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“The same examination was held twice. Why?»How the Gomel resident re.registered a car with rotten Vin

As you know, there are certain templates and purely individual components for which the wines of the room differ. Experts say that the wines are the same as the birth metric attributed to the car at the stage of its manufacture, and this is true.

body, number, correctly, necessary

The main goal of the wines of the room is to protect against fakes and various criminal frauds.

As a rule, there is no single global standard by wines. A certain manufacturer stamp VIN based on their own preferences, although they adhere to several main canons.

The basics or canons of welding rooms are used by numerous car concerns in 24 countries of the world. Everything is established in such a way as to eliminate coincidences. So, the release of similar VIN for thirty years is not allowed.

The same standards by wines are used in constructed everything according to a single system, excluding the same.

And you or your friends have encountered a similar situation when it turned out that the rooms were killed by car? Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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What wines-nomer can be restored

Vin-Nomer shows where and by whom, when exactly the vehicle was released. You can find out about the accident in which it has visited, about the number of owners and other information. If the marking of the vehicle has suffered due to corrosion, damaged during an accident or repair, rotted or stopped read, you need to restore the number on the car frame.

If you do not save the wines, then it will be possible to drive by car, but to sell, registering will not work. As a result, the car will only have to be disassembled for spare parts.

Restore VIN-number of cars and trucks and special equipment for:

Intervention in license plates can be regarded as a criminal action, therefore, recovery should be performed correctly. in accordance with the regulations specified in Decree 653 of 12.12.2019.

When a recovery procedure is needed

Contacting the traffic police with an appropriate statement for the sake of restoring the number on the car frame is required in such situations:

  • Vin completely disappeared due to rust;
  • the license plate became unread due to the repair work;
  • the number is damaged as a result of a traffic accident;
  • The labeling was changed or interrupted by criminal persons who steal the vehicle.

Such moments are an occasion to restore the number on the car frame, if initially it was really there. Otherwise, the legislation prevents this.

You can’t knock out a number on the car frame with your hand, you should also not contact an organization that do not have an appropriate resolution. Only specialists can perform the procedure after examination. Such firms will provide legal assistance and proper paperwork.

What does the VIN-code mean?

The format of this sign is subject to the standards of the organization of international standardization (ISO) since 1977 in the USA, and since 1981 for all other states.

Thanks to the symbolic encoding, the classification of cars has become easier, and anti.theft protection is more effective.

With wines-coding, the data is more complete than that of the body number. Such a sign consists of 17 characters, where:

  • The first denotes the geographical zone;
  • The second is the state;
  • The third is the manufacturer;
  • From the fourth to the eighth. information about the model line, motor modification and configuration is contained;
  • The ninth symbol denotes belonging to the Chinese or American market or additional data;
  • The tenth is the year of release;
  • The eleventh. information about the manufacturer or its unit;
  • The remaining numbers (or other icons) indicate the sequence of the factory assembly of the machine.

IMPORTANT! If the third symbol costs 9, then the annual production volume is less than 500 cars.

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What is the difference between the VIN code from the body number?

These 2 digital.boom combinations are very rare. Wine-coding is considered a more modern and perfect method of classification and protection of cars. All manufacturers are gradually moving to him. And 17 characters are already containing a body number.

It happens that you can’t do without confusion. Especially by cars over 10 years old and on foreign cars with encoding. If the data coincides with the information specified in the technical passport (TCP), then you should not panic.

In the presence of any mismatch, it is recommended to first contact the manufacturer or the official dealer, and only then sound the alarm.

Where the new adds should be applied. Marking by car?

According to the requirements that the government approved, the new additional identification number of the vehicle should be applied to the non-dismantling and (or) change elements of the vehicle as close as possible to the factory wines-number (the place where the manufacturer applied the number during production). In the absence of such an opportunity, a new labeling is applied on a suitable unimportant element of the body as close as possible to the location of the old wines-number, which was damaged for one reason or another.

