How to cut an even circle in a sheet of metal

How to make a circle out of metal. How to cut sheet metal. Cutting a circle in thick metal

Any construction, whether in your home, or in production, involves working with metal.

Often, during the operation of this material, the question may arise: how to cut a circle in the metal?

It deserves attention, because the choice of the right tool and technology directly depends on the labor intensity of the work process and the quality of its result.

Methods of cutting a circle from thin metal

Metal can be thin, or thick and strong, so a variety of tools are used to cut it.

The choice of materials and cutting technology also depends on how big a circle is needed and how straight it must be.

Using a jigsaw

If there is a need for a perfectly flat circle, you can use an electric jigsaw to cut it.

  • First determine the thickness of the metal and select the appropriate saw blade for an electric jigsaw.
  • Before you cut a circle in the metal with the jigsaw, the contour of the circle to be cut is outlined on the working plane.
  • Using a drill and drill bit (with a diameter of eight to ten millimeters) cut a hole, which will begin the work.
  • The saw blade of the jigsaw is placed in the obtained slot and the cutting continues according to the set drawing.

Cutting with this tool does not take much time or effort. over, the jigsaw can be used to create a circle with perfect edges. But this tool is used only for work with metal of minimum or average thickness (for example 2. 3 mm).

Angle grinder application

angle grinder is used to work with metal of small thickness. To form a round hole with this tool, you can follow these step-by-step tips

  • Before you cut a circle in the metal with an angle grinder, a marking is carried out, so that its contours were clearly visible.
  • Along the entire length of the outlined drawing, short segments are cut with the disc of the angle grinder, which will eventually join together.
  • The shape will be more like a polyhedron than a circle. Therefore, after the end of the cut, the product is processed and brushed until the edges are sufficiently flat and smooth. You can also use an angle grinder for machining. If the circle has a wide diameter, the contours can be ground with a large disc.

Machining the cut circle with the angle grinder should be careful to keep the disk inside the hole and, at the same time, was located in the same plane with the worksheet.

Cutting out a circle in thick metal

In order to outline the exact contours of the figure that will be cut out of the metal, you should use a ruler, a compass marker and a marker.

First, using a ruler, set the required width of the circular socket, so that it corresponds to the required diameter of the circle.

The center point of the circle is then marked on the metal plane.

From it, using a compass, the contours are outlined.

To make them clearly visible during the work, they should be drawn with a marker.

Using a gas torch

Circle in the metal of medium thickness can be cut with a gas torch. The work takes place in several steps:

  • The contour of the circle is outlined.
  • The torch of the tool is ignited.
  • Adjust the burning torch.
  • Gently and slowly with the torch, you follow the drawn drawing.

By this method, you can cut a hole in the metal, which has a width of about four or five millimeters.

Using a welding machine

If there is no gas torch in the home arsenal, you can use a welding machine.

It must be adjusted to the highest current level.

Then the burning arc is put up to the contour and held on it until a hole is formed.

Then you just have to slowly guide it along the drawing until you get an even circle.

But the most important thing is to adjust the power of the tool correctly.

For example, if a metal thickness of about four millimeters is used, you need a device that operates at a power of about 150 amps. If the metal is thicker. and the power of the tool will be more.

To speed up the process, it is better to use thinner electrodes. But they burn out quickly and need to be replaced. Because of this will require frequent heating of the metal, as during the replacement of the electrode it has time to cool.

On how to cut a straight circle from metal with a cutter, presented at

Cutting profiled sheet and metal tiles

Quite often in practice have to deal with the need to cut a profiled sheet or metal tile. These materials are made from steel, which is coated with zinc and polymer protective layers, painted.

There are different opinions on the possibility of using an angle grinder to cut them. In the instructions on installation is written that the profiled sheet must not be sawed with an angle grinder.

You need to use other tools for this. But they need to buy, which is not always justified by the amount of work to be done, as well as requiring additional financial investment. When there is no tool other than an angle grinder, before sawing with an angle grinder, you should know the possiblenegative consequences.

