How to cut the advice along a hacksaw. Preparation of a tool for cutting a wood chip

Cut the prefabricated for the door frame.

Tell me where you can cut the preference and how much it will cost, in the area of ​​Meshchera? We bought it for a long time, and we put the door now, it is a little wider.

That the installer does not have a parqueter? In any case, the sawed part is hidden in the box and it is not visible, the accuracy in the share of mm is not needed there

Not always. We once did not take a chance, the execution of the junction was some wild. They drove to furniture workers

Yesterday was in Castorama, they said that he drank at least 1cm. And I 0.5cm must be removed. They did not take it. Maybe I think there could be some furniture production, they could do.

THANKS! 🙂 I call the production of cabinet furniture. On one of them, they agreed to make a cut for 150.

🙂 Thank you of course. Just a precise door to fairly expensive doors. It will be difficult to buy a new one. The risk is not worth it. And about the cut. I was mistaken, he wants 150.

If you judge the price. already risk), but don’t be particularly worried. there is always “at hand” sealants and wax

What is the risk? for example, “take” the saw for 3 mm. Excrection for the release. This is shortly. for 150 for the “order” no one will strain anywhere. will do it. “we’ll see how it goes”

))) “something new”. This is that in “furniture industries” someone agreed to “strain” for 150)).

drop. Plant. And, if you yourself know how to saw, then. Fuck a similar topic create?, They wanted to scare chtoli. Could you. do it.

Believe me, not everyone works exclusively with orders for a hundred meters of saw. 150 rubles per 5 meters saw, this is 5 times more expensive than the standard price and takes a minute on the format. Why should be crooked?

No need to tell anything. I know a lot of places in the city where for this money they will cut with an accuracy of half a millimeter of at least five meters at least 500.

Chooo. On a stationary “circular” at 3 / three / mm. Take it off. This must be drunk at least a liter in order to “shine” like that!))) I am a manual saw. 0.5 mm on a three.meter board. Good

I was sawed in Castorama a regular furniture woody stove, on two fragments “led away” for exactly 3 mm, I did not go for the order for myself.

Seryoga77 wrote (a) on two fragments “led away” for exactly 3 mm, I made an order for myself not to go.

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Well, xs with him))), I sent you a message to you (I have a computer. Old. “Privat” does not show “(

Seryoga77 wrote (a) I sent a message to you (I have a computer. Old. “Privat” does not show “(

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How to cut doors

The problem is this: wall thickness 9 cm, doors corbate 7-8 cm. Standard dose of at least 9 cm. Question: how and how to cut a set of input three strips with a width of 1-2cm and in general it is possible to do this exactly?

I sawed an expensive hacksaw on wood sandwick. With a small tooth. This is if there is no circular. With or without tire.

Maola wrote: but really cut 3 pieces?

At least 9. But perfectly even (so as not to putty). hardly. Will have to be brought with handles or lshm-ko.

but how to cut evenly (without putty) ? Or just a circular?

2MALA I think yes (if you have no flight in your garage).

An electrician can be fixed if it is fixed on the table in the manner of circular, and the board is on the guide. It is better to buy a Chinese circular for 1000 r

Sergey_g. wrote: It is better to buy a Chinese circular for 1000 r

And a good small.toothed disk for the same.

And the layout or plastic corner is not easier?

So the preference is planted in the groove or a quarter so that you can boldly saw on the circular and even if there are small chips they leave for a quarter and you will not be visible, but to the factory saw, beat the platband only on the inputs of the consumption of a large one, 4cm cut the rest for the release into such Cases are wound up by telescopic platbands of Mr.-shaped with a 8cm box can be extended to 10cm, but not all manufacturers have such boxes

Thank everyone for the advice of 2starik49, I don’t want a plastic corner, but what is a layout? 2.Podelkin telescopic we have only in expensive doors, and there is no such beast in the doorway like Volkhovets, but I want to cut one additional for 3 pcs, otherwise, buy dobages on 6 doors and throw everything out

And if it turns to the company where the wood.fiber plate is covered. They can do it smoothly, so that then to the platband without putty?

2MALA just in Volkhovts, this is only not in all models, but we put a bleached oak with such platbands

2 Voddelkin. I will ask again about such boxes in the store.

Maola wrote: The question is: how and how to cut a set of input three strips with a width of 1-2cm and in general it is possible to do this smoothly?

