How to cut linoleum at home

How to choose a knife for linoleum?

Choosing a quality and sharp knife to cut linoleum, an important step in carrying out repair work. Only at first glance it may seem so that the laying of linoleum is very simple and uncomplicated matter: unrolled linoleum, cut it, and, fixed the skirting boards.

However, in order to fit the linoleum to the size of the room, the material almost always need to cut. To do it with scissors or something else is very difficult, and that’s where the sharp construction blade, specially designed for this purpose, comes to the rescue.

How to choose a tool for cutting linoleum

In order to properly cut linoleum in the corridor or any other room, you need to intelligently approach the choice of tools. A knife must have:

  • A sturdy handle. It can be made of metal or wood. The cutting blade should be of high quality and stainless steel.
  • A blade of adequate thickness. A blade with a thickness of 0.6 to 1mm is recommended to avoid problems when cutting linoleum flooring.
  • The ability to withstand serious loads.

To quickly and conveniently go through the work process should be aware of all the variety of tools on the market. There are products for beveling, for cord, various scissors, cutters. For the right choice of a knife, you need to take into account both the structure and thickness of the particular material, its individual characteristics.

How to choose a tool for cutting linoleum

To properly cut linoleum in the corridor or any other room, you need to approach the choice of tools competently. The knife should have:

  • A solid handle. It can be made of metal or wood. Cutting blades must be of high quality and stainless steel.
  • A blade that is suitable for the thickness of the material. To avoid problems when cutting flooring, it is recommended to use a cutting blade with a thickness of 0.6-1 mm.
  • Capable of resisting heavy loads.

To go through the work process quickly and conveniently, you should understand all the variety of tools on the market. There are products for beveling, for cord, various scissors, cutters. In order to choose the right blade it is necessary to take into account both the structure and thickness of the material, and its individual features.

Material without a pattern

How to cut linoleum correctly? The material, which has passed the stabilization procedure, must be leveled with the room and marks must be made on it. Further work is performed according to the following instructions:

  • The linoleum should be pressed firmly against the wall and you need to run a line on it, along which the cut will be made.
  • The material is pressed to the floor and make a small notched puncture with a cutter.
  • To the mowing line you need to put a bar and gently start cutting, instead of the bar can be used and the level.
  • The cut is made to the end of the line.
  • A small corner is cut around the protrusion and carefully laid.
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In areas with a large number of protrusions preferably use professional cutters that allow you to make the correct cuts.

Cutting under the pipe

Such a need arises in the area of risers going from your apartment to the neighbors who live downstairs. How to cut the linoleum under the pipe? This process is not easy. It requires a special approach. Especially often it is necessary to cut the linoleum under the battery pipe. This process involves such actions:

How to lay sheet vinyl flooring

linoleum, home
  • The material to place the underside of the pipe. Press the brush firmly against it.
  • In the center of the pipe on the linoleum to make a mark.
  • From this point to the nearest wall to make an even cut.
  • At the marked point on the linoleum draw a circle. It is necessary that its circumference touches the mark. The cut must go through the center of the circle. The diameter of this figure and the pipe should coincide.
  • With a knife, cut out a circle along the drawn scythe line.

How to cut linoleum at home

To cut the linoleum, not enough to take only a knife, you must also prepare a tape measure, an angle, a long ruler. In addition, you will need a sheet of paper or heavy cardboard for the template. Given that the linoleum canvas “does not forgive” mistakes, it is better to check all measurements not once, but several times for accuracy. The movements when cutting should be confident, with effort.

How to evenly cut linoleum

To cut linoleum according to the size of the room went without any difficulties, and the cut turned out even, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties of this class of flooring. PVC is a fairly durable product, but if the edge of the sheet of sharp depressions or small cuts in the direction of the main part, there is a high probability of rapid damage to the material. Therefore, it is necessary to work very carefully, making an even cutting of the cloth.

Given that PVC linoleum is easy to cut with a well-sharpened tool, all accidental movements should be excluded. Otherwise it can provoke a deviation from the specified direction. Avoid such troubles by using a template or a long ruler for cutting.

linoleum, home

Canvases with uneven edges do not make the seam imperceptible

Since the method of cold chemical welding is used to join the two panels, they must be cut with maximum precision. Thanks to this you can avoid pronounced seams, which strongly spoil the appearance of the entire floor. Before you start cutting linoleum cloth should always check all measurements, sharpness quality of the cutting element.

