How To Cut Round Glass In Homes

How to cut round glass?


In our life, situations arise when a circle must be cut out of ordinary glass. If you take a glass cutter and a ruler and try to cut such glass, then you will not succeed, because such a task must be approached with all responsibility and seriousness. There are several ways to cut round glass. The choice of method depends on the thickness and dimensions of the glass.

To cut round glass, you need to prepare the necessary tools and items. These include:

Glass cutter;
Protective glasses;
Diamond blade;
Rope and suction cup;
Thick cardboard;
Tubular drill;
Capacity with water;

How to cut round glass?

Now let’s look at the easiest way to cut round glass. To do this, you need to take a glass cutter and tools in order to cut an even circle. First, mark the center of the circle on the glass, then attach the suction cup to the place where the center was marked. We tie a rope to the installed suction cup, and a glass cutter to the rope. The length of the rope from the suction cup to the cutter should be equal to the radius of the circle that you plan to cut. After all the preparations are completed, you can draw a circle on the glass with a glass cutter. Now draw “rays” from the resulting circle on the rest of the glass with a glass cutter. And after that, with ticks, break off the extra pieces that are between the previously held “rays”.

Cutting glass with a diamond saw

If it becomes necessary to cut round glass, but there is no glass cutter and tubular glass, then you can use a diamond saw. A diamond saw is a smooth diamond-coated strip where the teeth of a regular saw are.

In order to work with a diamond saw, it is necessary to cut a stencil of the circle to be cut out of thick cardboard or plywood. After that, the cut out stencil must be glued to the glass. When these preparatory work is done, you can start sawing with a diamond saw. During the sawing process, the glass from which the circle is cut must be constantly moistened with water, therefore the process of cutting the round glass must take place in the bathroom. If you decide to cut a circle out of glass using a diamond saw, then you need to be patient and cut the glass with great care.

How to cut round glass less than 30 centimeters in diameter?

If it becomes necessary to cut a circle with a diameter of less than 30 centimeters, then for this you need to use a tubular drill. A tubular drill is a tube made of metal that has an attachment to fix it in the drill chuck. The edges of the tubular drill should be smooth because glass is cut with abrasive water. Before you start cutting a circle out of glass, you must apply an abrasive with water to the edges of the circle, and when cutting a circle from glass, the abrasive with water must be constantly under the tubular drill so that the glass does not overheat and crack. If done correctly, the result will be an even circle.

Cutting thin glass

If you have thin glass available, you can cut a circle out of it with ordinary scissors. To do this, you need to make a stencil on the glass using a waterproof marker. After that, you need to place the glass in water, take scissors and cut out a circle using a stencil, biting off small pieces of excess glass with pliers, while gradually approaching the shape of a circle. With this method of cutting a circle from glass, the circle will turn out to be uneven, but if an urgent situation arises and a glass circle is needed, then you can use these methods of cutting a circle from glass. This method is used when only scissors can be found from the tools. If the glass is 2-3 mm thick, then a circle can be cut out of it with scissors. And if the glass is thicker, then you need to apply the methods described above.

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Drilling a hole in glass

A hole in the glass can be drilled with a carbide drill. The secret to the success of this operation. in the liquid with which the glass is wetted. It is prepared from alum dissolved in acetic acid, or from a one-to-one mixture of camphor or turpentine. A plasticine roller is built around the drilling space. Liquid is poured into the resulting bath. During processing, the glass must lie on soft matter.

Making holes in glass

There is an ancient, but something now forgotten method of making holes in glass. The space on the glass, where the hole should be, is properly cleaned of dirt and grease with gasoline, acetone or alcohol. Next, moist fine sand is poured onto the washed place and a funnel is made in the sand to the glass with a sharpened stick of the required diameter. Molten solder (lead or tin is acceptable) is poured into the form prepared in this way in the sand. After 1-2 minutes, the sand should be discarded and the solder cone removed. A smooth through hole appears in the glass.

Once again on how to drill a hole in glass

How to drill a hole in glass in 10-15 moments. To do this, you will need to sharpen a thin file like a chisel and attach it to a hand drill chuck. Do not forget to let the file cool down only at the time of drilling, even occasionally sharpening it.

