How to Cut Duropolymer Plinth

Mounting Methods

Depending on the material from which the plinths are made, as well as on the type of flooring, there are several ways to install these elements.

Between themselves, they differ both in the method of attachment and in the used fasteners.

With dowels

In this case, the baseboard needs to be screwed not to the floor, but to the wall. This is due to the fact that many of the materials used to cover the floor can expand and contract during operation, so if a skirting board is attached to them, it will deform.

How to Cut Duropolymer Plinth

Most often specified elements fasten to a concrete wall or brick with dowels and screws:

  • Work starts from a far corner, a hole is made in the wall, a dowel is inserted into it, and then, using a self-tapping screw, a corner element is screwed;
  • First, the elements are attached to the long walls of the room, on flat areas the step between the fastenings should be 50-60 cm, if the walls are uneven, then additional screws are installed in the places of bends;
  • Also mounted on the opposite wall;
  • If it is necessary to set the outer corner, then holes are made in it on both sides;
  • Existing joints are closed with decorative strips.

On clips

Often, plastic skirting boards and strips of other materials are fastened to special fasteners, which allows, if necessary, to quickly and easily carry out their dismantling.

The work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. With a step of 30-40 cm, special clips are securely fixed to the wall, if the surface is uneven, they are installed more often;
  2. The bar is inserted into the clips and with a light punch, it is securely fixed in it.

On glue

Can be installed on glue or liquid nails. This can be done if you do not plan to dismantle these elements, since you will not be able to remove them without damage.

Thus, can be attached directly to the wallpaper, then it will be easier to dismantle. Using glue, you can install these elements on curved walls, but before that, they align the leveling bar.

No splice

Installation of skirting boards with cable channel

Mount Features

Depending on the material from which the baseboard is made, one or more of the described methods of mounting these elements are used.

Installation of a plastic baseboard

Such elements can be installed on glue, on special clips or on self-tapping screws. When mounting on glue, there is no dust, before attaching the floor plastic baseboard, you need to measure them clearly, note that they stick once, and dismantling them will not work.

It is necessary to dose the glue correctly and try not to smear the floor covering.

If you want to securely fasten. Use self-tapping screws. Although this is a lengthy process, it is the most reliable.

  1. If the strips are without a cable channel, then the self-tapping screw caps are closed with special plugs, which the masters recommend gluing, and if there is a cable channel, they will be closed with a special strip.
  2. The plastic skirting board can be fixed to the floor and using special clips.
  3. This installation method allows you to dismantle the baseboard, but when using it, the walls should be perfectly smooth, and this is not always the case.
  4. DIY plastic skirting step-by-step instruction:
  1. Fasteners are marked on the wall;
  2. Holes are made in the baseboard;
  3. Insert the dowels and using self-tapping screws, fasten special clips, the distance between which is 40-50 cm;
  4. Now it remains to attach the baseboard and with the help of light punches, it fixes.


Installation of a wooden skirting board is more difficult than plastic ones, since there are no special corners. Corners join and to properly cut the skirting board, you need a miter box. It is rare when the angle in a room is 90 degrees, so usually the trims are trimmed locally and are done manually.

Installation is carried out on self-tapping screws, while the distance between them is 70-100 mm. After marking, the screws are screwed into the bar so that they slightly appear on the other side, then they put the bar against the wall, mark the holes for the dowels. Drill holes, insert dowels and fix the bar.

Finishing nails It is carried out by the same technology, but instead of plastic dowels, wooden pins are used. This method allows you to make invisible attachment points, but it is not suitable for uneven and loose walls.

Mdf skirting board

Depending on whether you plan to remove the skirting board after a while or not, the method of its installation is selected. Mdf skirting boards are most often installed on glue, but in this case, the walls should be perfectly straight.

If you do the installation incorrectly, you can damage both the bar itself and its fastening, so the work is done carefully and slowly.

Hardware and Tools

To perform these tasks, you will need the following tools:

  • Hammer drill or hammer drill;
  • Measuring instruments;
  • Pencil;
  • A hacksaw for metal or a circular saw;
  • Miter box;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • Hardware for baseboards.

In addition to the strips, when installing skirting boards you will need this hardware: caps right and left, corners external and internal, connecting elements.