What documents must be provided to the organization, which will apply additional marking on the car?

A car owner for applying additional. Marking for a body or frame of a car should be provided to the organization, the authorized to apply such a marking, the following documents:

Certified traffic police statement of the car owner, who previously applied to the State traffic inspectorate. The traffic police mark should include information on the availability of grounds for applying additional marking, information about the initial wines-number applied at the factory during the production of the vehicle, data on identification elements (seals, seals, tags) applied by traffic police officials on non-removable parts of the car In places protected from dirt, moisture of other external influences.

Passport of a citizen of the federation or other identification document. In the case of an appeal of the official representative of the owner of the vehicle, a power of attorney and a document of the representative of the representative are provided.

Also, together with the documents, the applicant provides a vehicle with all the seals placed by the traffic police authorities.

(Method N3). Remove the emblem from the body using a plastic card

Softening the glue of the emblem with hot water, you can use any dense plastic card instead of a screwdriver. For example, you can use an overdue bank card, or an invalid discount card from purchases, or an unnecessary plastic business card. Start taking the emblem on the right side on the side. Your task is simple- first to lift the emblem with a plastic card on each side of it, and then deepen the card under the emblem on each side deeper and deeper.

Remove the remaining glue

Now we have come to the most time.consuming step (process). The older (older) your car, the stronger the glue on the body of the car holds. This is due to the chemical feature of adhesive foundations that eventually become tougher. To remove the old glue from the car body, you will need a special chemical for removing glue, which is sold in a car shop or in a household chemical store.

It is desirable that the container of special equipment is equipped with a spray-sprayer. Apply spray-tool to the surface of the glue and let the liquids absorb into the adhesive base for several minutes. Then you need to scrape a layer of glue using a plastic card or using a plastic wedge. In no case do not use a metal screwdriver to remove glue, since you can scratch the car body.

Thus, you must remove the layer by layer until completely remove the adhesive base from the paintwork.

After you remove the glue, you need to use the body polishing the body to return the initial shine of the paintwork that was under glue.

Here in principle, and all friends. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to remove the emblem from the car body. Using this method, you can clean your trunk, as well as wings and other parts of the body from unnecessary emblems, stickers and various logos. Thanks to this method, your car body will be completely clean and free from unnecessary inscriptions and other unnecessary emblems.

Is it possible to ride without registration?

The operation of an unregistered car is prohibited. I repeat, the registration procedure confirms that a car that meets safety requirements is produced on the roads.

I will give an example. Prior to the approval of the technical regulations in one of the one-day salons, a premium car was purchased at a very similar price. In the fall, the driver could not turn on the stove and came to the official dealer with a request to figure out. As it turned out, there are two super.powerful air conditioners and not a single salon heating device on the car.

According to the Vin-Nomer, it was found that the car is intended for Saudi Arabia, where he did not find his buyer. At the catchy price, some Sharomomyg acquired it and was breathing in a nonsense.

To date, such situations through the certification of the car and their registration with the traffic police are excluded. The control of an unregistered car for the first time is punishable by a fine. And the second time it is better not to come across. they may deprive the right to control.


Is it possible to buy a new body from a factory with my Vin-Nomer?

It would seem that it could be easier if the manufacturer himself takes care of his motorists, providing the opportunity to purchase a new body with an already knocked-out wine-tumor of the existing car. But no, this is already contrary to the technical regulations and cannot take place in the practice of 2022. There simply cannot be two or more bodies with the same numbers.

In the legal relations between traffic police officers and drivers are won by someone who knows the law and knows how to apply its norms and rules in his situation. I believe that the legal literacy of drivers depends only on themselves. And protect your rights, relying on the norms of legislation, is quite realistic. But understanding the intricate explanations of articles and instructions to a simple person is difficult. Therefore, the main goal of activity. help an ordinary driver to understand the intricacies of legal norms.

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Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello, to replace the car body, the article refers to the VIN number, there are no wines-rooms on old Japanese, if you buy a body with a GTD, from a SIP supplier from Japan, you can register the body to register the body?

