How to cut liquid glass on an oval table

Liquid glass on the table 2 mm

We can deliver safety foils and table liners:

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  • Within the Moscow region. 250r. (2-3) days.
  • When making an order you will be informed of the number of the waybill, by which you can track the status of the order on the website of the courier service.
  • SDEK than 40 points of delivery
  • Grustin than 30 points of issue
  • Delivery of products to the pickup point. 250r (2-3 days).
  • When ordering, you will be informed about the number of the waybill, by which you can track the status of the order on the website of the courier service.


  • Notify the employee of the delivery point of the invoice number. received in SMS-notification.
  • If the order is not prepaid, you have to pay for it;
  • The order can be received by another person; you must inform the manager when placing the order.


liquid, glass, table


If you choose this delivery method, you make a 100% prepayment for the product.

The parcel will be delivered to your post office.

When a parcel arrives, you will be notified at the address. Track the movement of your order you can on the site

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According to the rules of this law, the buyer does not have the right to refuse goods of proper quality that have individually definite qualities.

In the document “List of nonfoods of proper quality that are not subject to return or exchange for a similar goods of different size, shape, dimension, style, color or completeness” approved by the Government Decree of January 19, 1998, the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation. N 55 defines a list of these goods and among them:

  • Textile products (cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, goods from non-woven materials like fabrics). Ribbons, braid, lace, etc.); cable products (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, film, carpets, etc.) and other goods sold by the meter.

Therefore, table and floor coverings (films, plastics) with individually defined properties (dimensions) of proper quality cannot be returned or exchanged.

Return and exchange of goods of improper quality

Important! When accepting the goods from the courier, check the integrity of the package and the tube. If the package is damaged, you should refuse the package, take pictures of dents and other damage to the package and write to your personal manager about the fact.

If you find defects in the material or incorrect dimensions of the protective covers, you should act according to the following procedure.

  • Photograph defects or incorrect dimensions using a ruler.
  • Notify your account manager by phone or e-mail with your order number and payment information.
  • Roll up the coverage in the package. Used items cannot be returned.
  • Receive the documents from the manager for the return of the products through our collection points.
  • Print the documents and take the products to the nearest to you point of delivery by SDEK or Grastin and send to the address that your account manager will tell you.
  • Within 3 business days after the receipt of the return of products of improper quality our experts will examine the defects of the protective coating.
  • If product quality is confirmed to be unsatisfactory, a refund will be given within 7 business days by the same method that was used for payment.
  • In the case of an exchange of goods of inadequate quality, the product is sent to the buyer within 3 working days.

Instructions for the user

Photo 1 Photo 2

  • Properly seal the foil over the table.
  • Draw the fishing line behind the table outline so that no ink is left on the foil when cutting it (see photo 1).
  • Using a box cutter, carefully trim off the excess foil along the previously marked out contour.
  • Use a cutting board to protect the surface. It is convenient to use a ruler when cutting the line in a straight line (see photo 2).
  • Immediately after unpacking the film there may be a faint and fast-evaporating odor. The new film may look a little clingy and will unravel over time. If it does not, refer to the recommendation in Section 2, Item 4.
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Silicone table liners

For convenience of use of thick film on the corners of the table it is possible to attach special silicone corner pads. They additionally prevent the furniture from premature damage.

Angle pads are useful for families with small children, they will prevent injuries on sharp corners.

liquid, glass, table

Choose from

When choosing a coating for the kitchen table, not only personal preferences play an important role, but also the countertop itself, as well as the design of the kitchen. No one would cover an expensive stone base with self-adhesive.

Working with wood yourself, creating a new or reconstructing an old countertop, you can choose the oil-wax composition for its protection. It will protect the wood from moisture, high temperatures, and scratches. Today paint-and-lacquer coatings are inferior to oil-based compositions in terms of popularity.

For table reconstructions “quickly” the self-adhesive foil matched to the kitchen environment is a good choice. A wide choice of patterns and colors will not make it difficult to make the right decision.

Who does not want to bother, but wants to keep their newly purchased countertop, can use PVC film. Soft glass is a reliable protective service.

How to choose a liquid glass

Tabletop of the liquid glass will look and have the necessary properties, if only correctly picked up a silicate adhesive, is initially worth to read reviews of buyers about individual products, by them you can understand how they behave this or that product.

