is made of pieces of mirror. gracefully and gently

My Self-Haircut Mirror Setup W/ Fade

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Mirror in a blue mosaic frame

Ceiling plinth frame

Very often, after repairs, trims from baseboards, wallpaper and other finishing materials remain in the house. The zealous and creative owners never throw away this “rubbish”, but create real masterpieces from it, which one can boast and be proud of. For example, a frame for a mirror made of ceiling plinths turns out to be very beautiful, and it is very easy to make it.

This material is quite inexpensive and durable, it is easy to cut and stick together, in most cases the ceiling plinth is already beautifully designed. In addition, it can be painted with almost all types of paints and even “aged”.

The cut skirting board must be repainted in the desired color

To work with the skirting board, you will need a jigsaw or an ordinary file, a ruler and a pencil, acrylic paint, a brush, glue, putty, preferably gypsum. To protect the desktop, you need to prepare a covering material. it can be old newspapers or wallpaper scraps.

The frame can be glued to the mirror with silicone sealant

From the plinth, you need to prepare the frame parts in accordance with the dimensions of the mirror. You can pre-attach the mirror to a plywood or thick cardboard base. It is much easier to attach the frame to the base than to the glass surface. Frame parts must match not only in size, the pattern on the plinth must be adjusted so that the mowing line of one part smoothly transitions into the mowing line of the other.

Fit the frame carefully and carefully to the mirror

After the glue has dried at the joints of the frame, you need to cover its surface with putty to hide the traces of gluing and “clarify” the drawing. After the putty has completely dried, you can start painting. There are a lot of ways to finish such a frame. you can highlight the drawing on the plinth with a contrasting color, you can artificially age the frame with paint, or you can paint it in one color, in a classic style.

Mirror frame made of skirting board. simple and beautiful

How and from what to make a frame for a mirror

Before starting work on the author’s frame for a mirror, you need to carefully think over all the steps, prepare everything you need during work. materials, accessories, tools, measure the mirror and, of course, make a sketch of the future masterpiece. To create a sketch, you need a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a triangle and a piece, a drawing paper of the appropriate size. It is better to create a drawing and drawing in full size and “in color” so that you can “try on” it on a mirror.

For work, you will need a table and tools. a file or a knife, nippers and a hammer, glue, paints, brushes, finishing elements (beads, shells, buttons, mosaic glasses), if they are supposed to be used, a construction stapler or small nails. Small parts should be laid out in containers so that they do not crumble and do not interfere with creativity, and for brushes it is best to prepare a glass or jar of solvent so that they do not dry out.

Mirror with a painted “frame”. delicate and elegant

Advice! To create a frame, the remains of building or finishing materials are suitable. drywall, facing tiles, plinths, rail.

In design studios you can see mirror frames made from the most unusual materials. clothespins, cutlery. knitting needles, inexpensive jewelry, tiles with images of family members printed on its surface, from fragments of broken china, plastic, packaging from discs, candies or cigarettes, from sequins and disposable spoons, newsprint or magazine paper, dried flowers. The flight of imagination in how to decorate a mirror with your own hands is absolutely unlimited, if only the materials are combined and look harmonious with the interior of the room.

The frame for the bathroom mirror is made of large wood sawdust

Simple and creative. colorful paper frame

A mirror in an exquisite frame is a bright highlight of the interior

Wooden pegs are used to make the mirror frame

Unusual design ideas for a frame for a mirror

Not everyone likes the simplicity of a mirror. Many are looking for and find non-standard design solutions for this piece of furniture. For example, they decorate frames of an unusual shape with rhinestones, country-style coins, vintage or Provence.

To decorate a mirror in the style of America in the 60s, small pieces of colorful textiles, cereals or pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, which are glued to a wooden or plastic base, are suitable.

Advice! The frame covered with figures of fish, shells and colored pebbles will remind you of a vacation by the sea. But in order to “hold” such heavy objects on the base, you need to use a “serious” adhesive base, paint primer or double-sided tape.

Mirror in a seashell frame

Serious materials also require a serious approach to working with them. An unusual shape of jewelry will require a longer time investment. The voids between the elements must be filled with a sealant or putty so that dust does not accumulate between them. And the care of such a frame will be more difficult, because many materials cannot be washed with water and detergents.

Floor mirror in a homemade wooden frame

The frame for the mirror can be made of thick rope

Large mirror lined with small framed mirrors in a circle

Unusual idea. a mirror frame from school rulers