How to cut with an angle grinder. How to hold an angle grinder correctly

Metal cutting technology with an angle grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder), or angle grinder, as it is commonly called, is an indispensable and versatile tool in construction, designed for cutting and processing hard materials. But it is also one of the most dangerous types of equipment, so cutting metal with an angle grinder and other types of material requires compliance with all safety rules.

For proper and accurate work it is necessary to buy a tool that is suitable in terms of power and diameter of the cutting abrasive wheel and functionality. You need to decide for what kind of work you need the tool.

For home repair, craftsmen can do with a low-powered angle grinder, but for professional construction you will need serious multi-functional equipment.

Low-power machines are connected to the household socket 220 V, powerful. are connected to the industrial three-phase network, with a capacity of 380 V. Low-powered slitters often have a jammed disk, when cutting thick metals, it is dangerous that the device can break the disk and injure people.

Advice to novice masters to buy an angle grinder under the drive 125 mm with a capacity of 0.8-1 thousand. W and a spindle speed of 10,000 rpm. rpm./min. This power is quite enough to cut iron.

Used for cutting metal, stone, glass, as well as with the help of this unit do peeling, grinding and scraping. Fixed mounted, it is not difficult to sharpen cutters, drill knives, etc. ะด.

When choosing an angle grinder, you must pay attention to the fact that it is convenient to lie in your hand. The quality and safety of the work also depends on it. If possible, you should choose a model with rubber grips.

Operations that can be performed with an angle grinder

The angle grinder is a multifunctional tool. Drive mechanism in it is an electric motor, which through a gear reducer transmits movement to a shaft with a removable nozzle mounted on it. The general view of the device is shown in the photo below.

On the market there are models with different power and design:

angle, grinder, hold, correctly

Professional large angle grinder 230mm Stern AG230B

Powerful devices are powered from three-phase voltage of 380 V, and household. from single-phase 220 V. Low-power cordless models are also available.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) can do the following basic types of work with different materials:

If you fix the angle grinder stationary, you can grind various tools on the wheel: cutters, drills, knives, etc.

The angle grinder is designed to work with such materials:

Angle grinders are widespread as in the home, and in industrial settings. This is due to their wide functionality due to the following factors:

  • A large selection of different nozzles from different materials to perform various operations;
  • the possibility of fixed fixation with special fasteners;
  • availability in some models of additional handles and several speed modes of operation.

At the same time it should be always remembered that only special discs are used for processing each material.

How to properly cut with an angle grinder

Cutting tiles, metal, stone and concrete must be made with different discs, designed for a particular material.

How to cut concrete with an angle grinder

For cutting concrete to a shallow depth, you can use an angle grinder with a diamond sintered and segmented disc with a diameter of 105-125 mm. In this case, the work with the material requires compliance with some rules:

  • Use a normal spray gun to spray water directly on the furrow, it reduces the amount of dust.
  • Spray water on the disc itself if there is no power source nearby. The fact that diamond discs heat up quickly, water will not only cool them down, but it will also extend their life.
  • If spraying liquid on the disk is not possible, you can cool it with air. Remove the disc from the cut at regular intervals and let it work in the open air.

How to cut tiles

Mistakes made in the work can cost not only material damage, but also health.

If you don’t have a tile cutter handy, you can use an angle grinder to cut tiles and tile. You will need a diamond grinding wheel for wet or dry cutting. The first option is used for continuous work, the second is preferable for making a small cut.

Thoroughly inspect the machine and make sure all components are securely fastened before cutting. Gloves, mask or goggles should be used for your own safety.

How to cut the stone

The diamond cutting disc is designed for this particular material. It is a circle with segments for cooling. These discs are quite durable and can last a long time, but with proper use. Do not work with stones continuously, the diamond coating will be already worn out after 3-5 minutes. To avoid this it is necessary to cut the stone for not more than 1 minute, then remove the disc from the groove and let it stop.

How to cut metal

A blade guard can protect the operator in case the blade gets damaged.