I bought a cheap circular and a laminate disc (all together for 1000 or 1100, I don’t remember for sure) yes, it’s not kosher, as many will say, nevertheless I collected the kitchen (38 mm countertop, cut the cupboards) dabures, too I took wide. The quality of the cut is normal, this is certainly not so good.

Definitely circular. Apatic sheet was 210×90 cm

2Phantom, mike_gnd thanks, probably so easier. Called in a couple of furniture studio. They do not provide such services

The easiest option. Make such submission from platbands. And so that the curvature of the cut does not affect, to get them by the box.

2ALEX21 platbands can be rounded and this is not a cheap option, you can buy the same dose. cut off the strip and cut into a groove, from one rail 2 pieces will turn out.

2 Voddelkin official dealer of the Volkhovts in the Nizhny Novgorod region claims that the Volkhovsets are attached to nails

2MALA well, probably not all models have a door with Mr

2 Voddelkin maybe I asked a series of Tekton. You still have pictures of the doors of the white oak in the interior? thinking about this color.

Uv. Maola needs to be indicated if in the groove groove for preference if there is already easier to cut anything and how much it depends only on the qualifications of the master of the installer. So we have a problem. This problem is this: when cutting narrow dobages from one wide Unas, two relatively uneven edges appear (all the same not the carpentry workshop) so if there is a groove for preference, one uneven edge will hide in it, we will not have the second edge to which it will not be executable the platband is attached, but here the main problem is ideally this edge should be very flat.And even if at first glance it is even, then when installing the platband, all the smallest bumps will appear and will be very noticeable.That is why when installing dobages you need to try to leave the factory edge “for the platband”.But in your case it will be additional costs. What can be advised? First ; how to accurately and evenly shafts of chips to dissolve the dose, how and what. I noted above.The second to bring the front edge of the email. a shirt, tape grinder, etc. The third processed end of tinting in the color of the doors is preferably a water.based stain.Fourth stell up in a sealant in the color of the doors, as a rule, these are parquet sealants for different rocks on acrylic.based wood, but not silicone.

2 Voddelkin, Vadim D thank you for the responses, I still bought doors with Mr

How to install dobes: editing tricks

Dobges for interior doors can be installed on your own. The materials necessary for this are inexpensive, and the necessary tools even have a novice home master.

Dobges for the interior door: how they look and what are needed for

DOBITS (CONVEND BOAKS) are wooden strips or wood-fiber plate panels, which close the door slopes. Such slopes are formed if the wall thickness is greater than the width of the door box. As a result, the box does not overlap the entire end of the wall and you can see naked concrete or broken bricks. Sometimes this site is plastered, glued with wallpaper, closed with plastic, but easier, faster and more aesthetically more aesthetic to establish dietes.

Door block design using

Make Wood Wedges and Shims Safely with Power Tools or Hand Tools #Woodworking How-to

Unlike ordinary slopes, additional boards seem to continue the missing width of the box itself, forming a single structure with it. In order not to make a mistake with the tone, dobages are bought at the same time as the door leaf and cashing.

Advantages of use

  • Correctly established inhabitations look presentable and, depending on the general style solution, bring an element of wealth and luxury or restraint and solidity into the interior.
  • The inhibits are attached simply and quickly, which saves time, effort and means.
  • During the finishing work, the door block does not contact with wet solutions, which prevents it from wetting and damage. The time of operation of the door is increased.

The finished design looks beautiful and modern

Types and sizes of inhibitory: choosing tips

Dobed can be made independently or buy ready.made. The store will be offered additional standard sizes:

To calculate the width of the additional bar, the depth of the groove in the box is added to the width of the slope, or from the thickness of the wall they take the width of the box taking into account the groove.

With especially thick walls, the width of the input can reach 40 cm or more, but such strips are made to order. The thickness of the additional bar should not exceed the width of the groove in the doorbox.

Based on the design features, the preferential strips are divided into:

advice, hacksaw, preparation, tool, cutting, wood

The simplest preference is a straight strip of wood.fiber slab (wood.fiber plate) or laminate without a facing edge. Many masters believe that gluing the facing edge on the ends is an extra waste of time and finance. After all, one end fits tightly to the door box, and the second will be closed by the platband. But in this case, the installation must be carried out with special care, because the deviation will even give a beginner master by a couple of millimeters: the gray unprocessed edge will be striking.

