How to Cut HL at Home

Today drywall is widely used in construction and repair. You can work with this material yourself. However, you should first find out what drywall is cut so that there are no difficulties during the repair process. Below are some basic ways to work and the tools you need.

Cutting tools

How to cut drywall? There are special devices for cutting it, which

How to Cut HL at Home

First of all, you need to mark out the drywall sheet to cut it evenly. This is done with a tape measure, a simple pencil and a long ruler.

You can use several tools to cut the material. So, what is cutting drywall:

  • Hacksaw for metal;
  • A construction knife;
  • Jigsaw.

In rooms with high humidity, moisture-proof drywall is used. It differs from ordinary material in the presence of antiseptic additives in its composition. Some people have a question about how to cut moisture-proof drywall. It is not much different from ordinary material. It can be easily recognized by its green color. When cutting it, you can use the same tools. We will tell in more detail how to work with each of them.

The better to cut drywall

A hacksaw for metal differs from the one sawed by a tree with a thinner blade

With a construction knife having a double-sided sharp blade, you can easily cut a thick sheet of drywall. To make the edge of the sheet smooth, you should first draw a line of marking and attach a metal ruler to it. A cut is made on it with a knife. In the case when the drywall is thin enough, you can replace the construction knife with a regular stationery knife, which is used for paper.

It is convenient to make figured cuts with an electric jigsaw. When working with drywall, it is recommended to purchase files with small teeth, which are used for metal.

How to cut drywall

There are some helpful tips to make your work easier:

  • Drywall is a flexible material. In order not to break it in the process, you need to put the sheet on a stable, even surface.
  • When cutting a large sheet, this should be done gradually.
  • There should be no moisture at the workplace, otherwise the material will become wet and become unusable.
  • Which side to cut drywall is not so important. However, it is best to make a cut on the surface by which it will be attached to the wall.
  • Cutting the profile, do not worry about uneven edges. They will subsequently be closed with a drywall sheet.
  • When working with material, it should be understood that it can crumble heavily and create dust. Be sure to protect your eyes and respiratory system.

How to Cut HL at Home

Straight line cutting

First you need to put drywall on a flat horizontal surface and

Some believe that they can cope without a ruler. However, you should not neglect it. Making an even cut without it is quite difficult. Of course, this is possible, but you will have to spend time to get the edge neat. With the ruler, everything is done much faster.

When the incisions become deep enough, the sheet of drywall must be placed on the edge and tap on it from the back. Typically, a few weak strokes will cause the drywall web to break along the line. Now it remains only to cut the cardboard layer with a knife.

Figure cutting

There are situations when you need not a straight cut, but curved or round.

They need to work slowly, carrying out clearly on the planned fishing lines. The saw should be narrow with small teeth. It should work at high speed. With careful cutting, the edge will be smooth.

If you do not have a jigsaw, you can use a hacksaw or a construction knife and a hammer. Make deep cuts strictly according to the marking. Lay the drywall on a flat surface with a recess so that it is under the hole to be cut. Now hit in this place with a hammer. After the unnecessary part falls off, turn over the drywall and cut off the excess paper.

Edge processing

When the drywall is cut off, its edges should be slightly aligned so that they are not

The final stage of preparation of the material includes its fasciation. To do this, cut off several millimeters of gypsum from each edge (approximately two-thirds of the sheet thickness). The chamfer is removed with a planer or knife at an angle of about 45 degrees.

After installing drywall, all the cracks between the sheets of material must be puttied. When the seams dry out, you can start painting the surface or pasting it with wallpaper.

How to cut a profile

Drywall sheets are mounted on a special profile. It is made of metalfor the greatest structural strength. How to cut a profile for drywall? To cope with this work, you can use:

  • Hacksaws for metal;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Scissors for metal.

It is not recommended to use an angle grinder at home, because it produces a lot of sparks. Scissors for metal will be quite enough. They can easily cut iron without creating excess garbage and shavings.

The profile can be cut into small pieces. After fixing the drywall, it will not be visible. The main thing is to screw the profile well to a wall or other surface to ensure the strength of the entire structure.

Working with drywall is quite simple. Due to this, it is in great demand for interior decoration. Now that you have learned how to cut drywall, you can independently change your apartment beyond recognition, without spending money on professional finishers.