  • If you cut a metal tile or decking angle grinder, the protective coating in the area of a cut and a bit near it will be destroyed, and cut edges will begin to rust.
  • The material is removed from the warranty.
  • Flying sparks can spoil not only the appearance of the rest of the sheet (paint fade), but also damage the polymer coating.
  • The edge of the cut may get jagged.

All of the negative consequences can be minimized if you cut the decking or metal trimmer angle grinder, by observing the following recommendations:

  • do all the work immediately before installation;
  • Treat the cuts with corrosion-resistant compositions;
  • Cover the trimmed edges with primer and paint;
  • Use metal discs of minimum thickness (up to 1 mm);
  • to keep the edges neat, you need to cut fairly quickly;
  • sand the torn edges neatly.
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Before sawing, as usual, conduct sheet marking.

If it is necessary to cut a square, then proceed as follows:

  • Draw it on the surface of the sheet;
  • cut through the material along the marked contour with an angle grinder;
  • Finally, each corner is carefully cut out.

Circles or other shapes are cut out, working according to the same pattern.

The use of angle grinder for cutting metal shingles and trapezoidal sheet makes the work easier. To perform it becomes more convenient, because you can adjust the size of the sheets directly on the roof.

To ensure that the shingles or trapezoidal sheet remain under warranty, you should measure the facility and order the factory cut sheets. You can also try to pick up material with such dimensions that undercutting is not required.

circle, sheet, metal

Cutting metal with an angle grinder is a cheap, almost affordable and quite effective way to cut it. You should use the appropriate discs for each material without defects. Not only the quality of the result, but also your own health depends on it. Obligatorily, when sawing the metal, you must comply with safety rules and use personal protective equipment. Must always remember that when working with the angle grinder any shortcomings and inattention may result in injury. So the work must be done with concentration and caution.

Sheet metal is a common building material that is used for fences, gutters and canopies. Often you can find galvanized steel prefabricated products, such as ridges or pipes for rainwater drainage from the roof. But what to do if the product is not a standard size and you need to cut sheet metal with his hands?

What to work with?

Use of hand tools

If you do not have electrical tools, and you do not know what to use to make a hole in the tile, it is possible to use the easiest way. the tile cutter and pliers (or pliers).

The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • Before you begin to cut the hole in the tile, you should mark the borders of the future hole on its surface.
  • To make the material softer, soak it in water for a while beforehand.
  • If you will use a glass cutter, that spend it on the marking and do not tear the cutter from the base. To be able to cut a groove, it is necessary to apply enough force on the handle, but so that the tile is intact and does not crack (this especially applies to the situation if you have a glossy glazed tile).
  • Along the cutting line, use the back of the tool to tap the groove, so that it is as deep as possible.
  • Using pliers perform breaking off of the material, piece by piece, until you have an even cut on the marking.
  • If the edges will be left nicks, then the cut circle should be grinded with sandpaper of small grain.

The method is labor-intensive, but it will help a lot if you don’t have the right tool at hand. Now let’s look at how to use an electric jigsaw.

circle, sheet, metal

Using an electric jigsaw

Such a tool as an electric jigsaw, which has a diamond wire, could prove to be quite successful on the ceramic material. When using it, it is possible to create any kind of through figure in a tile, both in the central part of the tile, and on the edge. The latter is sometimes needed to install a socket. But for the first case, it would be great to have an electric drill and drill bit on hand to cut holes in the tiles in the place where the socket will be located.

So, how you can make a round hole with an electric jigsaw?

The process of making a turntable

There is also a second way to cut a circle evenly. To do this, use a previously made stand, and you will also need to make a turntable.

First the author cuts a piece of round, thick-walled tube, into which two bearings need to be pressed and welded.

After that the piece of the tube with the bearings has to be welded to the square plate. Drill four fixing holes in the plate.

The author fastens the base of the turntable to the workbench with screws.

