How To Cut Glass With A Roller Glass Cutter

Preparation of material and work table

To make a good cut, the glass surface must be thoroughly cleaned. If the glass has just been purchased, then it will be enough to wipe it with a newspaper, which does not leave behind streaks and lint.

The work table should be level without significant slopes. The surface of the countertop does not need to be made too hard, it is best made from chipboard and covered with a soft textile or other similar material for easier cutting.

Convenient to work with diamond glass cutter

It is very convenient to work with a glass cutter, in which a diamond head is used as a cutting element. The handle of the tool must be held in the hand in the same way as a pencil, especially since it is similar in shape to it. Next, a ruler or a piece cut out according to the cut configuration is applied to the processed sheet, and a uniform scratch is carefully applied to the glass surface. In this case, the following rules must be observed:

  • The tool should be positioned at an angle to the plane of the sheet in about the same way as when drawing with a pencil on paper.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the glass cutter handle. In this case, the cutting line will be replete with chips and irregularities.
  • Repeated drawing by the cutting part along the already marked scratch is unacceptable. If the sheet cannot be broken, you should step back a little and repeat the procedure.
  • Work should be done quickly and accurately. Two seconds can serve as a time guide when scratching a meter section of a sheet.

Further, the line of a high-quality cut is aligned with the edge of the desktop so that the part of the sheet that goes to waste is suspended. The cut from the bottom side is tapped with a glass cutter handle or a construction hammer. When performing this manipulation, unnecessary fragments are easily separated and fall into the provided box.

Learning to cut glass with our own hands

The transparent glass surface resists well the loads evenly distributed over the plane, but point impacts lead to its destruction. Microcracks in the structure of the material reduce its mechanical strength, therefore, the technology of cutting glass is based on creating a scratch on its surface with a cutting tool and dividing it into parts by a bending force applied to the weakened edges.

Before starting to cut glass, make sure that the factory sheet has the correct right angles. It is then positioned on a flat, level surface and a single cut is made using a ruler and glass cutter. Next, the sheet is broken with its own hands by bending effort. If this did not work the first time, the cutting line is tapped with a hammer, and the attempt is repeated.

The mirror can also be cut with your own hands

Features of working with non-standard glass

Tempered glass does not lend itself to processing at home; when exposed to mechanical stress, it crumbles or breaks into pieces. Corrugated. Cuts with a glass cutter in the same way as usual, but with a smooth side.

Corrugated glass is cut from the flat side

Acrylic glass is actually not glass. Thin material is cut with simple scissors or an ordinary knife. A thick sheet can be drawn along a ruler with a piece of a hacksaw blade, several times, and then bend and break the grooves along the mowing line.

Tool selection

The tool for dividing a glass surface into parts is a glass cutter. They cut sheets of glass of various thicknesses. When choosing a tool, you need to make sure that the fragments are divided into parts the first time. Glass cutters are of the following types:

  • Long-used glass cutters with diamond cutting head. The high hardness of this stone provides an excellent cut quality for about ten thousand meters.
  • Tools in which the cutting function is performed by rollers made of a tungsten-cobalt alloy, which has a special strength, such glass cutters can cut glass up to four millimeters thick.
  • In the improved design of roller cutters, a container of oil is placed in the handle of the tool, which is fed to the cutter line. As a result, the depth of penetration of the cutting part into the structure of the material increases. Thick glass at home is cut with an oil glass cutter.
  • Circular cuts are made with a glass cutter similar in shape to a compass. One end of the tool is reinforced with a suction cup in the center of the outlined circle, its radius is set using an adjustable scale, at the end of which the cutting element is located. Typically, these glass cutters are equipped with a reservoir to supply oil to the surface to be treated.

The main types of glass cutters

The work also requires a long and straight line, along which a straight line of separation will be outlined. To make cuts of a more complex configuration, a piece of the appropriate shape is used.

How to properly cut with a roller tool

The correct operation of a tool that uses carbide rollers as a cutting part has its own characteristics. In this case, the glass cutter is not positioned at an angle to the surface to be machined, but vertically.