Expert Advice

If you decide to do the installation of skirting boards with your own hands and want to do this job efficiently, it is necessary to adhere to the following expert advice:

  • The skirting board is installed only after the walls have been finished and the floor covering has been laid.
  • Before buying these items, you need to decide on their type and calculate the required amount of material.
  • Count the number of internal, external corners, consider the length of the room in order to purchase the necessary number of fittings;
  • Skirting of skirting boards in the corners is carried out using special fittings, which are for plastic elements.
  • Wooden, MDF, ceramic and polyurethane elements are joined end-to-end, while their sides are trimmed using a miter box.
  • If the walls and corners are uneven, then you can first make strips of cardboard that match the size of the baseboard, attach them in place and cut them to the shape of the corner. According to the prepared stencil, trims are already being trimmed.
  • If necessary fixing plinths to drywall, it must be borne in mind that this material does not have high strength, therefore, special fasteners called “Butterfly” or “Molly” are used, can be installed with glue.

Questions to the expert

How to cut a plastic baseboard for the floor?

Since it has a hollow structure, it is impossible to cut it with a tool with large teeth. The best option would be a hacksaw for metal or a manual jigsaw, they have small teeth, and their divorce allows you to make smooth and beautiful cuts.


  • Depending on the type of baseboard used, the quality of the surface, the material of the walls and the floor, there are different ways of fixing these elements.
  • Before carrying out the installation of the strips, it is necessary to correctly assess the condition of the walls and choose the fastening method that ensures their maximum fit to the surface.
  • In compliance with the developed technologies, any home master will be able to cope with such a task as mounting the skirting board.

How to fix the floor plastic baseboard

Installation of the floor skirting is the finishing touch in the finishing work, as it gives the interior a complete, ennobled look. It is known that the most luxurious repairs will not be presentable if the gaps between the wall and the floor are visible, which the baseboard is intended to hide. In addition, he becomes a real lifesaver, able to hide minor defects in the finish of the floor.

If you are a beginner in finishing work and do not know how to fix plastic skirting boards, do not rush to contact specialists. There are no difficulties in installing skirting boards with your own hands, and the nuances described below and a detailed overview of installation will save you money on the services of a wizard.

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The advantages of plastic skirting boards

Among the varieties of baseboards, plastic is most popular for many reasons. Polyvinyl chloride is famous for its durability and strength.

The service life of plastic floor strips reaches 100 years. They are resistant to fire and moisture, safe, so they can be installed in any room.

Dimensions and design of plastic skirting board

Skirting boards are easy to install, cut with a sharp knife, and their cost is not high.

When compared with wood and gypsum planks, plastic have flexibility. The color palette is huge, which does not limit the choice of color of the interior of the room and allows you to fit into the overall background.

  • An additional plus is the equipment of some models with a special trough in which the wires are laid.
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High-quality installation of skirting boards is not possible without the following components:

  • Outer and inner corners, with the help of which the connection of the strips in the corners of the room;
  • Stubs designed to decorate the edges of the skirting board. They come complete and are left and right;
  • Connections. A part with two grooves, which serves for joining and lengthening the strips;
  • Fasteners designed to fix the plinth on the wall.

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Necessary tools and materials

How to fix the baseboard to the wall? Mount the planks on the screws using clips or liquid nails. For fixing on nails and clips you need a drill with different sizes of drill, screwdriver, tape measure, fasteners, a hacksaw for metal and a vacuum cleaner.

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Material determination

How much material and accessories to take to it is a good question. It’s impossible to determine by eye, accurate calculations are needed here.

Before attaching a PVC baseboard, measure the length of the walls. Add 1.5 to this number and 2 m, and divide the resulting amount by 2.5 m (plank length). Rounding the resulting number up, we get the number of bars.

If you have not yet selected and bought a skirting board, then we recommend that you read the next article. You might like a thermal skirting board. Skirting heaters are both electric and water. Sometimes the task also arises of attaching the baseboard to the countertop, but in this case the baseboard will no longer be the floor, but the special one, smaller, most often aluminum or plastic with silicone inserts.

Skirting corners need as much as the room has external and internal corners.

If the wall is more than 2.5 meters, then connections are needed. One connector is needed for every five meters.

Left and right plugs are taken into account the number of doors in the room.

