How to Cut Trees In Farming Simulator 2019

How to Cut Trees In Farming Simulator 2019

Based on the map Baldeikino 3 FS17.
Years passed, Baldeikino is not the same as before. The new owner decided to improve the lives of people in the village. But, as always there are hack workers and plowing horrible, so the fields are not even, but if you want, you can always fix, combine.

A train was added, a grain and vegetable storage and reloader, the storage base was replaced, the landscape was changed, basically all trees can be cut, in the forest there is a reloader with a crane. All standard animals are now on the map. Take milk at the dairy, near the bakery. But the bakery does not work as before. Choppedstraw. removed, greatly slows down the game. There is a sawmill on the pallets of the board, for sale in selmag at the crossroads.
Production was taken from the old map and arranged differently near the barn. Fuel production. transport the tanker to the base. For production to work, you need the AAA_UniversalProcessKit mod (comes bundled). Some fields are changed from the original and their price is revised.

Authors: ben686, ajsik69 vs Krug_67 (field, sale, registration dirt, pigs trigers, pigs triger), RT-mods

Version 4.1 for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.4.4):

Mods Farming Simulator 2017, on our site there are a variety of, you can download for free the best technique for the game Farming Simulator 2017. A large selection of mods will allow each farmer to choose something for himself. All files are archived in an archive, easily unpacked, and easily installed in FS 17.

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IMPORTANT all mods on our site are checked for viruses and have a ZIP archive format, a file in a ZIP format. move to the Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2017 \ mods \ folder
Detailed instructions with pictures on installing the mod

Download mod Baldeikino Map 4 version 4.1 for Farmer Simulator 2017

  • 4628 Map of Yanov Valley Hardcore v 2.4.3
  • 1749 Material for quarry v 1.0
  • 1202 Map of Bukhalovo v 2.0
  • 1154 Tractor DT-175 "Volgar"
  • 1138 Mud Texture
  • 1107 Season Master. change of seasons