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Good afternoon, Alexander. If initially on the native body was VIN, then the account replaced without this account will not be registered.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

There are no VIN numbers at all in the Japanese women of 1995-2000, and spare parts such as the body come with Japan without. VIN.numbers, because they are the same years, just in good condition, the documents written “VIN number is missing”

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

I join the question. In the 90s and early 00s, in particular on cars, model years until 2000, only the so-called Frame Nomer, or body number, was present. Suppose. We bought a car, say 98 years, it does not have a VIN-number, in general, from the factory. Time passed and the body rotted, suppose or got from an accident, where the body was lost. We buy absolutely the same body, only 2001. It does not have a VIN-number, there is only Frame. It is the same and the body model is the same, but his condition is excellent. That is, we have a car without a VIN-number, but only with a body number and a bought body without a VIN-number, but only the body number. Here we want to ask you.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

I join the question. Now it is relevant for me.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Good for everyone! Is it possible to change the body in the garage yourself?

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello. Interested in the possibility of replacing a used body, from a border, which has never been registered with a car and does not have a TCP, but having a gas station for a body (as title documents), why this option is not described in any way and is not accumulated, it is this one. The aspect was waiting for thousands of car owners?! No one is interested in the option used, with the presence of two TCPs. For example, I want to buy a non.rotten machine tool abroad, and on the basis of customs documents, without paying for “horse” full fee, but only cleaning as imported salary, put this salary (in this case body) on my car, and register in the prescribed manner.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello! We have a similar question. You can answer

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello bought a 1998 atom car in disrepair, you need to replace the body. Found a body without documents. The car is not designed for me because in emergency condition, the question is whether it is possible to buy a body without documents and register?

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Good afternoon, Alexey. No, the body is formally the whole car, we can say that it is the body that is registered, and without documents it will not be possible to do this.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello. Interested in the possibility of replacing a used body, from the line that has never been registered with a car and does not have a TCP, but having a gas station for a body (as title documents). For example, I want to buy a non.rotten machine tool abroad, and on the basis of customs documents, without paying for “horse” full fee, but only cleaning as imported salary, put this salary (in this case body) on my car, and register in the prescribed manner.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello. Interested in the possibility of replacing a used body, from the line that has never been registered with a car and does not have a TCP, but having a gas station for a body (as title documents). For example, I want to buy a non.rotten machine tool abroad, and on the basis of customs documents, without paying for “horse” full fee, but only cleaning as imported salary, put this salary (in this case body) on my car, and register in the prescribed manner.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello forum users. I read a lot and just amazed at your non.competence.Let’s figure out what parts the body number (frame) consists of. I divided into three parts; 1-Series 2-Nomer 3-digital code example ST1950007680 ST series 195 number 0007680 Digital code If we change the body to a similar one, that is, the same series and the same number (ST195), then we make major repairs, according to GOST18322-78, and Also the answer by us from 04, March 2015.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello forum users. There are a couple of questions: 1. There is an ancient Niva with living VIN (nom), with numbers, with insurance, there is a desire to replace the body with a new or more modern? 2. Having docks on a broken crual, add Kruzak from the emirates and replace the body?

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Hello, please tell me if it will be possible to replace the car body with a utilized car with documents (DCP, certificates for the vacant numbers, body, engine, chassis)? Will it be possible to repaint such a body before registration of changes? It turns out that it will be necessary to take in advance permission to make changes to the design, to change the color of the car, what else? And is this allowed?

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Good afternoon! The following situation is interested in: frame SUV, Japanese origin. The chassis number is included in the TCP, there is no body number of the body number. Can I replace the body with a used one, imported as a spare part with GTD from Japan ? The chassis remains the same.

Re: Is it possible to replace the car body in the traffic police legally and how?

