How to cut a soft glass on the table

What is a soft glass tablecloth

Tablecloths or oilcloths have always been used to protect the table cover. However, experience has shown that they can be quite impractical. However, progress does not stand still, and for modern housewives there is an alternative: a transparent or translucent tablecloth “soft glass”. It’s not only very practical, but also versatile and goes well with any interior.

soft, glass, table

This modern, practical and original tablecloth.

A tablecloth “soft glass” is a thin (2 mm) smooth coating with a transparent or opaque surface. It is very flexible and does not form creases, kinks, folds.

The material is not afraid of moisture, UV light, high temperatures and household chemicals.

Ironing with an iron on the lowest temperature (modes “silk”, “synthetics”) on the underside. Using very light movements, without lingering on one area and without pressing, iron the fold several times until it is smooth. You can put a cotton cloth between the iron and the cloth.

To simplify this process, you can moisten the overlay itself and wrap the plastic card with a soft cloth or cloth. This is the secret of how to glue the cloth on the table without bubbles. Gradually moving to the edges, push all water out from under the pad along with the air. As you can see, there is nothing complicated!


The protective transparent film is made of PET material and coated with a layer of silicone microsuggestibles. Film thickness of 0.25 mm, which is quite enough to protect furniture surfaces from scratches and dirt. Can be used in temperatures up to 150 degrees. information is available here

Decosave Soft glass, or liquid glass as it is also called, is made of transparent PVC film 2mm thick. Can be used in applications up to 70 degrees. For further information, please click here.

The Decosave Hard tabletop cover is made of 1mm, 3mm or 5mm transparent monolithic polycarbonate. information is available here

Before installing the film, we recommend that you moisten the surface of the tabletop and then wipe it with a dry cloth. For more information and video instructions on the installation process of the foil we recommend to see here.

You can order DecoSave protective film and table coverings:

We also advise to reduce the size of the film by 1-2 mm on each side. For more convenient installation and operation. The film should not go beyond the table, otherwise you will cling to it with your hands.

We can deliver your order all over Russia and CIS. We send products within Russia by courier service SDEK. For distant regions of Russia and the CIS we offer to send the production through the Russian Post. Parcels are delivered directly to the apartment or to the pickup point. For shipping estimation tell the manager the exact address.

Since the film is cut individually for each client. we work on prepaid system.Payment options:

  • We order on 30% prepayment of the film cost.The rest is paid in cash to the courier when receiving your order.
  • Payment in full amount by invoice.

For individuals need to specify F.И.О., phone number and exact delivery address. For legal entities it is required to specify details of the organization. Production time for standard sizes is 1-2 days from the date of payment, for orders with individual parameters of the terms of production by agreement.

It is important to understand that such a tablecloth will give a little shrinkage in the near future after purchase (on average, it is 14-20 days). At the same time, you can immediately use the product as follows:

  • Place the silicone tablecloth on the table surface. Wait a couple of weeks for the product to shrink.
  • Then carefully trim the excess edges with a stationery knife directly to the size of the table.
  • In the package of the product comes with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

How to put flexible glass correctly

Flexible glass is a modern and reliable coating that perfectly protects furniture from annoying cracks, scratches and stains. Especially nice is the fact that its list of advantages is complemented by the fact of easy laying. If you wondered how to put flexible glass on the table and whether you can do it yourself, then be sure that you will cope with it without much effort. Features of the use of flexible glass is dictated by the scope of its application and household needs:

  • Hygienic. corresponds to sanitary and epidemiological norms.
  • Universal. Ideal not only for glass countertops, but also for surfaces made of plastic, natural and artificial stone.
  • Extends the life of furniture, saving the budget.
  • Safety of the material for the household. can not be scratched, does not emit toxic substances.
  • A wide range and a choice of thicknesses.
  • The possibility of decorating with textiles.

How to properly put a flexible glass on the table, so that the result of operation meets all expectations? The Krekerdecor brand offers a number of tips:

The high level of elasticity of the film makes it possible to transport it on a roll in an additional wrapper. To remove:

  • Carefully remove the packaging;
  • gently grip the edge of the tape;
  • do not pull it sharply toward you;
  • remove the rest of the film;
  • Clean the tablecloth from dust.