If you have metal to cut, but are not proficient in it, it is better to use discarded metal products for practice. In general, however, a number of recommendations should be followed:

  • It is only safe to apply radial forces to the wheel. Changing the blade during cutting would cause it to break and create the risk of injury.
  • It is advisable to cut this material using the lower half of the blade (in particular its near side).
  • To be able to use the machine for a long time, a half hour break should be taken every 5 minutes.
  • To cool the discs and thus prolong their life, you can sprinkle a little water on the place where you cut them.
  • When working with aluminum, drop kerosene on the cut (if the thickness of the sheet is large).

How to cut pipes

If it is necessary to work with long pipes installed on supports, it is their hanging edge that should be cut. If this process is done between the supports, the pipes will begin to sag under their own weight, which will cause the disc to jam.

Do not apply too much force to the tool during work. It could cause overheating of the machine and break the disc. Once the cut has been made, a special disc is used to cut the pipe, but not the same disc that is used to cut the pipe.

Types and features of use of the angle grinder

Popularly known as an angle grinder is nothing but an angle grinder. This power tool, according to the layman, is essential for every little-to-little self-respecting owner.

Not surprisingly, in fact, in addition to grinding, the device is able to perform high-quality cutting of various materials, ranging from simple wood to metal corners and rebar.

Most often in the home, this tool is not used for grinding operations, but precisely for cutting materials.

Fittings, metal corners, metal pipes and other metal products most often have to be cut exactly by the angle grinder. Therefore, its presence in the arsenal of the owner of the house or apartment is quite reasonable. do not invite the same for basic work of an outsider

Processing of brick products. a popular phenomenon, especially in the period of repair. For these purposes, the angle grinder should be equipped with special discs. the device for cutting metal and fittings will not work in this case

In concrete or concrete products like walls, floors, individual elements, use the cutting disc recommended by the manufacturer for these specific applications. over, because of the increased dustiness, the sense of smell must be protected

For wood and its derivatives you need to use special discs, which the manufacturer offers to work with wood. You should also wear an appropriate type of safety guard, which will protect you from copious sawdust, chips, and wood dust

How to cut correctly

First of all, you need to get the right tool in your hands. Right-handed people hold the angle grinder with their right hand by the body. The wheel is on the left side and the gearbox is on the right side of the machine. Hold the tool with the left hand by the handle, which is screwed into the housing. The correct position of the handle is upward. Protective cover should cover the disc and hands, throwing sparks away from the worker. For the left handers the handle is screwed into the other side of the body, protective cover is rotated and fastened in position.

Tool manufacturers give three main tips for working with an angle grinder: hold firmly with your hands, do not stay in the cutting line, stop and do not start the machine if the disk is jammed.

How and in what direction to cut everyone decides for himself, taking into account that when biting the angle grinder tosses in different directions.

Cut away from yourself

It is a very good technique but it is important to keep one condition. cut away from yourself, with sparks under your feet. In this case, when biting the drive, the angle grinder is thrown out, so it is not able to cause any harm. In this case, the cut line for the trimmer is perfectly visible, and there is very little chance of doing anything wrong. Disadvantage of this method is that sparks can fly on your pants and under your feet.

Cut on yourself

This method has a lot of supporters. It’s important to remember that if you pull the angle grinder on yourself, the sparks must fly in the opposite direction. This minimizes the risk of the disc jamming. It always stays on, though. That’s why it is necessary to move the tool away from the cutting line when you move it towards yourself.

How to saw or cut with an angle grinder

Different materials behave differently during processing with an angle grinder. Some overheat and break immediately, others become deformed, and some do not want to be processed at all. It is difficult to know all the details of working with an angle grinder, but practice demands knowing at least something.

Cutting paving tiles, glazed tiles, porcelain tiles

Cutting paving tiles with an angle grinder requires a special wheel with a diamond notch. A marking is made on the tile, and an incision is made on this marking to almost half of the circle radius. If the angle grinder with a large wheel, then in one pass you can cut the tile at once to the full depth. The main thing is that it must not be larger than the radius of the wheel. If the cutting wheel radius is insufficient, the tile is turned over and counter-cutting is performed.

Tile without chips is better handled with a stone cutting wheel. A trimmer line is applied to the tile, along which a contour cut is made. Then the depth is gradually increased. When the cut is larger, the tile is placed on the edge of the table and broken along the line. Rough edges and irregularities can be worked on later.

