How To Cut A Plastic Window Sill

We wash a plastic window sill: 7 true recipes

The cleanliness of the kitchen depends on many factors. Most housewives monitor the condition of the floor, work surfaces, wash dishes and wash textiles in time. How long have you been evaluating the appearance of your windowsill?

How To Cut A Plastic Window Sill

In the kitchen, the windowsill gets dirty many times faster.

A dirty window sill can drastically ruin the appearance of the kitchen. At the same time, caring for him may vary, depending on the material chosen. In this article, we will talk about how to clean a plastic window sill from dirt and keep it spotless without much effort.

  1. Types of stains on the windowsill
  2. Caring for a plastic window sill at home
  3. Method 1. We wash the windowsill with laundry soap
  4. Method 2: We wash the windowsill with washing powder
  5. Method 3: wash my windowsill with window cleaner
  6. Method 4. We clean the windowsill with vinegar
  7. Method 5. Remove dirt from the windowsill with a melamine sponge
  8. Method 6. Composing PVC-paste for cleaning windowsill
  9. Method 7. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove stubborn stains
  10. How to clean a window sill after renovation
  11. How to whiten a yellowed windowsill
  12. If you can’t remove stains

Method 3: wash my windowsill with window cleaner

Most glass cleaners also work well with stains on the windowsill, excluding old greasy stains. Their advantage can be considered convenience of use. Most of these detergents are sold in convenient bottles with a spray bottle.

Such a tool will clean not only the glass, but also the windowsill.

Therefore, you just need to spray the product on the stain, wipe it off with a soft cloth, and then rinse the area with clean water. For stubborn stains, leave the detergent for a few minutes and only then wash.

Method 7. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove stubborn stains

If you need to remove an old, stubborn grease stain, you can do without special detergents. First, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the dirt using a damp sponge.

Blend of baking soda and vinegar for the toughest stains.

Then drip some vinegar onto the powder. Wait for the chemical reaction to finish. Carefully remove the mixture along with loose dirt. Repeat if necessary.

Caring for a plastic window sill at home

As we already said, it is easier to prevent serious pollution than to try to remove them by various methods later. So that caring for the window sill does not turn into an impossible task, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our tips.

Many stains are easier to prevent than remove.

They will help you keep your windowsill tidy and prevent most of the trouble.:

  • First of all, you need to find out what material your windowsill is made of.. For plastic materials, two structures can be used: smooth and porous. The first one is easier to care for, as it is easy enough to wipe it. In the porous structure, dirt and grease penetrate deeper, so you need special detergents.
  • A plastic window sill can be finished with both a thin PVC film and a wear-resistant laminate film. The second option is preferable for the kitchen: it is less susceptible to mechanical damage, which means that it can be washed with hard sponges and more effective means.
  • Do not place hot pots and pans on the windowsill. They leave unaesthetic marks, and the surface may be damaged and you will have to repair the window sill.
  • It is better to install special stands under the flowers or put thin silicone mats. This way the pots will not leave scratches and less moisture will get on the windowsill, which means you can avoid yellow stains on the surface of the windowsill.
  • Wipe the windowsill with a dry cloth every day, even if it seems clean to you. This removes even the smallest dust particles that have eaten into the coating and turn it from white to dirty gray.
  • Wash the windowsill once a week with a soap solution, then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. This will help wash away small particles of grease, which may soon turn into stubborn stains.
  • Wash glasses and spaces between them regularly. If they themselves are not too clean, then they can become a serious source of dirt already for the windowsill. Therefore, do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the entire window opening, and not just the part that goes into your kitchen.
  • Never scrub the window sill with abrasive products too hard.! This can wipe off the protective top coat and it will turn yellow or gray.
  • Bought a new detergent? Be sure to check it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the window sill: if it contains harsh chemicals, the color of the coating may change in the most unexpected direction for you.
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With our advice, keeping your windowsill clean will be a snap. But what if there are persistent stains on the windowsill that cannot be washed off with water and soap? Here are some effective recommendations that will help remove any dirt from a plastic window sill.

Types of stains on the windowsill

First of all, you need to deal with, what stains can appear on a plastic window sill. By knowing what to fear, you are more likely to prevent them from occurring.

Different stains can be washed with different methods.

  • Do you have flowers growing on your window? You will most likely have to spend a lot of time fighting yellow spots that inevitably appear after watering, if the pots are leaking.
  • Recently changed the window? It is necessary to deal with drops of primer, pieces of polyurethane foam and other traces of installation work.
  • Stains from glue, adhesive tape are likely to appear after the winter period.
  • Sintepona crumb can stick to fat, and it will be very difficult to launder such an education.
  • Dirt from the vents, can leave marks on the surface of the windowsill.
  • Do you often put pots and plates on the windowsill? Probably there will be greasy spots, which are not so easy to withdraw.
  • Even plastic can accumulate traces of rust., which “crawl” there from metal elements.

