How to cut wall panels wood -fiber slab. : How to cut the wood-brown coat at home

How to cut the wood.fiber plate of the panel at home with your own hands cut on the machines

should be carried out on specialized formato.cutting machines with disk saws, at low feed speed. Otherwise, on the end sides of the parts there will remain deep traces from unevenly located saws of the saw, which will be clearly visible after the shrinkage of the PVC film.

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With your own hands or order?

High-quality sawing woody plate is difficult to manually produce due to the large size of the sheets. The dimensions of the standard slab are 2440 × 1200, and this is not the limit. However, if you work quite often with a wood-cutting stove or wood-fiber slab, it makes sense to get an expensive tool and work for your pleasure. If you need to cut only a few sheets, you can go in two ways:

What to choose, solve only you, and we will consider each of these options.

Preparation for installation

Installation on the frame will allow you to carry out the cable when determined by the view and coloring of the material, you need to correctly calculate its number. To do this, measure the length, width, height of each wall. We get the number of square meters. We purchase the material with a margin by 10-15%, a certain amount will go into trimming, a small part can be spoiled during installation.

The walls are not required to prepare and level the walls before lining, but the surface should be dry.

If you lay communications or insulation behind the panel, you will have to mount a frame made of galvanized profiles or timber.

Bill.fiber slab panels for wall decoration should be purchased along with epigastric components that facilitate the installation of joints and help to mask the surface defects. Components: moldings, corners, skirting boards, platbands, basement planks. final elements. Read more about the installation, see this

What to look for when choosing a circular saw?

Small and small discs are very appreciated due to their portable. They are preferred to use at remote objects. And large saws are stationary. These large.sized and powerful units are simply indispensable in the process of erecting buildings.

Depending on the characteristics of the future application, all saws can be divided into four categories. These are saws for the transverse sawing of wood, for the longitudinal sawing of wood, for cutting non-ferrous metals, as well as for cutting laminated woody stove. When choosing a circular saw, you need to take into account the fact that not all models perform the function of immersion. For example, if the longitudinal cut should be done from the middle of the board, you cannot do without such a function. Saws with immersion function are characterized by increased performance and maneuverability.

The convenience of capturing the front handle is also an important criterion when choosing a circular saw. The degree of controllability of the tool depends on it. A preferred option will be a spherical handle, which allows you to fix the saw in any necessary position.

When buying a saw, an important criterion is the cost of the tool. Usually the price rises if the circular saw allows you to adjust the number of revolutions or turn on the operational cooling mode. Before acquiring the tool, you need to decide on the necessary additional functions so as not to overpay for unnecessary “bells and whistles”.

Preparation of the surface and organ plates

First of all, the surface is cleaned of garbage for the installation of the material. The laying of the sheets is performed on the surface of the concrete floor only if its evenness. If there are height drops, then you need to make a screed before, then wait for it to completely dry. If the organ laying is performed on a raw screed, the material will absorb moisture from concrete and quickly will be crumpled.

After the screed is dry, it must be disgusted, such a step will extend the time of the organ of organ. For the same purpose, you can immediately soak the material before the installation with olifa. In the room where the material is laid, the humidity should be no more than 55%, and the temperature is not lower than 5 degrees. When the material is prepared, and the concrete base is leveled, you can proceed to the second stage of work.

Secret to a new trendy wood finishing technique

Methods of fastening

On glue

  • Previously, a special glue is applied to the sheets.
  • Then within half an hour you need to wait for the adhesive layer to dry.
  • During the waiting, the same composition must be applied to the base of the floor, which should be well cleaned of garbage, warmly.
  • After all these manipulations, the sheets are tightly pressed to the base of the floor. So that there are no irregularities in laying, use a water or laser level. This must be done as quickly as possible before fastening the plates so that the glue does not have time to dry out.
  • During laying sheets, the joints should not shift relative to each other more than 50 cm. This condition is mandatory, since in this case the coating will differ in high strength and will not be deformed when exposed to external factors.
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On mastic

The method is suitable for covering with sheets wood.fiber plate of concrete screed.