With a roller glass cutter, you need to crush from the heart

In addition, it is necessary to apply greater pressure on the handle of this type of tool, otherwise a high-quality cut will not work. The roller cuts glass well for the first three hundred meters, then it must be replaced with a new one.

The principle of operation of an oil tool is no different from a conventional roller tool. By lubricating the surface to be treated, the work process is facilitated and the life of the glass cutter is increased.

How to cut a round hole

A round hole is cut using a prefabricated piece of the appropriate configuration or a compass-shaped glass cutter. The latter is much more convenient to use, it consists of an adjustable tripod, a suction cup and a cutting element.

Cutting glass along a radius using a suction cup

Using a suction cup, one end is fixed in the center of the hole, its radius is set on the tripod, a circle is quickly and smoothly outlined with a glass cutter. Cutting out a fragment of the desired shape at home helps the accuracy and precision of the manipulation. You will find everything about drilling holes in glass in the article “How to drill glass yourself at home and ensure a smooth hole”.

How to cut glass correctly # 128296; glass cutter at home with your own hands, how to cut off a thick sheet

One way or another, all of us are faced with the need to replace glass in doors and windows, glazing on bookshelves and other manipulations associated with the processing of this fragile material. At first glance, it seems that the independent performance of these works is very problematic, but in fact, anyone can master the skills of a glazier.

Of course, you need to follow safety precautions to prevent cuts and injuries, choose a convenient tool and cut them correctly. In practice, you will find that it is quite easy to use the glass cutter when cutting glass. Most often, cutting a rectangular piece is obtained from the first time.

Glass comes in different thicknesses

We observe safety precautions

When working with such fragile and traumatic material as glass, all safety requirements must be carefully observed. To protect against cuts, use heavy-duty work clothing, gloves and sturdy shoes. The organs of vision are well protected by thick plastic glasses. A first aid kit should be at hand.

How to properly cut glass with a roller glass cutter

Such a glass cutter is kept strictly perpendicular to the plane. This situation is due to the structure of the wheel, where a change in the angle of inclination will not allow the cutting edge of the roller to affect the plane of the glass. Note that when working with this type of glass cutter, the groove is more noticeable, usually white.

How to properly cut glass with a diamond glass cutter

It needs to be held slightly tilted to the right to the plane of the glass. Its cutting tip does not move, so the furrow is carried out by one of its edges. The diamond trace is thin, almost invisible. However, this does not prevent them from being used for cutting glass of considerable thickness.

Cutting technology

Glass markings. On opposite sides, mark the desired length with a marker, and draw a straight line with a ruler on the plane of the table.

Then align the marked edges of the glass with the line on the table. The method is, of course, only suitable for transparent glasses.

The ruler or rail is laid parallel to the mowing line of the future cut so that it does not interfere with the tip of the diamond cutter or the roller of the glass cutter to move freely exactly along the intended mowing line.

Holding the ruler firmly, draw a strip along the mark with a tool.

It should be borne in mind that you should not put too much pressure on the glass cutter to cut the glass correctly. The most important thing is to guide the instrument with the same pressure on the glass plane and constant speed. It is recommended to release the pressure at the edges of the glass. This will help avoid chipping and chipping in these areas.

We hold the glass cutter correctly

Preparation for work

To get a piece of glass of the desired size with an even edge without chipping and chipping, you should prepare the surface on which you will be cutting. Usually this is a table with a solid, even tabletop and sufficient area: the edges of the workpiece should not be suspended.

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The wheel is replaced as follows: the screw in the head of the tool is loosened and another one is put in place of the damaged one with one turn, which is then fixed with the same screw.

The surface of the glass sheet is cleaned of dust and debris, since the slightest obstacle during cutting can ruin the result.

Be sure to prepare a ruler or even block of sufficient length.

How to properly cut glass with a roller glass cutter and diamond: a master class

Many people like to do minor home repairs with their own hands, because it is so nice to feel like a master. Replacing broken glass is a fairly simple task for an experienced builder, while the rest should learn how to cut glass correctly and master some of the subtleties so that the preparation of a workpiece of the desired shape and size does not turn into a bad mood, damage to several glasses or even a little bloodshed.