The simplest preference is a regular bar

If the end of the good is pre.closed with a chomic ribbon selected tone in tone, small flaws will be invisible. The edge itself costs a penny, and you can stick it in a few minutes using a regular iron. This method is also preferable because the edge of the ends prevents the swelling of the wood-fiber slab-plate under the influence of moisture. This is especially true for door blocks in kitchens and bathrooms.

A more advanced premature bar is distinguished by the presence of the edge on the ends

The most complex design of telescopic input. Its feature is the presence of special grooves that allow installation without the use of screws and nails. And it is almost impossible to miss: the preference is perfectly combined with the box and platbands. The width of the input is regulated by the depth of the groove. To make telescopic preference yourself, you will need certain skills and a special tool. Easier to buy ready.made strings.

Telescopic door preference has special recesses

Necessary tools and materials

When installing dobages, a minimum set of tools is used:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • saw or electrician;
  • plane;
  • a hammer;
  • Sharp knife.
  • mounting foam;
  • fasteners (screws, nails or “liquid nails”);
  • Continuous strips.

As a rule, the inhibits are bought along with the door leaf, but if the doors are not going to change, but plan to only close the slopes, they use: they use:

If natural wood is used, to extend the service life, it is pre.treated with antiseptic impregnations.

Homemade dates from ordinary wood-fiber slab will differ from factory, since in industrial samples the inside between two thin wood-fiber slabs is filled with cellular material.

Wood and steam plates lose the tree and wood-fiber plate in appearance and durability, but inside the room, the inhibits from the wood-based plate can be used.

Plastic as a material for the manufacture of dobages is rarely used. And if it is still used, then especially durable, reinforced with metal PVC panels are selected.

Dobed can be made of natural wood, wood-bearing plate, wood-fiber slab or plastic

Installation in the groove

If they plan to use dobages, then it is better to buy a door frame with a special groove. The presence of a groove not only accelerates the installation process, but also allows you to put forward/push the additional bar deep into the box for several millimeters, which increases the accuracy of installation.

  • It is assumed that by the time of installation of dobages, the door frame is already fixed in the doorway. Therefore, first measure the distance from the door frame to the edge of the wall. All slopes are measured separately and every minimum at least four points. As a rule, these indicators differ: even if the box is installed strictly vertically, the wall itself may turn out to be uneven.

What can not be sawn

Corner grinder or angle.grinding machine is that you should not cut the countertop. Some masters advise this method to save time. However, he has more disadvantages than the advantages.

Use the level for the exact sawing.

Firstly, the quality of the details is low: due to the sharp movement of the disk, many chips appear. Secondly, if large disks are used, there is a high probability of injuries.

Professionals will make the cut better due to the presence of special devices.

In addition, after work, a lot of dust remains, which is unacceptable at home.

How to cut a laminated woody stove

Laminated wood-bearing plate can be sawn with a hand saw with a small tooth, an electrician, a disk saw. The cut place is glued with masking tape and cut out along the cut line with a sharp knife. The knife cuts out the laminated coating and the upper wood fibers under it. Further, when passing with a saw with a saw, a laminated wood-bearing plate will not be cooked. The finish of the end under the C-shaped overhead kant in the manufacture of furniture, this method is quite suitable. And it is better to use a different way under a melamine self.adhesive tape.

Electrolobsik or disk saw saw a laminated wood-brown stove with a margin of 2-3 mm. From the cut line. I sawed an electrician on the guide. As a guide, you can use any even rail or rule. In my case, fiberglass 150 mm wide. The thickness is 4 mm. As described above, chips were formed on a laminated wood-based stove. Next, set the guide exactly along the cutting line and with a manual milling milling milling cutter we remove these 2-3 mm. which we left for stock. The design of the bromic milling cutter has on the shank bearing equal to the diameter of the cutter itself.As a result, we get a perfectly even edge, to which you can easily glue a self.adhesive melamine tape. Also, when cutting curved cuts, you can not do without the use of the milling cutter. We make a guide with the desired radii with an electrician and also pass the end of the bromatic milling cutter. The method of cutting laminated wood-bruise without chips is also suitable for cutting laminated plywood and wood-fiber slab.