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Drilling a large hole in glass

The drill is made from a piece of aluminum, duralumin or copper tube 40-60 mm long. From the first end, a wood cork is hammered into it to a depth of 20-25 millimeters, and at the other end, the teeth are cut out with a triangular file. A small screw 4-5 mm thick is screwed into the cork so that its smooth part protrudes 10-15 mm. The head is sawed off. They are glued to the glass on both sides along a paper washer with a hole equal to the diameter to be drilled. The glass is placed on a piece of rubber. A little abrasive powder is poured onto the drilling space. Then insert the end of the screw protruding from the cork into a hand drill, lubricate the teeth with turpentine and then start drilling. When the tube goes deep into the glass by at least 1/3 of its thickness, turn the glass over and finish drilling on the second side.

Cutting glass circles freehand

How to make holes in glass yourself

There is an ancient, but something now forgotten method of making holes in glass. The space on the glass where there should be a hole is properly cleaned of dirt and grease with gasoline, acetone or alcohol. Next, moist fine sand is poured onto the washed place and a funnel is made in the sand to the glass with a sharpened stick of the required diameter. Molten solder (lead or tin is acceptable) is poured into the form prepared in this way in the sand. After 1-2 minutes, the sand should be discarded and the solder cone removed. A smooth through hole appears in the glass.

Another way to make a hole in glass

Another method for making a hole in glass.
For work, a drill made of hard metal plasticine for the production of a small bath, a combination of equal shares of camphor and turpentine, as well as a piece of dense rubber.

Cutting round glasses

We offer the possibility of cutting out rounded glasses. A roller from the glass cutter is attached to one jaw of the caliper. Another sponge rests on the glass through a rubber washer. The roller is rolled a couple of times in a circle, then 3-4 tangents are drawn with a standard glass cutter, making it easier to chip the glass along the edges of the cuts. Sharpened edges are cleaned with a file or emery under running water.

Glass cutting:

  • Cutting glass should be done only along a ruler, ideally a thin metal one. It is not worth repeating after experienced craftsmen, who “by eye” accurately cut glass. It’s years of training and quite a lot of broken glass;
  • If you have never cut glass with your own hands, it is better to practice on scraps, this will save you money;
  • Try to cut the glass in one pass, never stopping. This will significantly increase the chance that it will break evenly along the mowing line and no chip will form at the junction of the cutting lines;
  • If you are using a diamond glass cutter, do not press down on it while cutting; as a rule, its weight is sufficient for it. Otherwise, just break the tool.
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How to break glass:

  • You need to break the glass with your hands, but be sure to use gloves so as not to injure your hands if it breaks not according to plan. The glass should lie with the cutting line exactly on the edge of the table, then a sharp pressure. and it breaks along the mowing line;
  • Break off narrow edges with a glass cutter or pliers. In order not to damage the glass, you can put paper folded in several layers;
  • If it seems to you that the cutting depth is too small, you can knock on the back side with a glass cutter hammer against the cutting line of the cut. This will widen the split in depth;
  • If using a conventional roller glass cutter, press down harder and start cutting from the far side of the blade. In the case when he does not really want to cut (if he is sharp), you can dip it in kerosene and roll it on the glass without leaving the cut groove;
  • When the cut does not work well, you can make another cut. already on the back side. You need to try to get exactly opposite the previous cut.

Scissors in the water

A simple method for directional splitting of glass. Allows you to easily cut round shapes, but will not work for straight lines. For such cutting, you will need ordinary scissors and a container of water, which will serve as a kind of lubricant. The maximum glass thickness should not exceed 4 mm.

The cutting process with this technique is extremely simple. We take a piece of processed glass, immerse it in water and cut off small pieces from the edges with scissors. Water will prevent the glass from cracking, allowing you to make controlled chipping. In this way, you can get oval and round shapes.

Glass Cutting Wire

Using a wire to cut glass without a glass cutter is also easy. You still need water; however, in this case, you need to have a tray in which the glass can lie flat and submerge in water to a depth of about six centimeters. Start with a clean, dry piece of glass and use a sharp tool to lightly mark the line you want to cut.

Make sure your wire is longer by tying the loops at the ends. Put a wooden stick through the hinges and pull it tightly against the stick. Heat the wire (you can electrically, you can use a blowtorch) until it gets hot. Then press it firmly along the mowing line of the cut.