Besides, if the kitchen is small, many housewives use the windowsill as an additional work space. This also negatively affects its purity, and it is almost impossible to predict which stains will appear there.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to deal with each type of window sill pollution.

Method 5. Remove dirt from the windowsill with a melamine sponge

Several years ago, melamine sponges became a real hit among housewives. It is enough just to run a moistened sponge over the stain. And it dissolves almost before our eyes.

The melamine crystals that make up the sponge literally dissolve dirt.

Outwardly, they look like the usual foam sponges, but they have a slightly stronger structure and seem a little damp to the touch. Melamine is really good at wiping away any dirt, but stubborn stains will require considerable physical effort.

How to cut a plastic window sill without dismantling

If the kitchen has a wide window sill that constantly interferes with the opening of the freezer, you can try to saw it lengthwise. This is difficult to do, since you will need to cut off the part that goes under the window. To saw off the inside, the product is pulled out. Mount back after trimming. You can cut a rounding on one side of the product or saw off a spout.

  1. Open the refrigerator door and make a mark. At this point, draw a rounding. Use a large bowl or cup as a template.
  2. Cut off excess plastic with a jigsaw.
  3. Then we make an end plate. To bend it and form a non-standard shape, the product is heated in boiling water for no more than 2 minutes. As a result, you should get an angle of 90 °.
  4. The hot pad is installed on the end of the window panel.

Round window boards are trimmed in the same way.

Cutting tools

You can saw a plastic window sill with different tools:

  1. Angle grinder (angle grinder). This tool is not difficult to work with. It is small, cuts smoothly and efficiently. Easy to hold with one hand. For cutting, thin discs from 1 to 1.6 mm are used. Sometimes when docking one window sill to another, extra millimeters appear, which are cut off. You won’t be able to do this with a jigsaw, but an angle grinder will cope with this task perfectly. Disadvantages of the tool: a lot of dust, not used in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Jigsaw. The tool has several files with different tooth sizes. When working with it, you need to take into account that the tool does not cut cleanly. Notches and chips remain on the surface of the plastic. This is especially true for saws with large teeth set in different directions. It is not recommended to use it for cutting plastic if you have no experience with the tool. It takes a long time to cut with a fine-toothed saw, but due to the small setting, the cut has slight notches and looks “shaggy”. This drawback is easy to eliminate, only the cleaning work will take a long time. The most suitable option is to use an unsetted blade with medium teeth. The jigsaw twitches less, works smoothly, leaving almost no chipping.
  3. Renovator. This is a multifunctional cutter that can cut off extra millimeters or make holes of varying complexity in an already installed window sill. This cannot be done with an angle grinder and jigsaw. Most often, a small file is used for work. 1 cm in size and an average file. 2.5 cm.A blade with large teeth cuts quickly, the cut is of good quality.

How to saw off a plastic window sill

Windows Prof Windows info How to cut off a plastic window sill: how to cut a window sill without dismantling

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How to trim correctly

The new window sill is sold as a solid board, so it is important to correctly calculate the dimensions before cutting it:

  1. To do this, measure the concrete base in length and width. A few millimeters are added to the resulting figures to make an overlap. The width of the sill board should extend beyond the seat by 10 cm.Otherwise, the warm air coming from the battery will not circulate, which will lead to the accumulation of moisture.
  2. If you can’t make the correct calculations, you can use a template that you make yourself from cardboard paper. The finished template is laid instead of the window sill and inspected to see how accurate it is. If necessary, it is altered to fit the desired size. Then the product is transferred to a PVC panel and cut.
  3. The factory film on the PVC panel is rather slippery and the line drawn on it with a pen or pencil will be practically invisible. Better to do the markings with an alcohol marker. If the film has come off, it is removed. Instead, glue the masking tape, on which the markings are then applied.
  4. The cut-out window sill is mounted under the window frame. Wooden blocks (wedges) are inserted between the window frame and the wall. This is done so that a gap does not form. Usually wedges are placed at the edges and one in the center.
  5. The product is installed at a slope of 2-4 mm inside the room. The position is regulated by the building level. To maintain the correct slope, you need to fix the bars from the side that is closer to the base. The thickness of the bars is selected in accordance with the slope.
  6. Then the product is fixed with mounting foam, screwed from below with self-tapping screws, and also fixed to the wall with L-shaped brackets.

How to shorten the sill of a plastic window

Sometimes, because of the long window sill, it is impossible to fully open the door of the closet next to it, or to push the drawers of the bedside table to the end. To solve the problem, the window sill is completely changed or shortened.