  • The base is well cleaned, swept or vacuumed. When the pollution is very strong, use washing with a wet rag.
  • When the surface dries, a primer layer is applied to it. Pill the foundation as many times as it will be required to achieve the effect of slow absorption. The faster the primer is absorbed, the more it must be applied.
  • The completely dried base is covered with a small layer of mastic (with a layer of more than 0.6 mm).
  • Before this process, the mastic is applied to the sheets, well dried.
  • Sheets are laid on the processed floor surface with even layers and tightly pressed.

If hot mastic is used, then it is superimposed immediately before laying the sheets, without waiting for drying out. In this case, its contact with the air should be minimal.

How to cut a wood.fiber slab at home

If it is not possible to cut the organized oriente on the machine, you can cut it with tools that will be found in your home. To get an even edge will help:

  • Scissors for metal. Suitable for thin sheets. Get high accuracy only with a direct cut.
  • Hacksaw with small teeth. Sprinkles with the formation of a large number of sawdust. The harder the material, the more carefully it turns out the saw.
  • Electric jigsaw. Sprinkles like a manual hacksaw, but does it faster, and therefore pulls the fibers less.

Before cutting a wood.fiber slab at home, you should outline a fishing line for a cutting trimmer and glue a transparent tape to it. He will glue the surface fibers and prevent them from tearing. The result is the perfect cut. The same method can be used when sawing plywood, wood-based slab and other slate materials.

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Advice! Before you make a final slice, train the wood.fiber slab on the scraps. As soon as you “fill up” your hand, proceed to the cutting of the sheets.

How to cut wood.fiber stove at home

I am making repairs in the apartment. I decided to replace the old coating of wood.fiber plate on the floor. Question. How and what is best to cut the sheets?

As always turned to the Internet. What was not advised

That’s how much read: Circular. lobby. Saber saw. manual saw, some prefer to scratch the sections of the cut. And then break. The end after the cut can be passed with a manual shirt.

Let’s start with the fact that this is a one.time job: did and forgot. So, to buy some expensive tool so that then it is dusty somewhere on the shelf, it makes no sense.

Let’s say you can rent this tool. For example, an electrician or saw circulation.

To cut the sheet, it must be put on something reminiscent of a cutting table. Otherwise, there is a probability of breaking a sheet, or the tool will rest on the cutting part of all kinds of obstacles. I’m not talking about the noise and dust that come from them during work.

I decided to try the old grandfather’s instrument: knife. Just took his modern counterpart.

Laid out the sheet on the floor, applied with a pencil of the mowing fishing line, 5-6 passes with a blade along the ruler (it is better to use metal) and the sheet is cut through and through. No noise, no dust, no large investment.

One but. If you are afraid to damage the surface on which you intend to cut a wood-fiber plate better to put something under a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. For example, a thin unnecessary plywood.

Wood.fiber plate (or organite). the material is not too thick. But if you start sawing it with a hacksaw, there will be such a “fringe” that there can be no talk of any accuracy. Are there any other methods? How the wood.fiber slab is cut? How do they manage to make a cut even and accurate?

Manual circular saw

On the question of what the wood.fiber slab is cut, the first thing that comes to mind after the jigsaw is, of course, the circular. It is also good if you need to cut a large amount of organ. It can be sprouted at once on several plates at once. But it violates the edges of the plate even more than a saw of an electrician. That is why sometimes masters use a wood.fiber slab for sawing not with ordinary circles for sawing wood, but in circles for corner grinders on wood. They are remarkably approaching circular saws, and in this case, the edges of the saw are more even. With minor grinding of them with sandpaper, you can’t distinguish them from the factory cutting.

But here the guarantor of the right and even saw is also a flat surface. If there is no one, as well as if in the process of the saw do not press the plate to this surface, the vibration will simply not allow to carry out accurate cutting.

The final stage

At the final stage, another tool must be used. To do this, you need a rashpil or a file, sandpaper, a goy post, an adhesive tape and a decorative corner from duralumin.

First of all, it is necessary to grind the tree. For this purpose, you can use a rashpil or a file with which you need to remove excess. After this grinding machine or with the help of ordinary sandpaper (zero is suitable), bring the tree to a sighted look. It is recommended to carry out this work even if you are not going to do anything after it. Due to the torn wood elements, the material will much quickly attract moisture, which will provoke faster wear of the material.

