How to cut the ceiling curtain rod

Tips for choosing materials and tools for making baguette cornices

If you are planning to paint the cornices, then poplar and aspen boards are excellent candidates for your project. They’re fairly durable and inexpensive, and the fibers won’t peek through the paint. The cheapest options are pine and lime. The pine can be artificially bleached, giving it an elegant aged look.

If a stain will be used for staining, the following colors will work well: oak, mahogany, cherry, maple. If you do not want to paint the wood, then make a special order of the selected species of wood.


The most suitable tool for cutting boards 19×140 mm (thickness × width), as in this master class, is considered a crosscut saw. The principle of its work is similar to the usual saw, but at your service all the power of an electric motor. Such a machine can be rented.

Since you have to fasten the elements with nails, you can use a pneumatic gun for nailing 2.5-4 cm.

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If, for example, you need to saw a plastic curtain rod, it is desirable to disassemble it completely, free the profile of the rod from the decorative molding and curved elements. in this way it will be easier to saw the rail profile. With a straight ledge without curves, the process is even easier.

It is easier to cut a two-row tire metal curtain rail with an angle grinder, but if it is absent, the usual hacksaw will do, the main thing is to fix the rail firmly, so it does not “play” in the process of sawing. Burrs formed as a result of trimming, remove with sandpaper or file.

If you do not have a wood or metal saw, you can shorten the curtain with a Stanley knife. Having notched the plastic on one side, and then carefully bending the ledge in the place of the notch, we continue to cut, then we break and cut off completely.

To attach the decorative tape to the profile, there is a special groove on the back side of the overlay, into which the edge of the ceiling rail is inserted. Then put on the full length of the hood. If you have swivel elements, first fix the strip to the straight bar, and then connect the corner pieces.

Installing the curtain rod

The first step in installing the curtain rod is to align the ceiling. If the ceiling plinth is too wide, you can cut it off so it doesn’t get in the way. Then you need to take a simple pencil and mark on the ceiling the points where the mounts will be located. It is better to make the distance between the points equal to about 60 cm. If you have purchased a ledge with a decorative overlay, it should be put on before installation.

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The next step is to drill holes for fixing the eaves. To fix the ledge is better with dowels.

Fastening of the plastic ledge

Attention! Some tracks are made of soft plastic, which is difficult to fix with dowels. In this case you need to take small metal plates (you can cut them yourself) and install them in the grooves on the back side of the ledge. This way the ledge will be securely fastened near each hole.

The last step is to install hooks for curtains in the grooves and blinds on the corners of the ledge.

How to cut the ceiling plinths in case of uneven corners in the room?

If the corners in the room have a rounded shape, you need to cut the material into pieces, about 3. 5 cm long. The length depends entirely on the radius of curvature. Next, cut each piece on both sides so that the bottom is wider than the top. This should be done when it comes to the inside radius. If you need to formalize the outer part, then the upper part of the baguette should be wider. First of all, you need to fit each piece to the next, and then it is already glued.

How to properly trim ceiling baseboards? It is easy enough to do without the help of specialists. However, for quality and proper execution of work, as well as to save materials, it is better to practice a little on small pieces of material.

It seems to beginners that even a housewife can cut and fasten the skirting board. But when it comes to mating, the need to cut the corner turns into a real grueling. Because of ignorance of how to cut the corner on the ceiling plinth, many apartment dwellers have a desire to repair something in the house once and for all disappeared. Sincerely hope that the ceiling plinths will not drive you to whiteout. Familiarizing yourself with this material, you will no longer puzzle over how to properly cut the corner on the ceiling plinth.

The most painful question of installation comes down to how to cut the ceiling plinth in the corners and achieve a perfect junction. It is known that skirting boards in the corners are attached at an angle of 38 degrees to 45. How to properly trim a ceiling plinth, when to perform a cut of forty-five degrees is so difficult? After all, on the inside, the cut edge often does not match, the gaps are still visible.

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What are the cornices?