It is better to choose products from well-known manufacturers, it is worth paying attention to the method of storage and conditions of transportation of the material. If they have been violated, the quality of the resulting product will be reduced. Among the most popular manufacturers of silicate adhesive can be distinguished: “Kubanzheldormash”, “Alektich”, “Trade House glassproduct”, “Mettera”, “Silicate”. These are all domestic brands.

Preferable to leave the choice on a transparent package, through it will be visible whether there are sediments, various impurities, clumping in the product. It is better to choose the variant without them.

It is easy to find a factory product, because there are many of them on sale. It is better to choose these products, if there is no marking on the package, it may be a fake, the quality of which is unlikely to be good.

liquid, glass, table

Preferably leave the choice on the transparent package, through it you will be able to see if there is any sediment, various impurities, clumping in the product.

Preparing to use

For glass and plastic surfaces:Try to smooth out the air cavities under the film with the palm of your hand or a damp cloth and previously moisten the surface with water or a mild soap solution.

Fix the film tightly on the surface. Draw the fishing line behind the outline of the table so that when you cut it, no ink is left on the foil.

It is preferable to use a green handle, t.к. It rinses off better.

Using a stationery knife, carefully, along the pre-marked contour, cut off the excess film. Use a cutting board to protect the surface. It is convenient to use a ruler when cutting the line in a straight line.

Immediately after unpacking the film there may be a faint fast-evaporating smell. The new film may look a little sticky and over time will unravel. If not, use the recommendation from item 2.3.

What to look for?

There are a few little tips that come in handy when choosing such a tablecloth.

When choosing a product, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Its odor. If it is a film tablecloth it must not smell. No “chemistry”, no floral fragrances, nothing at all. Good synthetics are odorless.
  • The degree of transparency. It is better to choose a product that lets the light in well. Muddy tablecloth almost always means that it is a fake. You are actually being sold a plain oilcloth under the guise of a clear tablecloth. Only the price is much higher.
  • Heat resistance. Not always the seller will let you check this, but a good seller will have test samples. If a cup of tea leaves a mark on the tablecloth, what good would it do? In kitchen life, it will die on the first day of use.
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Of course, they also look at the design, at how it will fit into the interior, whether it will look unconvincing in it. In this case, the observation helps a lot: you need to look at more than a dozen of interior photos, where the tablecloth from a transparent material looks modern, appropriate, beautiful. Analysis will give an understanding, often intuitive, what to choose. which design is relevant, and which is completely alien to a given interior.

On top of the table cover. soft glass.

The table is an important detail in the interior of the apartment or house. Such purchase is made with the reckoning not for one year, carefully selecting the surface of furniture under a color scheme of the room. To protect the cover from external influences, the table is usually covered with a tablecloth or colored oilcloth. Transparent film on the table. a new modern way to preserve the perfect surface.

The tablecloth “liquid glass

The transparent protective foil is made of PET material and coated with a layer of silicone microcells. The film is 0.25 mm thick, which is enough to protect furniture surfaces from scratches and dirt. Can be used up to 150 degrees. information is available here

Decosave Soft glass, or liquid glass as it is also called, is made of transparent PVC film 2mm thick. Can be used in applications up to 70 degrees. For more information click here.

The Decosave Hard table cover is made of 1mm, 3mm or 5mm clear monolithic polycarbonate. information is available here

Before installing the film, we recommend that you moisten the surface of the tabletop and then wipe it with a dry cloth. For more information and video instructions on how to install the film we recommend here.

You can order DecoSave table covers and film:

Also we advise to reduce the size of the foil on each side by 1-2 mm. For more convenient mounting and operation. The film must not extend beyond the table, otherwise you will cling to it with your hands.

We can deliver your order all over Russia and CIS. We send the products to Russia by courier service SDEK. For distant regions of Russia and the CIS we offer to send your order via Russian Post. Packages are delivered directly to your home or to the pick-up point. for calculation of delivery cost tell the manager the exact address.

Since the film is cut individually for each client. We work on prepaid system.Payment options:

  • We order on 30% prepayment of the film cost.The rest of the amount in cash to the courier upon receipt of the order.
  • Payment by invoice for the full amount.

For individuals need to specify F.И.О., Phone number and exact delivery address. For legal entities, it is required to specify details of the organization. The term of manufacture of standard sizes is 1-2 days from the date of payment, for orders with individual parameters of the terms of production by agreement.