When bringing the tree to normal, it is necessary to bring to the same state and plastic. Typically, there is enough use of special polishes for this. But if one is not available, then you should not buy a new one, since for processing one countertop you will need very little this product, and then you feel sorry for the polish, and not economically.

The ideal option for processing plastic is the pasta. It is available in almost every house, while it is an absolutely universal tool and quite effective.

Even if the cut was successful, and the grinding of high.quality, it is better to play it safe so that even small millimeters do not make themselves felt in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special furniture corner from duralumin to decorate. It should be attached to its place, while the appearance will acquire accuracy.

Another small advice: sawing a countertop at home, you can use a guide tape with an adhesive layer, with which the blade does not deviate from the route.

How to cut a wood-fiber slab and wood-based wood-bearing plate

Born-fiber slab and wood-piece plate are popular among home masters, as they are ideal for construction work, improvement of the dwelling and creating furniture on an individual project of any complexity. But the wood-fiber slab and a wood-bearing plate cut out special skills and certain knowledge. If you do not have the right tool and the necessary baggage of knowledge in this area, we advise you not to waste time and seek help from professional specialists.

Small and small discs are very appreciated due to their portable. They are preferred to use at remote objects. And large saws are stationary. These large.sized and powerful units are simply indispensable in the process of erecting buildings.

Depending on the characteristics of the future application, all saws can be divided into four categories. These are saws for the transverse sawing of wood, for the longitudinal sawing of wood, for cutting non-ferrous metals, as well as for cutting laminated woody stove. When choosing a circular saw, you need to take into account the fact that not all models perform the function of immersion. For example, if the longitudinal cut should be done from the middle of the board, you cannot do without such a function. Saws with immersion function are characterized by increased performance and maneuverability.

The convenience of capturing the front handle is also an important criterion when choosing a circular saw. The degree of controllability of the tool depends on it. A preferred option will be a spherical handle, which allows you to fix the saw in any necessary position.

When buying a saw, an important criterion is the cost of the tool. Usually the price rises if the circular saw allows you to adjust the number of revolutions or turn on the operational cooling mode. Before acquiring the tool, you need to decide on the necessary additional functions so as not to overpay for unnecessary “bells and whistles”.

How to cut wood.fiber slab?

Depending on the thickness of the orlite sheet, you should choose the tool for its cut. It is better, of course, to purchase a special machine that can cope with the material of any thickness. But for a single resolution of the issue, for example, if you need to repair a couple of boxes in a furniture cabinet, no one will purchase expensive equipment. Therefore, for such works performed from time to time with your own hands, the following tool is suitable:

It is very smooth to cut an electrician if it has a laser backlight of the direction of movement. Ideal evenness is observed when working with the circular. I must say that an electrician and circular are quite popular tools in the household, so these methods are quite relevant and affordable for home craftsmen.

How to Install Veneer Stone

If the thickness of the leaf is not more than 3 mm, then it will not be difficult to cut off several details and an ordinary sharp knife. Often there is a milling machine in garages, therefore milling will also be useful for the manufacture of small blanks from the organ. For simple rectilinear blanks, cut a sheet of wood.fiber slab with a corner grinder.

In special cases, they take the desired tool for rent, which will cost inexpensively, or contact specialized enterprises.

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How to cut the wood.fiber slab

For cutting polycarbonate, use cutting circles for metal, and preferably those that are designed to work with aluminum. This is due to the fact that when using them, the temperature in the cutting zone will be less than when using a circle of steel. Accordingly, the risk of melting the edges of the polycarbonate sheet will also be less.

The use of “corner grinders” at low speeds will help make the chances of melting even less (and at the same time reduce the likelihood of burrs).

For safety reasons, use an angular grinding machine with a casing. In addition, in no case do not use the cut.out circles of the inappropriate basic and planting diameters or saw wheels from the circular saw. this is dangerous!

Prepare the sheet and the site for work as described in the instructions of one of the previous sections of the article. When working with a corner grinding machine, mount supports and stage from the boards on the right and left of the mowing cutting line. Do not remove the protective film from the sheet.

The sheet should be located on the support

Test the “corner grinder” on segments or unnecessary parts of polycarbonate. So you train and get little experience with similar material and corner grinding machine. After that, it will be much easier and safer to perform the cutting of the main sheet.

