How to cut liquid glass onto a round table

Gree Textile

The Chinese brand offers graceful PVC lace weaving patterns. The cost of a product with a floral ornament 85×85 cm. 780 rubles.

If you want to purchase a strict, practical model without lace and other decor, suitable for everyday use and fitting into modern laconic interiors, stop choosing Russian products of a strict rectangular shape. These tablecloths are a smooth, dense PVC film that protects the tabletop with an ideal transparent layer. Or opt for a set: tablecloth and chair covers in the same color scheme.

Such products are very inexpensive. For example, a tablecloth measuring 180×120 cm will cost only 57 rubles. Photos of various tablecloths on the table can be viewed here.

Manufacturers and prices

We will find out which of the manufacturers today offers us the best selection of transparent kitchen tablecloths at humane prices.


Products made of transparent cotton lace are an excellent solution, but they are more suitable for a festive event, since natural material cannot be compared to artificial material in terms of practicality. Cotton looks very nice, but requires frequent washings.

Be careful when eating with such a tablecloth. Natural cotton can absorb grease and dirt from dishes so intensively that it will not be washed off later.

It is also worth knowing that there are waterproof tablecloths for the kitchen and how to choose the right size.

However, if you purchased a product with the addition of viscose or polyester, then this option will be much more practical. Mixed options are easier to wash and are not afraid of greasy stains. In addition, they do not wrinkle yet. But, if a cotton model can be boiled or treated with bleach, then with mixed fabrics such a “number” will not work. They do not withstand high temperatures and require a delicate wash.

The size

We will find out how to determine the size of the product.

According to the classical canons, the tablecloth should be larger than the area of ​​the table top. And not less than 20 percent. If the product is designed for a festive event, then it can exceed the size of the table top by 70-80%, hanging almost to the floor. And if this is a tablecloth for every day, up to medium size. 30-40% more tabletop area will be enough.

It is also worth paying attention to how round tablecloths for the kitchen look and how they are used.


This version of the product is a natural canvas treated with a special teflon or acrylic solution. As a result of such processing, natural fabric acquires increased strength characteristics, becomes invulnerable to stains, tears, damage, practically “unkillable”. The resulting material does not absorb water, repels dirt.

Round Epoxy Table. DIY Epoxy Resin Table. How To Woodworking

The advantage of this model is that it does not look like an artificial plastic product, while having all its advantages. In addition, the impregnated fabric “breathes”, that is, air circulates in the space between the tablecloth and the table, protecting the table surface from fungus, mold and rot.


This Chinese brand offers high quality polyester products. The models are real works of art. beautiful but practical at the same time. The cost of a transparent lace product 85×85 cm. 1776 rubles.


The great advantage of PVC tablecloths is that they can be selected in both transparent white and transparent colored options. This variety allows you to better decorate the room.

Consider also the features of transparent silicone products. They, like PVC tablecloths, also have their own advantages. Silicone tablecloths are extremely elegant and decorative.

Silicone tablecloths are characterized by increased strength characteristics. Suitable for those housewives who value reliability and have a large, noisy family. with small children and animals. The silicone product is able to withstand even active daily use.

Read about how to choose a tablecloth for an oval table in this article.

The transparent silicone model looks charming both on wooden and, especially, on glass kitchen tables. It gives weightless airiness to the kitchen space, so it can be used to “dilute” an interior that is too heavy. with a bulky dark kitchen set.

A silicone tablecloth is often without a pattern, which makes it possible to use it in strict, minimalistic interiors. And modern fashion welcomes just such interiors. The absence of a pattern also emphasizes the elegant shape of the furniture.

The advantage of silicone over PVC is that it can easily withstand high temperatures. Many homes have modern silicone bakeware that can withstand colossal heat in the oven. So you can be calm. the tablecloth will somehow withstand a mug of tea or even a hot pot from the stove, without losing its decorativeness and its technical characteristics.

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The silicone product is absolutely silent during operation. There will be no rustling, no rustling, no other sounds from the touch.

it is worth noting that silicone transparent tablecloths are indeed very practical and presentable at the same time. They are popular in Western countries, and now they are very quickly being introduced into our everyday life. You will also appreciate their practicality, durability, versatility and decorativeness.

liquid, glass, onto, table

You should also pay attention to what kind of transparent tablecloths are on the kitchen table and how good they look.

Features of PVC tablecloth

Transparent tablecloths are often made from a material such as PVC. This versatile substance is used in the manufacture of windows, and plastic bags, and, as it turned out, also tablecloths. Consider the features of transparent PVC tablecloths.

First, it is affordable. Every housewife will be able to afford to buy such a product for her house.

Rare practicality. PVC tablecloth is not afraid of water, dirt, stains. all dirt can be easily removed with a regular cloth.

The variety of models, patterns and designs of products made from this material is so great that any housewife has a lot to choose from.

The tablecloth is notable for its good versatility and, correctly selected, can decorate the interior of almost any kitchen. The product is very practical and does not require any special maintenance. It is enough just to wipe it with a damp cloth and brush off the crumbs after eating. The PVC product is absolutely wrinkle-free and does not need to be washed.