Fixing the plastic baseboard at the doorway

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Installation of a plastic baseboard

Having made the correct calculations and armed with the necessary tools, we proceed to the installation. Wooden planks are mounted in the same way as a plastic floor skirting board is attached.

We cut the baseboard of the desired size with an ordinary stationery knife

When mounting on a dowel-nails, attach a bar with a clipped corner to one of the corners in the room. Better to start with the longest wall. Place the corner evenly so that there are no distortions during installation.

Mark the place of fasteners on the wall 5-6 cm from the corner. If the walls are even, make notes at a distance of 40 cm from each other. If there are gaps, reduce the mounting pitch.

We drill a hole in the wall under the dowel

Now make holes with a puncher. Note that the dowel must go 30 mm into the wall, and if the surface is uneven, take dowel number 6. Remove dust and hammer into the dowel holes.

Plinth attach to the wall and transfer the notes made on it. Then drill holes. Hats of screws or nails should be fully immersed in the bar.

To do this, make a notch with a larger drill.

Screw the screws into the dowels

Now you can fix the baseboard to the wall with nails. Close them with caps matched to color. You can glue the plugs to hold more securely.

The strips are already fitted to the desired size. It is better to cut them with a sharp knife or hacksaw, so they will not crack. Keep sharp corners. Also, when cutting extreme slats, keep in mind that the plugs will take 3-5 mm. If using connectors, install them before mounting.

Advice! Some masters first make markings on the bar, drill holes and after they drill the walls, insert dowels and mount the baseboard. If the wall is made of drywall, then, as a rule, fastening takes place without dowels, with screws directly into the profile wall.

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Cable management

Installing a plastic baseboard with a cable channel is no different. Only the channel plug is first removed. Holes are made in it, screws are inserted that fix the baseboard. Then the wire rests and closes with a plug.

There is a second option for laying the wire. Under the bar above the screws. It is important here not to damage the wire. In the installed baseboard of ten millimeters, screws are unscrewed. A wire is placed in the gap formed and gently pressed with self-tapping screws. When laying the cable, cut the holes of its entrance and exit.

Do-it-yourself skirting is less likely to occur on liquid nails. It is the fastest and easiest. Glue is applied to the bar in small dots. The distance between them is 3-5 cm. The bar is pressed against the wall and holds for about a minute. An important disadvantage of this method is the inability to remove and reuse.

The connection option for clips is not very reliable in terms of connection. Although the installation is pretty fast.

On the wall, you need to leave notes for fastening at a distance of 30-50 cm and make the corresponding holes with a hammer drill for the dowel-nail. The clips must be fixed in the holes and hooked to special recesses in the bar.

In this embodiment, there are still more drawbacks: the high cost of fasteners, and possible problems with re-fastening.

Baseboard clips

And the better to fix the skirting board you decide.

Summing up, we can say that the connection of floor strips will be easily fixed if the correct calculations are made. The quality of fastening is affected by the chosen fixing method, the accuracy of the installation, as well as the type of baseboard, color and shape.

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  1. In the below, the process of attaching a plastic baseboard is clearly shown step by step: from drilling holes for the dowel and to installing connecting and other elements.

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All options, how to attach a plastic or wooden baseboard to the wall: how to do it quickly?

People always strive to improve their living conditions. The first thing they do is repair, which is not limited to fantasy. The use of modern decorative skirting boards in the interior helps to transform the apartment.

But in order for the repair performed to have a presentable appearance, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of installation.

You also need to know what types of skirting boards are used to decorate the room, how to fix the ceiling skirting board, and what materials are required for this.

DIY skirting

A profile for decorating the joint between the ceiling and wall surfaces solves several problems at once. It hides minor finishing defects (unevenly applied paint or crooked edges of the wallpaper), as well as the visible corners of the room. The baseboard allows you to hide technological gaps, communications, if they are laid in special niches. The choice of option for attaching these elements depends on the material of manufacture and the selected technology.

Ceiling on the wall: varieties

For the right choice of a suitable cornice, you should familiarize yourself with the variety of this decorative element. The modern market has a huge assortment of baguettes, both in color and in size. Skirting boards are selected depending on the design decision and personal preference.

There are several types of ceiling plinths:

  • Polystyrene;
  • Polyvinyl chloride;
  • Polyurethane;
  • Wooden;
  • Plaster stucco molding.