Referring to what is written in this article, and what can wait for the owners of.With. When replacing the main component, one to one model in the model. one. First, you need to obtain permission in the traffic police to replace the body. this is a formality and do not have the right to refuse, since the 2020 law does not prohibit this in my case of the traffic police wrote a written refusal referring: Article 20 FZ 283. In case of inconsistency of registration data or the design of the vehicle, the information specified in the documents identifying the vehicle. On this phrase, they completed the refusal and did not continue, but the continuation: with the exception of the registration and other data of the vehicle to be changed (entering into the document identifying the vehicle) on the basis of the submitted documents.- that, respectively, for them as execution, the basis for making changes to the registration data, I want to pay special attention not to the design of T.With. 2. Then you need to appear for inspection of the traffic police with documents: STS, application for amendments (written by hand in the name of the chief of MREO), TCP and passport of the owner of the car. Next, you need to replace the body with a new one actually. be sure to have a certificate of conformity for this type of work, otherwise the changes will refuse the official registration of the changes. Also, do not forget to take documents from the staa: the act of work performed and other documents that will be given to you. The latest stage remains to submit an application to the traffic police for amendments, in my case, they refused to sign the inspection.With. In the general case, the inspection took about 4 hours, which goes far beyond the norms of the regulation about car service and how it is regulated? When replacing the internal combustion engine, spare wheel, doors, windshield, do you make any certificates or report to someone or somewhere it is said that it affects the safety of the design of T.With? In the explanation, we have a letter that the replacement of the body, or the frame, despite the fact that there is no change in the model range is the repair of this vehicle, and about where I made this repair in the garage, or one hundred. Again, I’m talking about changes in registration data one to one, about changes in design T.With. In more detail it will be known in June. So it used to refused to amend the design of the traffic police, then all this appealed to the court, at the moment they have transferred responsibility to the institutes that issue conclusions and at the moment they refuse to issue conclusions. For example Toyota Mark 2. The 1G engine can be changed to 1GZ, but the GZX90 body is no longer on the GZX100)), the nonsense is complete, but what was packed from 2000 to 2013 is nothing. It is necessary to file for institutes for refusing to issue conclusions for amendments. By the way, the law is allowed to make changes in the model T.With., t.e. model and brand are different concepts, in short, Toyota on Toyota.

Where is in the car

Car body number is necessarily indicated in the documents (STS and TCP) and on the machine itself. A separate line is allocated for wine, and on different vehicles, the location of an encrypted state sign depends on the car model and the preferences of the manufacturer (domestic, foreign).

Note that the identification code is always located on those parts of the body that are less subject to deformation or cannot simply be disconnected from the vehicle, and also replaced as small spare parts.

In case of any auto view, the inspector has the right to compare the numbers in the documents with those that on the vehicle, and in case of violations of the integrity of the wine (traces of manual soldering or paint, lack of code), the car discrepancy in the documentation will be sent for examination. Therefore, if a problem with M Code is detected, you should not delay with the restoration of the symbolic “cipher”.

A small memo: according to statistics, most often car owners are faced with the problem of determining the place of application of the identifier.

In the “Renault”, the car-Nomer of the car can be in 3 places:

  • on a cup of the right front shock absorber under the hood near body sutures;
  • on the right side of the body rack located between the driver’s and rear seat;
  • Under the windshield.

The location of the wines-number in the car “Renault”

There is also a duplicate that must be sought under the trunk of the trunk on the floor.

On the Oka, the main location of the wine is the panel behind the battery. It is duplicated by its affixed symbols in front of the drainage shield or on the cross member of the right side of the floor under the rear seat.

body, number, correctly, necessary


In Kamaz, the car body number is located on the back of the right sidewall of the subframe. The code on the factory plate with the main characteristics of the cargo remedy in the lower opening of the right door is duplicated.


At Zila-130, the identifier is on the cylinder block on the right, next to the oil filter.

Duplicate code is knocked out at the front end of the rym bolt.