Some users claim that hot dishes can be put on the PVC tablecloth, and the product will not be harmed. the tablecloth will not melt, deteriorate, etc. However, it must be warned that this information is not entirely correct. Of course, the tablecloth will stand up quietly if you put a mug of freshly poured hot coffee on it. However, we do not recommend placing a hot frying pan or other utensil that has just been removed from the fire on top of the product. In this case, the product, most likely, will not withstand and melt.

Reviews of teflon-coated tablecloths can be found in this material.

How to replace a glass cutter

Not only professional tools will help when cutting glass, but also not quite ordinary ones, such as scissors or an angle grinder. They can easily cope with such work under certain conditions.

Scissors do not cut glass in the air, but you can cut glass with scissors in water. In a liquid, the force of gravity is less and the scissors do not make an incision, but a microcrack. This crack acts as a capillary for water to enter. Capillary water has a wedging effect on weak crystallization points and the glass breaks off in pieces.

Interesting! If it is necessary to cut curly parts, the glass is placed in cold water and then boiled for several hours. After cooling, the tension inside is relieved and the material becomes soft.

There are several ways and options for how to cut thick glass. The simplest is to use an oil glass cutter if the thickness is not more than 20 mm. But as an option, you can use an angle grinder. The dimensions of the tool should be small and comfortable. The diameter of the circle is the smallest, then it will be easier to work with it.

Burning thread

We soak the thread in a flammable liquid and fix it on the glass along the cutting line of the cut. We set it on fire, wait for it to completely burn out and immediately place it in cold water or pour it into the place of heating. The main thing is for the glass to cool down as quickly as possible and burst from the temperature drop. A characteristic click will signal the success of the work done. If the glass is not cracked, you can try to repeat the operation.

This method cleaves bottles fairly evenly, but does not always work with large glass sizes. It is also very fire hazardous and requires a fire extinguisher or a container of water at hand, which is already mandatory.

What is the sticker made of?

Such a sticker for visually impaired people is made in the form of a circle with a diameter of 15 or 20 cm. It is a self-adhesive polymer film made of PVC. The sign is painted yellow on both sides so that you can see it both from the outside and from the inside. It has no white fields along the contour, it is already cut off. The cost of a sign depends on its diameter; larger items are more expensive.

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If the sticker is intended for use on interior partitions (inside the building), then there are no requirements for its installation. If it is attached to the front door, then it is important to stick it at an air temperature of at least 8 degrees. The glass in the place where the sign is attached must be wiped from dirt and dust, degreased. Thanks to this, the yellow circle is better fixed on the canvas.

These self-adhesive signs are designed to be placed on hard, smooth surfaces. They are glued by hand and do not require any additional fixtures. It is enough, after removing the protective layer, to gently press the film against the glass, trying to prevent air bubbles from getting under the film.

Plexiglass: glass or plastic

Not all types of glass are cut with glass cutters. On the construction market there are materials that either cannot be cut at all at home, or for cutting them you need to familiarize yourself with some rules, and some are cut very simply.

How Liquid Glass Finish is applied on Cabin Furniture at JHE’s Log Furniture Place

One of the most pliable materials for cutting is plexiglass. It is a transparent plastic with thermoplastic properties. The material is very easy to process, but there is one feature: low thermal conductivity, due to which the cut edges immediately heat up. Therefore, before cutting acrylic glass, you need to consider how to cool it.

Basic tools for cutting plexiglass:

    hand saw for metal; a circular saw; cutter; milling machine; stationery knife.

The choice of tool directly depends on the thickness of the glass: thin. with a knife, the thickest with a circular or on a machine. The saw blades are used special for plexiglass, but are suitable for copper, aluminum.

It is necessary to work quickly with a hacksaw or stationery knife. Unlike window pane, the cut can be made several times along the mowing line. During cutting, the blades are cooled so as not to melt the cut edges. The resulting cut will have roughness, which are removed by sanding.

A low melting point makes it possible to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw and get a wide variety of shaped products. In a jigsaw, the file is replaced with nichrome wire. which is connected to a transformer with an operating voltage of up to 4 V. The heated wire easily and gently passes through the plexiglass along any path. the cut is smooth and even, requiring no additional processing.


Another way to cut glass at home without a glass cutter and expensive power tools. To work, you need a file and a little experience in handling glass. Please note that the file must have corners, so a round file will not work.

To cut the glass, it is enough to make several cuts on its surface with the corner of the file. You need to press on the file slightly more than average so that there is enough force to form a clear groove, similar to a glass cutter cut. When the place of the chip is planned, we simply break the glass on the edge of the table or put a match under the place of the cut.

This method requires a certain skill, and if you are dealing with glass cutting for the first time, we strongly recommend that you practice on small, unnecessary fragments before moving on to the main material.

Pobeditovy drill

If you know firsthand what glass cutting is, then we suggest considering another way of cutting glass without a glass cutter. With some experience, one drill with a victorious tip may be sufficient for this operation. The main thing is that the drill is more or less new, with sharp corners on the head.