Polystyrene has a pronounced relief, matte flat surface. Thanks to him, you can realize various design fantasies. The advantages of this baguette include:

  • Low price;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • After staining, it resembles stucco made of gypsum.

Pvc skirting is an economical option. It is made in a wide range of colors with patterns or patterns. Outwardly resemble natural wood or marble. Positive characteristics are:

  • Affordable price;
  • Huge color palette;
  • Hygroscopicity;
  • Ease of fastening.

Polyurethane baguette is durable, flexible, as it is made with the addition of rubber. It is easy to work with him in a room where there are curved lines. The following advantages are noted:

  • Low moisture absorption;
  • Hygroscopicity;
  • Resistance to temperature extremes.

Used in rooms such as swimming pools, showers and bathrooms.

Wooden is a traditional look that is in demand by many buyers, despite the fact that the price is high. Increased demand due to excellent properties:

  • Durability;
  • Ecological cleanliness;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Resistance to damage;
  • Strength.

Stucco molding from plaster gives the interior individuality, elegance and luxury. Given the plasticity of the material, curbs for a stretch ceiling can be used. They can be attributed to works of decorative art. The advantages of plaster skirting include:

  • Durability;
  • Ecological cleanliness;
  • Outer beauty;
  • The possibility of individual design.

How to glue plastic to a concrete wall

In order not to violate the harmony of not only the color scheme, but also the integrity of the baguette, it is important to know how the baseboard is laid to various materials. Only in this case the room will delight with its completed look.

How to attach to a concrete wall

A decorative skirting board covers inaccuracies, but the concrete wall must first be leveled with plaster. After that, the surface is primed. The fastening process itself is divided into several stages. This is applying glue to the baguette and joining the strips.

The gluing process itself is not complicated, you have to work harder when cutting corners. It is necessary to plaster the walls so that the corners are 90%, otherwise it will be more difficult to cut the baguette. For an even cut, a special tool is used, the miter box:

  • Trim two strips from one edge;
  • Dock them and squeeze a little:
  • When small gaps form, fill them with glue or finishing putty.

Fasten in the apartment to drywall

This mounting method is simple and reliable. The baseboard is fixed with screws that are screwed into the wall. It is cut with the help of a miter box, a file and a fastener. Installation sequence:

  • Take out the middle part of the baseboard;
  • Screw into the free space;
  • After fixing, return the strip to its place.

Getting started is best from the inside. Insert both strips into the special connection bracket and then fasten the strips to the wall. Place the first self-tapping screw at a distance from the corner of about 5. 8 cm. It is not necessary to make a hole in the wall. Between fasteners, the optimum distance is 50 cm.

External corners are performed similarly with the simultaneous fixation of both strips.

How to nail a foam baseboard onto a brick or fix it to a concrete wall

The area of ​​the concrete or brick wall where the strip will be attached must be primed. Place the baseboard on the wall, corner it and draw along the fishing line. On the other hand, repeat the same procedure. Attach both baguettes at the same time and mark the intersection. Trim them on a conditional line. For fastening, an acrylic sealant is selected, which is applied to the surface with a special gun.

Remove excess adhesive with a damp cloth. Joints must be puttied with a finish acrylic putty or liquid nails. Apply it with a rubber spatula in several steps, and then grind after drying. At the end of installation, paint the baguette in any suitable color.

What is the best way to attach a wooden, plastic or floor PVC to a concrete wall

There are several methods for attaching the baseboard to a concrete wall:

  • Liquid Nails;
  • Trims and clips;
  • Dowels and screws.

Glue mounting is the easiest and fastest method.

Fixing on strips and clips consists in drilling holes for dowels, then the clips are attached with self-tapping screws. When the cable is laid, the baseboard snaps into place with clips. It is removed easily.

When fastening to screws, do not overdo it when tightening so that cracks do not appear. Directly attachment points are closed with special decorative hats.

How to choose glue for sticking a foam plinth and glue plastic frames

There is an adhesive agent for each type of material. Therefore, it is important to choose the tool correctly:

  1. Acrylic putty is suitable for polystyrene and polystyrene.
  2. Plastic products are fixed with sealant and acrylic putty.
  3. Polyurethane skirting requires special glue for this material.
  4. Plaster elements are mounted on a mixture of alabaster with PVA.
  5. Wooden baseboards are fixed with liquid nails, if the product is not heavy, otherwise self-tapping screws are used.