At the UAZ brand autofurgs with a whole.metal body, VIN is applied to the outer front panel (under the hood) on the right or on the drainage gutter, which is located above the right opening of the sliding body door.

In the cars of the Ural information can be found in the area of ​​the threshold of the right doorway. Wines will be applied on a special panel with an additional protective seal.


  • on the rib of the driver’s door;
  • on the floor of the trunk (plate);
  • in the lower left corner of the windshield;
  • in the engine compartment on the right side of the shock absorber cup.

The location of the wines-number in the car “Skoda”

The location of the code depends on the modification of the vehicle, so when searching it will need to be checked the main places.


At the Chevrolet, the factory identifier is located from the passenger under the rug in the hatch. Repeats the sticker code, which is located on the middle rack from the driver’s side. Under the hood of the VIN-Nomer car will be absent.

body, number, correctly, necessary


In Honda, the key positions for the location of the wine are: the bottom of the windshield from the driver’s side and the floor in the front passenger part of the car.


  • above the radiator tank (in the engine department);
  • on a separating salon and motor compartment of the partition;
  • on a spar in the contour of the wheel arch;
  • under the front passenger seat;
  • in the right doorway;
  • in the form of a sticker under the windshield.
body, number, correctly, necessary

The location of the wines in the car “Mercedes”

The place depends on the modification and the assembly country.


The “Mazda” code is located opposite the front seat at the passenger’s feet. Duplicate entry is fixed on the central right rack. In the assembly of wines, it is often found under the hood on the bar the front right wing and in the doorway from the driver’s side.


In Toyota, the bar with the identifier is under the front seat of the passenger. Schildik copies the number on the left central rack.

How to find out what kind of equipment by the car by body number

Information about the configuration, the main characteristics and additional options of the vehicle is laid in the average VDS part consisting of 6 characters, that is, from the 4th to the 9th position of VIN after the WMI indicator. Having folded both code, you can read wines. For example, X1F5410 means that it is a KAMAZ car manufactured at the Kama Automobile Plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. Car-a saddle tractor (4) with a full car mass (5) 15-20 tons in the 10th model version.

Often, car owners of non.ramous vehicles believe that the number of the car chassis is the same wines code. This is a misconception, since Vin is awarded to the engine and the car, and the chassis identifier is the machine frame. If you want to put a car with a frame for registration in the traffic police, you must make sure that it contains 2 different code, and not one. The chassis and VIN number should be entered in the documents for the vehicle.

The last 8 characters of the machine identifier are called VIS part. It may have data on the serial number of the vehicle (the sequence of exit from the conveyor), the release date (for certain manufacturers) and/or factory.

Additional Information! It is often very difficult to find the desired detail for replacement due to many generations of cars. Wine number can help the motorist avoid mistakes when buying: many sellers mark the goods in accordance with the identification code.

The algorithm for solving a difficult situation with the Vin-Nomer

If it is not possible to register the car without a wines-number, you need to know what to do and where to contact. The procedure depends on the reasons why it is difficult to read the code. Situations when I rotted the number on the car frame or was interrupted as a result of the theft, differ fundamentally. The re.registration procedure is described in detail in the government decree of 653 of 12.12.2019.

Try to clean the number

Sometimes a car owner knows for sure that nothing criminal has happened since his property with his property. Then the number covered with a layer of rust can try to clean up:

  • With pressure, wipe the metal surface, where the VIN code is knocked out, moistened in a good solvent with a rag. To completely remove signs of corrosion, you may need a multiple repetition of the procedure.
  • If the first method has not given the proper result, you can use the rust converter. The drug that contains orthophosphoric acid is poured over a rusted plate, after protecting the number with a sideline from softened plasticine. After 15-20 minutes, the processed area is wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Когда и ортофосфорная кислота не справилась с очисткой номера, некоторые автовладельцы решаются на отчаянный шаг – использование наждачной бумаги. This technique can really give the desired effect, but often, along with the traces of rust, the remains of the number are destroyed.