Everyone knows that the laminated wood-brown slab is our wood-brown plate, which is covered with paper-smoke film. The lamination process is in special conditions: pressure 25-28 MPa, temperature 140-210 ° C. The surface is strong, even, beautiful. Coating laminated woody plate is very resistant to mechanical influences and to thermal. Due to these qualities, the laminated wood-based plate has become simply necessary for furniture production and for decoration of premises inside.

Some masters love to make furniture on their own. They acquire laminated wood-based wood-boring plate from manufacturers or in special construction stores. Since the color scheme of the laminated wood-bearing plate is very rich, you can choose the right material without any difficulty. The surface of the laminated woody stove also has a wide variety of structure, since it is smooth, imitate a tree of different rocks or stone.

In order to make special furniture or a unique interior with your own hands, it is not enough just to buy a laminated wood-brown stove and draw it on details. The coating laminated woody plate is very thin, its structure is fragile. If you cut the laminated woody boat slab roughly and incorrectly, the incision will turn out ugly, torn, and shells form on the edges. To be able to cut the laminated wood-brown slab correctly and not get chips and cracks, you need to know some small “tricks” of the work.

To cut the laminated wood-brown plate of the house, use a hand saw with small teeth, a disk saw or an electric lobium. To perform work without problems, the following actions must be done:

  • Fix tightly adhesive tape exactly along the cut line. The tape will not allow the teeth of the saw to damage the coating film.
  • Cut the coating with a sharp knife and a layer under it along the cutting line. In this case, the saw will cut only the inner layer of the wood-bearing plate, and the coating is only touched by the tangent.
  • Manual saw, when they work with it, should be placed at an angle (very sharp) to the surface of the stove.
  • For the saw using an electrical tool, you need to use the minimum feed.
  • When the part is cut out, you need to make a cut of the coating edge at an angle of 45 ° with a sharp knife.
  • The cut is polished with a small file, the cut is processed to the center from the edges.

The edge of the sawn laminated wood-brown plate should be closed with a special lining so that in the future there are no chips or cracks on it. To protect the saw, you can use a self-adhesive melamine tape, or the Canta Canta Canting, or T-shaped edge.

It is extremely rare when carrying out repair using plates of wood stove can be dispensed with without cutting the material. Unfortunately, often the owners cannot so smoothly saw the wood-brown slab so that chips or other damage do not remain. But with a competent approach to such an event, it is still possible to get a quite good result. To do this, you need to perform the following actions.

Liquid Nails

Another method of attaching platbands involves the introduction of special glue. The most popular option is the so.called watery nails. This composition provides brisk adhesion in fact with at least some surface.

Let’s see how to correctly fix the platbands without ordinary carnations. To do this, first you need to find a clear position of each element. Then apply a small amount of glue to the back of the bar and press it to the wall. If glue has appeared from under the platband, immediately wipe it. It is better to apply only a few points to prevent spreading.

How to Saw Straight & Square Across Wood | Paul Sellers

Fastening platbands on watery nails simplify the process

Tips and recommendations

Before installing the door, leave the wallpaper supply in case the gaps remain after the installation. the small ones are easily masked by them. To make the opening look better, it is recommended to choose special nails with a small hat. The hammer is also used small in size so as not to damage the lining. Cloves are covered with mastic in tone.

Cutting in place. applying the platband to the doorway, floor or wall. This is not the best option, because walls and floor are never perfectly even. The error that appears with this approach is great.

To cut the platband, the transporter is also used. the corners are already drawn on it.

Advice! Not always installation of planks is needed. It is unacceptable for rooms with tiles. better use the plaster.

Installation of platbands. a mandatory stage in the design of the doorway. The right choice can even delay the door installation time, because the view will be good.

Features and recommendations

Experts and experts advise doing this kind of work using electric lobe already because the usual manual hacksaw is too rude. It does not allow cutting the material quite evenly.The correct sequence of steps is as follows:

preparation of tools (ruler, electrolobesian, measuring roulette, awl or other acute device for drawing along the wood-based stove);

the addition of these tools (if necessary) by a square for laying straight angles;

measurement of the desired part (with a reserve of 0.2 cm so that you can fit);

Actually, the sawing mowing fishing line;

finalization of the place of sawnut with sandpaper;

Castle.cashworb (telescope)

With very poor quality end-wiping it with small, similar in tonality to a wood-based slab.

