How to Cut Drywall Videos Properly

When working with drywall, many people ask the question: how to cut drywall correctly? This process will not be difficult if you properly prepare the tool and apply marking on the material. How to cut drywall at home so that the minimum amount of waste is obtained? What drywall tool should you have on hand? Let’s consider in more detail.

How to Cut Drywalls Properly

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In order to correctly markup, you need to measure the plane on which the GKL sheets will be fixed. Then, using a tape measure or ruler, it is worth transferring the dimensions to the drywall plate, outlining the fishing line with a pencil. Double-check the measurements before starting cutting. This will help not to make mistakes.

Tools and material

Before you start cutting drywall at home, you need to prepare a tool. To do this, you will need:

Important: it is better to cut drywall only with a new, sharp, clerical knife.

We cut a sheet of drywall in a straight line

A drywall plate is a sandwich in which a gypsum core is surrounded on both sides by thick cardboard. The material is quite durable, can be moisture resistant and fireproof. You can cut drywall on either side. Cutting the material is easy, with a fairly sharp blade cut through one layer of cardboard and break it.

It is worth remembering that the knife must be kept confidently and strictly along the line that was drawn earlier. If the first time it was not possible to cut the cardboard, then spend at this place several times until the cardboard is completely cut. The tire must be stationary during cutting. It is tightly pressed to the material, otherwise the cut will turn out uneven. A layer of paper cuts through with a small grip on the gypsum board. This will help break the material evenly, without chips. Once you have cut one layer of cardboard on the plate, you can proceed to the next step. Break the material into cut. If you did everything correctly, then it will not be difficult, holding the sheet with your feet, folding it in the opposite direction from the cut.

You can attract a second person if the layer of material is large. In principle, it does not matter how the material is broken, the main thing in this matter is a smooth and high-quality cut. Once you have folded drywall along the cut, you need to carefully cut the second layer of cardboard. In fact, cutting drywall is simple. If you doubt that this process will be carried out correctly, try cutting the material first in a small piece.

How to make a round hole in the GCR

It is important to learn how to make holes in the sheets of material, as installation often includes the installation of sockets or switches. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to repair damaged places in drywall. For professional holes, you should use a special tool and have some skill. Consider how to cut drywall at home, step by step:

  1. First of all, we prepare the tool: an electric drill and special crowns for drywall, you can ballerina.
  2. The crown needs to be fixed in a drill or screwdriver, this is the fastest and most accurate way to make a hole in the material of small and medium size.
  3. Before starting the process, you need to make markings to determine the center.
  4. Take the appropriate size crown and fasten it in the drill chuck. Step-by-step process for cutting a round hole in drywall

Place the drill in the intended center and start drilling. The drill must be set to medium speed, while pressing it should be minimal and smooth.

Advice! Do not rush and put a lot of pressure on the tool. This can lead to damage to the material, since the crown can simply be clamped in drywall.

Round hole without power tool

This is the second method that will require a lot of effort. The marking is carried out, as in the first embodiment, while you need to draw a circle with the required diameter with a pair of compasses. Once the marking is ready, you need to make a small hole at the edge of the circle. It can be drilled with a rotor. Then you need to take a thin hacksaw with sharp teeth, insert it into the hole and start sawing drywall strictly in line.

Cut a rectangular hole

The first step is to determine on the drywall plate where the hole will be. To do this, measure the necessary distance from the left edge of the drywall sheet and put a mark. If you plan to make a hole under the bar for several outlets, then the bar is substituted for this mark and outlined.

After that, you need to set the geometry. The bar should be strictly in level. Draw the sides of the future hole well.

Then you need to drill holes in the corners of the rectangle, it is worth remembering that the drill must be of such a size that the saw jigsaw freely entered into the hole in the material. A saw is inserted into each hole and a cut is made. This must be done very carefully, without strong pressure. The file should go along the line. Important! When working with drywall, a mask or respirator should be worn so as not to breathe dust. The hole is better to make a little smaller. It is always easier to make a big one out of a small hole, for this it is enough to walk along the edges of the hole with a rasp.

Once the work is done, you need to inspect the hole made. Take the bar and try on, preferably with sockets, so you will know exactly how suitable the hole is. If there is a need, then the hole can be made in an already finished design, only you need to know for sure that communication systems do not run at the installation site. In the, the wizard shows how to make a square hole in drywall.

Wavy cut

It is easy to perform it with a jigsaw, the main thing in this process is the correct marking. If you want to make a wave, it is enough to draw a wave-like line of the desired curvature over the entire surface of the sheet and carefully, from the edge of the plate, saw the material strictly in line. In the case when a wave-like cut needs to be done in the middle of the sheet, the following algorithm should be followed:

  • Make a markup and draw a curve;
  • Using a drill with a drill of the desired diameter, you need to make holes along the edges of the line on each wave and on its top. This is necessary so that the jigsaw file does not break during the sawing process;

Drywall cutting with a jigsaw on drywall

  • Insert the jigsaw file into the hole and gently start sawing along the drawn line.
  • Advice! If the curve has pronounced waves, then you need to drill holes at a distance of 15 cm from each other, then the saw will go much easier, and it will be easier to make a cut. If the edges are a little uneven, then they can always be earned with a rasp.


    Drywall has become a popular material among builders due to the fact that working with it is not difficult. Just read the manual or watch tutorials on working with the material and learn how to cut drywall at home.