Any attempts to erase pollution from the wines the code, it is advisable to carry out without unnecessary mechanical efforts. Not only doesn’t you can register a car without a room on the frame, damage to the cipher can be regarded by representatives of the traffic police as a crime.

Conduct an expert study of the VIN-number

There are special chemical compositions based on acidic components at the disposal of the forensic expert, which make it possible to effectively clean the code set of numbers. If the wines number is not read due to minor traces of corrosion, the examination will establish the initial cipher on the frame or body.

Restoring the VIN code and confirmation of its authenticity by professionals will save the car owner of many problems with re-registration. In the process of removing rust, the specialist performs a photofixation of all the actions performed.

Sometimes corrosion completely corrodes the identification number. If the expert does not detect signs of criminal acts by the car owner, then he recommends engraving the duplicate VIN. This is possible only when the destruction of the metal at the place of application of the impression is caused by natural reasons.

Get a refusal to institute criminal proceedings

As a result of the studies, the owner of the car receives a conclusion on the identification of the vehicle on the restored characteristics. This document is enough for an employee of the state traffic inspectorate to issue a copy of the decision to refuse to institute criminal office work. After that, a car is possible for registration without a frame number.

Filing an application for police marking

As a result of an expert recommendation, to apply an additional marking to the details of the car, the owner sends the appropriate application to the traffic police authorities.

The circulation should contain marks confirming a number of facts:

  • grounds for rewinding;
  • information about the manufacturer established by the specialists assigned by the Wine-Nomer;
  • The list of identification seals, seals or tags established by representatives of the state traffic inspectorate on the unchanged parts of the machine.

The application is addressed to the unit, which acts on the registration of vehicles. Engraving an additional police VIN code is paid by the owner of the car.

Sealing the non.removable parts of the vehicle in the traffic police

Representatives of the traffic police are sealing the non.removable parts of the car immediately after identifying the problem. This action is designed to protect the labeling license plates, including the frame, engine and body, from possible substitution during re.registration. All installed tags must be reliably protected from the exposure of the external environment to avoid damage.

Get a direction for a duplicate number

As a result of consideration of the appeal on the application of additional marking of the car owner, they are sent to an organization authorized by the law to put such impressions.

The owner of the car must have:

  • properly executed application to the State traffic inspectorate with notes of officials;
  • car with sealed non.removable details;
  • identity document.

The driver should not demand any additional documents. Exclusion. the design of duplicate numbers by proxy. In this case, in addition to the passport, it is necessary to have papers confirming the transfer of powers to the owner to the legal representative.

Applying a police duplicate marking

Legislators have limited the circle of organizations that can apply duplicates of Vin-Nomers. Fill new codes on the vehicle have the right:

  • certification bodies and testing laboratories also authorized to issue permits for structural changes in the car;
  • Machine.building plants.

The organization should be included in the approved register, which is located on the official portal of the Ministry of Industry. Companies that have not received accreditation do not have the right to apply wines and issue appropriate papers. It is necessary to take into account the territorial position: the certifying company, the laboratory or car factory should be located as close as possible to the place where the vehicle is located.

Police marking is applied to the details of the car that were not dismantled and were not subjected to other changes. The VIN code is engraved in the immediate vicinity of the old cipher knocked out by the manufacturer. When there is no way to fulfill the specified requirement, the number is placed on the next suitable site for this.

Responsibility for the lack of marking

Previously, if the number on the frame was not read, to register the car was a big problem: the vehicle re.registration was refused. But since January 2020, car owners are required to apply for an identification marking on a body or frame if the wines-number rusted or burned.

Now driving a car not registered in the prescribed manner is prohibited. If an offense is detected, an employee of the state traffic inspectorate will write a fine. The driver, first detained for driving a machine with an unreadable wines code, will have to pay from 500 to 800. With repeated detection of a violation, the amount of recovery can be increased to 5000. Car owners who continue to neglect the need to rewind, risk losing their rights to drive vehicles for a period of 1 to 3 months.