Porcelain stoneware is very easy to work with a stone cutting wheel. Cutting technology is no different from tile cutting technology.

Cutting wood with an angle grinder

Compared to other building materials, wood has always been and remains the most pliable in processing. A wide variety of wood cutting discs are available for the angle grinder.

The most usual disk, the kind of which we have got used to on a circular saw a long time ago. The main peculiarity of selecting such a disc is that the design speeds of the angle grinder and the disc must coincide. Only then can you cut evenly and without burning the wood.

Such blade can easily cut wood in any direction, but traditionally prefers to cut crosswise. Not only raw wood, but also knots of trees can be easily cut. It is easy to cut boards into planks or slats. For a large volume of such work, the angle grinder must be fixed permanently. You get the full analogy of a circular saw.

Pressed wood materials of any density can also be processed very easily. And, if a wood panel with nails on it needs to be cut, there is also a disk for this kind of work. It is not afraid of encountering nails. This universal disk is made of tungsten carbide by Bosh. Marked with the Bosh Carbide Wheel. Available in sizes of 76, 115 and 125 mm.

Angle grinder for brick, concrete, concrete ring

Brick and concrete can be cut with the special grinding wheels for stone. Bricks are easy to cut, the main thing is to secure it correctly before cutting and not to use your leg as a clamp.

Almost no problem cutting concrete slab or concrete. But the concrete ring poses some problems. Not the concrete itself, but the steel reinforcement embedded in it. The wheel in the angle grinder is under great stress during the concrete, and the rebar is detrimental to it.

To shorten the ring by a certain amount, a cut is made from the outside of the ring. Then use a sledgehammer to break up the cut part, and cut the protruding rebar with a metal wheel.

Corrugated sheeting, metal and sheet metal

angle grinder was originally designed for cutting and grinding of metal, so to cut any metal is its element. For sheet metal of different thicknesses select a certain thickness of the wheel, select the speed of rotation and make the cut on the outlined lines. On the approach to the extreme point of the cut it is necessary to recess the angle grinder a little, so the edge of the cut is not beveled.

This technique can be used to cut various geometric shapes from a sheet of metal. To cut a square or rectangle, you must draw the dimensions on the sheet. We set the wheel of the angle grinder behind the border of the square and make the cut of the metal. When all four sides are cut, we cut the corners.

No difficulty in cutting profiled sheeting. Start the cut at any edge or in the middle, if necessary. The only caveat. when cutting thin metal, the back side makes a jagged cut. To avoid injury and for cleanliness of the work, this cut is better to burnish.

Cutting pipes and gas cylinders with an angle grinder

Large-diameter pipe, as well as gas cylinders are not some kind of exception in the work of the angle grinder. A large-diameter pipe can be thought of as a sheet of metal. It is difficult to cut a cylinder with a trace of gas or condensate left in it. This is very dangerous with a possible explosion.

To make the cut safe, you must unscrew the valve. It is difficult to do, because over time, the threads are permanently cemented. In this case, it is necessary to weld the cylinder by the stand, which is at the bottom of it, to a solid plate or frame.

It is easier to unscrew the valve on a welded cylinder. Pour water into the vacated hole until it overflows, and then begin cutting with an angle grinder. Cutting a cylinder is no different than cutting a large diameter pipe.

Cutting glass

No problem for the angle grinder when cutting glass. You can use the cheapest ceramic wheel for this operation. A light contour cut is made and then it is deepened. The cut glass is placed on the table edge and broken.

Cutting glass pipes with an angle grinder can be considered on the example of cutting an ordinary glass bottle. The bottle is put in a split vice or put between two wooden bars. Slowly turning it, make the cut with an angle grinder. The bottle is rotated until the unwanted part just falls off.

Angle Grinders 101 | How to Use an Angle Grinder

Recommendations for sawing paving slabs and curbs

Paving tiles. this is a popular material that allows you to beautifully and tastefully equip paths in the yard or garden. Besides its attractive appearance, the material is strong, durable and of great variety. On the sides of paths in most cases the curbstone is laid, which by its characteristics is similar to the sidewalk material.