Next, the author takes apart the second round magnet. A piece of steel round bar, the diameter of which is equal to the inner diameter of the bearings in the tube, should be welded to the metal plate.

Then the magnet itself should be glued back to the plate (the author uses a quick-drying adhesive for this).

From a sheet of metal the author cuts out a circle. In the center is installed a magnet with a metal rod. After that to a circle it is necessary to weld four pieces of a profile tube.

Drill a hole in each section and then weld in the nuts.

In the nuts the author tightens the bolts. Then pieces of round rod are welded to the bolt flats (you can use pieces of a square). Insert the sections of the profile of a smaller diameter and fix them.

Marking the metal

Before you cut the circle in the metal, you need to draw the markings. For this you need a mallet, a puncher, a compass and a marker.

  • Place the workpiece on a flat surface.
  • Mark out the center of the hole with a punch and a mallet.
  • Draw a circle with the compass on the metal of the desired diameter.
  • Use a marker to trace the outline.

Mark the center of the hole! The line for the cutting trimmer must be on the outside of the circle. To get the piece with the required diameter.

The process of making a turntable

There is also a second way to cut a circle evenly. Use the previously made stand for this, and you will also need to make a swivel platform.

First, the author cuts off a piece of round, thick-walled tube, into which two bearings must be pressed and welded.

Then a piece of pipe with bearings is welded to a square plate. In the plate must be drilled four mounting holes.

The author fastens the base of the turntable to the workbench using screws.

Next the author takes apart the second round magnet. To the metal plate a piece of round steel has to be welded, the diameter of which is equal to the inner diameter of the bearings in the tube.

Then the magnet itself should be glued back to the plate (the author uses a quick-drying glue for this).

From a sheet of metal the author cuts out a circle. A magnet with a metal rod is placed in the center. After that, four sections of profile tube must be welded to the circle.

In each piece of the profile must be drilled one hole, and then welded nuts.

In the nuts the author tightens the bolts. Then pieces of a round bar (pieces of a square can be used) are welded to the flats of the bolts. Insert the smaller profile pieces and lock them in place.

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Cutting glass with a diamond saw

If you need to cut a round glass and you do not have a glass cutter or a pipe cutter, you can use a diamond saw. The diamond saw is a smooth band of diamond where the teeth of an ordinary saw are.

In order to work with a diamond saw it is necessary to cut out a template of a circle to be cut out from cardboard or plywood. Afterwards the cut out stencil must be glued to the glass. When these preparations are done, you can start sawing with the diamond saw. During the sawing process the glass from which a circle is cut out must be constantly moistened with water, so the process of cutting circular glass must take place in the bathroom. If you decided to cut a circle out of glass with the diamond saw it is necessary to be patient and to cut glass with the great accuracy.

Remove the unnecessary

When the trimmer line is cut all the way through, it is necessary to separate the main mirror and the cut piece. To remove a large enough piece, the following steps apply:

  • The mirror is displaced to the edge of the table (stool, workbench. whatever you worked with it). The line for the trimmer cut should extend slightly over the edge;
  • One hand gently presses the mirror to the table, the other hand presses down the sawed off piece;
  • If the splinter does not come off, a rubber mallet is used to tap the entire line from below, and repeat this until we get what we want;
  • Small splinters are often removed with the help of improvised tools: pliers with put on rubber spacers; the glass cutter itself (it has specially made projections for this purpose); a notcher. Some craftsmen break off pieces with their hands. However, this is not the best idea: you can hurt your hands or, if the kerf is not deep enough, break off the excess from the mirror;
  • When the mirror is separated, you can immediately insert it into the frame. if it is provided. In the case where the cut is not covered by a frame, it is better to grind it with fine-grained sandpaper. That way it looks more harmonious and you are guaranteed against accidental cuts.

In short, there is no need to involve professionals in the process or go in search of a workshop at all, as you can easily cut a mirror with a glass cutter at home as well. Especially if the shapes you have in mind are not too difficult to cut.