How to put a soft glass on the table, the surface of which can be stone, metal, wood? The material is laid as follows:

  • put the film on the table;
  • Carefully move it to the edges of the tabletop from the center, pressing down evenly, this is necessary to avoid air bubbles;
  • wipe the laid flexible glass with a damp microfiber cloth;

In order to cut a flexible tablecloth to match the dimensions, prepare tools: ruler, pen, office knife, a wide cutting board or a wooden table for household needs. Next, simply measure the tabletop, cut the material and spread it out in the usual way.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects when unpacking the flexible glass!

How to take care of the product?

The product as easy as possible to clean dirt, you only need to remember that metal scrapers and brushes with stiff bristles. will not work, as well as it is necessary to refuse aggressive and abrasive detergents. Use a sponge or cloth soaked in water or liquid soap. Pleasant operation!

Which tablecloth for the kitchen table is better: flexible glass, fabric or paper?

The tablecloth is not only a good tradition. For in the times of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers tablecloths were compulsory attribute of the table and were embroidered with patterns independently. over, the more handmade the girl was, the more valuable she was to such a girl could find a good, rich groom. If the masteress has golden hands, so there will always be comfort, cleanliness, order in the house.

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If you look into the more distant past, for example, in ancient Egypt, not everyone could afford to have a tablecloth on the kitchen table. Cloth tablecloths with embroidery or gold thread interlacing were only for the nobility. In Russia, tables were covered with everything. At the same time, every home had festive and everyday fabrics.

And how not to recall the folk omens about the kitchen tablecloth! Firstly, it is forbidden to strike the covered table with your fist, which is a bad omen to attract ailments to the whole family. Secondly, to sit down at an uncovered table means to invoke poverty. Thirdly, a fastidious hostess must collect the tablecloth with the crumbs before the guests get up. Otherwise it was considered that the woman was a bad hostess. And if she has a daughter, she will never find a good groom, because she will be as sluggish as her mother. And these are not all the omens. But this article is about something else.

cutting table for soft glass cutting

In today’s world the presence or absence of a tablecloth on the kitchen table is an individual choice. For some people it is a necessary attribute of the interior, for others it is a bright accent of the room. But more often it is the beauty of table covering, as well as protection of kitchen furniture surface from damage. So what tablecloths are offered to us on the market today? Let us list the most common ones.

Soft glass: how to choose and distinguish from fake?

Such material perfectly combines with tables made of different materials, protects the surface from damage, serves for a long time. But it is important to choose the right glass and not to buy a fake. then the expected effect is guaranteed. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right flexible glass and not to buy accidentally fake or low-quality material.

How to choose the right flexible glass for the table?

This material has practically unlimited sphere of application. Such a film combines with different types of table tops. it does not matter what material the table is made of and where it is located. The main condition is a perfectly flat surface, so that the flexible glass adheres tightly to it.

Glass table is an additional protection against cracks, scratches, chips. This kind of table is quite fragile, and the glass quickly shows defects due to regular use. The film will not be visible, because it is transparent and thin.

Kitchen table. here the flexible glass will protect the surface from hot liquids, grease, colorful products. That is, the material will significantly extend their life.

Plastic table. this could stand in a child’s room or on a veranda. Flexible glass will not allow scratches to form, will not allow the surface to stain, for example, from children’s games with clay.

Marble table. will extend their life by softening the impact and preventing moisture from getting into the structure of the stone.

In contrast to the usual film tablecloths, flexible glass will not float on the table, slip, other objects will not slide on it.

The features and properties described above apply only to original products. If you bought a low-quality or fake material, you will definitely not get the desired effect. Therefore, first of all, you should be alerted by the low price. it is a clear sign of falsification.

Why is flexible glass called almost 100% universal protection?

Where you can use flexible glass and whether there are tables for which it is absolutely not suitable? Liquid glass tablecloths for the table invariably finds application in the household of apartments, country houses and offices. Since its introduction to the market, no alternative has appeared, but the quality characteristics of the film have improved. It can reliably protect the tabletop from damage. Blending in perfectly with any design, it does not hide the beauty of solid wood, the elegance of mosaics and other types of patterns. Let us summarize the basic features and operating conditions of the film below.

Where and on what tables flexible tablecloths are used

The field of application of silicone tablecloths depends on the intended thickness of the products:

  • if you want to protect a chest of drawers, a window sill and a child’s table, it is advisable to choose a film 1.2 mm thick;
  • for kitchen tables, increased protection of windowsills and school desks, a 1.8 mm thick product will do;
  • Thick, heavy-duty soft tablecloths at 2.5 mm would fit perfectly into a premium interior with designer furniture.