Tool selection

Glass, for all its fragility, is a fairly hard material. The traditional tool for cutting it is a diamond glass cutter. As the name suggests, the cutting tip of this tool is made of diamond, the hardest and hardest mineral.

Glass professionals value their instrument very much; to protect it from premature damage, they wear it in a special case.

For household work, when the need to cut glass arises periodically, in one-off cases, a roller glass cutter is more suitable. The tool is much cheaper than a diamond equivalent due to the use of hard alloy in the cutting part, rather than an expensive diamond.

Breaking glass along the cut line

It often happens that the glass splits into two halves at the cut site from a light touch when trying to move or lift it. However, this does not always happen, for other cases the following methods are used:

The glass is moved to the edge of the table so that the line of the cut protrudes slightly beyond the edge (about 1 cm). Then, with the handle of the tool, they begin to lightly tap on the cut mowing line, in the direction from one edge to the other from the seamy side of the glass.

While tapping, you need to hold on to the side on the weight. At some point, micro-vibrations from tapping sometimes unexpectedly lead to the desired result.

A match is placed on one side under the glass on both edges of the mowing line, and then slightly pressed. This method is easier and safer, since both parts lie on the table, this allows you not to fear that any half will slip out of your hands and break.

Sometimes the section to be cut is very narrow. To separate such strips in the glass cutter, special grips are provided in the form of recesses in the head part, they are inserted into the edge of the glass and gently pressed down, after which the glass breaks exactly along the notch.

Do not neglect safety precautions and first you need to thoroughly study the issue of how to properly cut glass with a glass cutter. Protective goggles and gloves will protect you from minor accidents such as a cut or glass chips falling into the eye. Experienced glaziers say that the correct movement of the glass cutter is accompanied by a clear sound.

How to choose the right glass cutter

There are several varieties of such a tool:

For glass cutting at home, you can use each of the options. However, they all differ in design and properties. It is necessary to study in more detail the process of cutting with various types of tools, then an idea of ​​their intended purpose will be formed. So, the device of the oil glass cutter is in many respects similar to the roller analog, however, such a model provides a reservoir for filling lubricant.

If the surface is lubricated with oil during cutting, the rate at which the cutting edge develops is significantly reduced, due to a decrease in the intensity of friction. The lubricant is supplied automatically, which simplifies and speeds up the work. A reservoir containing oil is located in the handle. The service life of the tool is 5 thousand M. It can be used to work with material no thicker than 20 mm.

When the glass cutter stops cutting the glass efficiently, the cutting edge can be replaced. Unlike a conventional glass cutter, the oil model can be equipped with a fixed and movable (rotating) head. The last of the options is for making bends. The design provides 2 options for the location of the head: with a sharpening angle of 135 and 150 °. In the first case, the tool can cut material no thicker than 10 mm, in the second. up to 20 mm. about oil glass cutter at:

If you need to choose a glass cutter, you need to consider the roller model. In this case, the head is movable. Cutting material: tungsten and cobalt. The number of rollers may differ, more advanced models are equipped with 6 of these elements, but they are also more expensive. Standard glass cutters work with glass up to 4 or 6.6 mm thick.

The curved tool is designed for making bends and intricate patterns. The roller can make circles, ovals and other geometric shapes. In structure, it resembles a compass. The tool is equipped with a suction cup, through which attachment to the material is carried out, and the main part containing the cutting edge, the handle. The design provides an adjustable scale and a system of two rods, through these elements you can make a radius, characterized by the required parameters. Scissors are also used as an alternative cutting method.

How to properly cut glass with a glass cutter

Relying on their own strengths, the zealous owner sometimes voluntarily takes on the duties of a jack of all trades. Why invite a third-party specialist on every occasion, if you can test your abilities in performing some work, even if they are done for the first time. Every man at least once in his life had to change broken glass for a new one, having previously adjusted its dimensions to the required ones. As you guessed, we will talk about how to properly cut glass with a glass cutter.