Marking before cutting is mandatory

Turn on the angular grinding machine, let it dial the right number of revolutions and bring the circle to the end of the sheet on the mowing fishing line of the cut.

Start the cutting process. Slowly move the cutting circle of the “corner grinding” forward along the mowing fishing line of the cut. Control the situation and do not rush, otherwise there is a risk of leaving a large burrs. When cutting cellular polycarbonate along the ribs of the stringity of the fishing line for the trimmer of the cutting, it should be located so that the cutting circle of the “corner grinder” does not crash into the walls of the cells. Work in goggles so that plastic chips do not get into the eyes.

The start of cutting polycarbonate using an angular grinding machine

At the end of the cutting process, turn off the angular grinding machine and de.energize it. As a rule, the sheet is cut off immediately and completely, additional work using a knife is not required.

If you are cutting cellular polycarbonate, then after completing the process, remove plastic chips and dust from cells. To do this, use a stream of compressed air, vacuum cleaner or fan.

Came the edge of the cellular polycarbonate sheet with a construction tape.

In a similar way, you can cut cutting using a circular saw. Choose saw wheels with small cloves designed to work for metal or plastic. Immediately before the start of the disk insert, let it gain the right number of revolutions. The supporting plate of the tool that needs to be pressed to the sheet will help you increase the accuracy of cutting.

Laser cutting

The newest way, how to cut off polycarbonate, is laser cutting. This requires special equipment that generates a laser beam, which cuts a polycarbonate sheet.

Among the advantages of this method can be called:

How easy it is to cut with your own hands with your own hands and deliver to the cottage in VAZ 2104

Nevertheless, cutting with a laser and disadvantages:

  • For work, special expensive equipment is required. Its acquisition is advisable only in cases where its professional use is planned in the future.
  • Before cutting, it is necessary to correctly configure the equipment. this requires certain skills.

Thus, laser cutting is acceptable only for a small number of users. Of all the options than cutting a cellular polycarbonate, you should still choose a corner grinder or an electric jigsaw. After some training with such tools, you can perform a beautiful, high.quality cut.

Organizer, use in construction and decoration

Choosing an inexpensive, but reliable material for decoration of walls, partitions or floors, at some point you will come across an organ. This type of panels is widely used in decoration and construction. In addition, it is used to produce furniture. Consider what is organized, how it is interesting and where it is used.

Material and its advantages

Orlit is a wood.fiber plate made of wood waste, processed cellulose and similar raw materials. Produced in the form of sheet panels of various sizes.

In fact, this is a wood.fiber plate familiar to everyone, but made with higher quality standards.

The following circumstances contribute to the popularity of this material:

  • Low price;
  • Extensive area of ​​application;
  • Convenient form of release in the form of plates;
  • The sizes of an organ sheet can be different, including in width;
  • The presence of models with decorative processing (lamination), thanks to which panels of various colors are available to us;
  • Good workability;
  • Decent performance (strength, reliability).


Each panel manufacturer has its own vision of the optimal composition. However, most plates contain:

  • Mentioned waste of wood industry as a basic component;
  • The adhesive that fastens the fibers when exposed to high pressure and no less high temperature (as a rule, these are synthetic resins);
  • Hydrophobic additives that provide resistance to moisture (paraffin, rosin);
  • Antiseptics that reduce the likelihood of decay, development of mold and microorganisms;
  • Antipyrene, worsening the combustion of material and increasing fire safety;
  • Strength amplifiers in the form of various polymers.


In connection with the just indicated composition, many have a legitimate question. whether the health authorities are harmful?

In general, no, but there is a pair of “but”. Some panel manufacturers use phenolformaldehydes that are dangerous for humans. GOST 4598-86 prohibits the use of such substances. over, this is an outdated production technology used only underground factories.

Require a certificate of compliance with GOST, and you will protect yourself.

The second thin moment is burning. With thermal effects, some substances in the composition of the organ can form dangerous compounds. However, if your interior partition is burning, you will have more serious problems.

Under ordinary conditions, quality slabs are completely harmless.