The ideal, as well as the most frequent application of soft tablecloths, becomes:

  • Kitchen & Dining Area. It has the following advantages: wide temperature range, non-slip, easy to remove grease stains. The decisive factor is how quickly a soft tablecloth can be replaced after it loses its characteristics. A product that is always on hand and has reached the end of its useful life, can be rolled up and replaced with a new one in no time.
  • Living Room. The advantage of using PVC film on a lacquered table in the living room is that it doubles the visual aesthetics by adding a glossy sheen. With it, your interior will look even more attractive. The same can be said for office tabletops.
  • Kids room. Often this is an area of creativity and experimentation, where paints and felt-tip pens are used. A flexible tablecloth on the table of a preschool child and on the desk of a schoolchild is simply indispensable.

From this we can conclude that the product is almost universal. Still, some people ask: where can not be used flexible glass? Here we note that it is more correct to ask not. where, but under what conditions. After all, it is the operating conditions are the decisive factor. Pay attention to these criteria:

  • The product gradually loses its qualities on the 5th year of service, so do not put it where there will be problems with replacement.
  • The difficulty of timely cleaning should also alert. If there is no way to get rid of the caustic stain immediately, it will remain for a long time.

As you can see, there are no critical contraindications for use, you can use soft glass and should do so virtually everywhere, where there is the possibility of timely maintenance and replacement in time.

Soft glass tablecloths 2 mm

We can deliver protective films and table covers:

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We deliver products within Russia by courier service SDEK, as well as by Grastin. Business mowing line.

We can deliver directly to your apartment or to the pick-up point.

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According to the rules of this law, the buyer does not have the right to refuse Goods of proper quality that have individually definite qualities.

The document “List of non-food items of appropriate quality that cannot be returned or exchanged for a similar item of different size, shape, size, style, color or completeness,” approved by the Government Decree of January 19, 1998, the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation. N 55 defines a list of these goods and among them:

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Therefore, table and floor coverings (films, plastics) with individual properties (dimensions) of proper quality cannot be returned or exchanged.

Return and exchange of Goods of improper quality

Important! When accepting goods from the courier check the integrity of the packaging and the tube. If the package is damaged, you must refuse the parcel, take pictures of dents and other damage to the package and write to your personal manager about this fact.

If you find any defects in the material or incorrect dimensions of the protective covers, you should proceed as follows.

  • Photograph the defects or incorrect measurements using a ruler.
  • Notify your personal manager by phone or e-mail about the fact, order number and payment information.
  • Roll up your coverage in the package. Used goods cannot be returned.
  • Get the documents from the manager for returning the products through our collection points.
  • Print out the documents and take the products to the nearest “SDEK” or “Grastin” drop-off point and mail them to the address your account manager will tell you.
  • Within 3 working days after receiving the return of products of improper quality our experts will examine the defects of protective coating.
  • In case of confirmation of improper quality of the product within 7 working days a refund will be made by the same method by which the payment was made.
  • In the case of an exchange of goods of improper quality, the products are sent to the buyer within 3 working days.

For production of transparent tablecloths made of soft flexible glass a thick 2 mm PVC film is used. Today this tablecloth is the most popular coating among customers. We recommend choosing a soft glass exactly 2 mm thick and not less, because the thinner tablecloths (1 or 1.8 mm) are more prone to warping and lie unevenly on the table.

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In the online store Decosave there is also an opportunity to buy a film soft glass on the table with a grooved surface (shagreen) or pattern, as well as silicone napkins.

Trademark Certificate

Decosave strives to make its products in accordance with regulations and the EU.

Soft glass on the table Decosave Soft and PVC film tablecloths have a voluntary certificate of compliance:

Gost 24702-81 “Tablecloth.General specifications”

Gost R 50962-96 “Plastic kitchenware and household articles. General technical conditions”.

  • Heavy. This glass has a rather impressive weight of 2.5 kg per 1 m2, so it does not slip on the table.
  • Thickness. 2 mm. There is no reason to make the transparent film on the table thicker, as 2 mm is enough to prevent damage and stains.
  • Transparency. Unlike standard tablecloths, film won’t hide the natural look of your table.
  • Flexible and elastic. Due to the presence of these characteristics, the soft glass adheres tightly to the surface.
  • Temperature. The film should be used at temperatures no higher than 70°C. You can put it on the hot dishes without fear of deformation.