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Important! Begin to cut the flooring only after its adaptation to the microclimate in a particular room, the material should take two days to get used to the temperature and humidity level in the room. This is the only way to achieve a stable stiffness from the linoleum.

The work algorithm for cutting the entire length or width of the flooring involves the following steps:

  • Mark on the inside or outside of the cloth a fishing line, which will serve as a guide for cutting.
  • Apply a long ruler to this mowing line.
  • Cut the sheet with a sharp knife.

How to trim linoleum on the walls

There are several ways to trim the flooring near the wall: with a trowel and knife, and by using only a sharp tool. The second option is considered faster and more effective, it is possible to cut in this way and linoleum on a felt base. To do this, you need:

  • Spread the linoleum in the room and let it “lie out”.
  • Press the material with your fingers and, stepping up from the crease 1.2 cm, start cutting at a 45 degree angle.

How to cut the linoleum under the baseboard

The technology of trimming the floor covering is similar to the previous one, it involves the following actions:

  • Lay the linoleum in the room.
  • Press it tightly to the floor, and 1 cm back from the wall, cut off the excess.

If the coating is cut close to the wall, then in the summer at high temperatures near the baseboards there will be a roll, which will be very noticeable.

How to cut the linoleum under the toilet

Instructions for trimming the finish covering laid on the floor under the toilet:

  • Put the toilet bowl (without cistern) on the floor, but without the cuff and sealant. This is necessary to make a mark on the linoleum. Using a marker to outline the outline of the sole of the toilet, and then remove it.
  • Use a construction knife to cut the linoleum according to the markings. Install the toilet bowl in place and fix it with fasteners.

How to cut linoleum under the pipe

To lay the flooring around the pipes. not an easy process, it requires a special approach:

  • Turn the material with the wrong side facing the pipe. Make a mark in the center of it. You will also need to measure the space from the wall to the pipe.
  • By using a compass or a pipe of similar diameter to outline the circle. Putting a piece of plywood under the material, using a sharp tool along the ruler, a straight cut should be made.
  • Lay out the flooring and determine where the hole for the pipe will be. It must first be cut to a smaller size, and then on the spot to adjust.

How to trim the linoleum in the corners

There are their own difficulties in adjusting the size of the sheet in the corners. Here you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • Press the linoleum, make a cut perpendicular to the floor, in the place where it “finds” the wall.
  • Two incisions should be made from it along the wall, but parallel to the base.
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How to cut the linoleum in a roll

To cut the floor covering in a roll, it is necessary:

  • Lay the material lengthwise to the room.
  • Cut off the excess part, gradually unrolling the roll, but at the same time need to twist the cut part.

To avoid mistakes before starting work on cutting the material, you should measure the width of the room in several places, preferably 3-5. As a basis take the largest index. The tool must necessarily be with a well-sharpened blade.

Linoleum knives

During the interior design of the room, special attention is paid to the floor. To make it look beautiful and practical, many people prefer to lay linoleum. The right material design, as well as special linoleum knives contribute to quality installation and perfect appearance. The choice of such tools is quite diverse, making it possible to buy the most suitable instance.

Household linoleum is characterized by low density and thickness. To cut it, it is enough to use an ordinary construction knife. expensive semi-commercial or natural linoleum is better to cut with a specialized knife. This will allow you to cut through the dense protective coating and get an even cut.

The procedure consists of the following steps: Marking and cutting is carried out from the back side of the material. Around the pipe flooring turn the back side outwards, so that the fold is located against the pipe. If the place of the bend will run along the wall, the linoleum will be more accurate.

What to cut the linoleum

The tool for cutting is as important as following the technology. Using household and kitchen knives and. All the more so, scissors, in this case is inexpedient. The blade will dull quickly, and the edge will be uneven and jagged. You should use one of the following tools to cut the blades:

  • Construction knife. A retractable knife that looks like a box cutter. Its sturdy blade makes it easy to make cuts in corners and near walls;
  • A tailor’s knife. If you have such a device in the house, you can use it;
  • Universal cutter. Affordable and popular method. Convenient for cutting longitudinal straight strips;
  • Circular knife. A special linoleum cutter that’s easy to use and suitable even for beginners. It can be used to cut linoleum in straight strips as well as in hard-to-reach places.