Make the cut

Start the arc. You can do it in two ways: by tapping the end of the electrode on the metal surface or by tapping as if you are lighting a match. The first way is easier. If you have never used a welding inverter before, we recommend that you start with a tapping.

Set the amperage on the inverter. The strength of the current is chosen based on the thickness of the workpiece and the diameter of the electrode. We recommend that you first set the setting as if you were just welding, and then add about 30% more of the set amperage.

Then you need to mark the edges of the future hole. Use a chemical pencil for this. It’s great for marking and is clearly visible when you’re cutting. If the hole is small (a couple of centimeters in diameter), you can cut immediately. If you have a lot of work, it’s better to make a smaller hole and then gradually enlarge it.

Keep the electrode perpendicular to the workpiece. Do not tilt it too far when making cuts. The process itself is very similar to conventional welding, so you should not have any difficulties.

Special feature of large diameter holes

This procedure is more complex than deep hole drilling. Cutting work is carried out either using a drill bit or a tapered drill bit. Metal crowns are similar to concrete and drywall products. The only difference is the material used to create the cutting edge.

Also, drilling can be done with standard products in several steps. To do this, you first use a small diameter nozzle. Then the choice of a larger tool is made.

The most convenient way is to use cone drills. Such devices allow for a single approach to drill a hole of large size. To do this, the tool simply sinks into the material.

How to cut a straight circle out of metal

How to cut a circle in metal: the best methods and valuable tips

Any construction, such as in your home, in production, involves working with metal.

Often, in its time of operation of this material, the question may arise: how carve a circle in metal?

It deserves attention, because the choice of the right tool does not technology directly depends on the labor intensity of the process of implementation of the work not the quality of its result.

How to cut evenly

To cut something evenly with an angle grinder, you need to make a proper marking. For example, before cutting a piece of pipe, it is necessary to mark the size with a marker or fine chalk. Then take a sheet of paper with an even edge and at the mark set, wrap the pipe. We will have a paper tube on top of the metal tube. The edge of the paper will be the exact trajectory along which to saw the pipe.

For this purpose you can also use a construction adhesive tape, which is easier to wrap around the pipe and fix it. Along the edge of the paper or scotch tape, we draw a line for the trimmer of the cut. We remove the paper, clamp the pipe in a vise, and cut with an angle grinder.

circle, sheet, metal

You can cut a corner, a profile or a plate in a similar way. Do not forget that while cutting, you can not change the position of the machine. Skewing the circle will cause it to jam or break. Do not put too much pressure on the circle, especially the thin one. Deformation is immediately reflected by the curvature. The machine should dig itself into the material, it only needs to be held.

The smoothness of the cut also depends on the proper selection of the wheel. It is difficult to achieve a straight path when cutting a part of a thick-walled pipe with a thin circle.

How to cut a circle with an angle grinder

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a circle on a sheet of metal, and except for the angle grinder there is no tool. To do this, we mark out a circle on the selected area with a white marker or a fine chalk. The cutting line for the trimmer should be on the outside of the circle, so as not to reduce it.

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Circle cutter with angle grinder

Device for cutting circles with angle grinder

Hello to all who have to work often with the angle grinder. Today I bring to your attention a handy tool that will help you cut a perfectly flat circle, such a tool as an angle grinder.

In particular, this device is useful for welders, in order to weld the ends of pipes, etc. д. In general, I will not rant for a long time, and I will tell everything in order.

Materials and tools for fabrication

To make a device that will help to cut a circle with an angle grinder, we will need:

  • Several extended nuts (10 and 12 mm);
  • Threaded rods;
  • One fixture for drywall (crab);
  • A large round magnet;
  • Bearing.

Of the tools to make a device for cutting circles, you can not do without:

  • Drilling machine;
  • Welding machine. In principle, you can use any machine for welding, but it is still better to use an inverter. I’ve already told you what welding inverter to choose, and welding inverter does not burn through thin metal, and the quality of the seam at a constant current, better. On the site of welding mmasvarka.I’ve already told you what welding inverter to choose. If you’re interested, you can read.
  • Angle grinder with a metal wheel;
  • Some small tools: hammer, pliers, etc. д.

