How to cut a windshield alone

Windshield bonding

What do you need to replace your windshield? How to glue the glass? What kind of glue to glue? In this article I will try to give you an answer. how and how to glue car glass.

The installation of auto glass on all cars, without exception, is done in two ways: by installing it in a rubber seal and gluing the car glass. Immediately, I note that there is no difference between the installation of foreign cars and domestic cars. And auto glass is cut and installed in the same way. The principle is the same.

First of all, buy a car glass adhesive kit. There are a great many types of glue for gluing glass. The of the most common materials range from 300 rubles to 1500 thousand rubles, and this, of course, is far from the “ceiling”. Open the box and see if the kit contains all the components. And most importantly, make sure that the adhesive is “soft”. Otherwise, you will apply the glue-sealant for a long time, get tired of squeezing it out, it will take a lot of time and effort. In addition, such inelastic glue may not leak into irregularities and leave voids between the glass and the glue and between itself and the perimeter, adhering the glass to the body.


As you can see in the two photos above, one of the accessories is missing.

The set for gluing glasses must contain:

  • Adhesive sealant
  • Glass cutting string
  • Degreaser
  • Primer primer
  • Two lint-free sponges or pads for applying degreaser and primer

You will need a special gun to apply the adhesive sealant. The simplest option is in the photo below.

How To Remove A Windshield By Yourself

Windshield bonding and rear window installation are identical. The difference can only be in the presence or absence of a seal. And how to remove the windshield or rear window or side windows? In the case of glued-in glass, it would be more correct to say. how to cut it off? Cutting glass is easy.

We remove the glass seal (we pry one edge of the seal from the bottom and, carefully, pull it along the length), take the awl and pierce the old seam from the old glue, best of all, in the upper corner of the roof where the roof ends. It turns out, between the front pillar of the body and the glass. Pass one end of the string into the resulting hole. We make two handles on both sides of it (you can use two sticks of ten centimeters to make it convenient for you to work, whatever) and proceed to cutting the glass.

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We insert the cable, with which we will cut off the glue

Ford Focus 2 with broken windshield

Having cut off the glass, you need to remove the remnants of the adhesive sealant from the car body. This can be done using a special chisel or a regular sharp knife. The contact surface of the glass must be flat.

Observe safety precautions!

If the glass is broken, wear special glasses and gloves.

See Cutting car glass (how to remove glass).

Now, you need to degrease the perimeter of contact of the windshield, rear window or window and the glass itself (in the area of ​​adhesion to the glue) with the degreaser from the kit.

Then, you need to apply the primer (primer) both on the glass and on the body in the same way, only with a clean pad or a lint-free cotton ball.

DIY Cutting A Windshield. This is the second attempt at cutting a windshield

Let’s start preparing the glue. The tube has a double bottom.

Knock out the bottom and get rid of it.

Before screwing the tip onto the tube, punch a hole in the neck of the tube and then screw on the nozzle.

Insert the tube into the gun and apply glue to the body (it can be applied to the glass itself, if you have suction cups, in order to transport the glass later). Leave not the slightest gap. Otherwise, water will flow.

The thickness of the glue to be applied should be approximately 1cm. Installing glass is a delicate matter. See video. preparation for gluing auto glass.

Place the glass gently. First, apply the glass to the top two corners of the roof, and then apply the glass completely.

Installing a windshield on a VAZ 2110

In order for the glued glass to hold a given position, put rubber substrates under the bottom of the glass (photo below).

Make sure the glass is tight and the seal is evenly applied to the body and lightly press down on the glass at the edges and in the middle. Look from the inside (from the passenger compartment) for gaps in the sealant layer.

Place something elastic and moderately heavy on the glass and leave it in this position for a day. At least 12 hours until the glue is completely dry. You can check this by squeezing out excess sealant from the inside of the glass. The layer should not easily dry on the surface, but also inside itself.