The process of cutting glass with a drill itself is in many ways similar to a conventional roller glass cutter. Of the differences, a higher pressure force can be distinguished, but otherwise all actions are standard. We lay the glass on a flat surface, mark the cutting line, apply a bar, and lead the line from top to bottom along it. Before cutting, turn the tip so that the sharpest corner touches the glass. Having received a clear line, we break the glass along the mowing line of the cut.

The method of cutting glass with a victorious drill requires skill and practical experience in handling this material. Novice craftsmen have very little chance of making an accurate cut in this way, but with patience and straight hands, you can get the desired result.

Scissors in the water

A simple method for directional splitting of glass. Allows you to easily cut round shapes, but will not work for straight lines. For such cutting, you will need ordinary scissors and a container of water, which will serve as a kind of lubricant. The maximum glass thickness should not exceed 4 mm.

The cutting process with this technique is extremely simple. We take a piece of processed glass, immerse it in water and cut off small pieces from the edges with scissors. Water will prevent the glass from cracking, allowing you to make a controlled chipping. In this way, you can get oval and round shapes.

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Rules for working with the material

Read the instructions carefully, save it until the end of the work. Exactly respect the proportions, shades, drying time.

Use a scale. Do not use a mixer to stir the mixture.

  • If you want to get the full effect of glass surfaces, the room should be dust-free, warm, without drafts.
  • The tree must be cleaned of dust, dirt, cleaned, leveled.
  • If the tree is not processed, it must be primed. To do this, use a special primer or less concentrated liquid wallpaper.
  • Use roller or brushes when applying material.
  • The number of layers is not less than two. The second and subsequent are applied after the previous one has completely dried.
  • Small air bubbles will appear in the process. They can be removed by heating with a blowtorch.
  • The solution is poured from the center to the periphery in a spiral. If the size of the table allows, you can disperse the composition with a spatula.
  • When working with horizontal surfaces, level the work area. Otherwise, the mixture will be unevenly distributed.
  • The liquid solidifies quickly. You shouldn’t be stocking a lot unless you plan to spend it all at once. It must be applied within 15-20 minutes.

Liquid glass is diluted with clean tap water. The proportions are different. Based on the original consistency of the product.

Be sure to wear protective gloves and goggles. Observe safety precautions.

We advise you to watch a video about working with the material:

Working with liquid glass for the table

Nowadays, there are many requirements for furniture, but the two most important are practicality and beauty. Practicality is especially required in the kitchen. Modern technologies offer a material like liquid glass. It is also called transparent polymer or epoxy resin. Nowadays, the application of liquid glass on a table or countertop is very popular.


There are eight largest Russian companies:

  • “KUBANZHELDORMASH”. A large machine-building enterprise that has been operating since 1933. Epoxy has been produced since 2007.
  • “TRADING HOUSE STEKLOPRODUKT”. Ryazan enterprise, whose products were used in the construction of facilities in Sochi.
  • METTERRA. The company produces only sodium liquid glass.
  • “OXIUM”. They work in accordance with GOST. If necessary, make a composition with any characteristics.
  • “CONTACT”. In addition to the finished polymer solution, it is made in powder form.
  • IVKHIMPROM. In addition to production lines, it has its own research center.
  • “SILICATE”. Founded in 2009 One of the foremost in the production of liquid glass.
  • “ALEKTICH”. It was founded in 1992 for the design and construction of buildings in difficult natural conditions. For our own needs, we opened a line for the production of epoxy. Today, the volume of the issue allows selling it to other companies.

How to care for the product

Experts recommend washing or wetting the surface a week after treatment. No special care is required. It is enough to wipe it with a dry or damp cloth. Use soap and water for greasy stains. Rubbing with abrasive cleaning agents is not recommended.

A possible option for covering the table top can be a tablecloth or oilcloth made of liquid (soft) glass. It is a transparent or colored PVC (polyvinyl chloride) overlay. Not afraid of water, temperature extremes, mechanical damage and dirt. Adheres tightly to the surface, resist stretching, no bubbles.

The soft glass tablecloth will protect against scratches, stains, chips. Has the appearance of ordinary glass.

How to choose liquid glass for your table

The invention of this material belongs to Professor Johann Fuchs. He made his discovery in 1818. Today, only technological processes have changed.

The polymer does not turn yellow, does not crack, does not lag behind the wood. Easy to clean, not afraid of scratches. Stands out for lack of toxicity, environmental friendliness and safety for the environment. It can be left transparent or painted in any desired color.

Liquid glass is based on potassium or sodium silicates.

  • Sodium has high adhesion and stickiness. Not afraid of temperature changes. Applications ranging from foundation reinforcement to tree and shrub treatment.
  • Potassium glass has the same characteristics, only it does not give glare. Can be used for outdoor renovations.

For wood processing, you need to use a sodium solution. Choose liquid glass for your countertop from these enamels:

  • alkyd PF-115;
  • chloropolyethylene, aka HP;
  • urethane-alkyd UR-49.

They provide reliable protection against moisture.

Coating with liquid glass increases the fire safety and moisture resistance of wooden surfaces. Protects against fungi, mold. Liquid glass is a versatile material with a wide range of applications. If you have experience in this area or examples of work, please share them in the comments.