Glass is a fragile object, so a simple tool for working with it must be of high quality. Experienced craftsmen value their diamond glass cutter very much, so they keep it in a special case. It is called diamond because its main element. the cutting part. is made of a small crystal of real diamond, which has the property of increased strength. And if you give it a more precise definition, then diamond is the most durable natural mineral on Earth. It is not difficult even for a child to leave a deep mark in the form of a scratch on such artificial material as glass. Another thing is that no one will allow him to do such an occupation, because a small effort is enough for the glass to crack at the scratch applied to it with the formation of a traumatic rib. The “fresh” edge is rubbed with sandpaper.

Sometimes you can hear the boastful tales of a self-confident “specialist” who convinces others that he can cut glass even with a rusty nail. But this is hardly true, because a glass cutter with an exhausted reserve can only spoil a large glass blank, because it will break along the curve of the mowing line. And that’s why. the hardness of a metal nail is much lower than that of a diamond. Let’s compare at least using the example of an ordinary kitchen knife: with a blunt knife, a loaf can only be shredded, rather than cut into even pieces.

Later, roller glass cutters made of high-strength alloy began to be used, which practically displaced diamond glass cutters from everyday life, having gained popularity due to their low cost. This glass cutter is equipped with a special head with several (3 or 6 pieces) rollers. When one of the rollers is blunt, it is enough to turn the head by loosening the screw, after which the tool is ready for active work using the new roller as a cutting element.

The advantage of such a glass cutter is that the roller easily moves over the glass compared to a diamond, so there is no need to apply a lot of force to make a noticeable furrow. The craftsmen claim that a barely noticeable scratch is enough to divide the glass into planned parts along a strictly drawn mowing line.

the line of the future break must be even and not interrupted.

How to break glass correctly

It is necessary to lay the sheet on a horizontal surface (for example, a table) so that the marking line falls on the edge of the table top. Most of the glass should be held back. The area to be removed should be grasped by the free edge with your hand, preferably in the center and slightly pressed downward. If the strip is not wide enough, the glass is removed using pliers, special tongs or nippers.

How to cut glass correctly. Cutting, drilling, processing.

If you have zero experience in cutting glass, then of course it is better to practice on old unnecessary pieces.

And so, put a sheet or piece of glass on the prepared table. If the glass is patterned, then the pattern is down and the flat surface is up. Before cutting, it is advisable to wipe the glass with denatured alcohol or some kind of degreaser.

Since you are not a specialist and glass cutting is not your professional activity, I think you will not have a bus. Therefore, use the school triangle to check the right angles of the glass sheet from which you will cut the part.

Further, from the flat side with a right angle, the upper part of the workpiece, measure the size you need with a tape measure. Make a mark and with the short base attached to the edge of the glass and the corner to the mark, draw a small line with a marker. Also do the steps at the bottom of the sheet. Then draw a connecting straight line under the ruler. Thus, you measure the entire part.

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Next, place a ruler along the line. We hold her tight. We take a glass cutter, if roller, then preferably oiled or kerosene. We hold it between the middle and forefinger. And while pressing, we draw the glass cutter along the mowing line along the ruler from one edge of the glass to the other without lifting our hands.

Now, to break off an unnecessary piece, you need to move the sheet so that the drawn line is along the edge of the table. Holding the edge with one hand, preferably with a glove, in order to protect yourself from damage, and tap the glass with the back of the cutter from below along the mowing line. The glass will crack along the slit and break off.

This is one way to break off an extra piece. For the second method, you will need the above-described nails or drills. Place the cut glass in the middle of the table. Exactly, along, under the line of the slot, put a nail on one side and also on the other. By distributing equal distances between the nails and the edges of the glass. Now you need to simultaneously press on both sides of the glass. Relying on drills or nails, the glass will break along the mowing line.

If the size of the cut glass is slightly smaller than the workpiece, and the pieces that need to be broken off from the desired part are a narrow strip, you can use pliers. Breaking off a little edge along the mowing line cut with a glass cutter.