How to saw plywood without chips with a disc saw?

The cut is recommended to be performed on a flat floor. A plywood sheet is laid on wooden bars of equal thickness placed perpendicular to the spit line of cutting. Complete support from below gives a guarantee that at the end of the saw, the corner of the sheet will not break off. A metal or wooden guide is installed on top, which is motionlessly fixed with clamps.

In order to carefully and without chips cut a laminated plywood, you need:

  • Sprinking minimum depth setting up. On the opposite side of the leaf of the teeth should peek into 2-3 mm. With this setting up the depth, the canvas will not cut the canvas, but carefully cuts the wood.
  • Correct selection of a disc saw. For careful cut, a canvas with a minimum size and a large number of teeth (for example, 40) is selected.
  • Low speed of feeding the cutting canvas when moving without stopping. In this case, the teeth are not chopped, but gently cut wood without the appearance of chips. To correctly cut the laminated plywood, it is also recommended to adjust the speed of the disk to the maximum. Disadvantage of the method: carpenter risks getting overheating of the canvas.
  • Laying the adhesive tape to the place. To do this, it is recommended to use masking tape that does not leave traces on the surface of the sheet. At the end of the work, the tape is removed at an angle of 90 about the movement towards the cut.

If a laminated plywood is to be treated, it is recommended to glue the sole of the circular saw with tape. This avoids scratches on the front surface of the sheet.

For cutting such material, both an electric jigsaw and a disc saw. The first option is indispensable in the case of a figured trajectory drank.

To cut a thick plywood without chips with an electric jigsaw, it is recommended to use any of the two types of paintings:

For a flat cutting of a plywood sheet, an ordinary disc is also suitable. It is enough to install a canvas with a small tooth (for example, 40), adjust the cut depth within 12–13 mm and lay the sheet on even wooden bars. It is recommended to drink it on the guide, with a low tool speed and without interruptions.

If the front surface of the sheet is laminated, then the cut place is previously glued with painting tape.

To all doubting which saw it is better to cut the plywood, we recommend contacting a specialized company with laser cutting and professional equipment for the saw.

In the production of various finishing work or the manufacture of furniture, the use of plywood is a common practice. At the same time, home craftsmen are faced with a choice: how to cut a plywood and how to achieve an ideal cut without chips. During cutting such material, some difficulties arise: the sheet differs in large sizes, and the structure of its basis creates difficulties in sawing. Knowing some features, you can achieve excellent results when working with an electric jigsaw, manual or disk saw. The main condition is to ensure reliable fixation of plywood.

Read how to breed and sharpen the hacksaw

Plywood. practical to use and convenient material in processing

Manual electric saw

  • Sable. Is an alternative to the jigsaw, but more suitable to quickly cut the excess without forming an even and exact edge.
  • Disk. It is used most often, since it ensures large.scale work. The disadvantage of the device is that the cut is possible only in a straight line.

The saber’s saw is not designed for accurate cutting, so it can only be performed by the black cutting of plywood, while a disc is a manual circular is considered one of the best options for such work

It is better to cut plywood on given sizes using the last option, taking into account some features of application:

  • The ability to adjust the depth of immersion allows minimizing the damage to the edges.
  • For work, small disks of carbide material with frequently located teeth are suitable for work.
  • Easy to use. The tool weighs a little and does not need a special site for installation.

When choosing a suitable disc, it is necessary to pay attention to the wiring of the teeth: a slight discrepancy is convenient for thin material, more large.scale. for thick plates.

Types of equipment used

We will consider some options for conducting work with our own hands and tell you about the devices used, you have to choose the decision that will be the best for you in a particular situation.

Boil sawing

This type of work as a longitudinal cut of boards in size can be produced in several ways:

  • If the volume of work is small, then you can use a manual hacksaw, though you will need a special option for longitudinal sawing, which differs in the shape of the tooth. The instruction for the work is as follows: it is necessary to carry out a thorough marking using a square and roulette, and then draw a clear fishing line for a trimmer, then the element is carefully fixed so that the board does not move during the work;

Important! With manual processing, pay special attention to the vertical position of the cutting canvas, otherwise the edges will be nervous.