The above methods of fastening and types of material will allow you to complete the finishing touch. Correspondence to the type of skirting board and compliance with the installation technology will become the key to reliability and a long operational period.

How to fix a plastic baseboard to the floor quickly and easily

The most important element in decorating the interior of the premises is the baseboard. It gives a beautiful appearance to the floor. Skirting boards with a special internal channel help to hide the cables passing through the apartment, and also ideally close the line between the wall and the floor. For the correct and reliable fastening of the plastic baseboard to the floor, you need to figure out how it works.

Many manufacturers produce floor cornices from various materials, such as MDF, wood, ceramic or aluminum. The most common are wooden and plastic skirting boards. Attaching plastic material is much easier than wood. It is more reliable to use, and also universal.

Individual qualities of a plastic baseboard

One of the advantages of this material is that it can be installed with your own hands. If the plastic strap is correctly fixed, the installation will be rigid, regardless of where it will be installed on the floor or concrete wall.

  • Skirting boards are separated for mounting under the carpet in the form resembling the letter “G”. They help to give a beautiful appearance to the room and prevent the carpet from being deformed and rolled during operation;
  • Universal strips can be suitable for various floor coverings, such as laminate, parquet, linoleum.

Nowadays, you can buy different hollow or non-hollow plastic skirting boards of a rigid design.

The main advantage of this material is that it can be mounted in any room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, etc. It is durable and flexible due to this, it can be used on any surface. The skirting board is easily cut to the required size. It does not need additional processing.

A wide selection of colors, imitation of stone, natural wood or metal, as well as various widths will help to purchase a baseboard for any room interior. Plastic strips can be treated with detergents, as it is not afraid of moisture.

In terms of service life, the installed plastic baseboard on the floor is more reliable. It does not fade in the sun, is not afraid of changes in temperature, is not toxic, does not burn, therefore it will last longer than wood.

Preparation for work

  1. Starting work, you should decide how much material is needed for this. It is necessary to prepare a work plan for the high-quality installation of the floor cornice.
  2. By measuring the perimeter of the room, it is determined how many slats are needed to install on the length of the room.

All connecting parts and plugs are selected according to the shape of the baseboard.

  • All sets of plastic trims come with additional parts needed to mount them to the wall.
  • If you need to hide the cable, then the baseboard is better to take with a special channel.
  • Plastic baseboard is installed last, when the repair is fully completed.
  • Awl and hacksaw for metal will help to make holes in the bar. For attaching to the floor you will also need a drill with a set of drills, a screwdriver, tape measure, pencil, construction corner.
  • A puncher will be needed if the wall in the room is concrete or brick.


    When assembling the skirting board, you will definitely need a set of components. It includes plugs, various connecting parts, angles for indoor and outdoor installation. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Without any of these details, the appearance of your floor will not be finished.

    In order for the joints of the corners on the floor to have a beautiful appearance, you need to attach the corners. The inner corner should be fixed in those places where the wall connection goes inward. If the wall connection goes out, then the corner should be fixed outside.

    To decorate the edge of the plank near the doorway, plugs are used. They are left-handed and right-handed. You will have to purchase them separately, choosing in advance the color suitable for the bar, adjusting the size yourself.

    With special connecting elements, all strips of short size are interconnected. Small plastic parts with grooves aesthetically cover the connected parts. Additional materials include specially designed fixtures that secure the baseboard to the floor and wall.

    Plinth Installation

    At first, the floor eaves are laid out on the floor to check the shade. Sometimes acquiring material, the packaging comes across profiles of the same color, but different in shades. To make the difference in shades unnoticeable, the strips of dark shades are laid aside and set on the opposite side to the light source.

    There are many different ways to attach a baseboard to a wall. For this, self-tapping screws, liquid nails or clips are suitable. All of these mounting methods will not affect the gasket under the cable material.