Types of this material there are a great many. From the point of view of the basic parameter. density. all plates can be divided into three categories:

  • Soft. Differs relatively small density and structure, similar to a cork. Used as a isolator in the decoration of walls and ceilings, as well as in the construction of interior partitions. If you need an orphan on the floor to level the horizontal, then this option is perfect.
  • Solid. Here the density of the sheet is approximately 1.5 times higher than that of the previous option, which makes the material stronger. Characterized by better resistance to moisture and has good bending strength. Actively used in construction and decoration, as well as in furniture production.
  • Super hard. These panels are more than 2 times denser than the first option. Used in construction, furniture industry, and even in the production of cars.

In addition, the surface can be treated in different ways. A laminated organite in which one or two sides has a decorative coating is very popular in the decoration and production of furniture.

If you select the Orlit on the walls, it is advisable to choose sheets with one decorative surface or without lamination at all (for subsequent painting).

Where it is used?

As we have already said, this is a popular material for solving various problems. Among them:

  • Arrangement of thermal insulation in a house or apartment;
  • Installation of interior partitions;
  • Alignment of floors or arranging a substrate for the flooring;
  • Furniture manufacture;
  • Production of interior girl and so on.

How can you cut the panels?

Organic slabs are produced in different sizes, which allows you to choose the most suitable for your purposes. However, when installing partitions, wall panels or when flooring, it is unlikely that you can do without cutting.

The organ itself is cut quite easily. There are only two problems:

Than cutting orphanes to avoid these negative effects?

The best option is an electrician with a small saw. Manual cutting can be carried out with a hacksaw for metal (she also has small teeth), pressing it to the ruler. Thus, you will get an even slice and do not damage the decorative coating. With large volumes of work, it is advisable to order cutting in a specialized institution where the circular saw will be used.

Organization painting

It is not always advisable to use laminated materials. Sometimes it is more profitable to install panels with raw surfaces for the subsequent coloring.

It is important to take into account that the material under consideration has a higher porosity than a tree. Therefore, the paint consumption will be increased. If the packaging with the paintwork is indicated by the approximate flow consumption, you can safely multiply it by 2, or even 2.5.

For panels laid on the floor, acrylic or alkyd paint will be optimal, and for wall plates it is also suitable for water.based. Due to the above, when working on an organ, it is advisable to use the primer. This will significantly reduce the consumption of material and improve adhesion.

We examined the material Orlit: what is it, where it is used and what properties has. As you can see, these are quite good finishing and structural panels.

How to cut wood.fiber stove in home

Wood.fiber plate (or wood.fiber plate). The material is not too thick. But if you begin to saw it with a hacksaw, it will create such a “fringe” that there can be no doubt exactly. Are there any other methods? From which the masters made of wood.fiber slab cut out? How they manage to make a cut even and neat?

How to cut wood.fiber stove in home

But here the guarantor of the correct and even cut is also a flat surface. If this is not the case, and if the plate is not pressed to the surface during the sawing process, the vibration simply will not allow the accurate cutting.

Processing of wood.fiber slab during the installation of walls, floor, arches and ceiling

Wood-fibrous slabs-inexpensive and functional material, which is successfully used for finishing and construction work. And this is understandable, because it can easily be bent, glue, nail. At the same time, depending on the type of plates, they can be used in a slightly different way. [Contents H2 H3]

Black flooring

Black floors are mounted quite often from the organ, especially this material is suitable for aligning old armored floors, if work on their dismantling is not assumed. In addition to obtaining as a result of a perfectly flat surface, a layer of wood.fiber slab will serve as a good heat insulator, which is especially true for residents of private houses or apartments of the first floor in old high.rise buildings.

Important: floors made of wood.fiber plate (even waterproof stamps) are little suitable for wet rooms (bathrooms, showers), since under the influence of water vapors they can be deformed and crusted.

For the lane of the black floor, an unexcited wood.fiber slab with increased hardness or soft wood.fiber slab as a soundproofing gasket is used. Despite the abundance of hydrophobic additives in the production of modern wood.fiber plates, experts advise to additionally process them before laying them. Good results are given by impregnation with hot olifa in 2-3 layers. After complete drying, the sheets can be laid.

Wood.fiber floor ready for further processing

If the old base for the floor is quite flat, the organite is laid directly on it. With significant levels of level (more than 10 mm), you will have to level the old floor or lay the lags. In any case, the surface for laying the wood.fiber plate is pre.treated with an antiseptic primer.