  • The structure is carefully inspected for the presence of fasteners. If it enters the slopes, then they will have to be broken. After that, the external ebb is removed. To remove the window sill, you need to see if it is bolted to the base profile of the window. If screwed, then unscrew it. When the part is completely free of fasteners, it is abruptly torn off from the foam, lifting it up, then pulled.
  • If you don’t want to spoil the slopes, then you can try to pull out the window sill in a different way. It is necessary to remove all foam that is at the bottom of the windowsill. Then the part with a sharp downward movement is torn off the slopes and taken out.
  • The removed board is cut to the required size, having previously made markings on it with a simple pencil, and then installed back. It is recommended to clean the installation site of old polyurethane foam and other debris. Also scrub the PVC panel.
  • Re-assembling the board is not difficult. To do this, it is installed under the window structure, tightly pressed against the support profile. Align horizontally, substituting plastic or wooden supports from below, then secure with clamps. The gap between the window sill and the wall is filled with polyurethane foam. To prevent the sill board from rising up because of the foam, a heavy object is placed on top of it.

The window sill is completely changed if it did not work out to reduce it in another way. You can contact specialists who will do the job efficiently without causing unnecessary damage to the window structure.

What to cut?

There are only 3 tools for our work.

Foaming PVC window sill

The use of a gun and a cylinder with professional foam greatly facilitates foaming during any operation, whether it is installing plastic window sills or installing interior doors. But if you don’t have a pistol, then, of course, you shouldn’t spend money on a pistol for one occasion. Use a foam canister with a special tube included.

Pay attention to the photo and apply polyurethane foam around the perimeter of the window sill and pointwise across the area. Wipe the bottom of the windowsill from dust. If the surface is too smooth, rub over it with coarse sandpaper. This will increase the adhesion to the foam. Apply the foam so that the tops of the foamy “marshmallows” are just above the caps of the nail dowel.

Now place the PVC sill under the window frame and gently lower it. How to press down from above, everyone decides for himself. I used buckets of water as seen in the photo. It remains only to wait until the foam expands and hardens, which takes one day. The buckets can then be removed and end caps installed if no other work is foreseen.

In fact, you should remove the film from the windowsill and install the plugs after finishing the finishing work.

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When restoration is needed

Plastic is a relatively practical material. Elements made from it are distinguished by ease of care, ease of installation, a wide variety of colors and a low price. But at the same time, they are prone to mechanical damage and sensitive to high temperatures (swell and can crack).

What to do if the following appeared on the windowsill:

  1. Chips, cracks and scratches.
  2. Traces from flower pots and hot objects.
  3. Sun-discolored spots.
  4. Damage by chemical surface cleaning agents.

The plastic surface of the window sill is subject to mechanical damage

In this case, the repair of plastic window sills is carried out depending on the degree of damage. For these purposes, there are special restorative agents. If it is minor damage, the filling is done with a putty, with multiple chips and cracks, a laminated film is used, and in case of serious problems. A special pad.


Let’s draw a line along which we will cut. Be careful if the film comes off the plastic, it is better to remove it completely. And glue masking tape on the windowsill, along which it is convenient to draw fishing line.

The native factory film is slippery. It’s hard to draw a line on it.

A pencil is not suitable for this purpose at all. The line from him is barely visible. The gel pen leaves a clear marking, but at the time of the saw it is erased. A ballpoint pen is better. It does not wear off, but people of the older generation will not see such markings.

Draw with an alcohol marker. The line will be noticeable and will not smear.

How to saw off a plastic window sill

How to cut a plastic window sill.

I greet you on the channel yourself with a mustache in artisanal conditions in the next one we will discuss with you what of course to cut a plastic window sill the one that is put with plastic windows will not be particularly interesting for everyone, since

They think that there is such a thing, however, although people periodically ask me these questions is it possible to cut a plastic window sill in general, to sell something complicated here, of course, let’s see what the option to cut a plastic window sill is directly

The very first thing that everyone has on the farm, of course, is mainly a hacksaw for metal, here it is just for no handles because it will be This method is not bad only because you can make a sang not through, however, or something like that

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They call it a spike she has a small tooth without, let’s say, such a strong brace in front of a very neatly there is an option to cut plastic panels in other words, not even a window sill, fragile plastic in front of absolutely excellent

Some installers of PVC windows just use such things, in other words, she has an option to cut at least some distance without distinction, while she creates a little rounding for her by using the fact that she is bendable when you start only to saw with the tip


A piece on it such files are placed here, the principle is also a keyless chuck bent back stuck let go of our client remains snapped on it too funny thing is so comfortable in the country such branches some kind of sawing to rest to ride

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We can use it like this, so this thorns kai and our own standard hacksaw for metal, these are the main methods if it was fascinating and informative, let’s not forget to like me

Of course, subscribe to my channel yourself with a mustache at home by all means and share with friends there will be many more fascinating unusual things our client remains thank you all for now.