And so, you learned how to cut square and rectangular glass parts.


There is nothing complicated here. Although the process is not fast, it all depends on the degree of required smoothness of the cut glass surface. This requires a block of wood, medium grit sandpaper, and water. We glue the block with sandpaper on all sides, since the paper will be erased in the process of grinding the glass.

We take glass and pouring a stream of water onto the edge and paper, grind the sharp edges of the glass. You can adapt to the pouring stream from the tap or use a plastic water bottle. In the process of grinding, we pass from coarse sandpaper to finer-grained. To achieve the required edge smoothness.


It will be a little more difficult here, but not very much. Do not be afraid. This requires a special tool. You can say a compass, instead of a needle, a sucker, and instead of a pencil, a glass cutter. If, of course, you do not have this tool, it is not difficult to make it yourself.

Take any suction cup, to it exactly in the center, attach a plastic ruler with a small nail so that it rotates freely around the axis. Then you measure the radius of the required circle and make a cut for the glass cutter. Now fix the suction cup in the center of the workpiece and press on the glass cutter to draw a circle.

One circle will not be enough. Therefore, you need to reduce the size of the radius and draw another circle. Remove the device and cut it along and across the small circle of the mowing line. Then, with light blows of the glass cutter from below, we knock out pieces of glass along the cut lines. Break the remaining circle in a circle with pliers. That’s all. As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult about this.

To cut a glass circle, take a square blank and also use our makeshift compass to circle the circle. Only now we cut the strips beyond the line, outside. From the circle to the edges of the workpiece. We also tap on the glass and break it off with pliers.

The only thing you shouldn’t forget is to practice on unnecessary pieces of glass first.


To drill a hole, use special spear-shaped drills for glass of different diameters. To do this, you will need an electric drill or screwdriver with speed control. Since drilling a hole requires low speed. The holes should be drilled no closer than 2.5-3 cm from the edge, so as not to break off a piece of glass. By placing the drill in the center of the intended hole, with a slight pressure, we drill a small recess so that the drill does not slide off when drilling.

Now we make a ring from plasticine around the recess, press it tightly against the glass and pour water or kerosene into the inside for lubrication. White spirit is also possible. You need to drill at a uniform speed and pressure. Without fanaticism.

When the tip of the drill appears on the other side, turn the glass over and finish drilling. Drilling on only one side will cause the edges of the glass to be squeezed out around the hole. This, at best, at worst, can shatter all the glass. And then all the work is in vain. Try, train and the result will not keep you waiting.

Diamond glass cutter

The main structural element is a diamond crystal. The location is the bottom of the instrument. It is used to cut glass with a diamond glass cutter. The cutting element can be artificial and natural, in accordance with this, the restrictions on the use of the tool differ. In the first case, the material should be up to 5 mm thick. This model is inexpensive. It fully justifies its properties. For household needs this glass cutter is enough.

Natural diamond can cut thicker material than artificial, but it gradually dulls. To restore the function of the glass cutter, the cutting edge must be sharpened using a disc or bar. The degree of sharpness of the tool is checked by touching the glass: if you can see a thin cutting line, then the cutting edge is ready for work. This model is presented in two versions:

  • Curvilinear;
  • With square cutting edge.

Service life of diamond tools. 10 thousand m.

How to properly cut glass with a glass cutter: recommendations and

If you are interested in how to properly cut glass with a glass cutter, it will help you get a detailed answer to this question. In addition, there are nuances for choosing the right tool and the rules for its use, you also need to learn how to prepare the material for work. Special glass cutters are used to cut different types of glass. At the last stage of work, it is necessary to break the material into two parts, while a number of rules must also be followed.

Preparing glass for cutting

The degree of complexity of the preparatory work depends on the state of the material. So, if you need to get finished products from glass that has just been purchased, you don’t have to make much effort. In this case, just wipe the surface. You do not need to use special detergents. At the same time, they use a newspaper to remove streaks and dust. This method provides the ability to quickly prepare glass surfaces. Do not use a cloth, as there is a risk of fluff getting on the glass surface. The only exception is microfiber.

