How to Cut DSP 12 mm

Dsp how to cut it?

Cement chipboards are made from a mixture of cement, wood chips, modifying additives and water. This material is heavier than drywall or hot water, but also stronger and more resistant to outdoor conditions. Most often, formwork panels are made from DSPs, sheathed facades of frameworks, sheathed walls of bathrooms in wooden houses.

How to Cut DSP 12 mm

In fact, we have a slab of cement stone reinforced with wooden fibers. It is clear that a knife cannot cut such material in any way, just as a hand saw is not suitable for this. The only thing that helps is an electric tool.

Some people who need to cut a little, manage to do it with a jigsaw, although the file becomes unusable after 5-7 meters of cut. Therefore, the best option would be a disk tool. The pre-marked plate is covered with angle grinders with a steel circle, but the best results are achieved when using the “parquet“. On a saw, as well as on an angle grinder, you can install a stone / concrete / brick disk with diamond spraying (it is desirable that the equipment has cut segments for a dry cut), although some craftsmen cut DSP with saw cutting disks with victorious soldering.

Important! Circular circular saw compares favorably with the angle grinder by the presence of a supporting platform, which contributes to a clear perpendicular orientation of the disk relative to the sheet plane. As a result, to obtain a more even cut line.

How to Cut DSP 12 mm

How to cut ACEID?

“Asbestos cement electrical board” is a plate with a thickness of 6-40 mm, resistant to the harmful effects of an electric arc and open flame, to conditions of high humidity or to significant mechanical stresses. They use it to complete formwork systems, to create floors, to sheathe walls of a house from the outside and partitions in bathrooms, to equip distribution switchboards.

The material was created by pressing a mixture of chrysotile asbestos fiber and Portland cement, therefore, for cutting such plates, you will need either a circular saw or an angle grinder. The circles should be diamond-coated steel, which are designed for cutting stone or slate.

Important! Unlike DSP cutting, ACEIDA manufacturers suggest using a tool that allows you to adjust the speed, since the cutting zone overheats at high speeds and the material becomes too brittle (while maintaining its general fire resistance, the asbestos-cement electrical board begins to lose strength after heating at 500 degrees). For the same reason, there are recommendations to either pre-wet the plate in the cut area and stop the tool, or apply liquid to the disk (which not every tool can). The disk itself can then be without segments. “For a wet cut.”

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