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Average price list. for repair and replacement of auto glass

  • Filling a crack in an automobile glass with a polymer. from 40 to 50 rubles
  • Stop cracking car glass. from 200 rubles
  • Filling car glass chips with polymer up to:
  • 1 cm. 400 rubles
  • 2 cm. 600 rubles
  • Over 2 cm. negotiable price

Auto glass replacement

Small class:

  • Replacing the windshield or rear auto glass. 1500 rubles
  • Replacing the side auto glass. 1000 rubles
  • Replacing the vents. 600 rubles

Middle class:

  • Replacing the windshield or rear glass. 1700 rubles
  • Replacing the side glass. 1000 rubles
  • Replacing the vents. 600 rubles

SUVs and executive class:

  • Replacing the windshield or rear glass. 2000 rubles
  • Replacing the side glass. 1000 rubles
  • Replacing the window leaf. 800 rubles

Vaz Lada 2110, 2111, 2112, Lada Kalina, Lada Priora, Lada Granta, Lada Largus

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volks Wagen, Mazda, Honda, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Skoda, Toyota, Renault, Pizjo, Nissan, Daewoo, Lifan and a great many other brands. on all new and relatively new models the glasses are glued in. From our cars, the exception is all Volga models, except Cyber, Zhiguli up to VAZ 2107 inclusive and UAZ.

Dismantling old glass

Recommended algorithm of actions:

  • Remove the sealing element outside the glass. Use a flat screwdriver.
  • Carefully remove the protective plastic elements (if there are moldings. them too), move the wipers.
  • Cover the dashboard and torpedoes with a film (in order to protect them from dirt).
  • If sensors (rain, movement, etc.) are attached to the glass, then they must also be carefully removed.
  • The old glue-sealant is pierced with an awl and a special string is inserted into the prepared hole. It is important to separate the windshield from the adhesive gradually, moving clockwise. It is recommended to start from the top left edge (this is where you need an assistant).
  • Remove glass from its original place using suction cups.

Thoroughly clean all surfaces and openings from the remnants of old glue with a solvent and a chisel.

Materials and tools

Before proceeding directly to replacing the windshield, it is necessary to prepare all consumables and a set of special tools in advance. So, you will need:

  • Metal string with handles. Helps to cut old glass, separate it from glue.
  • Sharpened awl.
  • Screwdrivers (flat, Phillips) and wrench set.
  • Construction chisel with medium working surface.
  • Special glue-sealant and device for uniform glue spreading.
  • Masking tape, solvent, primer.
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An obligatory element of equipment is special suction cups. Used for fixing glass and performing assembly / disassembly works.

The preparatory stage ends with placing the car in a dry heated box and garage, where, ideally, the vehicle (TC) should spend at least a day. And the last: for a high-quality and safe glass replacement, you will need an assistant. Some operations are extremely difficult for one person to perform independently.

How to replace the windshield yourself?

The windshield (windshield) glass provides good visibility to the driver and allows you to control the situation, respond in a timely manner to emerging dangers. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the car owner is to maintain this body element in good condition.

In the process of everyday use, under the influence of external factors, cracks, chips, scratches appear on the windshield. Such problems can be solved with the help of repairs, but with more serious defects, a complete glass replacement will be required.

The windshield must be replaced in the following cases:

  • Mechanical damage obstructing the view. Such are formed, as a rule, as a result of stone strikes from under the wheels of oncoming or passing cars.
  • Loss of tightness. Water seeps between the glass and the body, which leads to body corrosion, accumulation of moisture in the cabin and constant fogging of the windshield

Assembly features

Installation of the windshield, as well as the installation of sensors, accessories and other items, are carried out in the reverse order. However, there are nuances. So, for example, to improve the quality of fixation with glue-sealant, the glass junction on the body is treated with a special primer, and only then the glue is applied. In addition, when installing new glass, a new seal should be used.

In order to check the correct installation of the windshield and its fixation, in order to prevent displacement relative to a given position, it is recommended to fix the glass with masking tape.

If all actions are performed clearly in the specified sequence, then the process of replacing the windshield will not seem so difficult. But, in addition to the result, additional skills and techniques will be mastered in servicing your car.