Cut the organite

Many modern enterprises selling buildings offer their customers a wood.fiber slab on individual sizes when buying. Special high.precision equipment. a guarantee that work on the opening of the material and processing of the edges will be performed efficiently, without chips. In this case, your main task will be exactly all measurements. If you are so unlucky, you will have to cut organizers at home on your own.

In principle, a hand saw with a small tooth is suitable for this work. After all, small irregularities formed in the place of sawing, to lay the material as a draft floor, do not matter. With a significant amount of work, cut a wood.fiber plate much faster and easier, using the following devices:

  • an electrician or a disk saw, preferably with a laser guide;
  • saw discs of a special brand suitable for the cutting of an organ;
  • goats with an inclination of 20-25% of the vertical, allowing to fix the sheet of a large-fiber plate of a large format;
  • Metal line
  • marker.

If you cut a wood.fiber plate for the first time, so as not to spoil the material first practice in a small piece, installing a jigsaw file to the right of the marking line. Previously, be sure to read the techniques of experienced craftsmen, for example, after watching thematic videos, one of which is presented below:

How to lay a wood.fiber slab?

If, after laying the wood.fiber plate, it is planned to lay linoleum, the organite is laid down the wrong side. In other cases, the corrugated surface will provide better adhesion of a wood.fiber slab with finish materials, so it is rotated upstairs.

Installation usually start from the corner opposite to the front door. Fixed wood.fiber slabs using special brackets, nails or screws or glued with mastic. Before nailing or glue, the sheets try to fit each other with a minimum gap so that the seams were easier.

By the way, the seals near the walls are not needed, on the contrary, be sure to leave technological gaps that will allow “playing” the wood.fiber plate without deformation when expanding when temperature fluctuations.

Important: docking of the four angles at a single point is prohibited! Sheets are laid so that there is no coincidence of transverse joints in the neighboring rows.

Cutting a wood.fiber slab when a heating pipe is most easily knife. carefully such work can be done according to a specially created template made of dense cardboard, using an electrician.

After the flooring of the wood.fiber slab, if the finishing floor is planned with linoleum or staining, the mandatory sealing of the seams is necessary. In addition to the presence of high adhesion properties, the mass, which we will put up with the wood.fiber plate, must certainly be plastic, since the floors of wood.fiber slab are somewhat springy and are able to change their linear dimensions. If you put down the floors with hard and monolithic putty, then it can either bend and deform a leaf of the wood.fiber plate, or to break at the junction of the seams.

Wall and ceiling decoration

Wolly.fiber plates are also in demand for wall decoration and ceilings. Especially often, the use of this material is resorted to at the stage of finishing work in the construction of everyday life, country houses, sheds and garages, which is greatly facilitated by its very democratic price.

Hats of nails on the ceiling also need to be processed before further decoration

If foam is used as a heat.shielding layer, glue it from the wood.fiber plate, using a point mount on liquid nails. Using mineral wool, you will have to spend time on chipping the crate. At the same time, seaming of the seams to reduce complexity is performed using decorative overhead aluminum elements or wooden strips.

wall, panels, wood, fiber, slab

If the walls are made of fairly durable material (brick, foam concrete), then you can fix the wood.fiber plate directly on them, without a crate, using suitable polymer adhesives and mastic. To increase water resistance, such walls after installation are treated with hydrophobic varnishes or paints. Using somewhat more expensive types of wood.fiber plate (for example, laminated), you will get a much more aesthetic surface of the walls, which will not need an additional decoration.

If you want the walls to look more aesthetically pleasing, then you can decorate the wood.fiber plate with their wallpaper.

How to cut wood.fiber stove at home

Someday in the household there is a need without the help of others to change the glass. Alas, working with such fragile material is very traumatic. Because of what, in order to avoid injuries and excess consumption of the material, you need to know the main rules for service with this material and selected inventory.

Cut ordinary glass. it will not be difficult to cause a person any problems. You can cut such glasses with a special glass cutter or even ordinary scissors.

If you do not have enough idea of ​​how to correctly treat this equipment, you will see countless videos on this topic on our VEB portal. They will help you cut out a suitable figure and provide the necessary information in the service with a rather complicated and fragile material like glass.

