How to determine the production date of a Bosch battery

Bosch battery manufacturing date

Bosch is one of the leaders in the production of car batteries. The shelf life of their batteries is about 3 years (for comparison, other manufacturers have this figure ranges from 1 to 2.5). That’s why the date of manufacture of the Bosch battery is important when purchasing, which you can determine by paying attention to the outer markings.

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Bosch Battery.

After 2-3 years of preservation the technical characteristics of the battery become much worse. And it is not recommended to buy such an accumulator.

Lead-acid batteries made with the addition of antimony cannot be stored for more than 6-10 months. A battery with silver-alloyed plates can remain in service for 10 to 12 months. Even calcium batteries, in which self-discharge is minimal, in one to two years completely discharged. When determining the period of storage you should also consider the conditions under which the battery is stored.

How to determine the date of manufacture of batteries from Bosch and other brands

Like all technology, batteries are subject to obsolescence. This process is expressed in the fact that over time, due to the rapid flow of chemical reactions inside them, both the electrodes and the electrolytic fluid itself become worthless. Oxidation, corrosion, decreased density of ions for exchange. all this can cause its failure. Therefore, when buying, you should immediately pay attention to the date of manufacture of the battery Bosch or any other company model.

Where the date of manufacture is imprinted on the battery

The sequence of numbers that contain the necessary data is located in specific places, where it is clearly visible. This is the top panel or cover of the battery, where the terminals are located. The code is stamped along the longer edge. The other place where the inscription may be stamped is near the plus battery terminal. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to put the code on a sticker. It can be on the top or on the side edge of the battery.

It is possible to print the inscription along the short edge of the cover. But this is rare. And you don’t have to look for the code on the bottom. It can’t be there.

To determine when the battery was made, you need to look carefully at the marked places and find the coded information.

How to know the date of manufacture of a battery and the marking of the battery

A battery is a product, the date of manufacture of which significantly affects its consumer characteristics. The freshness of the battery determines its performance and durability. Therefore, careful car owners when buying a battery assess not only the technical parameters. the density of the electrolyte and indicators when checking the voltmeter. but also the marking of the date of manufacture.

Manufacturers have adopted conditional storage times for batteries without recharging: up to three months for Antimony Batteries, up to six months for Hybrid Batteries, up to twelve months for Calcium Batteries. in all cases the battery should be recharged before use.

These periods are not absolute, much depends on the correct storage conditions of the batteries.

There are no uniform standards for the marking of batteries by date of manufacture, it is placed differently on different batteries. We give the variants of marking with deciphering of the most popular batteries.

We would like to pay special attention to the fact that there are unscrupulous sellers in the market who overwrite the old date of manufacture of the batteries (found on the batteries Space in the year of the first year of manufacture). Ufa) and burn the more recent one on the casing, or embossed on the pole lead (terminal). However, buying such a battery, you are buying a pig in a poke, it may be 3 years old and it has long been sulfated.

VARTA, Bosch, AFA, GIGAWATT (since 2014, new marking)

Attention! Since January 2014 the marking of VARTA, Bosch, AFA, etc. batteries. changed to the following:

VARTA and Bosch began to use a new coding for the date of manufacture of the battery. In the long code, these are the 4,5,6 digits. 4th digit year of manufacture, 5th and 6th month code: January.17 february.18 March-19 April-20 May-53 June-54 July-55 August-56 September-57 October-58 November-59 December-60

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Till 01.01.2014 marking had a different code.

The marking code was located on the top cover in the production code. The code consists of 24 characters, the fourth position indicates the year, the fifth-sixth. the month.

G2C1050520991 536528 82E 09

On Bosch batteries, the date of manufacture is duplicated in the center of the front label, with three digits indicating the year and month of manufacture. For example, 105. May 2011.

In addition, the date of manufacture of a VARTA battery can be identified by a colored circle on the label or lid of the battery. The color of the mug corresponds to a specific quarter. Currently the production has abandoned the color designation, leaving only the marking code, but the battery produced before 2013, the color marking was applied:

How do you know the date of manufacture of a battery?

Date of manufacture significantly affects the performance and duration of battery life, which is why experienced car owners when buying a battery choose it not only by technical data, but also by the date of manufacture of the battery.

There are no unified standards for marking the date of manufacture of a battery, on batteries of different manufacturers date is put in an encrypted form and not everyone can understand when exactly the battery was released.

On this page you can get acquainted with the most popular batteries, presented in our Internet store!