Used glass is prepared more carefully:

  • It must be washed using a special glass cleaner;
  • Wipe the surface dry;
  • At the last stage, it is necessary to degrease the glass, for this use a rag soaked in kerosene.

Before starting work, the sheet must be dried, leaving it indoors. You can additionally cover the material with foil so that you do not have to repeat the cleaning procedure. The preparatory stage also includes cutting the material. If you need to make a circle of glass or other curly elements, it is advisable to apply the contours as close to each other as possible. Then the material consumption will be small. Long pieces should be placed along the larger side of the glass sheet.

How to properly cut glass with a glass cutter

Place the material on a horizontal flat surface such as a table. First, make the markup. This is done with a simple pencil. If you try to cut without a safety net, the line will be crooked. For this reason, the use of a ruler is recommended. It is located next to the marked marking line. the distance should correspond to the width of the cutting edge of the glass cutter.

The ruler will move. To prevent slipping, rubber (from a bicycle tube) is previously glued on the bottom side. If the work is just beginning, the cut should be made in the direction from the edge of the glass sheet towards you. Different types of tools should be handled differently, for example, a diamond glass cutter is handled in the same way as a regular ballpoint pen. This leaves a thin, almost invisible line on the surface.

The roller tool is held perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The grip should be between your thumb and middle finger. Apply moderate pressure to the tool while cutting. This leaves white fishing line on the material. If you need to cut glass with a curved glass cutter, install a suction cup, then adjust the rod system, which makes it possible to get a hole or an arc of the desired radius.

Features of working with various glasses

Material with standard characteristics is cut with a roller tool or well-sharpened tailor’s scissors. In this case, any other types of equipment can be used to work with glass, if any. It is impractical to purchase them specially because of the high price. Cutting of hardened material is not recommended. This will cause the leaf to burst. Hardened surfaces are durable, so the dimensions and the desired shape are set during production.

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If it is necessary to cut corrugated material characterized by patterns on the surface, remember that its properties do not differ from ordinary glass. This means that it is permissible to work with it using a roller glass cutter. A diamond analog is also suitable, if it is available, but there is no need to purchase an expensive tool in this case. The cutting edge will cut the sheet from the smooth side.

Plexiglass does not require the use of a glass cutter, since K. It is a material based on synthetic resins. This is a type of plastic, which means that to cut it, you can use a saw for working on metal or a stationery knife. So that you do not have to collect fragments and shavings later, the surface of the desktop must be freed from foreign objects and covered with protective material.

Cutting with a roller glass cutter

Before figuring out how to cut glass with a roller tool, it should be remembered that it is not as durable as a diamond glass cutter. The roller cuts the first 300 meters properly. After that, replace the working part.

Now you can get down to business. The first step is to apply the markings. This can be done in the same way as in the first way, so there is no point in re-describing these methods. The general principle of operation is also the same. However, there are still some differences in the intricacies of the process.

  • Unlike a diamond glass cutter, which must be held at an angle, in this case the tool must be positioned perpendicular to the plane of the glass.
  • Press more firmly on the roller glass cutter, otherwise the glass will not cut.

Next, we do everything the same as in the previous section.

Cutting with oil glass cutter

For this cutting method, it was not necessary to create a separate section in the article. After all, the method is no different from the above, only the roller is lubricated with oil, thanks to which the cutting process is facilitated, and the service life of the working part increases.

Glass cutter selection

Any training begins with an introductory part. There are no exceptions in our business. Before getting down to business, you need to familiarize yourself with many equally important aspects. One of them is the choice of a glass cutter. In total, there are 3 main types of these instruments:

  • Glass cutter with a natural diamond cutting tool. This tool is the most popular. It has a tip that can cut glass up to 10mm thick. At the same time, the cuts always turn out to be perfectly even and without various defects, of course, if you use it correctly.
  • Roller cutting tool. His working tool is made in the form of a roller. Unlike the first option, instead of diamond, a special alloy of hard metals is used, which are often tungsten and cobalt.
  • Oil glass cutters are not much different from roller counterparts. To be more precise, there is only one difference. It consists in the fact that during cutting, a special oil lubricant is supplied to the cutting tool. It will not speed up the cutting process, however, this is not the advantage of the tool. Continuous oil supply will extend the life of the roller mechanism.