We recommend our clear, soft PVC windowpane in the kitchen. It’s the perfect complement to a traditional tablecloth with a pretty pattern, and you can stop worrying about stains on it. To start using the product, it is enough to distribute it evenly across the table. If needed, the cover can be removed and stored on a roll. Due to its unpretentiousness and efficiency, it has gained wide popularity.

Special packaging for the transportation of soft glass

To ensure the safety of our products we have developed our own tube of cardboard with metal covers on top and bottom to prevent the film from being damaged in transit. There is a seal on the top lid, which should be checked when you receive your order. The tube may be reused at a later date.

Our manager will calculate and tell you how much your order will cost with delivery.

Detailed information on how to arrange and pay for it, on what conditions purchases are delivered, etc.д., you will find on the corresponding pages of our website.

Through the online store DecoSave you can buy a transparent soft glass tablecloth at an attractive price with delivery or self-delivery. To get more information, as well as assistance in choosing and making purchases, please contact our managers. It is enough to contact us by one of the phones: 7 (495) 120-70-76, 7 (965) 421-97-20.

Recently bought a new kitchen table. I bought a new Italian tablecloth with decorative patterns. The question of how to save the beauty of the table appeared at once? I saw an ad on the Internet with protective coatings for tables from Decosave. I called and the manager picked up a soft glass for my table made of transparent PVC film 2mm thick.

The order was delivered straight to the door in 2 days. The film was packed in a hard tube, so it arrived undamaged. I’ve been using it for three months now, now the table is not scratched and the tablecloth is clean.

I, like many table owners, have had the problem of chips and scratches on my Fibreboard table. Our family is against the use of a tablecloth with a pattern. т.к. It obscures the table view. Ordered Decosave Soft glass for my desk. It’s a godsend! No need to worry if a child spilled juice or left grease stains. The soft glass is easy to clean and wipe down, and the table stays clean and dry. Upholstered glass PVC film 2mm for the table is a great solution for practical hosts.

Thanks to Decoseive for this clear pvc film for the table! Pleasantly surprised no smell. Soft glass is good for keeping the table from scratches and dirt. The only. I do not recommend putting hot pans straight from the stove. it can leave traces. But most importantly. It can be easily removed from the table and rolled up. Decosave Soft glass on the table can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth made of soft material. I plan to order another 2mm PVC sheeting for the bar counter.

How to measure a table to make a soft glass table

1. It is necessary to measure the width and length of the table
2. We recommend to use metal tape measure, in this case, the soft glass on the table will be without noticeable errors in size.
3. If there are convex parts on the table top, only the flat part of the table is measured.
4. We advise you to re-measure the table even if the manufacturer has indicated the size from the datasheet.
5. For oval tables, we measure the maximum width and length of the table, according to them we cut a rectangle
6. To make the soft glass for round tables, we measure the diameter of the table at 2.3 places to eliminate size error.

measuring tape

In order to keep the soft glass on the table in good quality for a long time, we advise to stick to the following tips:

  • We recommend wiping the soft glass on the table on 2 sides before use.
  • Roll out the tablecloth roll evenly across the table, after 1 day the soft glass will take the shape of the table
  • Minimize use of cover in direct sunlight.
  • Wipe and wash the film only with liquid cleaning agents.
  • We recommend cleaning soft glass on the table with sponges and cloths.
  • After wet cleaning tablecloths we advise to wipe dry the soft glass, so that no streaks remain.

Use convenient and aesthetic accessories to protect the surfaces:

  • Glass tables of various shapes and sizes;
  • coffee tables;
  • shelves and nightstands;
  • bar counters, tabletops;
  • window sills;
  • refrigerators, washing machines;
  • computer and other tables;
  • Bedside tables, etc.
  • Furniture made of wood of expensive species;
  • The products are inlaid or decorated with carvings;
  • The furniture is frequently used, which leads to dirt and deterioration of the appearance.

Soft glass on the table is absolutely safe, it provides a high level of protection due to the tightness of adhesion to the surfaces.

In the manufacturing process, the soft glass on the table is stretched a few centimeters in length. That’s why we add a few centimeters, and within 3-4 weeks the film shrinks to the desired size. If excess film remains after this time, it can be trimmed with a stationery knife or a construction knife.