I will tell in detail how to assemble a convenient device, which is mentioned in this article.

The first thing to do is to screw a nut and washer onto the stud, then place the bearing on it. On the other side, the bearing is also secured with a wide washer and nut. After that, an extended nut is screwed on the stud about midway.

Then, strictly in the center of the stud it is necessary to mark out a hole in the plate for the bearing which is welded into the plate. On the other side of the plate, from the stud, you need to glue a magnet that could hold the fixture to a piece of metal.

To be able to fasten the angle grinder to the vertical stud on the plate, you will need to weld two elongated nuts, as in the pictures. The nut of a larger diameter is screwed on the stud with the plate, and in the second nut, a smaller diameter, it will be necessary to screw a stud for fixing the angle grinder.

How to make a bracket to mount the angle grinder

Now it remains to solve the question of how to fix the angle grinder on the stud.

For this purpose, we take a metal angle and weld a U-shaped structure from it. On top of the structure will need to be welded one nut, for fixing the stud.

It is very easy to cut with such a device. First you need to set it with a magnet in the center of the piece of metal, and then make the cut.

It is recommended to go through several circles with an angle grinder in order to get the most even and neat circle.

An angle grinder is an easy way to cut a metal sheet evenly

Cutting sheet metal using different tools may seem simple at first glance. After all, depending on its thickness and size, different methods should be used. It is clear that a sheet of any thickness can be cut with gas, but in this case, the edge will not be perfectly flat, you will need additional processing, which is an extra waste of time. What to do then? Today we will consider 3 easy ways to cut a metal sheet with an angle grinder so that the edges are even and without getting hurt.

Safety precautions when working with an angle grinder

This question is the most important. After all, if you break the rules of operation of the angle grinder can get serious, sometimes incompatible with life injuries. Let’s consider the main of them, which must be observed.

  • disk size. Many people believe that if you put a small angle grinder with a large disc, removing the protective cover, nothing bad will happen. They say that a large angle grinder is more powerful. This misconception is life-threatening. The fact is that the small angle grinder has a much higher RPM, and therefore they need different discs. If you put a large disc, the master is likely not even have time to start working. the disc will fly apart when you turn it on, which in the absence of a protective cover will lead to disastrous results.
  • The direction of rotation. Some “masters” do not like the fact that sparks fly under their feet when working. They unwrap the guard, reposition the handle and start working. This is what most often causes the disk to fly apart when it catches on a sharp edge. The rotation of the disk at work angle grinder should be made “on itself” and not vice versa.
  • Personal protective equipment. Use protective goggles or face shield, wear gloves, mask or respirator. This will prevent burns, eye injuries, which, unfortunately, are not uncommon in such work.

Another similar variant

There are also other ways to do this. At the beginning the same work is done as in the previous version. the strip is drawn, laid and pressed an angle. But here the groove is made a little deeper. 4-5 mm. After the corner has been removed, the remaining metal can simply be chipped and the edge can be machined with an angle grinder with a sanding disc. However, small edge pits are possible here, which makes the second variant more acceptable.

The groove along the guide angle is slightly deeper than the previous version

To sum up

The fact that the angle grinder is very handy for cutting metal is not disputed. However, it is necessary to know how to work with it and strictly observe all safety precautions and regulations. It should be understood that they were created precisely to save the life and health of the craftsman working with such a dangerous tool as an angle grinder.

We hope that everything we tell today will be useful to those who have no experience working with the angle grinder. If anything remains unclear, it is worth simply set it out in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below the article. The HouseChief editorial staff will be happy to answer all questions as quickly and completely as possible. Do you have any experience in similar work or do you know other ways of cutting?? Then please write about it in the discussions. This information will be very useful to many people. And finally, by a good tradition, we suggest you to watch a short, but quite fascinating video on today’s topic.