    • Before installing a plastic baseboard using liquid nails, you need to make the wall surface as even as possible. At a distance of 5 cm from each other, liquid nails are applied tightly pressing the material against the wall for about 1 minute. Using the same principle, plugs and other connecting parts are installed. The cable under the baseboard is laid before starting work.
    • The clips will help make the fastening of the material perfectly smooth. First, markings are made on the surface of the wall, then with the help of screws you need to attach the clips and lay the cable. Then the bar itself is set. At the end of the installation, decorative details and caps are put on.
    • In infrequent visits, the mount can be installed by drilling through the material. The quality of the fastening will be a little worse, but this can save a little money. The main thing here is that the bar rests evenly and the fasteners are distributed evenly. To prevent the material from cracking, it is better to make a hole with a drill.

    Skirting Installation

    The baseboard should be fixed to the concrete wall using self-tapping screws screwed into the wall. Using a puncher, wall plugs are inserted into the wall, into which screws are screwed.

    A special shape of self-tapping screws will help attach the bar to the floor. They are made so that the hats of the screws are buried in the hole and they are not visible. The remaining recess is covered with putty in the color of wood.

    It is difficult to fix the bar to drywall. To do this, special screws or finish nails are sold. You can use liquid nails if the installation of the skirting board is designed for a long time.

    Installation tips

    1. The main advantage of plastic is flexibility, it is easy to work with and a variety of shapes can be created.
    2. The versatile plastic material can be used for various jobs and is also easy to clean.
    3. Plastic skirting board is durable and reliable in operation, beautiful in appearance.
  • Nowadays, a lot of different wires are located in apartments, this material will help to quietly hide them. If there are a lot of wires, then a plastic baseboard should be bought with a special channel.
  • Fasten the floor cornice with the help of self-tapping screws carefully, without hitting the wires.
  • Install the plastic bar when the flooring and walls in the room are already made.
  • Material will be needed to finish the corners, so by acquiring it, a small margin is taken. The length of the baseboard is 2.5 meters, taking into account this, the required amount is calculated.
  • Connecting elements are bought by counting the number of corners in the room.
  • All purchased plastic profile must come from one batch, so that the shade was of the same type and without defective parts.
  • When choosing planks, you need to consider that narrow skirting boards will look good in a small room with low ceilings.
  • The interior of a room with high ceilings of large sizes will look more attractive with trims from 80 mm.

    Skirting cable routing

    A skirting board with a channel for wires is laid on the floor in the same way as the others. The only difference is the laying of wires inside the bar.

    The wires can be laid in a channel located above the screws or after installation. The wires are laid in the formed channel, the bar is installed in its original place.

    Additional holes for wires are made at the joints.

    Some types of skirting boards come with a convenient special channel for arranging wires. It has a special cover for the color and design of the floor plinth. Thanks to this cover, you can quickly and easily repair or replace wires with others.

    The plastic baseboard has a small channel for the cable, so you should fix the wires that will serve for a long time under the baseboard, and all the others into the external channel.

    When deciding how to fix the skirting board, you should decide how the wires will be stretched in the room, by what method and what the floor cornice will be mounted to. Carrying out the installation carefully, taking into account all the tips, the floor covering will turn out beautiful and neat.

    The story in pictures about how I installed the baseboard, or What to do when my hands suddenly grew out of the priests. AfterworkDIY

    Today I will share with you how to install a floor plinth from duropolymer on painted and brick walls. The same method applies to polyurethane baseboards.

    I am glad that even with an increased level of curvature, these skirting boards are difficult to spoil. And if something suddenly went wrong, there is a solution.

    Is it difficult to install a duropolymer skirting board yourself?

    The main difficulty is that duropolymer skirting boards are very solid and durable. Most of the time and effort it took me to cut them.

    Sawed, cried, but as a result, we have beautiful skirting boards in the kitchen.

    And the simplicity of installation is that such a skirting board simply sticks to the wall. If the walls are uneven, press it harder in the troughs and fix it with something heavy. I used books and a bag of grout.

    What you need to install a duropolymer (or polyurethane) skirting board

    • Miter box with sides equal to or above the baseboard
    • Saw or a hacksaw for metal with small teeth (so the cut is smoother)
    • Sandpaper (for processing slices)
    • Glue, suitable for a specific type of skirting board
    • Acrylic sealant (or grout. Depending on the type of wall covering)
    • Pistol for supplying sealant

    Here is one of the brick walls at the beginning of installation. Most of the problems came up with this angle.