Forse, FB, FireBall, Uno, Dominator and Kursk Battery

The marking code is applied to the battery cover and includes:

the date of manufacture of the battery, information on the battery and the conditions of manufacture. The code consists of two groups of digits: the first group has four digits, the second group. six digits: 1234 567890.

production line number 2, 3, 4. individual batch code 5. last digit of the year 6. half-year 7. sequential number of the month in the half-year

8,9. day (number of the month) 0. Brigade number (2 digits are possible)

Marking example: 2260 311321 Decoding:

The battery pack was manufactured on the production line. 260. individual lot code. Date of manufacture: 2013, 1st half of the year, 1st month, 21st day (January 21, 2013). Brigade Heavy group of batteries is marked slightly differently. An example of the marking of a heavy group of batteries: 14010243 Deciphering:

The battery has a capacity of 140 Ah, produced in 2010, 2nd half year, 4th month of the second half year (October), the crew

Batteries Tyumen Bear, Tyumen Batbear, Arctic Batbear, Yamal

The marking code is applied to the battery case on the opposite side of the center label using laser peening. The six numbers on the back of the battery stand for MM.YYYYY.

102011 Deciphering: Date of manufacture. October 2011.

An example of a heavy battery group marking: 1112 Deciphering: Issued in the 11th month of 2012.

Akteh, Akteh, Orion batteries

The marking code is on the top cover. Accumulator batteries of Akteh plant are marked according to MM.YY.

0511 Decoding: Date of manufacture. May 2011.

VARTA and Bosch batteries

Marking code is located on the top cover in the production code. The code consists of 24 characters, the fourth position stands for the year, fifth through sixth. the month.

On Bosch batteries, the date of manufacture is duplicated in the center of the front label and contains three digits indicating the year and month of manufacture. For example, 105. May 2011.

In addition, the date of manufacture of VARTA batteries can be identified by a colored circle on the label or battery cover. The color of the mug corresponds to a certain quarter.

The date of manufacture of the battery is stamped by laser peorization on the upper part of the battery case. The code consists of six digits, the first of which is the number of mowing line, the second. the year, the third, the fourth. the month, the fifth, the sixth. the number.

410819 Deciphering: The battery was produced on the second mowing line on August 19, 2011.

Topla, Moratti batteries

On Topla batteries, the code is applied to the upper part of the battery using a laser. Of the fourteen digits, the third and fourth represent the year and the fifth and sixth represent the week.

The battery was manufactured in the sixth week of 2011 (t.е. in February).

The date of manufacture is deciphered by the first 4 letters of the English alphabet engraved on the battery cover

DEBC- means a serial number of each letter in the alphabet. alphabet

A-0 B-1 C-2 D-3 E-4 F-5 G-6 H-7 I-8 J-9 K-10 L-11 M-12

Explanation of the code: by the first 2 characters in the marking on the cover (under the handle): 2KJD24

2- last digit of the year (2012) K- sequential letter of the Latin alphabet (October)

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А. January B. February. С. March D. April E. May F. June G. July H. August J. September K. October L. November M. December letter “I”. is not in the marking

Panasonic, Furukawa Battery (SuperNova)

The production code is located on the label at the top (on the lid). Note that the Panasonic batteries have the code printed in paint, while the Furukawa Battery has the code embossed on the. They are marked according to the principle of hh.MM.YY

Example marking: 181011A Decoding: Battery produced October 18, 2011.

Cobat, Titan (Standard, Euro Silver, Arctic Silver, Asia Silver, Vaiper)

Since August 2011. date of manufacture is printed on TUBOR batteries by means of printer and a special letter-and-digit combination. Location. on the cover of the battery, in the center.

12345 1. day of the week 2, 3. sequential number of the week of the year (from 01 to 53) 4. year (Latin letter)

Year Letter 2011 H 2012 V 2013 N 2014 Z 2015 P 2016 A 2017 S 2018 T 2019 X 2020 L

Deciphering: 2- Tuesday 08- eighth week H- 2011 1- first shift. the battery was produced on February 22nd, 2011, in the first shift. Nowadays, TUBOR batteries are sold both in the old variant of marking and in the new one, shown above.

Breakdown by brands

For example, if we are talking about the German batteries Varta, they have an alphanumeric marking placed on the cover of the part. The exact year of manufacture is determined by the number of characters in the code. If the unit was manufactured before 2014, the marking may look something like this:

  • The year is indicated by the last digit in the fourth position.
  • The month is in the 5th and 6th positions.
  • The day of issue is displayed as a two-digit number in the 7th and 8th blocks of the marking.

We should take into account the fact that before 2013 Varta brand used a color display of the production date: the factory sticker indicated a circle with a specific color indicating the specific quarter of the year.

Batteries from Bosch have a simplified form of marking when compared to previous models from Varta. In this case, the year of manufacture is located in two places. on the front of the case and on the cover. The code is displayed in the form of a three-digit marking, where the first digit indicates the month of manufacture, and the next two. the year.

However, since 2014, both brands decided to change the numerical codes, unifying them. Now the algorithm for deciphering the production date has changed slightly. The basic data are in the factory marking, as before, in the fourth, fifth and sixth blocks of the code. Initially indicate the year of manufacture, and then the month. Given these numbers, you can get accurate information about when and where a particular battery was released.

