How to cut plexiglass at home

How to Easily Cut Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheets

Basic ways to cut plastic glass

If you are not planning to cut plastic glass yourself, but are going to make a product out of it, you can ask for help at any workshop where they will cut any size, any shape, according to your sketches. Only the material you will choose yourself, and with the rest you can also consult the master of the company where you went.

  • The most popular cutting method in production is laser cutting, which allows you to cut large sheets with a laser beam. Details are accurate and no residue is left behind.
plexiglass, home
  • In the shops you can find a special machine for cutting plexiglass in the form of a disk or band saw. If the laser is needed for a straight cut on a precise cut, the saw is able to cut any of your order on the most complex workpiece. But don’t expect straight and smooth lines from this tool. For perfect surface finish by cutting, a cutter is suitable.
  • Cutter is a machine for cutting in wood, plastic, acrylic. And with the right approach and the right speeds perfectly cut any, even complex surface of plexiglas.

Because plexiglass is heated, the machining is done at high revolutions.

If you plan to independently process polymer glass at home, it is better to see before the work a video how to cut plexiglass, where masters will not only tell you about the methods of cutting, but also demonstrate the use of tools.

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Cutting Plexiglas at home

  • The basic option for the home is to cut polymer glass with a cutter. First use a ruler to mark all the mowing line for the cut. Then run the cutter several times along these lines. It is not necessary to cut along the entire thickness of the marking, you just need to break the sheet by running the cutter along the mowing line several times. You can make a cutter knife yourself, but it is easier to buy it at any construction store.
  • The easiest way to cut it is with a metal saw. Many people are reluctant to use this method because of the unkempt and rough cut that will need to be processed.
  • Circular saws and cuts up to 1mm thick are good for cutting. But in this case it will be necessary to occasionally cool the saw, as the surface may remain rough, and when finishing the work may be accompanied by the emission of unpleasant smoke. If you use water to cool it, the edge of the cut will be straight and sufficiently transparent.
  • In the same way as in the case of bending, cut the surface of the plexiglass with nichrome thread. We use a transformer to heat the thread, and the action of the wire will melt the glass. In this case, it is possible to cut non-straight cuts, and even shaped cuts.
  • On the tips of home masters, many devices can be used for cutting out of glass. For example, a slotted screwdriver in conjunction with a soldering iron is suitable. The screwdriver blade is heated with a soldering iron and the screwdriver is used to cut. After which the glass can be broken without any problems.
  • Very beautiful in the photo furniture made of plexiglas. With their own forces you can, for example, cover the surface of any table in the house with shaped glass. For this purpose a special shaped cutter is used.
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Polymeric glass can be processed with any locksmith tool, the main thing is not just cut out, but according to a given size and with the right technology.

It is important to monitor the cutting wheel feed speed to ensure that the acrylic sheet is smoothly cut during operation. It is best to start the cutting process at the lowest speed of the power tool. The optimum cutting temperature can only be determined experimentally. If the acrylic material begins to melt during cutting and sticks to the cutting blade, stop work, clean the blade of dirt and cool the sawed workpiece.

To cut a small piece of organic glass, you can use a slotted screwdriver. The screwdriver is heated over a gas torch and held with the slotted part along the ruler attached to the workpiece.

plexiglass, home

The heated part of the screwdriver produces a shallow groove in the material. This groove can be deepened further and then the edge of the glass can be broken off, or a saw can be used to cut further into the groove. The edge of the workpiece is uneven after cutting. This can be aligned with a long grind.

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In the following video you will learn how to cut acrylic quickly and easily.

This is where grandmothers got modern. Ours, for example, called early in the morning and said, “I want a pergola in the garden with a clear roof, right under the scattered apple tree and a new greenhouse.”. No, well, what a habit it is to wake good people with neither light nor dawn? She gets up with the roosters, so she wakes us up! I figured it out in the touch phone and wakes up, bored, you know, she also came up with something.

We will build our own gazebo, but what kind of roof to make, not glass, actually put. At least, why not. “Plexiglas” is possible! Plexiglas is lightweight, transparent, durable, ideal for gazebos and greenhouses. And you can cut it yourself if it doesn’t fit. You know how to cut plexiglass and how to do it right? Let’s take a closer look at this question.