To feel that the cut is high.quality, you need to prepare the material for the work for earlier. If the glass is new, then it is pretty easy to wipe it. The most perfect for this purpose is a newspaper, to a greater extent it wrapps the surface, also does not leave villi and stains.

On the contrary, the glass was previously in the process of application, then before cutting the material with glass cutter, it will need to be held slightly for its preparation than just time. Mainly such a surface will need to be perfectly washed, using special means for cleaning the glasses. Then the painstaking process of degreasing should be carried out. Use kerosene if necessary. For this purpose, you impregnated with a cloth in kerosene, you need to painstaking the glass and wait until it dries completely.

However, the glass preparation is in addition to its cutting. There is no doubt about such that you will manage to achieve the final result without waste, especially if you need to cut the product of an incorrect geometric shape. If you make a calculation very correctly, that is, the option to reduce the amount of waste significantly.

Also, make sure that the working surface is quite even and without slopes, and poorly stiff, it is better to make a working surface from plywood as it is also called a wood.fiber slab, and cover with an oilcloth or soft cloth.

If you planned to carry out work on cutting glass, then the first thing you should be caused by which specific windshields are most perfect for your case. Now there are two types of tools. it is diamond and roller.

Diamond model is considered a real favorite in the middle of this type of tools. If you are going to use it on your own, then the model that has a beveled edge is perfect, which is beneficial for breaking off the cut pieces. Cutting glass with such glass cutter is an option actually 10 km of material, with a width right to a centimeter textbook. But even at the same time it should be taken into account that there are cheap species in which artificial diamond is installed that allows you to cut glass not exceeding 5 mm wide.

In contrast to the diamond, roller glass cutter has a working element of the type of small roller made of carbide materials, as a rule, it is a tungsten alloy with a cobalt, which is able to cut the material up to 4 mm wide up to 4 mm. Which are possessed by the game slots of such a tool in such a section that the video can easily and simply move around the glass, with all this, without making huge efforts to lay the furrow.

The process of work is subsequently performed:

On the surface of the desktop, unsythered and dry glass is laid. The desired marking is made by the marker. Further at both ends, small cuts are made in the marked strip. Keep in mind that the material used should be tightly in contact with the surface on the desktop of a local computer.

How to cut a wood.fiber slab, organite. With a knife.

After that, it is necessary to apply a ruler on the glass and along it with an inventory draw a fishing line for a trimmer. Keeping diamond glass cutter in the palm of your hand is exactly like an ordinary pencil, when passing along the marked strip, only a small effort should be applied. Under the influence of which there is a slightly noticeable mark on the glass, which is outside similar to a scratch. If the tool is completely serviceable, then there must certainly be a corresponding sound resembling crackling. If the sound is creaking, then this means that its cutting element needs to be undermined on a special bar for this purpose.

Keep such a tool at one time at a small angle, the correctness of which is determined by the experimental way. Keep in mind, the tool that is in the correct position relative to the glass leaves a dull narrow fishing line for a trimmer.

Roller glass cutter as opposed to the diamond, it is necessary to keep strictly at right angles to the surface of the glass, in this case, pressing it with the middle and huge finger, and pressing it with the index. Keep in mind that for a roller tool, they press a bit than just on the diamond, and the incision itself should turn out to be snow.white color.

To get high.quality clearly, even cut. remember a few ordinary rules that need to be done at the time of work with glass using a diamond tool:

  • Do not press on the glass at the time of the movement of glass cutter, another cut will turn out to be very deep, and its edges will be uneven.
  • On the acquired strip, under any circumstances, an additional incision cannot be made. Otherwise glass may split. The incision must be done immediately. For example, if we cut the length of a meter, then it is necessary to hold on its surface for 2 seconds.
  • In order for the workpiece to break out rapidly and exactly on the cut of the cut, it is necessary to knock a little on the back of the glass. After that, no effort will come in handy for you to break it off.

Small tricks: how to cut narrow strips of wood.fiber plate or plywood

If you are just a beginner master, then the most perfect thing is to practice on small pieces, this will help to find the right angle of inclination of the tool, gain experience, reduce losses, also avoid mistakes in the near future.

So that you can cut a circle of glass, several different methods are used that differ from the cross.cutting of the coming circle, and understandable, the thickness of the glass.