Types of curtain rails depend on the material used in production. There are cornices:

Today’s modern models are equipped with an electric drive, which is sold as a set. This makes it possible to automatically close and open the curtains, even remotely control them, which is convenient, modern, stylish. Manually managing heavy and wide curtains is difficult.

Metal ceiling curtain rails are durable and strong, they fit perfectly into the interior of any style

  • 1Select the place where you plan to hang the curtains.
  • 2Tap the markers at this point.
  • 3 Fix the stretch ceiling profile.
  • 4Wire the wood trim according to the markers
  • 5After that, mount the polyvinyl chloride canvas, securing it.

Install the eaves on the wall Using a ruler and level, draw a horizontal line at the height of fixing the eaves. Mark the mounting points of the brackets at the same distance to the right and left of the window. Install brackets. Fix the cornice on the brackets, aligning it with the window.

We make a mixture of glue ourselves

Before you glue a skirting board for the ceiling of polystyrene foam, you need to learn the technology of making a mixture of adhesive by yourself. It will allow you to securely fix the skirting board for the ceiling. We will need for this:

Next follows this step by step list of works:

Mounting the ceiling ledge in 10 minutes 1 man Legrand standart

  • Put the finishing putty in the container.
  • Next, add PVA glue in a ratio of 1 to 4 (putty will need 4 times more than glue).
  • Everything is mixed thoroughly, adding water little by little. This is done until a sour creamy consistency comes out. You need to make sure that there are no lumps and clots. you need to get rid of them completely.
  • At the last stage, you only need to let the mixture infuse for 10 minutes and mix everything again.

Now you can begin the process of gluing the skirting board made of polystyrene foam. Remember that the ready-made glue must be applied for 2 hours, because after that it will lose its own adhesive qualities.

Design of the curtain holder

Let’s talk about the construction of a string cornice. The main element of the construction is a thin, strong thread, made of steel. It looks like a musical string. There are different fastening of the ropes, mostly use ceiling or wall.

Tension of a string also can be different. In general, such products will look great in small rooms. Today, more and more homeowners prefer string curtain holders, they transform and refresh the interior. You can use ceiling hangings to enlarge the space of your room. String curtain rod consists of brackets, holders and other additional elements, thanks to which the structure is securely fastened.

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Strings differ in length. There may be several strings. If you like, you can cut a few strings using metal scissors. In fact, it is not necessary to cut the excess part, you can try to make a ring out of it. You can easily secure the strings with clips and hooks.

Remember: there are certain rules for choosing curtains. It is recommended to attach those made of light fabrics, such as chiffon, jacquard in a lightweight version. Tulle, cotton, satin curtains will look good. It is not recommended to use heavy ones, because the string can sag.

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If you want to see classic curtains, choose a curtain rod with strings in two rows. This double rope will withstand large, heavy curtains. It is worth noting that this holder is suitable for almost all ceiling or wall surfaces, it is not difficult to install it. The only restriction. you should not attach it to a suspended ceiling. you will damage the surface: the ceiling can sag under the weight of the curtains.

For the string curtain rod light curtains are more suitable. Products are available in a wide variety, each of them differs in the type of attachment, as well as the tensioning system.

Before you buy a particular model, it is worth reading the enclosed instructions. It is important to properly adjust the tension of the string.

Remember that metal string is vulnerable: it is susceptible to corrosion. If your room has a high level of humidity, treat the holder for curtains with a special composition.

String cornices are easy to use, they will divert your attention from other objects and direct it only to the curtains!

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Repair of string cornice

How to tension a string with your own hands? It’s easy enough. These products usually come complete with a bolt intended for tensioning the sagging part. You need to use this bolt, it is inserted through the foot and the washer, the nut is screwed. String from one side is required to pass through the hole and tie on the opposite side (to be tightened tighter). The same actions are performed on the other side. Remember: the tensioning with their own hands. the process is not complicated, but the main thing. the accuracy. In any case, the string must be resilient!