  • The second option is the use of an electrician for wood, but it is also suitable for small volumes of work, while the thickness of the board is limited, the marking process is similar to the above. It is easier to work, since it is not necessary to apply physical strength and monitor the vertical of cutting. the sole in the equipment provides compliance with a right angle;
  • Now we consider how to sprinkle the board along with the help of a disk saw, there are two options for conducting work: if the edges of the element are uneven, then the fishing line for a trimmer is previously drawn, according to which cutting is done (most often this is done with unrealizable lumber), if one edge is smooth. then the emphasis is preliminarily put up at a certain distance, and you just lead the tool, pressing the stubborn part to the end;
  • Of course, the simplest solution to the issue of how to cut the board along is a circular saw, and both full.fledged installations and compact options can be used. This option is very well suited when cutting a large number of elements to one size, you can put up or attach it and not waste time on marking and fixing, in addition, this type of equipment has the highest performance;

Installation of submission

Dobeds are installed when collecting the box. In the beginning, we collect the box, and then we attach the inhibitory to the box with the help of special mounting plates with short screws cut along the desired width. Thus, the dates with a door frame become a single whole. This whole design is mounted in the doorway.

It is not recommended to put the door frame separately, and then wide dobages are not recommended because it will be problematic to securely fix the dates to the box. If you glue it or not attach at all, then over time, the inhibits from the box can move away by forming a gap. Separately, you can install dietes with a width of not more than 50 mm.

Now I will install the advice on this door. The additional will be telescopic. For those who do not know, this is in the context.

Here is such a groove. There is a groove in the additional bar. And on the cashing there is such a spike. Cashing has such a profile.

Why is it done. That’s when we put the preference, the cash is inserted into it. And we can adjust the distance within this pass. About one and a half centimeter.

Now, if we have, for example, this distance is not 8 centimeters, that’s how it is here. And there are from 5 to 15 millimeters, we can make cashing right away without good. This box is certainly not telescopic. This door was installed for a long time. This is a simple box. In general, in telescopic boxes there are passes here. Immediately so that cashing can be mounted there.

Where am I starting to install the additional. First I saw off in height. First, the end bottom, then here I make a label with a clerical knife and drink 1 millimeter shorter.

Then, I take the square and measure this distance from the box to the edge. And add the depth of the groove. In this case, this is 1 centimeter. And make markings on the back. Here is a fishing line for a trimmer.

Well, here we must take into account that you need to saw off on the side where it will be inserted into the box. Because this edge cannot be spoiled. Well, here I expect a prescription bar to be somewhere a couple of millimeters less than to the plane of the wall itself. Because it does not matter here. I can adjust these 2-3, even 5 millimeters with this spike of cash. If ordinary premature strips, then I, on the contrary, make 1-millimeter more than the width of the additional bar. For what? So that cashing in any case is enough. And you need to measure. Walls are not always in level, so I measure at several points. Well, about 4. Above, somewhere here and below.

If the wall is approximately flat, you can at 3 points. And so I drive the left and right prescription bar. Then I mount the top from above, right on them. I saw off the whole thing with a jigsaw. You can with a circular saw with some kind of parquet or mini-cycle. Upper bar, I mark like this.

I put it here so that this edge before the start of the groove is. Here I also mark it, right in the groove. Knife once and all. Then I turn it over and insert it like this. And here we are already making marks as if in width. Because there are different left edge and right. So we make tags. Here and here. Like this.

Installation of good

So, now, when all our sets are prepared, sawn down, set them in place.

Here so that the plane coincides. I check it with my fingers.

So, there is a right angle to the groove. This is what we get.

Like this. Why is it necessary to do just like that? In order for the cash to insert anything here to stick out or interfere. And this angle will be tightened with us, so it will be. Here he is.

That is how it should be. This plane also coincides. There she is. Here, too. Everything coincides.

In the case when in this corner, for example, a gap is formed. Well, there is no foam, for example, to rest. I drive here and screw the screws. They are as if they are an emphasis, and they properly properly. That’s all. Now we will mount them. For this, at first I will moisten this matter, so that the foam would part better. It expands more evenly.