Returning to the first type, it is worth noting that the tool is not cheap. However, there are their analogues that cost less. The difference lies in the fact that instead of a real diamond, its artificial analogue is used. It should be noted that in terms of cutting quality, it is not much inferior to the original, but it is effective when cutting glass with a thickness of up to 5 mm.

Preparation of glass and workplace

Before cutting, the glass must be prepared. If new material is used, wiping with a dry cloth is sufficient. But glass, which has already been used in everyday life, should be treated with special detergents, and then degreased with kerosene. You need to dry it thoroughly.

As for the workplace, there are few requirements for its preparation, more precisely, there are none at all. It is enough just to have a flat free table and a container for waste glass.

How to cut a circle

We have already figured out how to cut the glass in half. But it is also worth paying attention to one important issue. Namely: how to cut a circle out of glass? In this case, you can use two options:

  • Place a round solid template on the glass;
  • Use a special compass.

The second option is more reliable and simpler. Therefore, it is recommended to use round templates only if there is no way to get a compass.

Let’s see what such a compass is. In fact, this is a fairly simple construction, which consists of the following components:

  • Sucker;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Tripod.

How to use a compass is intuitive. The suction cup is attached to the glass, and the glass cutter is set on a tripod with the required measurements. After that, an incision is made quickly but smoothly on the glass. Then the contour should be slightly beaten with a hammer. Done.

Cutting with a diamond glass cutter

The diamond glass cutter is not only reliable but also convenient. The principle of operation is quite easy. The tool is taken by the pen like a pencil. Next, an incision is made along the glass. To avoid messing up, it is recommended to use a ruler or a pre-cut template.

You can also use another trick when marking up. It is suitable if you need to make a straight cut. So, the point is as follows. A straight line is marked on the table with a marker. The glass should also be marked. But there is no need to draw a thick line. It is enough to make notes at the edges of the material, between which the cut will be made. After that, the marks should be set so that the line on the table connects them.

Let’s go back to the cutting process. The essence is clear, but there are some nuances that should be considered.

  • The diamond glass cutter should be held at an angle. At the beginning of the section it was said that it looks like a pencil. So you need to “draw” just like with a pencil.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the tool, otherwise the cut line will be uneven and full of chips.
  • Re-cutting along the mowing line already carried out by the glass cutter is taboo. Don’t ask unnecessary questions, just try to do it right the first time. If the break has already failed, you should move a little and repeat the procedure.
  • You need to make the cut quickly. It should take about 2–3 seconds per meter.

What to do after the line has been cut? It is necessary to move the glass to the edge of the table so that the unnecessary part of it turns out to be a canopy. Further, one simple procedure should be carried out along the entire mowing line of the cut. From below, the reverse side of the notch should be tapped lightly on the glass. If everything is done correctly, the unnecessary part will easily disappear. The main thing. do not forget to substitute a container under it or hold it with your hand.

How to properly cut glass with a glass cutter

Glass cutting can be attributed to jewelry craftsmanship. After all, real experts can make a real masterpiece from a piece of this material. However, this will require a fairly large amount of experience. At the same time, many cannot simply cut glass in half, since they do not know the very basics of glass cutting.

We are not saying that we will make you a sculptor with a glass cutter instead of a chisel. However, you will learn how to make a glass tabletop and other such things.

Useful Tips

  • Working with cutting glass is quite dangerous. Therefore, you should stock up on gloves and special glasses.
  • Glass cutters are more functional than you might think. Almost every model has a recess that allows you to break off small pieces of glass.
How To Cut Glass With A Roller Glass Cutter

It is worth repeating. These tips and tricks will not make you a pro in glass cutting. However, following them, you will immediately understand the basics of this business and will be able to cut out simple shapes.