As soon as you do this and see that the glass is hot, immediately immerse it in water, without allowing it to cool. When pressed lightly, the glass will break along the heated mowing line. You can put a stick directly in front of the heating mowing line on the bottom of a container with water and break the glass through it. Then you get an even and beautiful split.

3 ways to cut glass without glass cutter

We tend to think that we can only use a glass cutter to cut glass, as we always show on our website. Although this is the simplest method, it is not the only one. There are three other methods in which only common household items can be used. These are simple methods of cutting glass at home, but you should always remember that this (especially if you are not used to it) is quite dangerous and I encourage you to wear safety glasses and gloves for your own protection.

What you need:

  • Protective glasses;
  • Gloves;
  • Alcohol;
  • Matches or lighter;
  • Capacity with water;
  • Smooth wooden stick;
  • The wire;
  • Wooden tray;
  • Scissors;
  • Blowtorch;
  • Grindstone.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

Before proceeding with a detailed description of glass cutting techniques, we want to remind you of safety. Always wear work gloves and safety goggles when working to avoid cuts and small debris getting into your eyes. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure to the glass.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

A special cutting tool is required to cut a fragile material such as glass. Of course, glass cutters greatly simplify the cutting process, but you can cope with their work with the help of other handy items. If you are faced with the need to cut glass, and there is no glass cutter at hand, we will show you how you can replace it.

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Cutting glass at home

There are fewer situations when it is necessary to cut glass at home, but they still exist. The windows are now increasingly equipped with sealed double-glazed windows, which are assembled exclusively in a professional workshop. But there are also interior doors, furniture, mirrors and other items containing glass. And it is not always possible to contact glaziers for repair or replacement. It is advisable for a home craftsman to master glass cutting techniques.

Not everyone is able to cut glass. Even modern oil glass cutters do not solve this problem, since they also have to be skillful. A good glass cutter today costs 40 and above. Does it make sense to acquire an expensive tool in the household if the need for cutting glass is extremely rare? The answer is unequivocal. no. However, you can purchase a semi-professional glass cutter, and are able to cut 25-40 meters of glass (meaning the footage of the cut mowing line).

Roller glass cutters have a hollow handle filled with special oil. If there is no such oil, then at worst, diesel fuel or kerosene with the addition of engine oil in a 1: 2 ratio.

The glass should be cut on a perfectly flat tabletop covered with a thin cloth. It is important to keep the work surface clean and carefully remove small glass fragments left after cutting.

The glass cutter can be held like a ballpoint pen or by pinching it between your index and middle finger. Some hold the glass cutter by resting the ball of the grip in the center of the palm, keeping the index finger against the cutter head. In general, hold the instrument as you like, just do not take it “in a fist”.

An important nuance concerns the markup. The cutter head has a specific width. Therefore, if you set the ruler directly to the marks of the desired glass size, then the cutting line will be 2.5 mm further (5 mm narrow head). In order for the dimensions to be accurate, it is necessary either to retreat with a ruler by 2.5 mm, or when marking out the line with the corresponding amendment. The easiest way is to install the glass cutter with a roller on the line of the future cut, making a small notch, and after that attach the ruler. This operation must be done twice. at the beginning and at the end of the line.

The glass is quite slippery and the ruler without a rubber sole can easily slip to the side during cutting. If the glass is long, and there is no special ruler, then it is better to cut it with a partner, or carefully fix the ruler with a clamp with rubber pads.

It is not necessary to press hard on the glass cutter. Regardless of the thickness of the glass, a pressure of 2-3 kg is sufficient. Make sure that the glass is clean before starting the cut. There should be no obstacles in the path of the roller. The cut is made in one step with uniform speed and pressure throughout the entire path.

The correct breaking off of the glass is just as important as the cut itself. Special pliers help to break off glass without problems.

If there are no pincers for breaking off the glass, then you can break off the glass with your hands just as well. It is safer to work with gloves with back of hand protection. If the glass is short, you can simply lift it up and break it like chocolate. Long glasses should be pushed to the edge of the table and with both hands, with a sharp downward movement, break off the cut, while holding it.

When working with glass, do not forget about safety rules! Never hold the glass in an upright position with your hands underneath! If it accidentally breaks on something, it will have a guillotine effect.