Often, when installing walkways, tiles and curbs need to be trimmed to the correct size. Various tools are used for this purpose, one of which is an angle grinder. For efficient sawing it is recommended to use the power tool with a diameter of over 230 mm and a power rating of equal or greater than 2 kW. All work is performed with a diamond disc.

Cutting of paving slabs and curbs with an angle grinder is performed similarly to cutting a brick.

  • First of all, the surface of the materials to be sawn is marked according to dimensions with a marker or chalk.
  • Check the accuracy of the marked out lines by attaching the tile or curb to the place of laying.
  • When the size and shape match, you saw through the building material without exerting excessive pressure on the power tool used.

If the cuts contain defects after cutting, they are eliminated, using suitable tools (e.g. hacksaw for metal, chisel, file). The wheel of the working tool should rotate so that the dust flies in the opposite direction from the worker. When doing so, he must hold the working power tool with both hands, standing behind or at the side of it.

On the accuracy of the initial marking depends on the quality of the result and the number of undercuts tiles.

Tiles cut into pieces of the right size should be set aside separately to prevent dust from getting on them. For the convenience of subsequent laying, you can number the pieces. Still uncut material should be covered with dust, because then it is quite problematic to remove it from the surface of the tile.

Tips for beginners

For beginners, before using an angle grinder, it is recommended to study the instructions, as well as remember a few lessons from the experts.

  • Cut thick-walled parts and blanks in a straight line.
  • When machining long workpieces, the cut is started at the hanging edge.
  • After you finish cutting the metal with an angle grinder, the edges are treated with an anti-corrosion compound.
  • To cut concrete, granite, ceramics allow the stone circles.
  • Cutting gas cylinders is made only after removing the gas with condensate.

Angle grinder. a tool that has become widespread in the professional sphere and household. It allows you to solve a wide range of tasks. Observance of safety precautions, preparation of the place and the right choice of discs will allow to achieve quality cuts.

Cutting profiled sheeting and metal shingles

Quite often in practice have to deal with the need to cut profiled sheet or metal roofing tiles. These materials are made of steel, which is coated with zinc and polymer protective layers, painted.

There are different opinions on the possibility of using an angle grinder to cut them. In the instructions on installation is written that the profiled sheet must not be sawed with an angle grinder. You need to use other tools for that. But they need to buy, which is not always justified by the amount of work to be done, as well as require additional financial investment. When there is no tool other than an angle grinder, before sawing with an angle grinder, you should know the possible negative consequences.

  • If you cut a metal tile or decking with an angle grinder, the protective coating in a zone of a cut and a bit near it will be destroyed, and the cut edge will rust.
  • Material is removed from the warranty.
  • Sparks flying around can spoil not only the appearance of the rest of the sheet (to ruin the paint), but also damage the polymer coating.
  • the edge of the cut may be jagged.

All of the above negative effects can be minimized if the cut decking or metal uglevyh grinder, observing the following recommendations:

  • do all the work immediately before installation;
  • Treat cuts with rust-preventive compositions;
  • primer and paint the cut edges;
  • Use metal discs of minimum thickness (up to 1 mm);
  • you must cut quickly to keep the edges neat
  • carefully grind away the torn edges.
angle, grinder, hold, correctly

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Before sawing, the sheets are marked out as usual.

If it is necessary to cut a square, then proceed as follows:

angle, grinder, hold, correctly
  • draw it on the surface of the sheet;
  • cut through the material along the marked contour with an angle grinder;
  • At the end, every corner is carefully cut out.

Circles or other shapes are cut out, working in the same way.

The use of angle grinder for cutting metal shingles and corrugated sheet facilitates the work. It becomes more convenient, because you can adjust the size of the sheets directly on the roof.

To ensure that the metal roofing tiles or profiled sheeting remain under warranty, you should measure the facility and order the factory cut sheets. You can also try to select material with such dimensions that undercutting is not required.

Cutting metal with an angle grinder. it’s cheap, almost affordable and quite effective way of sawing. In doing so, you should use for each material the appropriate discs without defects. Not only the quality of the result, but also your own health depends on it. It is obligatory, when sawing metal, to observe safety rules and use personal protective equipment. It should always be remembered that when working with an angle grinder, any shortcomings and inattention may result in injury. So it is necessary to work with concentration and caution.