Models from the Turkish company Mutlu are also popular, and budget motorists consider them the most reliable and affordable devices, with an ideal combination of price and quality. The date of manufacture is provided along with the main marking, which consists of 6 separate digits. The first number indicates the model, the second the year of manufacture and the fourth the month.

The last two digits indicate the day. As a result, if you buy a battery for your car labeled 350214, you can read that the device went on sale on February 14, 2015.

By the way, some leading battery manufacturers repeat the algorithm of the Turkish brand and use a similar marking.

Vesta products

Among the not bad batteries of Ukrainian production can be attributed Vesta products, which are produced under two brand names, but have the same form of marking, except for different fonts. Vesta” battery issue code is located on the front side, directly on the sticker, so it won’t be a problem to find it.

In addition, models for passenger cars and light trucks have a digital marking in two separate blocks. The first indicates the team of workers engaged in the production of a particular model on a particular day, and the second. the date directly.

A specific example of deciphering the date is as follows:

  • In the second block, the first two digits indicate the exact year of manufacture of the battery.
  • The next two blocks show the sequential number of the month.
  • The last two are the day of manufacture.

Given the fact that the brand does not change the form of the marking, regardless of brand or production plant, identifying the right information will always be simple and accessible.

Models for heavy and special vehicles

It is no secret that the batteries for trucks, passenger vehicles and special equipment differ significantly from the models that are installed in passenger vehicles. Firstly, they have an increased capacity and are able to cope with huge loads. Secondly, the shape of the marking looks completely different from the battery for passenger cars.

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As a rule, special purpose car batteries have an eight-digit code label with the fourth and fifth digits indicating the year and the seventh digit indicating the month. Everything else conveys different technical information, although you can’t leave out the specifics of brands that can change the marking individually. In order not to make a wrong choice and to decipher important data correctly, it is necessary to know about the form of displaying the date of manufacture of specific brands.

Many companies in Europe, which are engaged in large-scale production of batteries for trucks and public transport, for several years in a row use a unified form of labeling. It is about brands FB, Forse, UNO, Vortex and many others. The products of these companies have a ten-digit code, where the 5th and 6th digits indicate the year of manufacture, the 8th is the month, and the 9th and 10th are the exact day.

As an exception we can take Japanese batteries, the marking of which differs significantly from European batteries. The fact is that most brands from the Land of the Rising Sun are used to mark the 5-digit alphanumeric code on the nameplates. In this case, the first character is the day of manufacture, the second and third are the serial number of the week, and the fourth is the year. The last character is not numeric but alphabetic. To find out the exact year of manufacture of a particular model, you need to find a special table on the manufacturer‘s website or other verified sources.

Other manufacturers

If it is a question of buying products from an unknown brand, such as “Medved” from the manufacturer from Tyumen, before making a choice, it is necessary to clarify the basic rules of reading the year of manufacture on the marking of batteries. Asking salesmen for help is not a good idea: they are unlikely to have this information, and even if they do they are unlikely to be willing to share it with the customer. In addition, there is a risk of getting the wrong data, as a result of which the purchased battery may be of poor quality.

Today’s market for automotive batteries is so vast that it can be problematic to choose the ideal solution that meets the requirements of the vehicle. In addition, each manufacturer tries to distinguish themselves from the others in the form of their own markings, which only makes it more difficult. Nevertheless, if you learn the basic subtleties of deciphering such a code, the upcoming purchase will justify itself and be successful.

Exide, Absolute, American, BIG, Centra (Poland, Poznan), Champion, Chloride Motive Power, Deta, Emisa, Fulmen, Hagen, Luac Power, Marathon, Marshal, Exide Select Orbital, PAK, PCA, Prestolite, Saem, Sonnark, Sonnenchein, Sprinter, Trailblaizer, Tudor, York (USA)

The marking is applied to the battery case. The 1st digit is the year of manufacture, the 2nd is the month, indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet (A-January, B-February, C-March, etc.д.).

Recently, the marking has changed. a pair of two-digit numbers are indicated on the negative terminal of the battery. The first number is the number of the week and the second is the year. For example, 35/16 is the 35th week of 2016.

Deciphering the date of manufacture of the battery in the long code

How to know the date of manufacture of Bosch, Varta, Berga, Blackmax car batteries? They have the information encoded in a 24 digit code. Where exactly in the code is the date of manufacture on the battery? The fourth digit is the year and the 5,6 is the month. Information about the date of issue and date of manufacture is shown in the center of the front 3-digit sticker and on the top cover, in the long production code. Numbers are different, the more recent one is the filling of electrolyte in the case.

But since 2014 the month is in coded form: January through April are indicated as 17,18,19,20, and May through December in the order from 53 to 60. Without looking for the date of manufacture, how else can you determine the freshness of the battery Warta? A colored circle is placed on the label or cover of the battery. Its color corresponds to the quarter and year of manufacture.

How to read the production date: Bosch Varta Batteries

There are many battery manufacturers. To find out how the date of manufacture of the battery is encoded and to check it, you can read the deciphering in the instructions that come with the device.