    Which floor skirting is better, how they differ and how to choose, read here:

    How to cut the corner of the skirting board without additional tools

    As I said, I could not use the miter box, but I did not have a goniometer. To build this very problematic angle, which in addition to everything was also a curve, I had to use alternative way:

    Try on the skirting board and mark the inside corner point. (1). Draw the outer edge of the baseboard with a pencil on the floor (2).

    Try on the second bar, mark the inner point of the corner (1) and the outer border (2). Mark where the lines intersect (3).

    From the intersection of the lines (3) finish the outer corner point (4) and mark it on the baseboard. Repeat the same for the first bar.

    Now you can start cutting. After cutting, sand the irregularities with sandpaper.

    Before sticking on, try on the strips to each other to make sure that everything was done correctly.

    When applying glue, also coat the junction of the strips.

    Plinth installation on uneven walls

    For gluing baseboards made of duropolymer, either special glue or ultra-strong liquid nails are used. But if you have uneven walls, skirting boards will tend to straighten and peel off from concave places. Just stick, press and wait a little will not work.

    I used heavy books as backup. And in places where the walls were too “wavy”, temporarily drilled baseboards to the wall. The next day, I drilled the screws and covered the holes with white acrylic sealant. You can also use putty.

    How to cover skirting joints

    After you cut the corner, sand a cut with sandpaper. Joints of corners and between strips coat with putty or acrylic sealant.

    And now we are smoothly moving on to that part of the story when the hands did not grow from there.

    Tired of sawing with a hacksaw, I decided to try an angle grinder. Unfortunately, my angle grinder, which my husband gave me on March 8, does not have a speed regulator, and at high speeds the duropolymer began to melt. And nobody was there to hold the bar tight while I saw it.

    Positive moment. Melted surplus easily breaks off after cutting. Negative moment. The cut turned out to be uneven. When docking the corner pieces, cracks became visible.

    No panic! You can get out of the situation with Epoxylin.

    I advise everyone to have it on the farm. This is a two-component epoxy in the form of plasticine. It firmly glues wood, metal and plastic parts. It hardens after hardening and can be sanded, drilled and painted. The thing is just magical.

    We fill the gaps with epoxylin, restoring the angle of the plinth. Try to repeat the figured pattern as much as possible.

    Epoxylin finally hardens in a few hours. In our case, you can already skin in an hour.

    Sand all the excess, grind and constantly check the smoothness and smoothness of the transition to the touch.

    Looking at the corner of a white skirting board with gray Epoxylin will not be very, but it’s not scary. We will paint it with white spray paint.

    Duropolymer skirtings are beautifully painted. They are sold in white but have a primed and prepared coating.

    Remember to cover the wall and floor before painting.

    By the way, if you noticed, then the skirting pattern in this photo is different from the previous ones. This is because an additional narrow plinth plinth made of flexible polyurethane is glued on top.

    I bought it in order to increase the plinth in width if the main plinth does not completely close the gaps between the wall and the tile. But this was not needed. So that the material does not disappear, I decided to increase the baseboard in height.

    Do I need to fill the gaps between the baseboard and the wall?

    If you have smooth walls and skirting boards with a gap of no more than 3 mm, then you do not need to do anything. On uneven walls, in places of failures, cracks will be noticeable more.

    If you painted walls, Use acrylic sealant. Fill the slots and align with your finger. Carefully remove excess after leveling with a wet rag. It will turn out much more accurately, if previously glued to the wall masking tape.

    On our wall, the sealant filled all the small chinks, and I had to tint the entire wall: (((

    Use a spatula to make it smoother. Attach, press and tint. You can use masking tape, but with a spatula faster.

    If you Brick wall, then fill the gaps between the baseboard and the wall with the same grout that was used when laying the brick.

    That’s the whole story. I spent one evening installing the skirting board in the kitchen, painting and glossing the next day.

    A friend of mine told me that the workers refused to install a polyurethane baseboard in their apartment, because it is too complicated. At the end of the repair, the owners were in a hurry with completion, so they agreed on an ordinary plastic with caps.

    If you ever come across a similar situation, know that this is banal laziness or ignorance of modern materials. Such skirtings can be installed even by a girl. If you consider my mistakes.