Because the foam is expanding under the influence of moisture. So, take foam. And such cakes I pass the whole perimeter.

Now I take a wide tape I have a wide tape. And I fix the additional. I am monitor that there is a right angle.

And so around the entire perimeter. That’s how I recorded all this. After about one hour, you can already remove everything and put a cash. I will also do this procedure on this side. From the edge and above. Everyone, the inhibits will be ready. This mount is enough. There is no load here. No mechanical fastener is required here. Here all this preference is ready. You can say now and that’s it. Penalized, fixed.

Why do I make such dots, not a continuous. Two reasons. Firstly-saving foam. Secondly-a guarantee that the inhibits will not squeeze out an arc. Because the foam is where they will expand in free space. That’s all. The preference is made. This is not done long for 10-15 minutes. Now I will do the additional door on another door. During this time, the foam will suck and you can start making cashing.

The working process

Stage 1. Preparation

  • Dobges of the desired size. Here it should be noted that the elements are sold in the form. which must be cut in half when using. It is important to correctly measure the width that should be closed to purchase what you need.

From the tool I used the following:

  • Roulette and square for marking, and roulette for measuring all the required parameters;
  • Electric for cutting, it is best to work using special paintings with small tooth size, they provide the ideal quality of work and do not leave bully on the ends;

As part of the preparation, you need to carry out another important work, cut off the foam so that it is located on a flush with the surface of the wall. The work is simple, you need a knife with a sharp blade, with its help excess is cut off and removed, it is important to do the work carefully and not cut the foam deep into the foam, keep the blade parallel to the wall.

Stage 2. Installation of Dobra

Continuous elements are placed on the side of the box where it is drowned in the opening. That is, on the one hand, our design is flush with a wall, and on the other, we need to put additional spacers.

The workflow consists of the following actions:

  • The length of the products is measured, for this the edge of the roulette is inserted into the groove, and the tape is lowered to the level at which the bottom of the element will pass;
  • The preference dissolves into two parts, you need to cut the groove in the middle, so that in the end it turns out two units that we will use. You can mark a fishing line for a cutting trimmer, or you can do without it;
  • After the panels are dissolved, it is necessary to cut off the element of the length we need. The main thing is to mark the bar correctly and cut it evenly (use a square when marking);
  • The product prepared in this way is leveled along the upper edge and carefully clogs into the groove to the level we need. Do not need hammers and other tools, the back of the palm is much faster. The element on the second side is also installed;
  • After installing the side elements, the size of the upper part is measured and a piece of the desired size is cut off. During installation, make sure that the preference is located evenly and the system does not overcome;

Stage 3. installation of the platband

The platband, unlike the input, is installed on both sides of the opening, so the work takes more time and consists of such actions:

Always check the ends of the platband, all the strips were cut off crookedly, and I had to cut elements not on one, but on both sides to get the perfect geometry of products.

  • The lateral elements are placed in place, there is no particular difference in which side the work is carried out, the main thing is to set the platband exactly along the upper part, after which it is also clogged with the palm to the stop, it turns out a very strong connection without the use of glue and nails;
  • When the side elements are installed, you can measure the width of the upper bar. It is very important to accurately determine the size, the appearance of the blocks depends on this, any inaccuracies will be very clearly visible;
  • A piece of the desired length is cut off, I will once again remind you of the importance of perpendicular corners and even ends, mark everything with a square and cut carefully;
  • The element is trying on the place of its future location, since it is wider than the groove of the box, it is necessary to cut off unnecessary ledges so that they do not rest against the wall. It is important to carry out the exact marking of the cut line;

I recommend watching the video, in it many points are shown clearly and explained in more detail, also there the option of framing a narrow space near the box is considered when the platband does not fit. I hope that you will figure it out in the process, and if you have any questions, then write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Dobges for interior doors can be installed on your own. The materials necessary for this are inexpensive, and the necessary tools even have a novice home master.

Cutting tools. Analysis of effectiveness when working with siding

Experts recommend cutting plastic with the same tools that are used for cutting metal products. Therefore, we will deal with them in relation to each type of panels.

This tool is mentioned in all siding installation instructions. They say that before cutting siding vinyl or metal, you need to lay a flat rail on it along the marked line and several times with pressure, draw a knife with a pressure along it. And then turn the panel over the resulting groove.

These conditions can only be fulfilled on a flat plane, pressing the panel to the solid base. The curved relief of siding will not allow you to make a neat cut across the panel, it will be especially difficult to cut the material in the castle part. Therefore, the knife can only be used for longitudinal cut and provided that the marking does not occur on the crest of the wave.

Kryazuvka for metal

A hacksaw or saw with a very small tooth is suitable only for transverse cutting due to the small length of the working sheet. This tool has too many disadvantages that do not allow it to use it with large volumes of work.

  • Low speed and high labor intensity of cutting.
  • The difficulty of cutting the panels along and at an angle.
  • The impossibility of making curly cutouts.
  • A flexible canvas goes away on bends and multi.layer areas.
  • You can cut plastic siding only at a plus temperature.

Choosing how to cut metal siding, a hacksaw for metal can be borne in mind, but all the cuts should be hidden by inputs, since they have not too even and neat view.

advice, hacksaw, preparation, tool, cutting, wood

Scissors for metal

Like other manual tools, scissors cannot be used when working with plastic in the cold season, since when cutting them the material may crack. And this is not the only condition for achieving a good result. It is also recommended to choose scissors with a minimum thickness of the cutting parts and not allow them to complete close close.

The latter condition is easily feasible in even single-layer areas, but, cutting the S-shaped castle, you have to make a great effort, as a result of which the blades of inertia are closed, and a crack is formed in front of them.

Advice! Cut siding with scissors across the panel is better from below up, so that the most difficult and thick castle part is at the end.

The quality of the tool is also of great importance. its acuteness, the absence of a backlash between cutting canvases, comfortable handles.

But there is always a risk of cracking panels, their crushing in the places of bending of the relief, flattening of the castle profile. Especially if you cut thin metal or fragile plastic of poor quality.


An electric jigsaw is one of the most functional tools when it comes to how to cut siding. But for effective and accurate work, several conditions are required.

  • The saw should be small. for working on metal or special for plastic.
  • You must first choose the optimal speed of the file.
  • We need an assistant who will press the panel to a tough basis, preventing it from vibrating under a working tool.

When sawing a metal siding with a hand hacksaw or an electrician on the edge, bulletin can form on the edge. They must be removed with sandpaper.

Circular Saw

Cocking the siding panel in a straight line along or across you can also with a disk saw with a cutting circle. It is more convenient to make transverse cuts in a stationary tool, longitudinal and diagonal. manual.

But a heavy disc saw requires work experience and dexterity: it strongly presses its weight on the panel, which at high speeds vibrates significantly vibrates. If you do not fix it, the tool will take aside from the marking. In addition, the setting itself partially closes the saw of the saw.

When you need to choose how to cut plastic sofits, additional elements and vinyl siding panels, it is best to stop on an angle grinding machine (corner grinding). The following recommendations will allow you to get a perfectly smooth and unexpected edge:

  • The part must be well fixed or held to avoid vibration and movements;
  • The tool is better to take small, light, with low power;
  • The diameter and thickness of the disk should also be minimal;
  • The corner grinder is used at small speeds, holding it exactly perpendicular to the cut plane.
advice, hacksaw, preparation, tool, cutting, wood

As for the metal panels, manufacturers do not recommend the use of a corner grinder for cutting it, since hot sparks fly during its operation, and the metal is very heated with the destruction of the facial stained layer, which can further lead to corrosion.

However, experienced finishes argue that the risk of such damage is minimal, if you choose a disk for metal with a thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm, work at low speeds and slowly, preventing the metal overheating.

On a note! An excellent alternative to corner grinder, if it is necessary to make small curly cutouts and fit parts, will be a straight.grinding machine. a light compact unit equipped with a small thin disk.


This is a relatively new multifunctional power tool that can replace several highly specialized. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the rotational movements of the engine are converted into oscillatory, so the cutting nozzles do not spin, like that of the same corner grinder, but vibrate with a small amplitude.

When cutting a renovator, sparks are not formed, the edge does not heat up, therefore, if you choose how to cut metal.screen, you can’t find a better tool. He can easily cope with vinyl panels. Of course, his speed of work is lower than that of a corner grinder, but the quality is higher.